If you are a girly girl we recommend you stop reading here but if you are a strong woman who stands by her choices then today’s hairstyles are just what you need! Gone are the days when women had to follow specific beauty standards like wearing feminine clothes and keeping their hair long and what we can say ‘lady-like’.Now females wear all kinds of hairdos and many among them have opted for boyish looks also called ‘tomboy haircuts’.

    The reason? These hairdos are low-maintenance, easy to style, versatile, and chic above all. And that is our very topic today.

    50 Tomboy Hairstyles

    Beware! As tomboy haircuts are an entire revolution that is sure to change your life in a bit.

    1. Feminine Fade

    Feminine Fade-Best Tomboy Haircuts

    Starting with the basics, couple a long top with a seamless skin fade along the sides. The trick lies in a smooth transition from top to bottom. Style the top according to your taste and get ready to rock.

    2. Bangs

    Bangs-Best Tomboy Haircuts
    Source: hairstyleonpoint.com

    This look depicts what a tomboy haircut actually is. A short top with even shorter sides and bangs that are a bit longer than the rest of the hair. Opt for thick bangs, wispy ones, or cropped ones instead.

    3. Shaved Sides

    Shaved Sides-Best Tomboy Haircuts
    Source: theyou.com

    Make a bold style statement by shaving your sides and back to expose the skin underneath keeping hair with layers and messy for a rugged appeal. You are sure to drop some jaws!

    4. Messy yet Dressy

    Messy yet Dressy-Best Tomboy Haircuts
    Source: hairdohairstyle.com

    Messy short hairstyles are what we all really need considering the busy lives of today. Finger brush the strands settling them in all directions for an undone look that won’t be ignored.

    5. Curly Crush

    Curly Crush-Best Tomboy Haircuts
    Source: hairstylery.com

    You are going to be thankful for that head full of curls when it comes to sporting a tomboy haircut. Blow out your perm curls, if not natural, upside down for a voluminous bedhead look.

    6. Volumized

    Volumized-Best Tomboy Haircuts
    source: byrdie.com

    Lots of volume is all you need especially if you have a thinning mane! Brush back the strands while blowing them out and top off the style with a good texturizing hair spray.

    7. Asymmetrical Look

    Asymmetrical Look-Best Tomboy Haircuts
    Source: mykaleidoscope.ru

    Asymmetrical hairstyles look funky and so do tomboy hairstyles. Why not combine them both? Shave one side only or opt for uneven bangs at the front. How about a multi-textured look?

    8. Faux Hawk Vibes

    Faux-Hawk-Vibes-Best Tomboy Haircuts
    Source: instagram.com/short_n_sweet823

    Ask the hairdresser for a long top that shortens towards the back with an undercut along the sides. Gather the strands in the center of the head making them stand up using some gel and your faux hawk is ready!

    9. Slicked-Back

    Slicked-Back-Best Tomboy Haircuts
    Source: pinterest.com

    Slick back the tresses when stepping out of the shower and apply a suitable styling product to keep the style in place all day long. Go for a flat man-like look or create a little pouf at the front. Your call!

    10. Tomboy Bowl Cut

    Tomboy Bowl Cut-Best Tomboy Haircuts
    Source: imgur.com

    Females who want to express their masculine streak with confidence should definitely give this bowl cut a shot. The blunt bangs extend all the way to the back with clipped sides and back. You can personalize your look however you want.

    11. Pomp It Up

    Pomp It Up
    Source: hairdohairstyle.com

    Talking about tomboy haircuts and skipping the classic pompadour? Impossible! Brush up those strands on top letting them fall slightly towards one side with or without a parting. Some practice is needed to achieve that perfect coif though.

    12. Extra Short

    Extra Short-Best Tomboy Haircuts
    Source: pinterest.com

    Keep it low maintenance by chopping off the hair an inch or two from the roots with the top tapering gradually towards the sides and back. You don’t even need to comb your mane for a few days!

    13. High Top

    HighTop tomboy hairstyles-Best Tomboy Haircuts
    Source: instagram.com/sm_lawless

    Make a chubby round or square face appear much slimmer by opting for shaved sides while keeping the top high by brushing up the front strands for a boyish appeal. Use some hair chalk to set the look on fire.

    14. Side-Parted

    Source: allure.com

    Office-going women can maintain a professional look by carving out a decent side part and combing down the strands neatly. In case of curls or waves, let the strands fall freely on one side of the face, and voila!

    15. Wet Hair

    source: pinterest.com

    The key to achieving a wet tomboy hairstyle for the entire day is using a hefty amount of hair gel when styling those short locks. Go for a long side-swept top with a faded undercut and you won’t regret it!

    16. Flowy Waves

    Source: shorthairmodels.com/

    Those having a naturally wavy texture or thinking about getting a wavy perm can copy this look by keeping the top long enough to reach the back when brushed. Add some layers and let the strands fall along the sides for a flowy finish.

    17. Blonde Balayage

    Blonde Balayage
    Source: hadviser.com

    Who says balayage can be done on long tresses only? Opt for a blonde balayage where the dark strands lighten increasingly towards the ends. Don’t worry about the emerging root as they’ll enhance the look further.

    18. Classical

    Classical tomboy haircut
    Source: haileyfashionlife.com

    Straight bangs, long top, and short sides are the key features of a classic tomboy haircut. This style requires little to no styling at all making it ideal for the laid-back ones who want a break from their long hair.

    19. Color Blocking

    color tomboy haircut
    Source: cuded.com

    Opt for a funky appeal by separating a chunk of hair and dying it in a contrasting hue to pop against the remaining mane. Pinks, blues, purples, there are so many options to choose from!

    20. Cropped Bob

    Cropped Bob tomboy haircut
    Source: latest-hairstyles.com

    If you don’t want to go very short consider getting a cropped bob with the top strands falling just below the ears with a neat buzz along the sides. This look is ideal for those setting step into the world of tomboys.

    21. Perfect Buzz

    Perfect Buzz tomboy haircut
    Source: pinterest.com

    Make a brave move this year by taking your clippers and buzzing the entire head sparing only half an inch of the hair on the scalp. Dye the tendrils in any color you want or bleach them and see jaws drop around you.

    22. The Undercut

    Undercut tomboy haircut
    Source: amazon.com

    Express your rebellious nature by coupling an undercut with a long blonde top that is styled into a nice quiff. Finish off with winged eyes and bright red lips and get ready to be praised by your friends and family.

    23. Side Design

    Side Design
    Source: beezzly.com

    Add a personalized touch to your new tomboy hairstyle by choosing any design of your choice and asking the hairstylist to carve it out along the sides or back. Keep in mind that regular touch-ups are needed to maintain the look.

    24. Bun Hairdo

    Bun Hairdo
    Source: theyou.com

    Add a feminine feature to your otherwise manly hairdo by growing out the top long enough to be styled into a bun at the back. For the sides opt for an undercut, a skin fade, or buzz them all along.

    25. Feathered Layers

    Feathered Layers tomboy haircut
    Source: lovehairstyles.com

    Feathered layers come in handy for those who want to add some movement and body to their thin tresses. Flick the ends for a sexy ruffled appeal and recreate the style with a bowl cut. You won’t be able to hate it!

    26. ‘Shullet’

    Shullet tomboy haircut
    Source: instagram.com/elevatecolor

    Opt for a feminine yet bold hairstyle that is the combination of a mullet and shag hence the name. The top is short with a cropped fringe and sides while the back is kept significantly longer to fall on the neck.

    27. Crew Cut

    Crew Cut tomboy haircut
    Source: instagram.com/tinietashaa/

    Who says crew cuts are for men only? Women can rock them even better and here is an example to prove it. Short top with even short sides and back that’s all! You can also opt for tiny bangs at the front too.

    28. Tiny Afro

    Tiny Afro
    Source: pintrest.com

    Considering black ladies clip those kinky curls uniformly all over the head within two inches or use varying lengths at the front and back resulting in a chic tomboy hairstyle. Amp it up with a platinum blonde hair color.

    29. Tomboy Shaggy Haircuts

    Source: hadviser.com

    Shags are the best low-maintenance hairdos of all. They are defined by uneven choppy layers that are ideal to add some body to the hair. Ask for a voluminous top with clipped sides and you are surely going to like it.

    30. Tomboy Pixie

    Tomboy Pixie
    Source: lovehairstyles.com

    Pixies are short hairdos with dominating feminine features like side-swept bangs. With some texture on top, shuffle the strands all around for a sexy ruffled look that is sure to grab some attention.

    31. Hard Part

    Hard Part
    Source: pinterest.com

    Want to express your tomboy nature? Then the hard part is definitely for you. The hairdresser will carve it out just like slits are shaved along the sides. Couple it with a sleek com over for a stylish look.

    32. Caesar Cut

    Caesar Cut
    Source: essence.com

    Caesar haircuts look exceptional with some texture. Tame those unruly curls or waves by chopping them short with a skin fade along the sides. Make a bold move and color the hair in different vibrant tones of a single color like this one.

    33. Shaved Slits

    Shaved Slits tomboy
    Source: instagram.com

    Keep it ultra-modern by asking the hairstylist for some shaved slits along the sides. You can also carve out some lines along the front to pop against your usual parting. How about some brow slits too?

    34. Bleached Beauty

    Bleached Beauty
    Source: bugremoda.com.br

    A buzz cut with a bleached blonde tinge, what more to ask for? Let all your beautiful features stand out while taking a break from the hassle of styling your tresses daily. Even a chubby round face looks cute too.

    35. Purple Pop

    Purple Pop
    Source: theyou.com

    Purple is a versatile color that has so many shades to choose from. Couple your choppy tomboy haircut with a lilac hue or a darker violet tinge instead. Incorporate streaks of blue to bring the entire galaxy on the head.

    36. Highlighted Front

    Highlighted Front
    source: hairstylesfeed.com

    Get a layered top that is long enough to fall over the ear when swooped on one side. Shave the sides and add a pop of color at the front only for a two-toned look. Step out of your comfort zone and add whatever color you want.

    37. Finger Waves

    Finger Waves
    source: pinterest.com

    Choose this look for a formal event and you are sure to steal the show. Create S-shaped waves using your fingers, a comb, and an ample amount of hair mousse. Finish off with some pearl jewelry and wow!

    38. Dip-Dyed

    Dip-Dyed-tomboy haircut
    source: pinterest.com

    Dip-dyed hair has remained a hot trend this year. Just as the name depicts it involves dipping the ends in dye to contrast against the remaining tresses. Pick out an electric aqua blue hue on a blonde base to make a style statement.

    39. Piece-y Fringe

    Piece-y Fringe
    Source: shop.wigsbuy.com

    Piece-y haircuts involve cutting the tresses into defined slices creating separate pieces of hair for an undone appeal. Use pomade to pinch the ends of your fringe to achieve a ruffled yet polished look.

    40. Curtain Cut

    Curtain Cut-tomboy haircuts
    source: pinterest.com

    Curtain cuts make the chicest tomboy hairstyles. The strands at the front are kept long enough to fall along the eyes with a top that is similar in length just like a bowl cut. Buzz the sides and add a touch of blonde for a refreshed finish.

    41. Blue Hair

    Blue Hair- tomboy haircut
    source: pinterest.com

    Blue hair is just magical! Brush all the strands forward to merge with those thick eye-grazing bangs and dye them in the brightest shade of blue available. You can also keep it low-key by adding blue highlights only.

    42. Asian Tomboy Haircut

    . Asian Tomboy Haircut-tomboy haircut
    source: pinterest.com

    Here is a look for Asian ladies to show off their thick straight tresses. This sleek tomboy haircut features middle-parted bangs and short sides that elongate towards the back just like a cropped version of a wolf cut.

    43. Sharp Spikes

    Sharp Spikes-tomboy haircut
    source: pinterest.com

    When talking about boyish hairstyles spikes are the best as they are easy to style and look effortlessly funky. Get some texturizing layers and make the strands stand upright at the front only or all over the head depending on your choice.

    44. Sexy Swoop

    Sexy Swoop
    Source: glaminati.com

    Recreate this retro coif by sweeping the tendrils across the forehead before folding them up and inwards near the temple. Use rollers if needed and brush down the remaining mane for an edgy finish.

    45. Angular Cut

    Angular Cut-tomboy haircut
    source: pinterest.com

    Angular haircuts add a sassy touch to the face. The front strands are cut at an angle for the strands to fall sharply in almost a triangular shape on one side of the face with a simple side part.

    46. Tomboy Haircuts with Highlights

    Highlights-tomboy haircut
    source: eonline.com

    When you can’t think of anything else get a classic boy cut and add blonde highlights all over the head or the top only. Highlights are ideal to rejuvenate your look while demanding little to no maintenance at all.

    47. Pink Love

    tomboy haircut-best Tomboy Haircuts
    source: latest-hairstyles.com

    A girly pink hair color with a masculine tomboy haircut. Worth a shot, right? Get a textured messy top and set it on fire with whatever tone of pink attracts you the most. Pastel pink, raspberry pink, magenta, the options are endless.

    48. Rainbow Rage

    Rainbow Rage-best Tomboy Haircuts
    Source: c2.staticflickr.com

    Bring an entire rainbow on the head by painting streaks of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet on top of the head, along the sides, or on the front only. This style is however very high maintenance.

    49. Comb-Over

    Comb-Over-best Tomboy Haircuts
    Source: allthingshair.com

    Opt for a super fine appeal by brushing back the top and sweeping it on one side with a deep side part creating a classic comb-over look. Use pomade to set the strands into place for the entire day.

    50. Extra Long Top

    Extra Long Top-best Tomboy Haircuts
    Source: azbigmedia.com

    Shave the sides and back while keeping the top as long as you want, preferably at chin length. Leave it dangling on one side or you can style it in a funky bun or edgy ponytail for a change. A shaved side design won’t hurt too, right?

    We hope these 50 of the hottest tomboy haircuts help you out in choosing your next look. Keep in mind your hair length and texture and discuss it with your hairdresser to achieve an eye-catching hairdo that’ll look simply out of this world.


    What is a Tomboy Hairstyle?

    Tomboy hairstyles refer to short boyish haircuts sported by modern women of today featuring a long top with clipped sides and back. Pompadours, bowl cuts, and short faux hawks are some of the variations of classic tomboy haircuts.

    How to Style a Tomboy Haircut at Home?

    Styling your hair at home largely depends on your personal choice. Once you decide on the look use appropriate styling products, your fingers, round brushes, and a hairdryer. Online tutorials can also help you out in this regard.

    What are the Advantages of a Tomboy Hairdo?

    Low maintenance, easy styling, versatility, diverting all the attention to the face, and adding volume and body to the hair while expressing your wild nature are some of the advantages of getting a tomboy haircut.

    Which Women can Wear a Tomboy Haircut?

    Telling the truth, tomboy haircuts can be sported by all women regardless of their age and status. Consider coupling them with vibrant hair colors and hair adornments like hair rings and cuffs for a funky appeal that is impossible to overlook.

    Beauty Lies Truth aims to be a trusted resource for beauty enthusiasts seeking reliable information and inspiration. Through their engaging and informative articles.

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