The modern single-family home has gone through a multitude of changes over the years. And what were once log cabins or saltbox-style homes have become much more luxurious in terms of sleekness and design.

    But some homeowners prefer a different approach to home design. And when you have a keen sense of nostalgia, the newer, luxurious homes that are popular today may not be your style nor pique your interest.

    Enjoying traditional interior design doesn’t mean that you have to build an entire new home from hand-hewn wood. In fact, all you need are a few interior design elements that can bring that nostalgia that you love back into your home.

    If you want to ditch the modernism of new, popular home designs and turn back the clock for that nostalgic feel, the following elements should be considered when planning your interior design.

    Amish Style Furniture


    You may have seen those who live mostly in the rural communities across the United States foregoing the modern conveniences of passenger cars, television, and in some cases electricity. But while the Amish might live a traditional 19th Century lifestyle, many are also expert craftsmen.

    Traditional craftsmen build things to last. And they also impart a unique sense of design to all the furniture they build. In fact, chances are that if you bought a furniture set on Amazon today, it won’t last even half as long as the furniture that the Amish still build by hand.

    But Amish-built furniture isn’t only going to stand the test of time, it has a style all its own. And this is the type of style that may intrigue you if you’re looking to take a step back in time whenever you walk into your home.

    If you’re looking for that antique feel when you sit and relax at home, Amish furniture can deliver this experience.

    Early 20th Century Art

    If you want to give your home a truly eclectic vibe, showcasing early 20th Century art can help you achieve this goal. And the great part about this time period is that there were so many shifts in the art world, and a great many household names which pioneered these movements to choose from.

    For example, even though you may not be able to fork over a few million bucks for an original Picasso, you can easily purchase modern prints that still bring a sense of style from the early periods of cubism and surrealism, which often border on the abstract.

    A few other names you might consider are Paul Cézanne, Henri Matisse, or Wassily Kandinsky who attempted to capture the flow of music in his colorful abstracts in the early 20th Century.

    With artwork from this time period throughout your home, you’re sure to invite yourself and any of your guests back in time, when art was still in the early phases of movements still being pioneered today.

    Wood-Burning Stoves


    Finally, if you really want to generate the pioneer feel in your home, adding a wood-burning stove can offer you that feel of a cozy cottage complete with the warmth and smell of cured firewood burning.

    Wood-burning stoves are still being manufactured today. Though many of these burn wood pellets instead of full cords of wood, you can still find these stoves in their traditional construction and design. And this is sure to become a centerpiece within your home that many of your guests may take an interest in as well.

    You should also note for safety purposes that a wood-burning stove should be only retrofitted or installed by a professional contractor.

    Each person’s style is unique. And as a homeowner, you have the right to decide what style you want your home to be. But if you’re looking for that quaint feel of yesteryear, the elements listed here are sure to provide you with a unique nostalgic experience.

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