Wedding Style Inspirations from Celebrity Weddings in 2023

The wedding inspirations industry is undergoing a major boom following a hiatus in the previous two years, and you only need to look to the celebrity world to corroborate this fact.

There have been over 25 weddings in 2022 comprising famous couples. Stars who recently said ‘I do’ include Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons, and Billie Lourd and Austen Rydell.

Celebrities have always served as inspiration for wedding fashion and styling, so if you’re planning on taking the plunge soon, take note of the trends embraced by the rich and famous this year!

Vintage Styles

Vintage Styles

The past few years have seen celebrities embracing vintage styles for everything from their wedding jewelry to their fashions.

Emma Stone, for instance, donned a beautiful pearl solitaire with tiny diamond details instead of a traditional rock.

Lilly Collins proudly showed off her vintage rose-cut diamond, and Jennifer and Ben went for a green diamond (did you know that the popularity of colored diamonds dates back over three thousand years?).

Today’s engagement and wedding ring styles often hark back to the past, favoring intricate engraving, simple solitaires, and vintage gemstones that embrace many more hues than traditional white diamonds.

Floral Inspirations


Flowers have always played a key role in weddings—as much in fashion as in decorative elements, but this year, they are enjoying a particularly strong prominence.

Alexandra Daddario married her true love, Andrew Form, in June this year in New Orleans.

The couple exchanged vows in front of an impressive vintage flower installation and the bride wore a Danielle Frankel wedding dress with delicate pleats and intricate floral accents, which were particularly evident in the veil. The groom, meanwhile, wore a 1930s-inspired pinstripe suit by Brunello Cucinelli.

Taking it to Nature

Taking it to Nature

Nature has played a big role in weddings this year, both in fashion and in reception décor. Many stars have chosen to emphasize the importance of the Great Outdoors.

Such is the case for Entourage actor, Adrian Grenier, who wed Jordan Roemmele in a romantic ceremony in Morocco.

The actors celebrated their big day against a backdrop of rolling mountains, with guests dressed casually and sitting on floor cushions by low-lying tables.

The wedding, a serendipitous elopement, had all the elements of a cool boho-chic wedding—a vintage wedding dress, rustic furniture, and golden fairy lights lending a warm feel to the event.

The bride wore her hair down and the groom was wrapped in a stunning traditional blanket when they gave each other their first kiss as man and wife.

Celebrities and everyday people alike are pleased to once again be able to celebrate weddings in the company of those they love.

Trends that have taken over the wedding industry include the prominence of nature and flowers, and vintage inspirations.

Couples are keen to embrace tradition while expressing their unique personalities and tastes.

Some celebrities, like Jennifer Lopez, have chosen to embrace modern and vintage styles by wearing three different wedding gowns, each representing a unique moment in history.

Others have made vintage gemstones and cuts new again in an effort to marry simplicity and antique jewelry-making techniques.

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