Fashion savvy people always have an eye for nail art. They wear nail paints keeping color psychology in mind. If you are an amateur, picking shades and tints for two toned nail designs can be messy.

Knowing the difference between tints and shades is a plus. Tints are lighter tones, while shades are darker ones. Blend matching or contrasting nail paints in this way.

50 Two Toned Nail Design Ideas

Two nail color hues combined in an artistic way create magic. We have compiled trendy ideas for two toned nail designs. Let’s dig deeper!

1. Abstract Design

Abstract Design

The abstract nail design is such a piece of cake to use. It offers a variety of options to choose from. You may use nude with blue faces, curly ends, and much more.

2. Alternate Fingernail Paints

Alternate Fingernail Paints

The alternate color nails look cool! Users can use matching or mismatched colors.

3. Light Tones

Light Tones

The awesome winter nail idea uses lighter tones. You may go for baby pink with light gray or nude with it.

4. Horizontal Nail Paint

Horizontal Nail Paint

Get bored with long-lined art, make these horizontal designs, with various colors to follow up. Two toned nail designs with parallel colors glam up you look.

5. Baby Boomer

Baby Boomer

The baby boomer is a simple two toned nail design to enhance your manicure and pedicure, starting with a slightly darker shade of your own and ending with a white shade.

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6. Funky Nail Designs

Funky Nail Designs

Funky nail ideas usually work with vibrant colors. Paint minions, avengers, and Disney characters you love.

7. Floral Nails

Floral Nails

Adorable floral art on nails makes you gorgeous. Florals look cool, especially in spring. Go grab the paint and start with a light or dark tone whatever pleases you.

8. Moody Blue Nails

Moody Blue Nails

The vibrant soul loves the moody blue color nails, using various shades to glam up your manicure.

9. Zigzag Pattern

Zigzag Pattern

Create an adorable manicure with a zigzag pattern, just do it with a darker base and a zigzag pattern on them for an extra cool look.

10. Mermaid Nails

Mermaid Nails
Source: jsouguan.en.made-in

Mermaid nails usually have darker bases with some glitter or shiny powder. They need a keen interest to craft.

11. Zebra Print

Zebra Print

Be creative and do zebra nail paint with only two strokes for each color. This expresses your creative personality.

12. Minimal Ghost

Minimal Ghost

For ghostly greetings, create a beautiful white hue with minimal use of black nails to draw an eye.

13. Cobweb


Don’t like minimal ghosts. Apply an orange base and black to draw a cobweb on them. This creates an artistic look on the nails.

14. Halloween Style

Halloween Style

Getting ready for the Halloween party, let’s make them on nails. The orange base with black pumpkin is enough to make jaws drop.

15. Candy Cane

Candy Cane

Hearing childhood candy cane, Ring a bell? Recreate it by using red and white lines along the cuticle.

16. Cow Prints

Cow Prints

Seeking some pre-teen ideas? Crafting with a white base and pink cow print sounds good for your teenage princess. You’ll love it.

17. Leopard Print

Leopard Print

Give nails an esthetic look with this leopard print, black shade top, and the base color that matches your outfit.

18. Starry Night

Starry Night

Winter nights and starry nail art are the best combos to enjoy an open-air dinner. Go grab the paints, and just start it! Use a dark shade base and a light for the stars.

19. Metallic Swipe

Metallic Swipe

Don’t want to go deep into art; just try metallic swipes. That is easy to do but perfect to look at. Darke shade base and shimmery tint above.

20. Black & Dripping Blood

Black & Dripping Blood

Go for the black matte base with blood drippings. Two toned nail designs using matte black and red touch show vibrance and excitement.

21. Christmas Jumpers

Christmas Jumpers

Oh, Christmas is arriving! Flaunt your Christmas jumper nails with a red base and white paint on them.

22. Skeleton Hands

Skeleton Hands

Love adventures! Paint a skeleton hand with a black base and white fingers to impress adventure friends.

23. Sun and Planets

Sun And Planets

Astronomy lover! Sun and planet art is truly for you. Apply a black base and orange or blue planets on your nails.

24. Fruit Fun

Fruit Fun

Enjoy candy crush, try fruit fun on nails, yellow banana, green kiwi, green apple, and many more.

25. Leaf Vines

Leaf Vines

Getting ready for the planting campaign, grab the nail paints and try a lighter base with simple green strokes to make leaf vines.

26. Red Swirls

Red Swirls

Popup your look by creating swirls, twirls and curves using a natural shade base and red swirls to create such a perfect look.

27. White Swirls

White Swirls

Shy personality? Red is too loud; try white swirls. Just use white paint and natural colors to create a decent look.

28. Checkerboard Pattern

Checkerboard Pattern

Checkered print has jumped from fashion to our nails. It looks hard but is easy. Start with horizontal and vertical lines and fill them with black & white.

29. Borderline Leopard Print

Borderline Leopard Print

Create an eye-catchy borderline leopard print with a few strokes. Make them at cuticles or tips only. It’s up to you.

30. Mickey And Mannie

Mickey And Mannie

Invite classic Disney characters to your nails. Use a dark base and light shades of hot red for Mickey and pink for Mannie.

31. Pink Nails with a Big Spot

Pink Nails with a Big Spot

Give an evergreen touch to your nails using pink as a base and spots of any lighter color tone.

32. Golden Sunshine

Golden Sunshine

Shine bright as the Sun. Use glitter gold for sparkle and matte for soothing metal touch.

33. Smiley Face

Smiley Face

In the era of expressing emotions with emojis, why not have them on your nails? Plain lemon-yellow rounds and loud faces on nails will make you smile.

34. Black & White Double French

Black & White Double French

Too gauche to full coverage? Go in for a minimalist approach of double french tip nail with black and white. You may use it on tips or the complete borderline.

35. Burgundy Nails

Burgundy Nails

For a perfect bossy look, cover nails with burgundy matte and create some gold or glitter strips. It is impressive!

36. Vampire’s Teeth

Vampire's Teeth

Long pointy nails with vampire’s teeth gives a scary look. The white nails base and dark red tips at the first and fourth nails give a realistic look.

37. Snowfall Charisma

Snowfall Charisma

Act cool with snowfall on nails. Enjoy winter dinners with a lighter shade base, accessories with little beads, and sharp nails.

38. Cloudy Skies

Cloudy Skies

Blue skies and clouds are the best match for nails! Try this idea with a sky-blue base shade and white floating clouds. You may also use a base shade of your own choice.

39. Fiery Flames

Fiery Flames

{Rise up mercury by adding hotness to your nails}

Want to steal the bonfire party? Let’s try fiery nail art with diverse two-color combo nails. You can go through it simply by making a loud orange/red base with black or red fire.

40. Polka Dots Nails

Polka Dots Nails

Polka dots never go out of fashion. You may use any shade for the base and just apply white dots. Polka dots nails and dress combo level up your look.

41. Marigold’s Charisma

Marigold's Charisma

Marigold gives a diversity of designs to put on. You should try this with a plain base and marigold on it, or you may also go for dots and swirls with a base you love.

42. Ombre Nails

Matte Purple Ombre Nails

Create an illusion of shade change by two toned nail designs. It starts with a darker shade and ends with the lighter tint.

43. Ombre Holo Nails

Holographic Ombre Nails

Ombre nails holo is effortless nail art which can be applied within seconds. You need color and holo powder to paint nails as color paper. Amazing!

44. Butterfly Fun

Butterfly Fun

Caught wandering butterflies on your nails, with butterfly prints using just black and orange. Cover the whole, or go for French tips only.

45. Dripping Blood

Dripping Blood

Inspired by Tayler swift song Bad blood. Apply lighter base and drip darker shades from cuticles for small nails. This creates a terrifying two toned nail design for Halloween.

46. Butterfly with tints

Butterfly with tints

Two toned nail designs are perfect for butterflies on nail tips. Baby pink, Sky blue and Peach are excellent choices for base.

47. Neon Pops

Neon Pops

Crafting neon pops is a piece of cake, choose one for two fingers and others for the rest, but the combo must go with the outfit!

48. Celestial Nails

Celestial Nails

A smooth glowing base with miniatures on the nail creates an impressive look. Start with blue, and golden creatures on it.

49. Glitter Splash Art

Glitter Splash Art

Make a classy look with glitter. Dress up in a plain outfit matching nail paint base with glitter splash over it. It works like a charm!

50. Red Rum Blood

Red Rum Blood

Halloween party or a horror movie night, opting for a white base and dropping blood over it, or simply going for red imprecise swirls.

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