12 Most Common Reasons Why Engagements Fail 2023

There are times when couples fall into relationship problems after engagement and this can be due to many reasons. Sometimes it can be from the simple event of the engagement party and all the stresses that come with it. A good guide on how to plan an engagement could come in useful here and help reduce the chances of a disagreement.

Why Engagements Fail

Other times the engagement itself might not be the problem, but certain unresolved issues between the couple. Either way, there are lots of reasons why engagements fail. So, whether you require something as simple as engagement party tips or something extra to reach your happily ever after. Read on to find some of the signs an engagement won’t last.

Too Many Disagreements on Finances

It is easy to wonder why guys break off engagements; and often there are so many reasons why this can happen. One of these reasons is finances. The financial aspect of a relationship is an important part that is often overlooked. If couples disagree too often on this, it can lead to irreconcilable differences that can cause a breakup.

Planning an Expensive Wedding

Another way that many engagements can end before a marriage is by over-extending yourselves financially for the wedding. If you are planning a wedding that you cannot afford, it can put unnecessary stress on your relationship. This can cause fault lines to appear in your relationship, that would be difficult to fix going forward. It is always a bad idea to start your lives together in debt.

Spending More Than You Can Afford on the Engagement Ring

While it is a great idea to get a beautiful and expensive engagement ring, it is not a great idea if it is beyond your budget. Beginning your journey together with extravagant spending can be a sign of doom to some. Overspending is a habit you will want to break before it breaks you, and it is one way to avoid a break up after engagement.

Different Religious Beliefs

A source of conflict in many relationships is religious beliefs and can be one of the reasons for breaking an engagement. Being that our core beliefs are often the center of our lives, it can be difficult to have a fulfilling relationship with someone who has different or opposing beliefs. And studies have shown that couples with different beliefs are more likely to end up breaking up.

Haven’t Spent Enough Time Getting To Know Each Other

It can be quite tempting sometimes, to jump the gun and commit to someone without taking the time to get to know them properly first. This is often how many engagements fail due to the fact that the image we have created of our partners fail to stand up to reality. So, when a couple decides to get engaged too quickly, it might be worth it to take a step back and study each other more.

Online Romance

Lots of couples now meet online. However, the problem is that some couples do not transition well from online to offline. It is always a good idea to get to know the person face to face even more than you have over the internet. Many couples who meet online end up breaking up before they get to the altar, up to 32% of couples, according to a study.

You Don’t Make Enough Money

While romance is good, the reality is often that finances matter. Where a relationship will get to in part relies on the finances available to the couple. If one or the both of you do not earn enough to maintain the expenses required to keep the relationship afloat, it may well enough become a reason for breaking the engagement.

Too Young to Get Married

There is such a thing as too young to get married. There is a level of maturity necessary to face the responsibilities that come with getting married. And, if a couple is below the legal age or just not mature enough to handle everything that comes with living and thriving together, then they could become a cautionary tale for how to break up engagement.

No Honeymoon Plans

Planning a marriage can be stressful to an individual and to a relationship. With that in mind, a honeymoon can be something to look forward to while going through the stresses of wedding planning. However, if there is no honeymoon to look forward to, no respite from all of the labor, then that can put even more stress on your relationship before the wedding than imagined.

Cold Feet

Sometimes engagements end because one member of the couple has issues with commitment, or just suddenly develops cold feet. While pre wedding anxiety is normal, sometimes it can lead to relationship problems after engagement that can get the wedding being called off. Doubts after an engagement can be very dangerous to successfully pulling off any wedding.

You Lost a Child

Losing a child can be a very harrowing experience and can put a strain on even the best relationships. If this happens before the couple has even made it to the altar, it can cause doubts that are difficult to recover from. That and the trauma involved can contribute to a couple breaking up even if they were living together before the marriage.

Too Much Phone Time

Social media can be healthy or unhealthy to a relationship depending on how it is used. However, if you are spending too much time on your phone and taking happy pics and videos for your followers, then you might be ignoring the one person that is always beside you.

While getting engaged can be exciting and lifechanging, there are many pitfalls to take note of, to avoid having relationship problems after engagement.

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