women build muscle want to be lean and toned without becoming too muscular. Some even hesitate to work out too much because they fear becoming bulky.

If you are wondering how women can build muscle without getting too bulky, consider the following tips.

Hire Online Personal Trainers

Hire Online Personal Trainers
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One of the best ways to build muscle without bulk is to seek out the help of professionals. You can find a personal trainer who has experience in body composition and can show a reliable track record of helping clients meet their goals.

A professional can evaluate your current exercise routine, adjust your plan, and help you create new objectives.

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If you cannot afford to hire a personal trainer from a local gym, then online personal trainers are another option.

They tend to be more affordable and accessible than local gyms, and many offer more flexible schedules.

Reduce Body Fat

Reduce Body Fat
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Women’s bodies naturally store more fat than men’s bodies. Even if a woman consumes the same number of calories as a man, she can store more fat in her body.

Research indicates that the hormone estrogen is responsible because women’s bodies need fat to prepare for childbirth.

However, you can get rid of the fat that covers the muscles you are trying to build. One key way you can gain more muscle definition without becoming bigger is by reducing body fat through cardio training so that your muscles become more visible.

At least three days out of your week should be dedicated to cardio, such as running, swimming, tennis or bicycling.

Eat Lean

Eat Lean
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Eating well is the best way to reduce body fat and may be even more effective than exercise for some people.

It does not make sense to spend hours in the gym if you are eating junk food or fast food all day. Even processed snack foods can affect your exercise results.

You can find lean eating apps to help you create a healthy meal plan for an entire week. High protein and low-fat diets tend to support muscle gain the best.

They also help rebuild muscles following intense workouts. You want to focus on lean meats, vegetables, fruits, whole grains and healthy fats like olive oil.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

Limit Alcohol Consumption
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Not only can alcohol add calories but too much alcohol, especially at night, can leave you feeling sluggish with little energy to exercise the next day.

Alcohol is a calorie dense substance, so you are ingesting double the calories by having a drink compared to eating the same quantity of solid food.

If you are struggling to keep track of your alcohol consumption, try using a drink app that monitors how much you consume.

The app can show you the link between alcoholic drinks and calories. It can also show you how to moderate your alcohol use.

Up Your Cardio

Up Your Cardio

To achieve a lean toned body, you need a mix of cardio and strength training. Some people have good results with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) on their own.

Other turn to online personal trainers to develop a cardio plan that is specific for their body. Aim for three days a week of cardio.

Strength Train Wisely

Strength Train Wisely
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Strength training is important for building muscle, so you should ignore the myth of how lifting weights makes women bulky.

It is all about moderation in the gym. You can feel safe doing strength training two to three times a week for 30 to 45 minutes without bulking up.

This amount of training will result in lean, strong and sculpted muscles that do not look too big.

Rest Your Muscles

Rest Your Muscles
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All online personal trainers know the importance of rest. Strength training is hard on the muscles and can lead to muscle tears and injuries if you overdo it, so rest periods are vital. Recovery is an important part of any exercise plan.

In general, you want to give a muscle group one to two days of rest after exercise. This will give the muscles time to heal and repair.

You should also evaluate how you feel overall and take the necessary rest days. During times of stress or too much work, give your body a break and skip a workout.

Have Your Hormones Tested

Genetics play a role in your hormones and appearance. If you feel you are getting too bulky, have your hormones tested.

Too much testosterone in women can result in gaining too much muscle mass. Testosterone is the hormone that leads to bulky muscles, and men have 15 times more of it in their bodies than women.

When you are interested in building muscle, do not let the fear of becoming too bulky stop you from going to the gym. The right exercise and diet plan can help you achieve your goals without looking too big.

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