Listed below are ten types of nose piercings that will make you look gorgeous. All you need is to select the right type of nose piercing according to your face.

    No doubt, having different types of nose piercings actually enhances the beauty of your face in various ways. So what does a beautiful nose do? Isn’t it high time to make your nose the center of attention of your body?

    It is believed that nose piercings are a symbol of Rebellious and Bold nature. There are many types of nose piercing. You may also have seen guys with piercings, wearing unique nose rings. Male nose piercing is also becoming a trend nowadays. But still, they are most common among bold women.

    NO! It doesn’t hurt as much as you are imagining it, or should I say that level of pain differs from person to person, depending on their tolerance. But, there is always a price for everything, isn’t it?

    Here I am listing down top 10 types of nose piercings to help you decide fast.

    Different Types of Nose Piercing:

    Nose piercing, being a trend, is also an ancient way of putting jewelry on the face, especially among women. To look bold and beautiful, you can combine these nose piercings with your favorite ear-piercing types. Here I have mentioned 10 different types of nose piercing, varying with priorities. Choose the one that suits you, and you’re good to go.

    1. Bridge Piercings:


    Bridge piercing is the process occurring between both eyes exactly going through both sides from left to right. It is done by a simple nose-penetrating needle and the pain can be reduced or avoided if you look for an expert for this purpose.

    During the healing of bridge piercing, you may feel mild irritation. It is all about your level of tolerance. It is also believed that the bridge piercing doesn’t actually affect the nose bone, but rather goes through the skin, making it relatively less painful.

    It takes about 2 to 3 months to completely heal and makes it easy to use jewelry. It is important to find the right size of jewelry for your nose by asking your expert piercer. Choose the right size and never use force to put it in the nose as it might result in infection.

    The suggested jewelry for this piercing is BARBELL JEWELRY.

    2. Nasallang Piercing:


    Also considered as extremely painful of the piercings, and it is well deserved. It involves the penetrating needle going through, yes, going inside the nostrils and the septum. This makes it hard to even imagine, but as mentioned, it is a matter of priority and tolerance level.

    Many people still prefer Nasallang Piercing. The process is usually performed with 16-18 gauge penetrating needle. As you can imagine its healing time is also relatively slow. It takes about 3 to 8 months to completely heal.

    Any use of jewelry must take place after complete healing, to prevent infections. It also requires knowledge of the right size with consultation with a piercer.

    A suggested piece of jewelry is Barbell Jewelry.

    3. Austin (or Austin Bar) Piercing:

    Austin bar piercing is a bit different if you look at it, its process of piercing is also quite different and exciting as well. The standard needle is passed through the skin of the tip of the nose, carefully avoiding the bone and nasal cavity.

    It is quite a critical task and must be done by an expert in this field. It looks good on the face as well, depending on the jewelry you choose to put on, after healing.

    It takes approximately 8 to 15 weeks to heal completely. As Barbell Jewelry is a two-sided piece, it makes it appealing in many piercings as well as Austin bar Piercing.

    4. Rhino Piercing:

    Rhino Piercing

    Rhino piercing is a process done upside down, from the tip of the nose to the septum. The unique Rhino term is given because of its similarity with the rhinoceros’ horn. These kinds of piercings are not that common.

    Very few people prefer it and even they say that it is quite painful to get the nose pierced like this, but then again, it varies from person to person.

    The process can be done by a standard penetrating needle, very carefully. Its healing time can be from 6 to 9 months because the tissues in this part of nose are relatively thicker compared to others, so it takes that much time to thoroughly heal.

    The suggested jewelry for Rhino piercing is Curved Barbell.

    5. Bull Piercing:


    Septum Piercing is also called Bull Piercing, and you can understand why. It is a piercing that goes through the wall between the two nostrils. Septum piercing is expected to hurt more than a simple nose piercing, but definitely not as hurting as Rhino piercing.

    People with this piercing say it helps them to be themselves all the time. It is quite cheaper and it is very easy to clean. The process includes a round piercing needle.

    It takes about 4 to 12 weeks to heal.

    Its suggested jewelry is Horseshoes and Captives.

    6. Septril Piercing:


    Now comes a piercing that really requires care during the healing. The septril piercing, if I say that Rhino piercing and Septum piercing are squeezed into Septril piercing, the statement will not be wrong. The septum piercing is expanded to the point that it can be penetrated through the tip of the nose.

    However, it gives it a different look. It is also costly and time-consuming. Once pierced, you need to take care of it. It does not have a fixed or approximated healing time, because it differs from septum to septum.

    Its suggested jewelry is Curved Barbell.

    7. Nostril Piercing:


    The most common, famous, and used piercing is Nostril piercing, also the simplest. It is the piercing that many women can be seen having, especially In South Asia.

    A simple piercing needle, or a penetrating gun is used to pierce through the nostril, allowing any right-sized piece of jewelry to glow on your face. The pain is also quite low because it is so simple. Its healing time is about 10 to 18 weeks.

    Its recommended jewelry is L-shaped Nose rings.

    8. High Nostril Piercing:


    As you can see, it is the typical nostril piercing with just a relatively higher place on the nose. So what is the difference? This piercing may cause less pain but can take longer to heal.

    The pain during the healing process can also be unexpected. Its healing time may be up to 24 to 36 weeks.

    Its recommended jewelry is L-shaped Nose rings.

    9. Multiple Nostril Piercings:


    Not much to explain here as well, you can make a pretty good guess, but there is one thing to consider here that either you can get simple nostril piercings on both sides or multiple on the same side, or you can get one nostril and septum piercing individually as well.

    All of these kinds are known as Multiple nostril piercings. Its healing time is around 6 to 9 months.

    Its recommended jewelry is also L-shaped Nose rings and more.

    10. Third Eye Nose Piercing:


    It is the kind of piercing done right between the eyebrows vertically. Most Indian women use this type of nose piercings asBindi“. This piercing is done on the surface of the skin, making two holes on both sides for nose rings.

    Again, the pain depends upon your tolerance and professional piercer. You should see it coming. It will hurt just a bit more than simple nose piercings.

    Its healing time differs from body to body, but approximately, it takes 7 to 9 months to completely heal. It requires extra care, cleanliness, and aftercare practices.

    The recommended jewelry would be a Straight Barbell.

    Different Types of Nose Rings:

    After piercing, comes the decorative part, which nose ring should you choose? There are a number of nose rings to consider from. Nose studs, barbells, and many more.

    1. L-shaped Screw:


    The L-shaped Screw is usually used after simple nose piercings or high piercings. It is bent 90 degrees from the bottom which helps it to stay fitted inside the nose.

    But, if you don’t have thin nose skin, you might wanna consider using this, as it doesn’t much cooperate with thick skins and may result in pain.

    2. Nose Stud:


    One of the famous nose rings. It has both sides round, with one tip being inside the nose to provide stability and another side on the outer side for beauty purposes.

    The outer side is often used for rare metals like gold, gemstones, small diamonds, and sometimes pearls to max the facial beauty.

    3. Impeccable Hoop:


    This is a 360-degree ring-type hoop that can be expanded by pulling and compressed by easing the stretch. More the tension, the stable the hoop. It can be rotated.

    But, the gapped hoops might not be your best choice, as it has several complications, especially if you are shy and modest.

    4. Fishtail Pin:

    fishtail pin

    It may seem pretty easy and simple, but it has a minor drawback. It has a straight body with a place for beautification at the tip for small diamonds, pearls, or many more.

    After putting it on the nose, the bottom of the pin is bent to make it J-shaped for stability and it is not something you should do yourself, ask the piercer or jewelry shop to do it for you.

    5. Distorted Nose Screw:

    disported-nose screw

    It has a decorating tip, a straight and simple torso, and a curved bottom. The bottom part is pierced inside the nose, as you can guess. The tip is decorated with different ornaments.

    But be careful while sneezing, there is a high chance that it may become loose after you sneeze or it can even fall off, if the size is not fit for your nose. So it is up to you.

    6. Labret Pin:


    It is more like a literal screw, inserted from one side and screwed from the top for stability, it is the same. It is inserted from inside the nose to the outside and then screwed on the tip to make it stable.

    There is, however, a drawback. It may bring some unhealthy substances, if not cleaned properly. That is why cleanliness and care are paramount.

    7. Barbells:


    They are somewhat like labrets but, with round tips on both ends, instead of flat ones. They are often used for Rhino piercings. They can be migrated.

    A distorted barbell looks quite nice if it is placed with care.

    8. Clicker:


    It is a completely round barbell, can be opened by pulling. If you are the “closed” type of person, it may be your best bet. The chances of it falling off due to various reasons are little to none.

    It is worn through the septum, and it is easy to take off and put back on.

    9. Closed Hoop:


    It is more of a thin ring with two types: Opened one and Closed one. The opened one is actually Horseshoe type with a round tip on one side to prevent it from slipping off.

    The closed one is the hoop that can be clicked shut from the side for stable piercing. Ever heard of “Booger”? Yeah, you have. It may look like that once you put it on.

    10. Hoax Hoop:


    The hoops which are beaded and openly latched are considered Hoax or fake hoops. The combination of L-shaped ring with a beaded hoop. From the outer side, it looks like a barbell, but from the inside, it is fitted by an L-shaped way.

    It is made to look like a curved barbell, but in reality, is a false hoop, folded like L to create an illusion of a pierced nose, even when it is not. The hoax hoop is usually used to try different piercing ideas, even before getting the nose pierced.

    Beginners Nose Piercing Chart:

    Image Source: Pinterest

    All the above-mentioned types of nose piercings and nose rings are top examples of this trend. Many people around the world get their nose pierced as a symbol of the trend, some do it to honor their tradition, and some, because of culture.

    Nose piercing is a critical process, and should not be taken lightly, especially if you are a beginner. Many piercings are done through and from the nasal ala, or through a rubbery structure surrounding the nostrils. Some through nasal passage, you know all about that, don’t you?

    The critical the nose position, the critical and risky the piercing process. If you are gonna do it, you might as well do it right.

    First of all, be very sure about the piercing location, if you doing it just for fashion, you might wanna consider getting simple nostril piercing or high nostril piercing. Before getting pierced, ask your piercer to let you know where the needle will go in. Keep that decision in your hands.

    Try using fake hoops to have an idea of how you and your nose will look after piercing. Let’s talk about the pain and heal time. Everyone has different pain tolerance as you all know, but if we measure the pain on a scale from 1 to 10, it will be 3/10 to 4/10. The pain will be mild, not unbearable. Beginners may not agree with this at first, but they will come around, you’ll see.

    Your eyes will become watery during the process, and I guess you know why, because of the connection between Nose and Eye bones. After the piercing, be super careful with your nose and its cleanliness.

    Use saline water or solution to put on any substance of any color coming out of the piercing, and keep using it for a few weeks to ensure healing. Normally, you will see swelling, heat, and some pain at the pierced location. To cure, use ice and ibuprofen to manage the swelling.

    If the problem still persists, look for a professional to consult, it might be a start of an infection. In case of acne, use acne medicines with complete care, not to be applied on the piercing, or try drying out the pimple.

    Talking about its cost, it may cost you around 20$ to 30$ per piercing, separating the cost of jewelry. Try looking for a reputed and professional, who is best and clean at what he does. Don’t forget to follow the instructions on modification of body on health website of every state, the instructions vary.

    Its Side Effects, if your skin is sensitive, you should discuss it with your piercer at the first meeting. So that he has a good idea of how to move forward. Don’t ignore or hide your skin condition from your piercer, as it can result in severe infection.

    Always choose the jewelry which is easy to take off, if you have a condition or still, even if you don’t. Avoid using soft metals while piercing, as they may leave small particles on the skin, which can be a problem for you.

    Lastly, which metal is used for jewelry? Always look for pieces of jewelry that are less reactive compared to others, to prevent any infection from spreading. Metals like gold, surgical-grade steel, and titanium, etc.

    Avoid using nickel, as it is often the cause of severe infectious reactions. While using the jewelry, never make the mistake of using earrings as nose rings, they are quite long and can damage your critical tissue. Take good care of yourself and your nose and thank you.

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