If left untreated, nail infection can damage the whole nail. Hence, the claim, one cup of this will destroy your nail fungus. In addition, some marketers use this phrase as their key selling point rather than reality. To learn more facts about this exciting topic, keep reading.

    Do you have fragile, discolored, cracked, thick fingernails, or toe nails? That is a red flag; you suffer from a fungal nail problem. It is okay to feel disappointed, but henceforth no more shame with this detailed nail fungus review.

    So, keep reading and do not move an inch. First, back to the itching question!

    What is Nail Fungus?

    Nail fungus ‘onychomycosis’ is a common and stubborn nail disease. The discomfort and discolor start from beneath the nail tip. However, it is more on the toes than the fingernails. This infection is common in older males and can end in severe lower leg cellulitis.

    Research shows that nail fungus may reoccur in about 10% of the adult population. Some of its major symptoms include:

    • Discolored nails ‘dyschromia’ to white, black, green, or yellow
    • Nail thickening
    • You may have psychosocial issues because of ugly fingernails
    • Formation of a gap between the nail and its bed
    • The lower leg may experience cellulitis
    • Dermatophytes are skin lesions like allergies brought by the fungus to other body parts
    • If severe, its inflamed, brittle, filthy smell, and painful nails

    Now, you have the above knowledge about the signs of this irritating finger and toe nail infection. Next, is a quick look at the conditions that trigger such fungal growth. In addition, a list of a few humble methods that help to clear the fungus off from your body.

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    What Causes Nail Fungus?

    The ‘onychomycosis’ fungal is what causes toe nail fungus. Other complications include athlete’s foot, poor immune system, and peripheral vascular infection. Besides that, movement during walking or other physical actions can bring this discomfort to the toe nail. Diabetes and psoriasis are also what causes nail fungus.

    The Non-Dermatophyte and Candida affect those in the tropics and subtropics of humid and hot weather. Meanwhile, the Dermatophyte is a fungus that carries onychomycosis in most temperate western states.

    How to Get Rid of Nail Fungus

    Most infected persons want the quickest and safest idea on how to get rid of nail fungus. Here is some good news! There are various remarkable ways to get help from this menace. Home remedies are healthy and safe treatment solutions for everyone.

    These 17 simple tips should solve the ‘one cup of this will destroy your nail fungus’ irony quotes.

    • Weekly Grooming

    Weekly Grooming

    Keep the affected nail clean and trimmed. It is ideal to maintain a clean and healthy week just for personal grooming. Make it a habit of clipping your toenails to relieve pressure and aid penetration of any antifungal concentrations. Short, dry, and thin nails are the answer to beautiful and well-fit nails.

    • Wear Clean Shoes and Socks

    Wear Clean Shoes and Socks

    Stop wearing old, non-clean shoes and socks to stop the reinfection of unwanted foot fungus. In addition, clean with hot water to prevent fungi and yeast growth on the outer and inner surface. Some shoes allow for machine drying, while others gain from sun drying. Whichever your preference, ensure you dry your shoes.

    Add a cup of vinegar or half-cup of baking soda to the washing machine to get rid of fungus and bacteria. Hence, the term one cup of this will destroy your nail fungus. For items like boots or any other special footwear, you can wipe with a solution of water, vinegar and spray over an antifungal spray.

    Besides cleaning the socks and shoes, give enough air to your feet. Breathable shoes and socks can be another remedy for busy persons. Buy bamboo or copper-made shoes and antimicrobial socks for a lasting solution to foot fungus.

    • Use of Lemon Juice for Nail Fungus

    Use of Lemon Juice for Nail Fungus

    The citric acid content in the lemon can halt the fungal from spreading further. This fruit has high levels of antiseptic and antifungal properties. Hence, this may answer the trending question. Can you use lemon juice for nail fungus?

    To achieve lasting results, use cotton and squeeze the fresh lemon juice on the nail once  a day for a couple of weeks. To prevent distress, rinse the wound after 30 minutes and dry it clean. Guess what! It may shock you that your nails regain their regular coloring after a while.

    • Black Tea

    Black Tea

    After a busy day, pull your favorite chair and relax your feet in a solution of cooled black tea. Bring to boil eight cups of water with six tea bags. Allow it to cool, soak your feet for 30 minutes as you enjoy reading your healthy daily column.

    The tannic acid in the solution dies out the feet, killing any living bacteria. Besides that, it reduces sweating and open pores. For a better answer to what causes toe nail fungus, use this remedy daily.

    • Tea Tree Oil

    Tea Tree Oil

    Using tea tree oil as a home remedy is famous around the globe. This excellent oil has many functions besides being a hair food. It carries antiseptic, which aids in speeding up the treatment of a nail fungus.

    To experience its wonders, use cotton to apply the oil to the affected area. Give it ten minutes to penetrate before scrubbing gently with an old unused but clean toothbrush. This procedure allows the oil to reach cracks and other hidden parts. Use this therapy daily for quick and better results.

    Most experts do not recommend this home treatment. Why is it so? Tea Tree oil is not effective and causes the skin to irritate; hence, it is not friendly to the skin around the affected part. Therefore, you can switch to another alternative from the listed options should you witness any discomfort.

    • Baking Soda

    Baking Soda

    Are you struggling to get a natural and simple home remedy for nail fungus? Baking soda is an affordable brand, available in most local stores. It soaks up the fungus moisture from the affected toe nail.

    Besides that, scientists confirm it can prevent further growth by 79%. Here is the best way to use this exciting stuff.

    • Grab a clean pair of socks
    • Insert the product inside the socks and shoes


    • Apply some paste (water and baking soda) to the nail directly
    • Allow it to rest for 10 minutes
    • Rinse the toe

    You can redo the procedure several times daily until the taint clears

    • Snakeroot Cutting

    Snakeroot Cutting

    This plant comes from the sunflower family and is a tremendous antifungal extract. A study done in 2008 showed it treated persons with toenail fungus the same way ciclopirox medicine works. In the first month, the research participants applied it every third day. The following month, an application was once every two weeks and weekly for the third month.

    • Coconut Oil

    Coconut Oil

    Here is another common home remedy stocked in most homes. Pure coconut oil has fatty acids that react to the outer membrane of fungal cells. Hence, it kills the infection from the outside. Therefore, if you suffer from toenail fungus, here is your catch.

    Use a clean ball of cotton and apply virgin coconut oil to the area at least twice daily. Expect some relief within a few weeks.

    • Olive Leaf Extract

    Olive Leaf Extract

    Oleuropein is an active element in the olive leaf extract. This incredible cutting has an immune booster, antimicrobial, and antifungal benefits. You can administer this incredible natural remedy via an oral capsule.

    Apart from that, squeeze the fresh leaf juice directly into the affected area. To utilize its benefits, taking an adequate water intake is essential, with a dose of this extract twice daily.

    • Apple Cider Vinegar

    Apple-Cider-Vinegar - one cup of this will destroy your nail fungus

    Besides being a cooking and oral intake product, apple cider vinegar has tremendous uses and benefits. This sturdy but skin-friendly, mild acidic home produce has original antifungal and antibacterial properties.

    To stop the spread of toenail fungus, dilute the vinegar with equal measures of water. Deep your damaged nails in concentration for about 30 minutes every day. Hence, it should clear up the infected area within a few weeks.

    • Garlic


    It is no secret; most homes cannot do without garlic in their kitchen. This natural spice makes original meals turn into tasty dishes. Besides that, it is perfect for curing most fungal infections, including toenail fungus, UTI, and other common respiratory discomforts.

    Therefore, next time you go shopping, grab a few pieces for storage at home. However, for those with stubborn toenail infections, ajoene and allicin elements found in this spice should clear the problem. Here is how to use it!

    Mix white vinegar and garlic oil to the affected nail and cover it up. Give it 30 minutes to penetrate the area before you can uncover the bandage. You can also chop raw garlic and glove, position on the exact surface, and leave for 30 minutes.

    Do this every day for a few weeks until you realize visible changes. In addition, you need to keep fungal infections away and speed up the healing. Hence, it is vital to take one or two fresh cloves or garlic once a day. Handle these items with restraint as raw garlic may cause chemical skin burn.

    • Listerine Mouthwash

    Listerine Mouthwash - one cup of this will destroy your nail fungus

    Apart from cleaning and removing bacteria from your mouth, this Listerine mouthwash can clear your nail problem. Powerful ingredients such as eucalyptus, menthol, and thymol have antifungal and antibacterial strength. Therefore, you need to soak the affected toe nail for 30 minutes every day in this solution.

    • Monitor your Diet

    Monitor your Diet - one cup of this will destroy your nail fungus

    Eat healthy to boost your immune system from frequent fungal infections. Such diseases as the toe nail fungus should not have a chance to bully you. Provide the body with proper and correct nutrients and keep the doctor away.

    For example, you can have:

    • Adequate iron to stop nail brittle
    • Enough yogurt to release probiotic element
    • Ensure you take vitamin D and calcium foods
    • Do a balanced diet with essential fatty acids
    • Eat sufficient proteins for fast and robust nail regrowth
    • Oregano Oil

    Oregano Oil - one cup of this will destroy your nail fungus

    Besides mouthwash, Oregano oil has thymol as its first ingredient. It contains antibacterial and antifungal properties to help fight what causes toenail fungus. Deep some cotton in the oil and apply it to the area twice daily. 

    • Essential Oil Mixtures

    Essential Oil Mixtures - one cup of this will destroy your nail fungus

    To smoothen, soften, moisturize, and clean the toe nail infection, it may help to use essential oil mixtures. Using these oils is vital and critical for homeopathic treatment. Here are some outstanding oil examples:

    • Jasmine
    • Clary sage
    • Lavender
    • Ylang ylang
    • Cinnamon
    • Thieves
    • Lemon
    • Jojoba
    • Lemongrass
    • Clove
    • Tea Tree
    • Eucalyptus
    • Petitgrain

    These elements have an antifungal effect that helps to stop more damage to your finger or toe. Dilute these oils using a carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil. Apply on the affected nail(s) using a few drops. You can order them at any health food store near you or online.

    • Cornmeal

    Cornmeal - one cup of this will destroy your nail fungus

    Although cornmeal is a favorite meal to some people, it has antifungal properties to clear nail fungus. There are two straightforward methods to use:

    First Method – As a Paste

    • Place the cornmeal in warm water to dissolve using a shallow pan
    • Allow it to cool
    • Apply on the nail for an hour
    • Rinse off any residue using clean water

    Second Method – As a Soak

    • Using a shallow tin, put an inch of warm water onto the cornmeal
    • Allow the two to blend for an hour naturally
    • Include more warm water to cover your entire feet
    • Let your toes relax for an hour

    For a dumbfounding end, repeat either process once every week. With time, you will reveal what kills nail fungus fast between the two methods.

    • Mentholated Topical Ointment

    Using mentholated topical ointment is applicable when dealing with fungal infections. However, medical professions prefer this stuff to treat coughs and colds in humans. However, camphor, menthol, and eucalyptus oil can still cure your toenail fungus.

    This product has the most straightforward and fastest application. You only scup and rub the affected area. Repeat the process daily for several weeks until you can spot some visible changes. On the other hand, there is a need for further experiments to prove its competency. Out of 18 participants, only five came out cured after a 48-week study.

    All these are remarkable natural ways of how to get rid of nail fungus at home. Besides that, they are safe, locally available, and effective for most minor house accidents. However, you need to be patient and observe cleanliness during the process, as it may take some weeks to clear. Therefore, one cup of this will destroy your nail fungus within the shortest time possible.

    Fortunately, there are also many oral antifungal medicines, but with caution to liver problems. However, those affected still have questions on how to cure nail fungus fast. Here are a few solutions to their worries.

    How to Treat Nail Fungus

    Besides anti-fungal medication like ciclopirox, fluconazole, and terbinafine for non-severe cases, you use creams and other applicators. Although there are other reliable means of curing nail fungus fast, over-the-counter treatments cause serious side effects.

    For example, you can experience jaundice, tummy upset, extreme skin problems, and dizziness. Hence, there is a need to be careful and consult a health expert before buying any of these drugs.

    Medicated/antifungal nail creams are also available. You only need a smooth rub, and it penetrates your infected nail. However, thin your nails for effective relief. You can do thinning by use of a non-prescribed urea lotion.

    Besides that, you can allow your dermatologist to debride your infested nails using a file or suitable kit.

    Nevertheless, there are medicated nail polishes that work similarly to oral antifungal drugs. Penlac ‘ciclopirox’ is a paint for the affected nail and the surrounding skin. Every week, clean off the buildup residue and apply a fresh coat. However, you need a full-year supply to realize any notable changes.

    Bonus Tip on How to Treat Nail Fungus

    The last option is surgery. This clinical process is the temporary removal of the unwanted nail part. This procedure helps to reach deep into the affected area under the nail. However, this never-interesting act occurs because of stubborn and severe fungal nail infections.

    All said and done! You must wonder what kills nail fungus fast. The homeopathic procedure has fewer adverse side effects. However, the medicinal side is faster, but has long-term and severe side effects.

    Hence, it is best to know the root cause of your infection to identify the proper treatment channel. Therefore, whatever step you plan to take, ensure you consult a health worker in advance. Use the listed natural remedies, as one cup of this will destroy your nail fungus.

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