So, it’s birthday time! Make your big day glamorous and fun with these beautiful Birthday Nails ideas.

    Choose between colorful designs and glitter. Or mix up the two styles.

    When you are decorating your nails, every concept and every theme works. Whatever is your inspiration, for now, make that inspiration your nail paint design.

    You can also go with the party’s theme to look more aligned with your celebration.

    1. Fifty Shades of Red

    Fifty Shades of Red

    Just like pink, every shade of red looks cool and inviting. You can pair them by using the ombre technique. Or you can simply shift between different colors as you move from one nail to another. Or paint floral design on one or more.

    2. Pink or Purple

    Pink or Purple-Birthday Nails ideas

    If you are celebrating a spring birthday, add style and energy with a floral design in pink or purple. Paint the index and pinky finger smoothly. Then, add a mix of flowers and transparent polish in the middle ones.

    3. Pink and Ombre

    Pink and Ombre-Birthday Nails ideas

    Ombre is in these days. And you are free to use this style on your nails as well. With transparent and pink nail polish, create a design that loses its color as you move towards the nail roots.

    4. Pure White and Gold

    Pure White and Gold-Birthday Nails ideas

    If you aren’t too skilled in professional nail painting, you can get help with beads and accessories. Get golden beads and use them on top of the smooth white manicure of your coffin nails.

    If you can manage, add pure white flowers on one nail in each hand.

    5. Another Style of French Tips

    Another Style of French Tips-Birthday Nails ideas

    If you don’t want to showcase many patterns on your nails, go with French tips and smooth polish. Beautify it even further with a red bottom that will give the perfect combination to your pastel top paint.

    6. A Frozen Birthday

    A Frozen Birthday-Birthday Nails ideas

    Are you celebrating your birthday in winter? Use silver glitter you paint your nails and top it off with cake, balloons, and hats.

    7. Another Frozen Theme

    Another Frozen Theme

    This one doesn’t want you to feature birthday decorations on your nails. Just use pint and blue on alternate nails and accessorize with your choice of jewels.

    8. Birthday Theme

    Birthday Theme

    Balloons are the heart and soul of a birthday party. Get loads of these. And keep them on your nails. Also, paint cake on your nails. Or just get Happy Birthday scribbled across your nails for your happy day.

    9. Short Balloon Nails

    Short Balloon Nails

    On a white base coat, use different colors to paint balloons. This clean and quick design will look especially good on short nails.

    10. Remember the Year

    Remember the Year

    If you have no issue announcing your birthday, get your birth year painted across your nails. For the nails on your other hand, use any pattern you like. But go easy and light with the pattern. You don’t want to take the attention away from your birth year nails.

    11. It’s Glitter Time

    It’s Glitter Time

    You can use glitter with all transparent as well as bright colored nail polishes.

    12. Glitter with a Number

    Glitter with a Number

    With bright color as the base, use glitter near the root of your nails. But leave one middle finger out of this design and paint the age on it with glitter.

    13. Balloons and Confetti

    Balloons and Confetti

    What is a birthday if it’s not a party and celebration? Keep the spirits high with a manicure that features balloons and confetti.

    14. Star Art

    Star Art

    Paint a starry sky. Or just be somewhat less romantic with only stars over a bright color.

    15. Use Rhinestones

    use Rhinestones

    You have never imagined rhinestones as nail art accessories, but here they are. Get some of these stones in different sizes and shapes and mix them up on your nails.

    16. Melted Ice Cream

    Melted Ice Cream

    On a summer birthday, you can get a sense of coolness with this nail paint. Use two shades – whatever mix you prefer for your ice cream – and show them melting over each other.

    Decorate it with a bow and some polka dots.

    17. Cakes Only

    Cake Only

    Use pink as the background color. Then, paint the cake with candles, cupcakes, or cake pieces. But keep it relevant or empty.

    18. Or Candies

    Use one nail paint for all the nails. And on top of this paint, design lots of candies.

    19. A Rainbow


    If you don’t have a lot of time to decorate the nails, you can go with plain paint on each nail. Choose different bright colors. Then, paint each nail with a new color. Repeat these colors for the other hand. Or you can choose entirely different colors for the second hand.

    20. Just Confetti


    After all, it’s party time! Add a little twist to the design with two colors of polish one dripping on top of the other.

    21. Flowers


    Paint different flowers from small to big and white to golden on transparent polish. And embellish it with a golden outline. If you want, add accessories as well.

    22. And More Flowers


    Transparent polish should be your go-to choice for floral designs on your nails. On coffin nails, use baby pink nail polish to make strings of flowers diagonally across the nails.

    23. Add Some Sparkle


    Stiletto nails are all about sparkles and accessories. Use girly colors like pink or purple and add glitter near the roots.

    24. Heart in the Middle

    Heart in the Middle

    On a baby pink shade for nail polish, use colorful rhinestones to draw a heart.

    25. Mix It Up


    You don’t have to stick to a theme. You can create a cocktail style by giving different personalities to each nail. I would use rhinestones for one, glitter for the other, a picture on the third, and mixed or melted colors on the fourth one.

    26. Vertical Pattern

    Vertical Pattern

    This design allows you to include as many nail colors as you want on your nails. And you can maintain a single style across all the nails. Just draw streaks of your chosen colors from roots to tips of the nails. Use pastel colors to adorn it even more.

    27. It’s NOT a French Tip

    French Tip

    For French tips, you color your nails white. But if you maintain the style but decorate it with a nail polish of your choice, will it still be considered a French tip? Use rhinestones and beads to accessorize these nails.

    28. Amp Up Glitter

    Amp Up Glitter

    Color the tip of your coffin nails with glitter polish. Choose between triangle tips or rounded ones.

    29. Waves of Pink

    Waves of Pink

    The best thing about pink is that you can find hundreds of beautiful shades in this color.

    Choose up to five such colors and paint your nails in diagonal waves.

    30. Hot with Ice-green


    This summer, try ice-green nail paint and use this hot trend to cool down.

    31. Or Use Light Blue

    Light Blue
    kl n,m source:

    Pair this color with golden nail art accessories.

    32. Black is Classy

    Black is Classy

    When you don’t want to look too girly but want to maintain a look of elegance, you pair black with white. Or you can choose a transparent color. Then accessorize it with rhinestones and glitter.

    33. Mix of Designs

    Mix of Designs

    These days, it’s become customary to apply different nail designs for different nails. So, you can style your coffin nails with triangle tips, French tips, ombre shades, and multiple colors.

    34. A Mix of Designs and Glitter

    A Mix of Designs and Glitter

    Take the example above and use glitter for colored nails.

    35. Lots of Accessories

    Lots of Accessories

    Make your nails the center of attention. Use lots of accessories to style your transparent or ombre nail polish.

    36. Lots of Nails


    Even the cut of your nails matters. While coffin nails are mostly preferred these days, you can amp up your style with other cuts. Go with ballerina or stiletto nails. And top them off with heavily accessorized designs.

    37. Another Black Theme

    Another Black Theme

    If black is your favorite color, you can complement it with white or silver and draw various patterns from horizontal lines to candles, to ombre glitter. Highlight the occasion by writing happy birthday on one of the nails.

    38. Or Red and Black

    Or Red and Black

    The only combination that can trump the black and white combo is red and black. You can also polish some parts of the nails nude. What’s the best part of this design? You don’t have to add more accessories to stand out.

    39. Super Long French Tips

    Super Long French Tips

    When your nails are super long, you don’t need much styling. Just paint a smooth pastel color you are done.

    40. Plain with Diamonds

    Plain with Diamonds

    If you don’t have time to paint your nails in the best colors and patterns, use a single color and lots of accessories. Or use only diamonds on the side of a nail.

    41. Short Ballerina Nails

    Short Ballerina Nails

    Bring the elegance in your short nails with a ballerina manicure and a glittery polish of the color of your outfit.

    42. Get Some Sprinkles


    On top of a white or pink color base coat, paint sprinkles.

    43. Stars on Nude Polish

    Stars on Nude Polish

    Let your party shine with these smooth and shiny stars. You can use nail stickers or if you are a savvy artist, do them yourself.

    44. Blast of Orange

    Blast of Orange-Birthday Nails ideas

    Orange is not one of the girliest colors. But it’s beautiful and energetic. Paint every nail in a different style to add versatility and brightness.

    45. All Colors Pastel

    All Colors Pastel-Birthday Nails ideas

    The best thing about this design is that you don’t have to follow a pattern. Just pick up your favorite collection of pastel nail polishes and apply them in any order you want. Allow them to blend to give a more beautiful look.

    46. Nude and Glitter

    Nude and Glitter-Birthday Nails ideas

    If you have thought of nude nails as low-key in the past, it’s time to ditch this belief. You can attract attention to these polishes just as much as you can to any other shade. One way of highlighting these nails is using glitter in these shades.

    And don’t forget to change shades as you move from one nail to another.

    47. Pink with Glitter

    Pink with Glitter-Birthday Nails ideas

    Use pink glitter on the tips of the nails. For the rest of the nails, use baby pink nail polish.

    48. Ombre with Ocean Blue Pallet

    Ombre with Ocean Blue Pallet-Birthday Nails ideas

    For a beach birthday party, you can get this look with navy blue, turquoise, and white shades. You can even flaunt this design at your backyard party as a reminder of the beach celebration.

    49. Balloons for the Bunny

    Balloons for the Bunny-Birthday Nails ideas

    With a pink theme on your thumb and pinky finger, use your middle fingers to present bunny chasing balloons. This complete artwork will need the best art skills you have in store.

    50. Another Balloon

    Another Balloon-Birthday Nails ideas

    Decorate every nail with a balloon. Use different colors then tie them up with a single color string at the tips of your nail.

    51. Cupcake Nail Art


    Can you imagine a birthday without a cake? Make it miniature and draw cupcakes. Or paint your nails in miniature cupcakes. Use this tutorial to get a hang of the 3D nail art technique.

    52. Use 3D Flowers

    3D flowers on nails

    Don’t overdo the artwork. Get 3D nail flowers and use them on a plain base coat.

    53. Ocean Waves

    Ocean Waves-Birthday Nails ideas

    This is another beach party nail art. You have to paint waves in your navy blue paint. Use turquoise color to paint these waves.

    54. Smiley Faces

    smiley on one nail-Birthday Nails ideas

    You can also use stickers for smiley faces. But if you want, paint them yourself. Paint one smiley on one nail. Or add two or three on top of transparent polish.

    55. Use a Gift Ribbon

    Gift Ribbon art on nails

    Paint a gift bow ribbon on your nails. On the middle finger or pinky finger and thumb, use sprinkly polish or glitter to change the pattern. The most attractive colors for this style are dark blue or red.

    56. Squoval Nails with Glitter

    Squoval Nails with Glitter-Birthday Nails ideas

    Do you think that squoval nails have little opportunity to stand out? This concept can’t be further from the truth. Use glitter to make them shiny and appealing. Add balloons for color and variety. Then add some petals to accentuate the beauty.

    57. Or Candles

    using balloons as your nail art idea-Birthday Nails ideas

    If you are tired of using balloons as your nail art idea on every birthday, why don’t you look at other signs of celebration? Take candles for example. Show them burning. You can decorate each nail with more than one candle, by the way!

    58. Polka Dots on Pastel Colors

    Polka Dots on nails-Birthday Nails ideas

    There are no colors more girly than pastel colors. You express your gender with these colors. And add some glitter polka dots on top of them.

    59. Mustard Yellow and Black Dots

    Mustard Yellow and Black Dots on nails

    It’s your birthday. But that doesn’t force you to be all glittery and shiny. Instead, you can keep your elegance with cool but attractive styles. Coat your nails with mustard orange and apply black dots on top of it.

    60. Est Birth Year

    Est Birth Year

    Take Away

    Here were all the Birthday Nails ideas you needed to get inspiration from for your upcoming birthday. Did you enjoy them? You can amp up the celebration with glittery styles or look elegant and sophisticated with plainer looks. Which one is your favorite?

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