Why does my leg hair grow so fast? Is this your question of the day? We’ve got the answer for you. Make dealing with your leg hair easier, right now!

    So, you are tired of shaving your leg hair every week. Heck! Sometimes you have to shave your legs twice a week. And you are tired. Why does my leg hair grow so fast is your biggest question! And you aren’t the only one with this question.

    Women struggle with leg hair as this hair can tarnish their appearance and personality. It looks lazy and unkempt if you allow your leg hair to grow without shaving. And you have to take out time every other day to do something about this stubborn feature.

    But why does it grow so fast? Why does it give you a reason to worry? And more importantly, what can you do to get rid of it and slow down its growth rate?

    These questions are essential for you and we’ve got the answers.

    How Long Does Leg Hair Take to Grow?

    You may think that you’ve gotten the fastest growing leg hair. It may be a true claim or a false one. You can ascertain this theory by comparing your leg hair growth cycle with a similar cycle for other people.

    Normally, leg hair takes six to eight weeks to fully mature. So, once you have shaved your legs, if your leg hair takes six weeks to grow back, you have got a fast hair growth cycle for your legs. If this hair takes eight weeks, you are lucky because your leg hair isn’t giving you a hard time.

    Why Does My Leg Hair Grow So Fast?

    Why Does My Leg hair Grow So Fast
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    Now you know this hair follows a standard cycle and yours isn’t getting too fast in blooming. But you still feel that you could benefit from slower hair growth. Note that mostly your leg hair growth cycle depends on your genes. But this cycle is impacted by your choices only a tiny bit.

    Here are the factors that influence how fast your hair will grow on your legs.

    1. You Have Dark Leg Hair

    You Have Dark Leg Hair
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    No one will deny that dark hair on the legs appears more prominent than light hair. Likewise, the growth rate of dark hair appears speedier than that of light hair.

    Even if your dark hair has grown a quarter of an inch it will look more prominent than that of someone whose light leg hair is of the same length. This illusion of increased length makes us feel that maybe our hair has grown faster.

    2. Your Genes Are the Culprit

    Your Genes Are The Culprit
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    We have said earlier that some people witness their leg hair mature in six weeks while for others, the maturity will commence at the eight-week mark. The reason behind this difference in the length of the growth cycle lies in genetics.

    Unfortunately, you cannot do much about this factor. Instead, you should focus on the next factor if you want to minimize the growth rate of your leg hair.

    3. You Haven’t Followed the Right Shaving Protocol

    This is the only factor that you can influence. The right shaving protocol will prevent your hair from sprouting back for a whole day or two.

    Leg hair grows fast for those people who don’t apply lotion after shaving. Make sure that you apply a thick layer of cream on your legs after shaving. Also, you should use warm water and lathery soap while shaving.

    4. Diet Impacts the Growth Cycle

    Your diet also determines how long your leg hair will take to sprout and become obvious. If you lack key nutrients like vitamins and minerals, your skin will become brittle and leg hair will sprout vigorously.

    If you are tired of feeling your hair on your legs all the time, you should pay more attention to your skin by maintaining a healthy diet.

    Some Tips to Slow Down Leg Hair Growth Cycle

    We have discussed the right protocol for shaving your legs. You should use this protocol during and after every shave. If you don’t use soap that creates lots of foam, you should get on, especially for your legs. Plus, use a handful of cream to moisturize your legs after you have taken care of unwanted hair.

    Take a healthy diet that contains plenty of vitamins and other micronutrients.

    Opt for thick and tight clothes for your legs. You can go with cozy socks or tights to achieve this goal.

    How to Get Rid of Leg Hair?

    All these tips will slow down the growth of your leg hair. But you will still have to get rid of them now and then. You might be using shaving or waxing as your go-to method for hair removal. But these are not the only options to use. You can strive for longer-lasting results with other methods.

    Here are all the methods you can use to get rid of your leg hair.

    1. Shaving

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    This is the most common method to get rid of unwanted hair. It is efficient and effective. The only problem with shaving is that it only cuts hair from the surface of the legs. As a result, you will notice the immediate sprouting of new hair.

    If you shave your hair, you have to do it daily to avoid flaunting your leg hair.

    2. Waxing

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    This is another method to get rid of leg hair. Compared to shaving and other hair removal methods, this one is a little painful. The best thing about waxing is that it uproots hair from its roots. In the end, your hair will take more time to grow if you have waxed them.

    Waxing takes longer to accomplish than shaving and you have to carefully follow the instructions to wax leg hair. After sugar waxing, you should apply after-wax lotion to prolong smoothness and avoid germs getting into your pores.

    3. Hair Removal Creams

    You can also use hair removal creams and lotions to help dissolve protein within the hair. Just like waxing in home , this method will take care of hair beneath your skin. There are many dermatologically tested hair removal creams available in the market which can help you get rid of unwanted leg hair painlessly.

    4. Laser Treatment

    Laser Treatment
    Source: versuslaser.com

    Till now, we have considered those methods that you can use to get rid of your leg hair temporarily. But you may want a permanent solution so you aren’t bothered by its removal every other day.

    Laser treatment is one way to reduce hair growth permanently. But it’s not a budget-friendly solution. Every session for this treatment costs hundreds of dollars and because you have to get multiple sessions to completely eliminate hair follicles on your legs, this treatment can set you back by thousands of dollars.

    The pros of the treatment include smooth skin for years to come.

    5. Electrolysis

    Source: peachandsorrel.com

    Electrolysis is another treatment that can help you reduce the growth rate of your leg hair. It is done by using needles to deliver shortwave radio frequencies into your hair follicles, destroying them completely.

    This treatment also takes multiple sessions and is costly.

    6. Homemade Wax

    homemade wax

    Take Away

    This post studied the reasons that prompt your leg hair to grow fast. Along with these reasons, we also shared tips on how you can make the process longer. In the end, we discussed five methods that will help you get rid of your leg hair – temporarily and permanently.

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