With the water crisis upon everyone, businesses that depend on water as their main service resource must find ways to stop wasting water.

    The price hike in energy and water rates has skyrocketed, meaning businesses are burdened with high utility rates. To save on costs, companies can make a business energy comparison to find lower deals to save money and still be able to operate as usual.

    There are many tips and tricks that businesses have learned to use to help fix the water crisis they are experiencing and encourage those with beauty businesses to do the same.

    Ways To Reduce Water Waste in Your Beauty Salon
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    10 Ways To Reduce Water Waste in Your Beauty Salon

    Here are 10 ways to reduce water waste in your salon. These methods are used to cut the amount of water usage and save on unused water.

    1. Switch off the water when doing hair treatments

    When shampooing hair or using other hair treatments, switch off the water or close the tap. Only use the water when you need time to rinse.

    2. Install a system that allows for water to be reused

    Using a system that reuses water is beneficial for saving water. Installing a system that allows for the used water from the wash bowls to be used for flushing the toilets as a recycling method.

    3. Use water-efficient machines and appliances

    Installing water-efficient machines and appliances saves on the amount of water put in and limits how much is used for each cycle.

    4. Install a tankless hot water unit

    A tankless hot water unit means no heating until the water is used, and this saves on the heating as you are not constantly reheating the same water.

    5. Change the showerheads to minimize water flow

    Changing to smaller showerheads minimizes the amount of water used by conserving water.

    6. Fix any leaking taps or appliances

    Leaking taps and appliances can add to water wastage. If you notice a drip in your tap, catch the water if you cannot replace the leak immediately to prevent the water from wasting.

    7. Replace old toilets with modern ones

    Replacing older toilets with modern ones helps reduce the amount of water used when flushing. Some older toilets might also have leakage problems.

    8. Install an electrical-activated water-pumping system

    An electrical-activated water-pumping system pumps hot water to the tap when you open it and then returns the water once you are done. This way, you do not have to run the tap until the water heats up when you want to use hot water.

    9. Install waterless urinals

    Waterless urinals work the same as usual urinals, despite using a disposable cartridge that is inserted into the system to absorb all the waste. It includes a drainage system that collects all the waste when doing routine maintenance on it.

    10. Only use appliances when fully loaded

    Only do laundry when you have full loads of washing to be done. This saves water and energy as you only use the washing machine or dryer once you have enough towels/sheets to fill it.

    Other Ways The Beauty Industry Can Stop Wasting Water

    Many beauty brands and companies are eco-friendly and use conservative methods to produce their products.

    Here are some other water-saving tips that you can do to conserve water.

    • Catch Rainwater: You can use this water when doing the laundry or cleaning the salon, such as washing the floors and even using it to flush the toilet.
    • Switch to an eco-friendly supplier: Choose to use water-free products such as using dry shampoo. Using gel products saves on water usage and cuts down on water wastage.

    Ensure that you do not dump chemical-filled water near bodies of natural streams or lakes, as this might contaminate the natural life force within it and cause water pollution.

    If not disposed of properly, harmful chemicals from the water can also seep into the ground or find their way into the sewerage system, which may be harmful to people if they come into contact with it.


    It is important to note that not every water waste is waste. Sometimes water simply can not be reused or recycled depending on its use. In that case, businesses need to dispose of it properly in regulation with the laws set out by the UK Government.

    Every industry has to cut on waste production, with no exception to the beauty industry. Following the tips mentioned above can help beauty businesses reduce their water waste, but people can also follow them within their homes.

    Recycling and reusing not only saves water but also saves on the cost of the fee that you have to pay for the amount of water you have used.

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