Guide on How to Help a Daughter with Anorexia

Around 30 million Americans struggle with conditions such as anorexia or bulimia, a number that is growing at a concerning rate. Eating disorders can turn into a life-threatening condition, which is why you should help your daughter the moment you notice the anorexia warning signs.

What Are the Warning Signs of Anorexia?

The earlier you detect the signs of an eating disorder, the higher the chances of recovery will be. Very often, many people do not see signs of anorexia, as they believe the patient needs to be skinny as a result of this condition.

However, here are the warning signs that may suggest your daughter is anorexic:

  • Following a Rigorous Diet: Someone with anorexia may follow a rigorous diet, very low in calories and fat. They would not skip it under any circumstance.
  • High Interest in Diet Pages: A person with anorexia would follow a lot of web pages talking about diets.
  • Denies Feeling Hungry: Despite not having eaten much, a person with anorexia would constantly deny feeling hungry.
  • Overly Preoccupied with Weight: An anorexic person may constantly be preoccupied with weight, counting calories, and dieting.
  • Buying Laxative Products: An anorexic person would buy numerous products such as diuretics, laxatives, and enemas.

It is important to seek treatment for anorexia nervosa adolescent as soon as possible to prevent a drastic health decline. Here are some additional signs of rapid weight loss:

  • Frequently checking the mirror
  • Obsessively checking the scale
  • Feeling guilt whenever she eats
  • Dental problems

Bear in mind that anorexia nervosa comes in every size, even plus ones. If the person reached the skinny stage, it means the anorexia has been affecting them for a long time.

How to Monitor Her Nutrition

How to Monitor Her Nutrition
Source: US News Health

Many parents are wondering “How can I tell if my daughter has an eating disorder?” This is a legit problem for many because most teenagers go out of their way to hide the fact that they have a problem.

The best way to determine if your daughter has an eating disorder is to monitor her. A good way to do that is through Eyezy, an effective app that helps you monitor your daughter and keep her away from danger. Here is how it can help you:

  • It allows you to see her browsing history, where you can check whether she’s looking at diets or not.
  • It lets you set triggering keywords such as “vomit,” “diet,” or “hungry,” and get a notification each time she sends texts.
  • It allows you to check if she’s active in any social media groups that talk about dieting.
  • You can see the installed applications to check if she has dieting apps on her phone.

You may also monitor your daughter’s phone to see if she has conditions such as bulimia and you may upload iPhone or Android website blocker to prevent her from searching dangerous information. Very often, these two go hand in hand, and noticing the early signs can prevent the condition from getting worse.

How Bad Is Her Condition?

Anorexia as an eating disorder can be very bad. With so many teenagers falling victim to anorexia, communication among them may also promote this condition. Your daughter may talk about this with her friends, on forums, social media group chats, and more.

This is why you need to monitor her phone with apps such as Eyezy, to determine how bad it is. If they are only looking up diets now and again, without evidently under-eating, it may not be a cause for concern.

However, if they constantly talk about or search for diets, you may want to look into how to help someone with an eating disorder. It is always best to start work with a therapist or a specialized treatment center before things get bad. The more you pluck the problem from the root, the better.


Anorexia can affect everyone, whether they are small size or plus. Unless it’s kept under control, anorexia can lead to a series of health conditions, sometimes even life-threatening. As a parent, it’s up to you to monitor your daughter through apps like Eyezy and make sure she’s safe.

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