27 Hottest Weave Hairstyles to Attract Everyone’s Attention 2024

What’s better than protecting your hair and transforming your style both by rocking weave hairstyles? Ever since celebrities adopted cute weave hairstyles, people have gone crazy opting for this particular hairstyle. There’s no type of hair that a sexy weave hairstyle can’t fix – it literally looks mesmerizing with all hair types. Not only does a nice weave hairstyle shield you from bad hair days, but they also change your entire look and stand you out from the crowd.

Looking for some breathtaking weave hairstyles inspirations to adopt? You have hit the right spot. We have collected some nice and quick weave styles that will make heads turn for you. Talk about the variety! We have it all for you; from weave bob to weave hairstyles braids! Read on to find your true, signature weave hairstyle inspiration from our list!

What Are Weaves?

Let’s tell you what exactly weaves are. Weaves are basically synthetic or natural hair extensions that are chipped or glued to human hair. Hairstylists or professionals help in that matter. To cut it short, weave hair is not just an extension but stylish and hot addition to your hair. You might want to adopt a nice and cute weave hairstyle at some point or another.

Top 27 Hottest Weave Hairstyles Ideas

Gone are the days when only wealthy people had access to hair weave extension. Time has made everything possible for everyone! Fancying your hair with hair extension is not a talk of the past anymore.

As you must have already seen these days, people are getting accustomed to styling their hair with weaves since it gives them a fresh, hot look. The sky is the only limit to finding out what weave hairstyle will suit you the most, and this is why you must have enough weave hairstyle ideas.

Down here is the list of some cool and adorable weave hairstyles to catch as much attention and praise as you desire! From curly weave hairstyles to short weaves hairstyles, we have got it all covered for you!

1- Wavy Ombre Hair Weave Style:

 Perfect Wavy Ombre Style
Source: Beautyliestruth

It all starts with your preferences – the color, length, and hairstyle. You can nail a perfect-looking weave hairstyle with a wavy ombre and later style them in whatever way you desire.

2- Corkscrew Curls Weave Hairstyle Idea:

Textured Weave Hairstyle
Source: Beautyliestruth

Here we present to you a heavily textured style for women who want to achieve the maximum amount of volume. Several rows of curls cascade along the sides, and the back continues to show off these gorgeous crochet braids all the way down the spine. With such textured and curly weave hairstyles, you easily create a look that emphasizes volume.

3- Elegant Long Layer Weave Hairstyle:

 Natural-Looking Hairstyle
Source: Beautyliestruth

You can wear this style with a braided or braid less weave, depending on your preference. Weave extensions in this style also look natural with colored hair! This weave hairstyle is something you can easily give a try on bad hair days to compensate for your overall look.

4- Full Sew-In Weave Hairstyle:

Polished Sew-In Style
Source: Beautyliestruth

Typically, a full weave consists of braiding the natural hair and sewing the weave into the braids to cover the head completely. Such is the style of this chic lob. You can also do a polished finishing with sleek blow-drying.

5- Short Weave Hairstyle Ideas:

Ruby Red Chic Cuts
Source: Beautyliestruth

Would you like your hair locks to be short and flirty? In this idea, you will find a variety of weaves, all easy to maintain and style. We suggest that you also consider the ruby red color as an option in addition to the chic cut and soft waves.

6- Side-Parted Curly Weave Hairstyle:

Voluminous Curly Style
Source: Pinterest

There’s something youthful and free about this voluminous side part weave. Notice how this look stands apart from the more common barrel curl because the curl is styled more naturally. Add some small braids here and there for a creative and unexpected twist. And that’s how you can unlock a perfect-looking weave hair!

7- Curly Auburn Tips Weave Hairstyle:

 Colorful Curly Style

If you have hair extensions, why not add a dash of color to them? With discretely colored tips, this gorgeous weave stands out from the crowd. Feel free to play around with your favorite colors when it comes to this weave hairstyle idea, but auburn is a beautiful choice.

8- Combination of Red and Orange Pixie Weave Hairstyle:

Colorful Balayage Style
Source: Beautyliestruth

Adding some color to your natural hair without dying is possible with weaves. You can create a trendy balayage design with warm tones and a color blocking technique. Make your cut short and edgy to show off the highlights in a novel way.

9- Side Part Quick Weave Bob Hairstyle Idea:

Casual Side-Part Style
Source: Beautyliestruth

Even for casual occasions, you will look runway-ready with a side-part bob look! It doesn’t require any advanced styling skills. In addition, you can experiment with warmer shades for your hair.

10- Long Bangs Weave Hairstyles:

Classy Long Bangs Style

Often, bangs are enough to make an impact. The long feathered bangs definitely illustrate that point. Ensure your curls are soft and swoopy when drying with a round brush. And that’s how you can achieve a complete, classy look to draw eyeballs towards yourself!

11- Natural Hair Weave Hairstyles:

Authentic Hair Extension
Source: Beautyliestruth

For a more natural look, curly weaves can be a great choice if you want to extend your natural hair. This weave hairstyle contains just enough color to make the results look original. It can be styled to your desired length, and your curls will look stunning.

12- Barrel Curled Weave Hairstyle:

Loose Weave Style
Source: Beautyliestruth

Create cute loose beach curls with a large barrel curling iron to unlock an amazing hairstyle of barrel curled weave hairstyle. Once the curls are sprayed, run your fingers through them and slightly tousle them.

13- Asymmetrical Bob Weave Hairstyle:

Classy Thick Hair Style
Source: Beautyliestruth

For black women with thick hair, bobs are a popular option. Despite its traditional cut, the asymmetrical element provides it with an edgy touch. Since the hair naturally flows into the longer side, the style does not appear too blocky. It’s time you flaunt your hair all classy in the air with this asymmetrical bob.

14- Sunny Blonde Weave Hairstyle Ideas:

Warm Blonde Style
Source: Beautyliestruth

Are you carrying that sunshine around with you? Let it shine through your hair! Due to its warmth and welcoming vibe, blonde hair colors are always a lovely choice. Alternatively, you can choose icy or platinum blonde shades if yellowish tones are not your thing. Stand out from the crowd with your sunny blonde weave hairstyle.

15- Long Feminine Weave Hairstyle:

Elegant Layered Curls
Source: Beautyliestruth

Layered long weave hairstyles with loose curls are the most beautiful and timeless hairstyles for long weaves. A short layer frames the face, and a longer one emphasizes the curl and adds volume. Put your hair up in a glamorous ponytail for work, or let it down for a night out. You can literally get the best out of your weave hair with this hairstyle.

16- Rich Violet Weave Hairdo Idea:

Rich Purple Style
Source: Beautyliestruth

You can also tone down your purple hair extensions a bit to make them look softer. Those who wish to get closer to their natural hair color while remaining trendy will love this deep, dark, and dazzling shade of violet. After all, nothing goes bad with purple hair.

17- A-Line Bob Weave Hairstyle Idea:

Flattering Bob Style
Source: Beautyliestruth

There is nothing better than getting your hair an A-line cut, which additionally creates a slimming effect. By creating an angle, the eye is drawn downward, and the face is elongated. In addition, it’s a great choice for those who want the look of a short-length cut but don’t want to lose too much length.

18- Subtle Highlights Weave Hairstyles:

Subtle Weave Style
Source: Beautyliestruth

Highlights can have a tremendous impact on any hairstyle, yet we are clueless about their power. You can make your weave shine even with the smallest highlights, adding just the right amount of sugar, spice, and everything nice. You should consider earth tone highlights for a natural look. Walk with confidence flaunting those beautifully highlighted weave hair.

19- Red Violet Centre-Parted Weave Hairstyle Idea:

Straight Bob Style
Source: Beautyliestruth

Lighter shades give the hair an ethereal sheen, contrasting with the dark under-layer. And this coloring looks best with a straight weave. In contrast, curling the bob will create ringlets that are dimensional and black and purple. The right combination of hair color helps you look like a completely new person, so you might want to try out this weave hairstyle idea.

20- Sleek and Straight Cherry Red Weave Hairstyles:

Sleek Weave Style
Source: Beautyliestruth

There is something dramatic about a woman wearing red hair, especially a woman of color. In addition, a bright color stands out on its own, and you also combine it with a simpler cut.

If you think of giving your hair an influencing makeover, you might want first to color your hair red and then go for this weave hairstyle. Also, consider a lob with a smooth finish and a middle part for a sophisticated style.

21- Low Ponytails Weave Hairstyles:

Sleek and Chic Style
Source: Beautyliestruth

Would you like to wear a semi-formal, business casual style weave hairstyle? The low ponytail is the perfect hairstyle for any occasion. Although it’s one of the sleekest professional hairstyles, it’s also a pretty idea for school or an outing with friends. A slicked-back ponytail with weave hair can make any woman look dreamy and powerful. It’s a must-try one!

22- Quick Straight Weave Hairstyle Idea:

Fresh and Natural Style
Source: Beautyliestruth

Embrace a fresh and quick weave hairstyle like this one!

In quick weaves, your natural hair is protected by an adhesive or gel formula that bonds the extensions to your natural hair. An alternative to sewing-in, it is often more reasonable and less costly. When combined with a shoulder-length straight cut, this weave style is an excellent example of a fast and natural-looking hairstyle you will love.

23- Black and Blonde Weave Hairstyle Idea:

Black & Blonde Balayage
Source: Beautyliestruth

If you want to have a high contrast hairstyle, pair platinum blonde, and black together. In order to achieve a soft regrowth line, the blonde is painted in the balayage style. And at last, having a blunt haircut balances out the quirkiness of the contrasting color scheme.

24- Retro Style Weave Hairstyle Ideas:

Vintage-Inspired Look
Source: Beautyliestruth

Whether your hair is curly or wavy, there are endless styles you can do to it. You will love this retro-inspired take on long weave styling if you’re a fan of retro styles. To achieve the desired effect, you should part your hair to the side. And with a few steps, you can get the look you desire. Go retro, go hot!

25- Black Curly Pixie Weave Hairstyles:

Rich Weave Style
Source: Beautyliestruth

It’s safe to say that hair is the richest ornament a woman can possess – this weave hairstyle idea is proof of it. You’ll be amazed at how the curls rest lazily upon the crown. It is too long for tense coils but is short enough for bounded volume. It is noteworthy in this weave hairstyle that the soft tapering at the temples is followed by deliberate sideburns, which add further depth to the character.

26- Half Up Half Down Easy Weave Hairstyle Idea:

Easy Protective Style
Source: Beautyliestruth

If seamlessness is all you are looking for, you must try the half up half down weave hairstyle. Compared to a standard weave, a half-up, half-down weave hairstyle is glamorous and ideal for protecting your hair. Using a protective cap, you can make this cute quick weave without glue contacting your natural hair.

27- Wet Look Inspired Weave Hairstyle Idea:

Sexy Island Waves
Source: Beautyliestruth

With a “wet look,” curls and waves look spectacular. Make the right hair product your savior to look and feel like a sexy, exotic island gal all day long.

Wrapping It Up!

When it comes to giving your hair an absolute HOT makeover, weave hairstyles should be on your hit list. Weave hair gives you super flexibility; you can change your hairstyle each month, wherever and whenever. If you want some weave hairstyles ideas to fall back on, give our list a thorough read, and you are good to go.

Let us know in the comment box which one you liked the most.

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