SG Women in Tech to Support Talented Women in Singapore 2023

The 21st century has marked a distinctive time in realizing women’s talents. Businesses, especially those in technology, have been trying hard to bring more talented women into different roles, including leadership roles.

Of course, many large players in the field have been successful, at least to some extent, shorten the gender gap by having more women representation in their workforces. SG Women in Tech is an effort to inspire, encourage, and support talented women who have made valuable contributions to the field of technology in Singapore.

An Initiative to Recognize Talented Women in Singapore

SG Women in Tech, along with Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and Singapore Computer Society (SCS), unveiled the 2021 Singapore 100 Women in Tech (SG100WIT) list. It recognizes women who have been making substantial contributions to the industry and inspiring their communities by helping each other.

SG Women in Tech helps bring industry, community partners, and government together and work towards developing women talent to work in the ever-growing technology industry and close the gender gap by promoting a diverse workforce. The selection of 100 women in technology based in Singapore in 2021 was in support of dedicating 2021 as the “Year of Celebrating SG Women”.

The highlight of the SG100WIT list is the introduction of the “Girls in Tech” category, which has 18 students from various institutions across Singapore. The female students who are 13 years and above and who pursue their interest in technology and make some contributions for the benefit of the community are chosen and nominated by institutions.

The 100 women who figure on the list were evaluated based on their outstanding achievements and contributions by the panel of professionals from technology, business, and academic communities. These awardees inspire and motivate everyone with their unique stories. They are role models for many women in Singapore, and they encourage them to pursue a career in Singapore’s vibrant technology sector.

DBS Women in Tech 2021 Singapore for a Career in Digital Banking

DBS is committed to promoting Gender Diversity in Technology with DBS Women in Tech 2021 Singapore. Since diverse teams are more innovative and perform better, DBS offers opportunities for talented women in emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, machine learning, blockchain, and big data to work in various roles in its location in Singapore.

Recognized by the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) consecutively for four years for its efforts to support gender equality, DBS has been successful in maintaining its momentum on the gender front.

Through the SG Women in Tech, one can find the depth of talent in women in technology in Singapore. As a tech community, it helps women to achieve their potential and be recognized. Women with technical and leadership skills can bring in more value and faster growth.


The SG Women in Tech’s initiative is a significant step towards recognizing and celebrating women’s contribution to the technology industry in Singapore. In a way, the initiative helps the tech industry in Singapore to shape a prosperous future by identifying talented women having a positive impact on society.

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