How to Make a Candle Wick (An Easy Candle Wick DIY Guide) 2023

Did you know that making candle wick at home is easier than you expected, with the material you already have at home? Read more to know how to make a candle wick for your candle-making project.

Are you obsessed with the relaxing and soothing energy that candles radiate? Millions of people around the globe prove that you’re not alone.

Whether you are a candle lover or an avid candle maker, you’d be delighted to know that it’s pretty simple to make candle wicks at home, with the supplies already available somewhere in your home.

Now, you must be wondering how to make a candle wick? What things do I require? And how to begin prepping a nice, thick candle wick to complete your homemade candle-making project. Don’t worry! We have got it all covered in our article.

Read on if you are keen to make an aesthetically pleasing and soul-relieving candle for yourself and are unsure how to make a candle wick for it.


What Are Cotton Wicks, Anyway?

What Are Cotton Wicks

A wick typically consists of braided cotton strings coated with a coating; however, wicks can also be made from old t-shirts and other reusable fabrics.

The candle wick functions as a miniature fuel pump. Candle wax melts once the wick is lit. The wick draws it up to fuel the flame.

However, a flame will go out if there is too much wax pooling around the wick. It is important to have the proper wick length and leave enough space around the wick to prevent the flame from flooding.


What Materials Should Be Preferred To Make Candle Wicks?

When making a candle wick, you need to be very careful about what materials you are using. Be sure that the string or yarn you are using is completely cotton.

Choose a string that is unbleached and undyed if possible. As an alternative to cotton, linen, hemp, or jute are other natural fibers, you can use.

Wool, however, is naturally fire-retardant and should not be used. Tallow and wax candles are traditionally lit with cotton wicks: This wick has been used since the Middle Ages.

What Should Be The Thickness Of A Cotton Wick?

Thickness Of A Cotton Wick

It’s pretty simple when choosing the perfect thickness for your candle wick. The wick of smaller candles should be thinner; the wick of larger candles should be thicker.

Three cotton strings can be crocheted or braided together if the cotton string is too thin.


What Thing Do You Need To Gather First?

What Thing Do You Need To Gather First

Before you get ready to make yourself a custom candle wick, gathering a few materials is important.

The best thing is they are easily available at your home or a nearby home retail shop.

Here is what you need to collect first.

  • Undyed cotton twine
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Tongs or anything that can be helpful in pulling the wicks out of the warm wax
  • A pan for melting wax or a wax melter
  • Candle wax
  • Wick Sustainers (optional)

Now that you have everything at your disposal making a candle wick is almost a child’s play.

Finally, Step-By-Step Guide On How To Make A Candle Wick

Instead of grabbing those retail shops’ candle wicks that might not suit your custom homemade candles, you should make your own candle wick.

Making your own wick gives you the flexibility to create custom-sized wicks that will fit specialty candles of varying sizes, which can be valuable.

Simply perform the following steps, and you’ll have a custom-made candle wick in no time.

Step 1: Decide Your Wick’s Size & Prepare It

Decide Your Wick’s Size & Prepare It

The thickness and length of your homemade wick need to be decided beforehand. Medium candles require wicks braided from three strands of twine, while small candles require only a single wick.

To make a single wick, measure the twine and cut it to be three inches longer than the height of your candle.

When braiding your wick, cut three pieces of twine that are equal in length and at least four inches longer than the height of the candle.

Step 2: Melt the Wax

Right after choosing your wick’s size and preparing it, you need to melt the wax. Pour your chosen wax into the double boiler or heating pot, and gently stir the wax as it melts.

A sufficient amount is needed to cover your strings/braid.

Step 3: Dip the Twine Now

Dip the Twine Now

Let the twine soak in the wax for about a minute, coating it as much as you can. The tongs can completely submerge the tine without causing damage to your fingers.

Step 4: Leave the Wicks to Dry

Leave the Wicks to Dry

Take the wick out of the wax (using tongs if the twine was fully submerged) and let it dry. A tip: Gently straighten the wick right before the wax begins to harden so that once the wax is completely dry, the wick is entirely straight.

Step 5: Thickening Of Coating (Optional)

Thickening Of Coating

Need more thickness of your candle wick with wax? Repeat steps 4 and 5. However, it’s totally optional. You may skip it.

Step 6: Add Wick Sustainers (Again, Optional)

Add Wick Sustainers

Adding a wick sustainer to the bottom of the wick is as easy as threading the wick through the hole and crimping the tab with pliers to secure it on the wick.

Step 7: Trimming


Once the wax is all settled, you can trim the candle wicks to your desired length with scissors.

Place the completed wicks in a cool, dry place. Congratulations on making your very own candle wick!

What Results To Achieve With Your DIY Candle Wick?

After preparing your own custom-made candle wick, you must strive to achieve the following results.

  • Minimal or no blooming whatsoever, i.e., no carbon deposition
  • The flame should be as consistent as possible
  • Consistent moderate container temperature
  • The wax must be well-formed with no dripping or leaking whatsoever

Now that you know all the ins and outs of how to make a candle wick, it should be a lot easier for you to begin right away!

How Are Salt-Treated Candle Wicks Made?

If you want to do something different to make your candle wicks, you can also follow the salt-treated method. Here is how salt-treated candles are made.

Cover the cotton wicks with water and add 1 tablespoon of salt to the pot. Boil for 15 minutes. Take out the candle wicks that have been salt-treated.

Leave them to dry overnight. And just like that, candle wicks are stiffened by salt.

Wrapping It Up!

Candles bright up your home, leaving a soothing vibe around… Want your homemade candle burning high with a crazy flame for longer? You need a real one candle wick for that.

You can either use a store-bought candle wick or a DIY candle wick for your candle. Making your own candle wicks will give you the flexibility to decide its strength and thickness yourself, so we would recommend doing that.

Follow our simple guide on how to make a candle wick to craft a strong candle wick right away!

We hope that you’d find our guide helpful. Good luck!

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