Top 22 Wedge Haircuts for Women

No matter how old a woman is, she is always curious about her look, especially her hair. For those women who want to have short hairs, wedge hairstyles are still the best option. These wedge haircuts make you fabulous and trendy with ongoing fashion.

Firstly employed in the sixteen century and from then they are in growing manner. New styles with a new type of haircuts are kept on adding in this class. Many fantastic things are associated with these haircuts. Most importantly, the hairstyle’s design and shape are outstanding and compatible with top hairstyles for women.

Short wedge haircuts are most common and in fashion, giving a smooth retro vibe that is impossible to ignore for people. Besides this hairstyle, many other wedge hairstyles are in trend.

Are you looking for a hairstyle that adds glamor and glow to your personality? We have enlisted the most appealing, attractive, and fashionable hairstyles to help you with this. So read this article thoroughly to choose your best choice.

Wedge Haircut

1) Short Wedge Haircut

short wedge haircut


A short wedge does not give a formal and messy look, but it provides a stylish look. This short wedge haircut offers a balanced look for everyone, either curly or straight hair. Although, is the oldest style of the ’70s but yet in trend. A short wedge haircut is like a bob hairstyle.

2) Short bob wedge haircut

short bob wedge haircut


If you want a stylish look having thick hair, then choose this hairstyle. However, this style is fashionable these days. This wedge haircut’s elegant look is that hairs are shorter at the back compared to the front.

3) Kyungsoo’s Hairstyle

kyungsoo's hairstyle


This hairstyle gives a trendy look to a person that has thick hair. Long hairs cover the forehead that looks cute. There is a trend of Kyungsoo’s Hairstyle in Asia, most commonly in South Korea.

4) Edgy Bobs

edgy bobs wedge hairstyleSource

This hairstyle has unique layers and great edges that look stunning. At the back, hairs are short and darker in color. In contrast to the back, they are white and longer at the top. Edgy Bob’s style looks gorgeous.

5) Asymmetric wedge hairstyle

asymmetric wedge hairstyle


It is the trendy hairstyle in the past that looks beautiful. This wedge haircut has variable side length. The length of the side of the wedge cut depends upon the shape of the face.

6) Pixie wedge hairstyle


If you want a short wedge haircut, then go for a pixie wedge haircut. This haircut is edgy and super sexy. Pixie Wedge haircut gives you a change, and you look sexy in this style.

7) Heavily layered wedge cut

heavily layered wedge cut


If you need a thickness and texture in your hair, then this is the right choice. This hairstyle has multilayers that look sophisticated and edgier. You can also contrast with light blond hair and dark roots to look gorgeous. Heavily layered wedge cut gives a trendy look.

8) Wedge haircut for over 50s

wedge haircut for over 50s


If you are looking for a haircut over the 50s, this is a good option. This style has long bangs that provide a stylish look. Stack layers create extra volume on the crown area at the back. This haircut is easy to maintain, and the idea is flawless.

9) Side-swept bang bob hairdo

side swept bang bob hairstyle


This wedge hairstyle is suitable for blonde hair. At the front wave, a look is providing to the hairs. On the other hand, at the back, hairs are hanging down. This haircut looks classy and never becomes out of fashion.

10) Elegant haircut with ash blond highlights

elegant haircut with ash blond haircuts


Are you looking for a bold haircut that suits the ongoing style? A layered haircut with the ash blond highlights will be a great combo that will look attractive. Besides that, a choppy haircut with different lengths always gives a killer look to the women.

11) Wedge haircut for curly hairs

wedge haircut for curly hairs


Some people think that curly hair is a problem. However, if they have a proper haircut, then they look very charming and attractive. A brown wedge haircut suits those people who have curly hairs.

An essential part of this haircut is the short hairs from the back and long length on the front side. So, if you have curly hair, then this is the best wedge haircut for women.

12) Razored wedge haircut

razored wedge haircut


Most importantly, some women prefer to have a messy and rough haircut when a messy haircut couple with a unique and fashionable outlook. This haircut has long and thick hair layers on the top and short hairs on the backside.

Moreover, stylish long choppy hair on one side gives a unique wedge hairstyle. This hairstyle looks gorgeous among people.

13) Perfect haircut with elegant wedge designs

perfect haircut with elegant wedge designs


Not all of the haircuts need to have different angles, lengths, and wavy touch. A simple and decent look is always the best option that a woman can have. However, this wedge haircut is perfectly shaped with no angles and variable-length, along with the copper brown hair color.

14) Multilayer wedge haircut

multilayer wedge hairstyle


Pixie wedge haircut is one of those fantastic haircuts that a woman should try once in her life. There are long layered hairs on the front side with the chopped layers on the back and both sides. As a result, they combine to give modern and fashionable hairstyle for women.

15) Killer wedge haircut

killer wedge haircut


In contrast to the typical wedge haircut design, this haircut has some recent addition to style. This haircut includes a shaved nape with a long bowl along with the long front side hairs.

The hairs on the front side may be layered or choppy, which gives a more pleasant look. As a result, you will get a haircut that urges people to turn their heads.

16) Messy wedge haircut

messy wedge hairstyle


Rough and stylish! This is the most common phrase that is used by modern women nowadays. To fulfill that requirement, hairdressers often chose a messy wedge haircut that is messy and also stylish.

Typically opted during summer, this wedge haircut has multilayers of wedge cut. Most importantly, the haircut is easy to maintain and offers tons of compliments from other people.

17) Voluminous purple haircut

Some people consider purple as a killer color as a hair highlighter. Additionally, this color gives a crown-like look to the head if appropriately used to highlight. Stacked layers of hairs on the front and one side provide a bulky voluminous look to the hairs.

18) Stacked wedge haircut

stacked wedge haircut


This haircut is one of the shortest haircuts for women having long subtle layers of hairs on the center of the head and the stacked nape area on the back. One of the typical Japanese haircuts that do not require much maintenance and care is a stacked wedge haircut.

So, it is best suited for working women that have a hectic and challenging schedule.

19) Choppy haircut

choppy hairstyle


If you need to add texture to your haircut, then this choppy haircut is the best option that you have got. This fantastic haircut gives you a classy look with a fresh touch. Most hairdressers use golden and highlights, which further enhances the hairs’ glow and shine.

20) Side parted wedge haircut

Side parted wedge hairstyle


A characteristic wedge haircut has short hairs in the back and long hairs pieces on the head’s front or side. However, many women use a conventional formula to set the hair that includes partition.

This haircut has a short part of the hairs over, giving rise to asymmetrical partition and maintaining hairstyle for a long time.

21) Long wedge haircut with suitable layers

long wedge haircut


Do you want to have a wedge haircut and also want to retain hair length? Yes, we have one such type of haircut for you. A long wedge haircut has long layers of hairs to the shoulders.

The head sides also have long hairs that are turned towards the backside, which gives style and smoothness.

22) Shaggy wedge haircut

This hairstyle gives a classic wedge look. When coloring is done in hair and highlights it, then it provides a more elegant look. Add choppy bangs and offer a stylish look to the woman.


If you think that wedge haircut is only limited to a simple conventional haircut, then you have to think again about it. Generally, women want to have a haircut that is sweet and short. Because of this, wedge hairstyle is in trend for so many decades.

There are many modifications, color touches, partitions, layers, and many other things that differentiate a haircut from others. Therefore, enlisting them all is not possible. So, we have given you the best of the wedge hairstyles on top trends, and most opted by the hairdressers and hair experts.

We have finished our part by giving you the best wedge hairstyles for women. And after reading this article, you must be able to choose the best-suited haircut for you.

As mentioned above, all of the haircuts are marvelous; however, the final selection is always for the user to have. If you have multiple selections, you may reread them to choose a perfect one.

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