Wispy Bangs 2024: Trendy Cuts & Styles for Long and Short Hair

Bangs are a source of power in the hair styling world. These short hairs may look small and rather unsuspecting, but they truly have the power to transform, whether they do so by making a face shape appear more balanced, bringing out a certain eye color or adding a little something extra to an outfit or makeup look. While curtain bangs seem to be having quite the year, there’s another competitor in the game that takes shape in the form of wispy bangs.

Wispy bangs are in a category to themselves. They’re different from traditional bangs, more centered than curtain bangs and are commonly thinner and more feather-like than fringe bangs. Wispy bangs are notorious for looking ultra-soft and have a thinned out or feathered look towards the bottom, making for a natural and perfectly imperfect look.

The great thing about this style is that it can be paired with just about any haircut or color and looks unique on everyone. Whether the wispy bang inspiration comes straight from the red carpet or just personal preference, there are so many ways to rock them after the initial chop. Here are five ways to style hair with wispy bangs.

1. Turn Up the Texture:Texture spray elevates wispy bangs for a lived-in style.


Wispy bangs favor movement and look best when they’re just the tiniest bit messed up. By adding texture to the rest of the hair via any number of salon-quality hair styling products, the bangs will mesh well with the rest of the hair. Fortunately, it’s possible to get this look with almost any length of hair, making it a go-to for stylists everywhere.

To get this look, it’s best to work with day old hair or freshly washed, damp hair that has been moussed to create a bit of grit. Once the hair is dry and bangs are styled, it’s as simple as giving the hair a generous amount of texture spray to keep that lived-in look for the entire day.

2. Relaxed Up Do:Craft a casual updo with wispy bangs for relaxed elegance


A bangs moment with the rest of the hair pulled away from the face is simply iconic. The look is timeless, but it has definitely evolved to include more than a tight bun or twist with perfect, thick bangs in the front.
With wispy bangs, consider a semi-undone and fabulously effortless up do. The best part? It’s totally all right if some strands fall out of place over the course of the day or night because it’s already a messy look! To avoid looking disheveled, use a working hairspray to keep things in place, but not too in place.

3. The Side Step:Side-Swept Chic


If a clear, bang less forehead is desired, it’s easy to move wispy bangs over to the side. Styling this look is simple and involves no more than a fine tooth comb and a bit of spray.

Start by parting the bangs in the middle and move each section to the outside of the eye. Alternate combing and spraying until the bangs stay in place without looking dry or over styled.

4. Bouncy Bangs and Curls:Bouncy Bangs and Curls


Sometimes, it can be fun to add a bit of drama, even with natural-looking wispy bangs. The feathered look of the bangs goes perfectly with defined waves or even structured curls. Style this textured, curly look by washing the hair, bangs included.

Use high-quality shampoo, conditioner and other professional hair care products to prep the hair and protect it from heat damage while using hot tools. Curl, wave or flip hair and bangs to desired texture and level of curl before shaking or combing bangs and the rest of the hair. Finish with texture.

5. Signature Swoop:

Chic Swoop for instant sophistication.


For a chic French-inspired look that utilizes wispy bangs, go for a smooth swoop shape. This is the perfect idea for last-minute plans, date night or even formal occasions. It’s an instant upgrade that will take wisp bangs from feathery and casual to sophisticated and poised. Those with particularly thin or fine hair should use volumizing shampoo before blow drying and styling, specifically on the bangs themselves.

Once the hair is blown out, add a tiny dab of styling wax or cream (be careful because a little goes a long way) to the bangs, starting at the ends and working towards the middle. While adding the product, start to shape the pieces into a swooping shape on one side of the face. If needed, add hairspray or a pin to keep the hair in place.

Styling wispy bangs is both easy and fun. The possibilities are endless and the options vary in style to take the resulting look out to lunch, on a date or just about anywhere!

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