The 80s and 90s Beauty Trends are characterized by very different looks indeed. Think the 80s and your mind may conjure up colorful hues, neon details, and bold red lips.

    Just a mention of the 90s, meanwhile, leads your mind to blue eyeshadow, all-over shimmer, and pencil-thin brows.

    Not all of these looks continue to enchant, but if shows like Euphoria are anything to go by, then a handful of trends from these decades are definitely hitting strong. They will continue to do so in the summer, so if you love on-trend makeup looks, experiment with a few of the following.

    90s Looks at Fashion Week


    90s summer fashion is back in a big way, with Big Four Fashion Weeks seeing models dress in tie-up crop tops, corset tops, and slip dresses once again holding sway.

    The 90s trend has even made its way to bikinis and swimwear, with high-cute one-pieces (à la Baywatch), halter bikini stops, and sexy cut-outs defining the beach and poolside looks to watch out for.

    Makeup and hair trends are complementing these looks perfectly, with top designers such as Fendi, Versace, and Tom Ford upping the beauty factor of their models with 90s makeup styles and accessories.

    Looks you might like to copy include light grey smoky eyes diffused with orange, hair jewelry, matte complexions, glossy lips, blue eyeshadow, brown lipstick, and body shimmer. For the ultimate urban hairstyle, give beachy waves a miss and opt for flat-ironed hair.

    80s Vibrancy and Color

    80s Vibrancy and Color

    Fashion in the 80s were mainly characterized by color blocking, bright lips, and noticeable blush and all these looks are back.

    To ace your color blocked look, wear contrasting shades on your face and enable each main color to take a starring role. Pair up a canary yellow, turquoise blue, or bubble gum pink lid with bright red lips.

    When it comes to your blusher, don’t aim for subtlety or a natural rosy hue. Instead, start at the cheekbones, dab a little blush on the apples of your check, and go all the way up to the temples. Embrace neon hues in your eyeliner or go for a neon yellow, green, or pink shadow.

    Finally, get your pout right. Glossy red lips were big in the 80s, and they should form an important part of your look.

    Remember to end your routine with a thick mascara and big hair. Use heated curlers and dazzle everyone at your next soirée with your bushy, layered look.

    Eyebrows: Should You Go for a Finer Look?


    The 2000s have once again embraced natural, bushy brows, and this is one trend that should ideally stay around for a long time—since the consequences of over-plucking can be disastrous! Of course, the 90s were notorious for pencil-fine brows, made popular by stars like Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez.

    The 80s, however, were all about growing healthy brows à la Brooke Shields. We definitely recommend giving the finer 90s look a miss.

    It isn’t worth the hassle of having to regrow brows, apply countless products, and even resort to microblading if browns never regain their original fuller shape.

    The 80s and 90s are just about as disparate as it gets in terms of beauty and fashion. The 90s were grungier and heavily centered on smoky looks and fine brows.

    The 80s, on the other hand, were closer to the current Euphoria-inspired beauty ethics. Vibrant colors and neon products were paired with natural looking brows and beautiful, big hair.

    Lip Gloss: From 90s

    Lip Gloss 90s

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