Edgy black nail designs show your love for the grunge genre. But no one will stop you from wearing them even if you aren’t a music lover. Be you. Get these manicures and pedicure show off!

    Gothic or not, black is in for all seasons of 2022. It was alive yesterday and it will keep thriving tomorrow.

    Haters call it the color of cruelty, vengeance, sorrow, and pain. But for the fans of this color, it looks mysterious and captivating. Don’t forget the sleekness and glam that is at their highest with the black color.

    It’s bold and makes the wearer the center of attention.

    Just like red, not many people dare to wear this color. And if they do, they try to marginalize its effect with other colors and design components.

    Whatever your approach towards black is, we’ve got you covered with these inspirational designs. These edgy black nail designs are awesome and satisfying.

    Have a look and choose the best ones for your upcoming manicure.

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    Table of Contents

    1. Matte And Black


    One thing that’s most apparent in the black color is its shine. It shines even when you haven’t glossed it up.

    But if you want to mute it down a bit, use matte polish. You can keep this style simple without including other colors if you are bold enough.

    2. Matte Black and White

    Matte Black and White

    If the matte black polish is still too bold for you, you can pair the color with white polish. Keep it plain to make polishing easy for you. And only feature the white paint on the ring finger surrounded by black fingernails.

    Instead of a ring finger, you can use any of the index, middle, or pinky fingers to add lightness to the design with white polish.

    3. Small and Black

    Small nails

    Small nails look just as cute with black polish as long nails. The best thing about them is they don’t need lots of accessories and designs to keep the attention off black color.

    So, you can wear pure black polish on these nails. Use a jelly finish or get a matte look with complete confidence.

    4. Silver between Black Nails

    Silver between Black Nails

    This design features a silver glitter accent nail for the middle finger. The ring finger is also accessorized with diamonds.

    5. Silver Accent Theme

    Silver Accent Theme

    Instead of using silver on one finger use it on both ring and pinky fingers.

    6. Starry Black

    Starry Black

    Present the beauty of the night sky on your nails with this starry sky. Simply use a black and white flakie finish nail polish to get the look.

    You can also use a pattern to get the small white dots on black nail polish if flakie polish of the desired colors is not available.

    7. White Flowers

    White Flowers

    You can also paint small white flowers on top of black polish. Reverse the background and foreground colors on the other hand.

    8. Or Paint a Cow Print

    Cow Print nails

    Paint black spots in the style of cow print on white paint.

    9. Matte with White

    Matte with White

    This style features the ring finger with white lines that are drawn randomly on a matte finish black polish.

    10. Matte with More White

    Matte with More White
    Source: pinterest.com

    If lines are not your favorite art component, you can go with curves. The idea is similar to the one we discussed above. Between all-black fingernails, the ring fingernail will get black matte polish with white curves stamped on it.

    11. Or a White Stripe


    It’s just a stripe painted diagonally across a black nail with a jelly finish.

    12. Matte with a White Face

    Matte with a White Face
    Source: chicpursuit.com

    This acrylic nail design paints a female face on the ring finger in white, of course. All other nails feature a pure black matte finish.

    13. Emojis


    In this design, the ring or middle finger gets an emoji to depict the emotions of the wearer.

    These yellow-colored smiley faces add a tinge of brightness to the otherwise gloomy black polish.

    14. Emojis in White

    Emojis in White

    No one said the emojis could only be presented in yellow color. Paint them in white to stick to the black and white theme you have already opted for the event.

    Paint these emojis on the ring finger. Or if you are feeling too celebratory, paint them on each fingernail.

    15. Mix in Glitter and Sheer

    Mix in Glitter and Sheer
    Source: pinterest.com

    This design uses black with a jelly finish on two nails. The other two nails are either painted in glitter finish or sheer polish.

    One cute fact about this design is the lack of order in these finishes. You can paint the middle fingers with plain black paint or you can paint the index and pink fingers with this color.

    16. Pink and Black

    Pink and Black nails

    Mix up black with the color of your dress by keeping it on the ring finger. If you want to design it further, paint a heart, a flower, or a star on it in black.

    17. Black and Sheer

    Black and Sheer
    Source: fabmood.com

    This design paints black tips on sheer nails. You can go with the French tip style or you can use triangle tips for this design.

    18. Black Tips on Nude

    Black Tips on Nude

    Instead of painting black tips on sheer polish, this design paints them on top of nude color.

    19. Black and Nude with a Twist

    Black and Nude with a Twist
    Source: inspirationfeed.com

    This is similar to the previous design but with a twist. The black color doesn’t remain restricted to the tips but also goes down on one side of the nail giving an asymmetric beauty to the style.

    20. Or Mix Up Red and Black

    Or Mix Up Red and Black nails
    Source: pinterest.com

    The red and black combo is the most loved classic color combination. Use it to your advantage. Paint black tips on red fingernails.

    If you want to increase the area covered by black color, paint a side of the nail black as well.

    21. The Silver Lining

    Silver Lining
    Source: tsangtastic.com

    This line runs from the top of the black nail to the bottom and then keeps going to the other end.

    22. Half Nude Nails

    Half Nude Nails

    The accent nails between black matte polish are painted with a mix of black and nude paints. Paint one side in one shade and the other in the other shade.

    23. Paint a Sky on Stiletto Nails

    Paint a Sky on Stiletto Nails
    Source: pinterest.com

    Use a matte finish of black then decorate it with different objects from the sky. Draw a crescent, some stars, and a couple of planets.

    24. Paint Moon Phases

    Paint Moon Phases
    Source: honeybramble.com

    The nerd in you is asking for validation. You can offer this validation by paying tribute to some heavenly facts. Present different phases of the moon on different nails against a black background.

    25. Moon and Star

    Moon and Star Black nails
    Source: pinterest.com

    When you love skies and you love every element that goes there, you want to include these shapes in your nail designs as well. Create a theme with moon and stars in the middle fingers surrounded by black matte finish fingernails.

    26. Moons and Stars

    Moons and Stars
    Source: etsy.com

    A single moon is not enough? Paint two on top of the black matte finish.

    27. More Stars

    More Stars
    Source: bestartnails.com

    Instead of painting stars on every nail of your hand, just paint a few of them on your ring finger. Pro tip: use a matte finish to start with.

    28. Matte with Diamonds

    Matte with Diamonds
    Source: archziner.com

    Accessorize a simple matte finish with diamonds and other accessories. Lace the bottom and either side of your nail with diamonds or rhinestones. Get these accessories in golden to complement the base color.

    29. Gold Bottom

    Gold Bottom
    Source: pinterest.com

    If golden is the color you want with black nail paint, you can also simply use gold paint to achieve the look.

    30. Black with Nude

    Black with Nude
    Source: reddit.com

    Lighten up the mood by combining black with nude shades. This design only paints the bottom half of the nail in a nude shade. The top half together with the tip is painted in matte black polish.

    31. Yin and Yang

    Yin and Yang
    Source: pinterest.com

    Get this theme from Chinese philosophy painted on your middle fingers. Paint one of the index and pinky fingers white and the other in black color.

    32. Gold Flames

    Gold Flames

    This design combines black with its sizzling hot companion – gold. And it does so in the hottest way possible – drawing golden flames on top of black matte polish.

    You can either paint the flames golden or you can only use this color for outlining the flames.

    33. White or Red Flames


    You can also choose to paint the fire in white color. If your choice of outfit allows it, red flames will give a bolder and fiercer look.

    34. Black Fire

    Black Fire
    Source: totalbeauty.com

    Simply, top off the black matte polish with black flames with a jelly finish.

    35. More Black Fire

    Black Fire

    This design paints black flames on top of nude paint. You can complete the design by painting white flames on the other hand.

    36. Black Flames on Stiletto

    Black Flames on Stiletto nail
    Source: pinterest.com

    These flames will go on the accent nails and bring a gothic charm to your manicure.

    37. If the Gothic Scene is On

    Gothic Scene
    Source: beautifuldawndesigns.net

    Black is the most gothic color. Do you dare to disagree? Get your gothic style complete with all the elements of this season.

    This acrylic nail design mixes nude and white colors with black to paint stars, black cats, ghosts, and the moon.

    38. Heart Tips on Nude

    Heart Tips on Nude
    Source: pinterest.com

    Nude is a common shade that goes well with black polish. These nails with nude polish are topped off with heart-shaped black tips.

    39. The Black Cat

    The Black Cat
    Source: more.com

    You can include a touch of gothic fashion in the design highlighted above by replacing one of these hearts with a black cat.

    40. Feature Eyes

    Feature Eyes
    Source: popsugar.com

    This gothic, yet colorful idea paints eyes of different colors on different fingernails. The background, of course, is black.

    41. Marble Nails

    Marble Nails
    Source: pinterest.com

    Create a marble pattern with a strong black appearance with occasional white highlights. You can use a toothpick to create the design or you can get acrylic nails with this design to save the hassle.

    42. Black and White Stripes

    Black and White Stripes
    Source: ebay.com

    This horizontal pattern on your nails will look simple and attractive.

    43. Happy and Sad

    Happy and Sad
    Source: pinterest.com

    This gothic design will paint happy smiles in black against white paint and sad smiles in white against the black paint.

    44. Split Tips

    Split Tips
    Source: ashleynesha.com

    This simple and elegant nail design paints white color on one half of the nail and black polish on the other half. The bottom is painted nude with black and white dots running vertically.

    45. Black Paint with White Glitter

    Black Paint with White Glitter
    Source: rojgaraurnirman.in

    Use white glitter and black paint on alternate nails.

    46. Mix Up Classic Colors

    Mix Up Classic Colors
    Source: graziadaily.co.uk

    If you are not interested in drawing difficult patterns, you will love this design that uses different colors on different nails. Use your collection of classic red, black, and white paints.

    47. The Red Smiley Face

    Red Smiley Face
    Source: pinterest.com

    This face is sad, utterly. You can tell by its color. By the way, only the index finger shows this face. All other nails are painted black.

    48. Skull and Crossbones

    Skull and Crossbones
    Source: pinterest.com

    This is another design that will come in handy during the Halloween season. Paint this icon on the ring finger or middle finger as you wish.

    49. Geometric and Marble

    Geometric and Marble
    Source: ankarastyl.com

    The bottoms of these nails are painted in a nude shade separated by a black line from the other part of the nail which is painted black.

    The ring finger is an exception. It uses the separator line at the bottom but it doesn’t use black or nude paints.

    Instead, it paints a marble pattern between black and white with white being the dominant color.

    50. WTF Accent Nails

    WTF Accent Nails
    Source: pinterest.com

    The slogan is painted in black color on top of a nude shade.

    51. Pink and Black, Again

    Pink and Black
    Source: rikk.hi.is

    Pink is the major color here with black lines completing the look on the pinky and middle finger matte finish.

    The ring finger is coated in pink glitter. And only the index finger gets a black matte coat.

    52. Leopard Print

    Leopard Print

    The ring finger is beautified with a leopard print in red color. Then the black matte polish on other nails is complete with big, square rhinestones in golden color.

    53. Stiletto Nails with Palm Trees

    Stiletto Nails with Palm Trees
    Source: naildesignsjournal.com

    Between pink and black alternating nails, this design features a single palm tree on the ring finger nail.

    54. Switch between Matte and Jelly Finish

    Switch between Matte and Jelly Finish
    Source: pinterest.com

    For those of you who are bold enough to embrace black color without mixing other colors, this design is great.

    It features matte finish black paint in the middle of jelly finish polish on index and pinky fingers.

    55. Plaid with Gray

    Plaid with Gray
    Source: pinterest.com

    That’s the pattern on only one finger. You get matte black polish for the other and glitter for another.

    56. Black and Red Dual-Chrome

    Black and Red Dual-Chrome
    Source: pinterest.com

    If you don’t want to spend hours doing your nails, just get dual chrome polish with black and red shades and paint your nails with it.

    Or you can go with a flakie finish polish with these two colors.

    57. Mix Up the Styles

    Mix Up the Styles
    Source: yourclassylook.com

    This design mixes up different styles. Start with the dual-chrome polish of red and black for the pinky finger. On the matte finish of the ring finger paint a white moon.

    Then, paint your middle finger with silver glitter. On the matte finish of the index finger use nail art accessories to separate the right from the left part of the nail. The thumb will feature red matte polish.

    58. Black Accent Nails

    Black Accent Nails
    Source: glowingfem.com

    For this design, only the middle and ring fingers are painted in black matte polish. All other nails get a white jelly finish.

    These acrylic nails are bejeweled with other accessories like rhinestones, a 3D flower, and diamonds.

    59. Lace Nails

    Lace Nails

    Use a floral stamping plate to make lace nails with different shades of black.

    60. Black and White Stiletto

    Matte Black and White

    This acrylic nail design uses 3D nail art to give a creamy look to the pinky fingernail. Other nails receive a pure black matte finish, white jelly finish, and a mix of nude, white, and black colors.

    These nails are then accessorized with rhinestones to make different patterns.

    61. Line Design for Gray Nails

    Line Design for Gray Nails
    Source: aliexpress.com

    This design alternates between black nails and gray nails with a black line design. You can also include glitter paint between these alternating nails.

    62. Square Matte Nails with Silver Patches

    Square Matte Nails with Silver Patches
    Source: pinterest.com

    You can choose to paint only the bottom of the accent nail in silver or you can go with painting the whole accent nail in silver with a black matte line running in the middle horizontally. Or you can use both styles on different fingers.

    63. Golden with Pattern

    Golden with Pattern
    Source: momsgotthestuff.com

    Invite glamor to your style with this matte black polish with a golden accent nail. The accent nail is stamped with a curvy pattern in black.

    64. A Yellow Butterfly

    A Yellow Butterfly
    Source: herbones.com

    Decorate the accent nail with a yellow butterfly.

    65. Blue and Black Duochrome Nails

    Blue and Black Duochrome Nails
    Source: pinterest.com

    This design is simple but erotic.

    66. Red and Black Check Pattern

    Red and Black Check Pattern
    Source: fabmood.com

    You want to embrace the classic color combo but don’t feel as bold! Use a check pattern to make it low-key.

    67. Black and Yellow

    Black and Yellow

    Mix up two bold colors and wear your style!

    68. The Dripping Orange

    Dripping Orange
    Source: pinterest.com

    If orange is not your new black, couple it with black to show the difference.

    69. Black and Green

    Black and Green Stiletto
    Source: glamsprit.com

    Pair your favorite colors with a perfect duo-chrome polish that also comes with a glitter finish.

    70. The Leave Pattern

    Leave Pattern
    Source: pinterest.com

    Gray is one of the mutest colors that can go well with black. Breathe some life into it with a leave pattern on the accent nail.

    71. Black and Sheer

    Black and Sheer
    Source: maniology.com

    This unique design paints the nails in black polish except for the tips. These tips go with sheer paint.

    72. Black with Burgundy

    Black with Burgundy

    Burgundy is one of the warmest you get on your nails. Pair it with black to balance out the temperature.

    73. A White Feather

    White Feather
    Source: joom.com

    This matte design is completed with a white feather on the accent nail.

    74. French Tips with Glitter

    French Tips with Glitter
    Source: etsy.com

    The Jelly finish of black nails is completed with silver glitter for French tips.

    75. See-Through Black Nails

    See-Through Black Nails
    Source: fabmood.com

    The matte polish is applied thinly to produce a see-through look. Complete it with patterns of your choice.

    76. Gift Pack Accent Nail

    Gift Pack Accent Nail
    Source: glowingfem.com

    This one uses a gift box pattern on the accent nail complete with a bow between black nails with a jelly finish.

    77. Jelly Finish Tips

    Jelly Finish Tips
    Source: pinterest.com

    Do you want a unique style – one that mixes black with black but keeps them separate?

    Paint black jelly finish tips on matte finish black nails.

    78. Polka Dots

    Polka Dots
    Source: pinterest.com

    These dots are jelly finish for black polish on top of a matte finish of a similar shade of black. Intrigued?

    79. Red Lips

    Red Lips
    Source: pinterest.com

    This hot and erotic style uses red lips to paint the accent nails.

    80. A Blast of Pink

    Blast of Pink
    Source: pinterest.com

    It’s on the accent nail only, I promise. It makes a side of the nail the central point for the blast of color. Then, it paints pink glitter stripes going out from this point.

    81. Black with Golden Beads

    Black with Golden Beads
    Source: pinterest.com

    Instead of polka dots, use golden beads to decorate your black polish with a crème finish.

    82. Silver Leaves

    Silver Leaves
    Source: pinterest.com

    Complete the jelly finish, black polish with a single silver leaf on every nail.

    83. Featuring Diamond

    Featuring Diamond
    Source: pinterest.com

    On top of white polish, the accent nail of this design features a diamond in black outline. Don’t forget that all other nails are painted black.

    84. Red and Black Ombre

    Red and Black Ombre
    Source: pinterest.com

    Get the most classic look with a modern twist.

    85. Bubble Tips

    Bubble Tips
    Source: style-gps.com

    Polka dots wouldn’t do justice to a dark shade like black. But you can still include circles.

    These silver bubbles vary in size and cover the tip of your nails.

    86. Swirls of Black and White

    Swirls of Black and White
    Source: pinterest.com

    Be random. Be bold with this style.

    87. Zebra Nails

    Zebra Nails
    Source: pinterest.com

    The best thing is that you aren’t overdoing anything with this design. Wear it to your office or a formal meeting without a second thought.

    88. Matte Black with rhinestone

    Matte Black with rhinestone

    89. Matte Black Snake

    Matte Black Snake

    90. Matte Black Leafy Nails

    matte black leafy nails

    Take Away

    Are you looking for some edgy black nail designs? They aren’t for the Halloween season only. And they’re certainly not reserved for grunge fans.

    If you are in the mood to wear black, complete your look with these 87 styles. These include some easiest styles as well as acrylic nails to wear without much work.

    Beauty Lies Truth aims to be a trusted resource for beauty enthusiasts seeking reliable information and inspiration. Through their engaging and informative articles.

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