Trends with Foundations and Other Beauty Products

There’s no reason to miss out on the extra serotonin that we get from life’s little pleasures, and for some of us, that can come from trying out some of 2023’s top Beauty product Trends trends. There’s plenty happening on both ends of the spectrum – we’re seeing ultra-sheer foundations, glittery eyeshadows, and everything in between. In many cases, this year’s trending makeup products are being used for a modern version of 90s looks; think overlined lips, metallic eyeshadows, and so on. However, you’ll also see plenty of beauty products that are all about the here and now.

When following makeup trends, one question that comes up a lot is where to get the right products. It’s common for reviewers and experts to recommend big-name picks that they know will give a certain effect, but it’s fine to branch out and explore your options too. For example, CoverGirl mascaras are known for their bold, lengthening looks, but boutique brands like Pamplemousse offer many of the same benefits with their products. Plus, you could end up discovering a cult favorite that only a few people know about!

1- Light-Coverage Foundation for a Glowy Complexion

Light-coverage foundation for a glowy complexion

The no-makeup look is all the rage right now. It requires just enough makeup to highlight the skin’s natural beauty, without covering it up. Also, a lot of people enjoy being able to embrace the naturally shiny skin that comes from hot summer days, while still taking advantage of an expertly applied makeup look.

To help achieve this effect, go for a light-coverage foundation that’s meant to make your skin luminous – look for products with “glow” in the name. These foundations provide some coverage, but not too much. This evens out the skin tone, while letting your skin breathe all through the day.

2- Icy Eyeshadows for a Y2K Throwback

Icy Eyeshadows for a Y2K Throwback

Remember when it seemed like every makeup look involved cool, icy colors? Silver-tone eyeshadows were especially popular, and they’re making a comeback. If you ever find yourself in the makeup artist corner of TikTok, Instagram, or other social media sites, you’ll see countless tutorials on how to achieve this look.

The great thing about this trend is that there are infinite ways to make it your own. You can go full-on Paris Hilton with light blues and silvers, or you can accent the look with slightly darker shades for a more modern take. Eyeliners can be another way to vary the effect, either building or contrasting with the cool-toned eyeshadows.

3- Bold Lip Liner

Bold lip liner

Some people love it, some people hate it, but there’s no denying that a bold lip liner makes a strong statement. Even if you don’t overdraw the lip, a lip liner that’s darker than the lipstick has quite an effect. And this doesn’t mean just one or two shades darker; it means black on red, brown on nude, or something else that provides an unmistakable contrast.

This is a 90s look that originated among Black and Latina women, but gradually became more mainstream with celebrities like Naomi Campbell bringing it onto the red carpet. These days it’s worn by women of every ethnic background, and in just about every context.

4- Liquid Metallic Eyeshadows to Make a Splash

Liquid metallic eyeshadows to make a splash

If you want an all-out makeup look that will steal the show, look no further than liquid metallic eyeshadows. They’re best for when you want to make a statement, but you don’t want to mess with multiple shades or subtle effects. In fact, it’s recommended to stick with a single color for this type of look; introducing too many other layers will increase the risk of smudging throughout the day.

Although the eyeshadow will be the star of the show, you should make sure that your lashes don’t lag behind. Pick a mascara that will thicken and lengthen your eyelashes, and don’t be shy about applying several layers for a more dramatic look.

5- Cream Bronzer for a Sun-Kissed Look

Cream bronzer for a sun-kissed look-Beauty product Trends

Having perfectly tanned skin is still popular, but we’re also becoming more conscious about protecting our skin from the damage that comes with constant tanning. Fortunately, bronzers will let you get that coveted tan look without any of the health risks!

At the bare minimum, you should use cream bronzer across the cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin. Another option is to mix it in with moisturizer, and apply over the entire face. If you want to cover more than just your face, you could also apply to the neck, arms, chest, or wherever else your skin could use a bit of extra color. A cream bronzing stick will make application even easier, and don’t forget a top-notch brush so that everything is perfectly blended!

6- Volumizing Mascara for Grunge Glam Lashes

Volumizing mascara for grunge glam lashes-Beauty product Trends

Volumizing mascara has been around forever, but it can be used for a huge variety of looks. With a heavy application style for full, intense lashes, it can be used to single-handedly turn your makeup look into a grunge throwback. To build the pigment even more, turn the applicator to a vertical position for maximum effect.

7- Red Lipstick as the Highlight of the Look

Red lipstick as the highlight of the look-Beauty product Trends

For some people, a red lip is like a little black dress – it’s reserved for special occasions. However, one of this year’s trends is to pair a bright red lipstick with bronzed skin for a look that’s both dramatic and versatile. From intense reds to breezy corals, people are getting bolder with their choice of lipstick color. Since the rest of the face is more neutral-toned, this gives the red hues a chance to shine without looking overdone. It’s perfect for almost any occasion, from taking an important work meeting to going on a summertime date.

The Takeaway

There are plenty of surprises in 2023’s beauty trends, but they all give you the chance to express yourself in wonderful new ways. Not all of them are universally appealing, but there’s definitely something for everyone here. Now the only question is: which beauty product will you try next?

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