Let your happiness and energy flow through these yellow acrylic nail designs. They’ve got to see your passion!

    Yellow is the color of happiness and optimism. With these two emotions hidden beneath its brightness, it inspires us and keeps us energized.

    If you are looking to add a pinch of energy and passion into your surroundings, yellow is a great choice to incorporate in your office or at home.

    But if you want more proximal reminders of happiness and enthusiasm, this color should go on your body more than it should go in the background of your workspace.

    So, dress up in this color. Or make it more visible to you by painting it on your nails. Yellow acrylic nails designs will not only enhance your beauty but will also serve as constant reminders of how energetic you are feeling today.

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    Best Yellow Acrylic Nail Designs

    Here are our top picks for yellow acrylic nail designs to make getting your nails ready an easy feat for you.

    1. Smooth and Vibrant

    Smooth And Vibrant
    Source: thecuddl.com

    Yellow doesn’t need lots of designing and styling. It’s vibrant as it is. If you want to stick to the energy that emits from this color, you have every right to choose it in plain style. Get acrylic nails with a jelly finish for this job.

    2. Matte Yellow and Coffin Nails

    Matte Yellow and Coffin Nails
    Source: pinterest.com

    Coffin nails don’t belong to the simple and naïve section of your nail style collection. But they have a low-key appearance especially when we compare them with stiletto nails.

    Add to it the matte finish that is casual and frank looking and you get a yellow acrylic nail design that can be worn to your office.

    3. Yellow and Nude

    Yellow And Nude
    Source: pinterest.com

    Yellow color is meant to steal attention away from other colors and objects, isn’t it? But you can strategize your nail art in a way to keep it balanced to some extent.

    This acrylic design, for example, places the nude nail on the ring finger allowing it to steal the limelight.

    Now, you can enjoy a burst of calmness among otherwise yellow-painted fingernails.

    4. Gray

    Or Gray
    Source: pinterest.com

    Do you think that gray is not the most suitable color to go with yellow? Get the acrylic design with yellow polish on the index and pinky fingers and a theme of grey and nude in the middle ones and you will know just how much you underestimated the beauty of this color combo.

    5. Alternating Yellow and Sheer

    Alternating Yellow And Sheer
    Source: glamour.com

    Include a feeling of coolness in a sunny yellow nail design with sheer polish. These nails use yellow color for three nails with index finger and ring finger getting ombre of clear and yellow polishes.

    6. Floral Pattern

    Floral Pattern
    Source: glamour.com

    This design features the ring finger with a floral pattern. What’s the best part of this style? These white flowers are painted on sheer polish.

    7. Lemon Yellow Nails

    Lemon Yellow Nails
    Source: pinterest.com

    Yellow lemon brings the same level of brightness as other orangey shades but it is cooler and a bit relaxing. The plain glossy finish of these nails will give you an approachable appearance.

    8. Lemon Yellow with Nude

    Lemon Yellow with Nude
    Source: thebestacrylicnails.com

    If the calmness that comes with lemon yellow is not enough, you can get a design that also includes nude color. It can be an ombre on middle fingers or it can be plain nude shades on alternating nails.

    9. Lemon Yellow Ombre with White Tips

    Lemon Yellow Ombre with White Tips
    Source: pinterest.com

    Ombre nails usually goes from a dark shade down to a light one. Not this one! In this acrylic design, you will get white tips on the top and they cascade down to a lemon yellow crème finish.

    10. Another Floral Pattern

    Another Floral Pattern
    Source: allure.com

    Flowers enhance the beauty of any nail art. It’s best if you can get them in acrylic nails so you don’t spend a major chunk of your dressing time on doing nails only.

    This design has flowers on top of sheer yellow and nude polish in gradients on the ring finger. Other nails use nude polish beneath yellow tips.

    11. Check Pattern on Ring Finger

    Check Pattern On Ring Finger
    Source: pinterest.com

    It’s cool and simple making it perfect for formal dressing.

    12. Yellow Flowers

    Yellow Flowers
    Source: checopie.com

    This acrylic nails design uses yellow polish to paint flowers on the sheer nail polish of the ring finger. All other nails are painted yellow.

    13. Yellow Middle Finger

    Yellow Middle Finger
    Source: pinterest.com

    While most nail designs feature ring fingers for the unique pattern, this one uses the middle finger for it.

    It paints the middle finger in plain, jelly-finish yellow paint. Other nails are painted ombre between nude and yellow.

    14. Another Middle Finger Design

    Another Middle Finger Design
    Source: k4fashion.com

    These nails use sheer and jelly finishes for the nail paint. After painting the middle finger in plain yellow color and others in ombre, they accessorized it with rhinestones.

    15. Lots of Accessories

    Lots of Accessories
    Source: pinterest.com

    If it’s party night, you would want a design that uses lots of accessories in plain yellow with a jelly finish. These accessories can be diamonds and flowers.

    16. Plain and Bejeweled

    Plain and Bejeweled
    Source: thecuddl.com

    This design is slightly more glamorous than the plain yellow paint but not too flashy. It uses diamonds to line the bottom of the nails.

    17. Plain with Glitter

    Plain with Glitter
    Source: pinterest.com

    You can also get a similar design with glitter at the base of the nails instead of gems.

    18. Flowers and Diamonds

    Flowers and Diamonds
    Source: pinterest.com

    Mix up the look of innocence and luxury with this yellow acrylic nail design that uses flowers on the middle finger and diamonds on the pinky.

    19. Glitter and Ombre

    Glitter and Ombre

    These nails arrive with a mix of ombre, sheer polish, yellow jelly polish, and yellow glitter. And the pinky and index fingers either get plain yellow jelly polish or yellow glitter.

    20. Sunflowers


    Sunflower nails give a laid-back and relaxing feeling.

    21. Sunflowers on Black

    Sunflowers on Black

    Instead of painting sunflowers on top of nude paint, these nails carry sunflowers against black polish.

    22. Smooth and Matte

    Smooth and Matte

    You love the yellow color. But you still want to add a bit of calmness to your manicure and pedicure. It seems ironic.

    After all, yellow is the color of energy which strictly contrasts with calmness. But you want it. Although a matte finish will not give your nails a calmer look, it will certainly allow you to decrease the shine and make it more appealing to you.

    And don’t forget the increased approachability factor that results from this finish.

    23. The Egg Shell

    The Egg Shell

    These nails have the appearance of cracked eggs. They are white with curves of yellow stamped on them.

    24. An Hourglass


    This design uses an hourglass theme for the middle fingers. The s-shaped curves of both fingers will give the illusion of an hourglass when the fingers are joined. The other two nails will use sheer polish with yellow tips.

    25. Fiery Yellow


    Give an illusion of fire with a perfect mix of red, orange, and yellow. This design comes with a nude base, by the way!

    26. Another Fiery Yellow

    Another Fiery Yellow

    Instead of red, these use for black nails. Other colors remain the same. So, you get black, orange, and yellow.

    27. Flowers with Glitter

    Flowers With Glitter

    Get a style that uses flower accessories on one nail and glitter on the other. Usually, these styles are further accessorized with jewels at the bottom.

    28. The Marble Pattern

    Marble Pattern

    On the index and ring finger, this style uses a marble pattern between white and black, brown, or red. Other nails get plain yellow polish.

    29. Yellow and Blue Flower

    Yellow and Blue Flower
    Source: pinterest.com

    Do you want a single flower on your ring finger? Get acrylic nails that feature a yellow and blue flower on the ring finger.

    30. Make It Yellow and Red

    Yellow and Red
    Source: pinterest.com

    This flower could be yellow or red on the ring finger.

    31. A Rainbow on Sheer Paint

    Rainbow on Sheer Paint
    Source: pinterest.com

    These nails feature a simple rainbow of red, yellow, and indigo on the tip of sheer paint.

    32. Triangle Tip with Red and Yellow

    Triangle Tip with Red and Yellow
    Source: k4fashion.com

    These sunny and bright nails use red highlights to separate the yellow coat from the sheer coat at the base of the nail.

    33. Yellow and Golden


    If yellow is not fiery enough, you should get a design that includes both golden and yellow colors.

    These colors can be on alternating nails. Or you can get those designs where these two colors make a pattern.

    34. Half a Sunflower

    Sunflowers are cute even when you get only half of them on each nail.

    35. Polka Dots

    Polka Dots on Yellow nails

    Yellow is the most common color for polka dots. These nails use these dots on a nude base coat.

    36. Pastel Colors

    Pastel Colors

    Get ready in an instant with a mix of these girly colors. Get a design that’s decorated with jewels and other nail art items.

    37. Swirls in Pastel Colors

    Swirls in Pastel Colors

    When you want to express your girly side, you use pastel colors. You make it more beautiful with swirls in a mixture of these hues.

    38. Purple Accessories

    Purple Accessories
    Source: blurmark.com

    These nails are adorned by accessories on the pinky and index fingers.

    39. White Tips on Yellow Nails

    White Tips on Yellow Nails

    Unlike the design we previously mentioned, the tip on these nails is more defined.

    40. Yellow in the Middle

    Yellow in the Middle
    Source: aliexpress.com

    Show off your perfectly done manicure with the yellow nail paint on your middle finger surrounded by adorned purple, pink, and nude shades.

    41. Floral Pattern on Long Coffin Nails

    Floral Pattern on Long Coffin Nails

    Are you in love with long coffin nails? Get them with an attractive floral pattern. They will look sunny and bright in yellow color. And other colors only complete the beauty you get from it.

    42. Burgundy Flower on Yellow Nails

    Burgundy Flower on Yellow Nails

    You may not have noticed but burgundy is a warm shade that balances out any summer nail color. These yellow nails with burgundy and white flowers are proof of the combined beauty of the two colors.

    43. Yellow and Blue

    yellow and blue nails

    You want to bring a hint of coolness to your summer sunny days. Wear yellow and blue nails. These nails use two shades of yellow alternating between two shades of blue.

    44. Another Yellow with Blue


    Instead of alternating between two shades of yellow and blue, this one uses single shades for both. And these colors are assigned randomly to the nails.

    45. Yellow and Blue Swirls

    Yellow and Blue Swirls

    The beauty of this design is further accentuated because of its nude base. It uses two shades of blue – dark and light – and a single yellow shade.

    46. Simple Oval Shaped

    Simple Oval Shaped Yellow nails

    They are not fancy. They are not impractical. Instead, you get plain yellow fun to wear to your office every day.

    47. The Daisy Theme

    Daisy Theme on Yellow nails

    Are you looking for the most practical nail inspiration? A theme of daisy nails on sheer polish is what you are craving.

    48. The Abstract Concept

    Abstract Concept on Yellow nails

    For abstract art lovers, this is the perfect nail design with random curves and arbitrary figures.

    49. Summer Theme

    Summer Theme

    This theme paints leaves on top of yellow polish on the middle nails. Of course, other nails take plain yellow paint.

    50. Leopard Pattern

    Leopard Pattern
    Source:OPI Professionals/youtube

    The leopard pattern is versatile and suits almost every color. Yellow is no exception. This pattern is only painted on the ring finger nail.

    Other nails are coated with plain yellow polish with a jelly finish.

    51. Lavender and Yellow

    Lavender And Yellow

    This unique combo gathers lavender and yellow colors by alternating and topping off these nails with polka dots of the other color.

    52. Zebra Pattern and Stars

    Zebra Pattern and Stars on yellow nails

    This nail design uses plain yellow paint on the pinky, middle finger, and thumb. The ring finger receives a zebra pattern while the index finger gets a black outline of stars on a white coat.

    53. Hot Pink and Yellow

    Hot Pink and Yellow

    This pattern yellow acrylic nail design is for every occasion. You can wear it in casual settings or at formal gatherings. It’s also cool for parties.

    54. Sheer and Yellow

    Sheer and Yellow
    Source: crazynailzz.com

    If you don’t want to overwhelm your senses with yellow color, you can choose to minimize this color without degrading it to a second color on your nails.

    These nails do so by using clear polish as the base and painting yellow flowers and green leaves on top of it.

    It completes the look with yellow tips.

    55. Celebrate the Sun

    Celebrate the happy mood with this nail art with emojis on yellow nailsSun

    Show off your happy mood with this nail art with emojis, flowers, and a figure for the sun.

    56. Yellow with Butterflies

    Yellow with Butterflies

    These are plain yellow nails – or sometimes nails with yellow tips – that have blue butterflies painted on top of these tips.

    57. Yellow with Pink Butterflies

    Yellow nails with Pink Butterflies

    It’s a cool combination. What do you think?

    58. 3D Floral Pattern

    3D Floral Pattern on yellow nails

    This design paints a plain yellow color on alternating nails. Then, on other nails, on top of nude paint, it uses 3D flowers and gems to decorate the nails.

    59. Pearls on Yellow

    Pearls on Yellow nails

    Just like the previous design, this one is somewhat 3D in appearance. You get middle nails that have white flowers painted on top of yellow polish.

    Their middle part is decorated with a single pearl giving a 3D appearance.

    60. All Things Pastel

    All Things Pastel

    Instead of painting the whole nail in pastel colors, this style only paints the tip with these shades. Otherwise, the nails are painted nude.

    61. Green and Yellow

    Green and Yellow

    Yellow is only a secondary color in this design but its presence makes all the difference. The glittery green is highlighted with yellow lines to give a fierce tone.

    62. Yellow and Gray Tips

    Yellow and Gray Tips
    Source: rangeinn.com

    Make it dull with nude nails and yellow and gray tips. Heck, it’s still energetic and bright as any other yellow nail.

    63. Next-Gen Ombre

    Next-Gen Ombre

    Ombre used to use two colors. Now, it uses three. This mix of yellow, green nails, and blue takes the ombre technique to a new level.

    64. Yellow and Red

    Yellow and Red

    What’s the fiercest color combo? It’s red and yellow. You bet! This design starts with yellow on one end of the hand and moves towards red on the other end.

    65. Yellow and Black Butterflies

    Yellow and Black Butterflies

    Butterflies are the symbol of spring and summer. Incorporate them in your style with these nails that feature these butterflies on the ring finger.

    66. A Pattern of Green and Yellow

    A Pattern of Green and Yellow

    This manicure uses different patterns on different nails. So, you get plain yellow polish on one nail, yellow and blue flowers against white paint on the other, and a green and yellow wave-like pattern on another.

    67. Winnie the Pooh Theme

    Winnie the Pooh Theme

    Celebrate your favorite cartoon. This design is especially cool for birthday parties and themed occasions.

    68. Black with Yellow Highlight

    Black with Yellow Highlight

    This unique pattern paints plain yellow on the middle finger with surrounding fingers taking a dark black matte polish.

    69. Citrus Fruit

    Citrus Fruit
    Source: stylishbelles.com

    After all, it’s citrus season.

    70. Another Check Pattern

    Another Check Pattern

    Just like the previous one, this design uses a black and yellow check pattern. But this pattern appears on all fingernails except the ring fingernail.

    This finger is featured with yellow paint with a white triangle at the bottom.

    71. A Palm Tree


    When you want to celebrate beaches and fun, you use nails that feature palm trees on your fingernail.

    72. Fiery Tips – Once More

    Fiery Tips

    On otherwise red nails, this design paints yellow for the tips.

    73. And Honey Bee Pattern

    Honey Bee Pattern

    It looks just as beautiful and awe-inspiring as a sunflower theme.

    Take Away

    You woke up happy and energized today. And you want to show this mood to the world. You do that! All you need is to incorporate yellow in your dress!

    Even a yellow-colored nail design will do. Get inspired by these yellow acrylic nail designs.

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