Emo style is all about expressing your unique identity and embracing your individuality. For guys, emo hairstyles are a great way to showcase your alternative fashion sense.

    The edgy, dramatic cuts and vivid emo hair colors show the world that you’re different. These rebellious hairstyles are perfect if you want a look that bucks mainstream trends.

     Edgy Emo Hairstyles for Guys

    There are many awesome emo hairstyles for dudes to choose from. Here are 15 cool options described in detail for gents looking to showcase their style.

    1. Textured Crop

    Textured Crop-emo hairstyles
    Source: Pinterest.com

    A short crop with added texture on top epitomizes edgy style. Use matte styling products to enhance the hair’s natural texture. Fingerstyle the hair for a piecey, chaotic, messy look with movement and height.

    2. Spiky Style

    Spiky Style-emo hairstyles
    Source: thehairstyler.com

    Spiking short to medium-length emo hair straight up and out in all directions with wax or gel creates a fun punk rock attitude. Let jagged, separated pieces stick out for an added edge. Keep the sides and back short.

    3. Choppy Bangs

    Choppy Bangs-emo hairstyles
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Choppy, thick blunt fringe bangs cut straight across the forehead make a statement. Cut them thick and full, leaving the bangs at least 2 inches wide for bold impact. Let them hang naturally without any styling.

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    4. Two-Tone Color

    Two-Tone Color-emo hairstyles
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Dye the top of the hair a vivid punk color like bright red, blue or purple, leaving the sides and back very dark. The high contrast looks rebellious. Concentrate the brighter hue on the spiked top layers.

    5. Angled Faux Hawk

    Angled Faux Hawk
    Source: mensflair.com

    Give a faux hawk dramatic emo edge by cutting it short on the sides, and longer on top, with an angled point that extends towards the front. Use wax to style the top section upward.

    6. Shaved Designs

    Shaved Designs emo hairstyle men
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Shave creative designs like stripes, zig-zags, or geometric shapes along one side of the head for a hardcore alternative style. Contrast the buzzed section with longer dramatic layers on top.

    7. Long Choppy Layers

    Long Choppy Layers emo
    Source: menshairstyletips.com

    Choppy layers get gradually longer from the top down for scene guy hair. Point cut vertically into the ends of the layers using scissors to remove bulk and create a wispy, jagged texture.

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    8. Swept Fringe

    Swept Fringe-emo hairstyles
    Source: allthingshair.com

    Wear thick, eye-grazing side-swept bangs over one eye for mystery. Complement the full bangs with angled face-framing layers around the sides to add movement.

    9. Partial Head Shave

    Partial Head Shave
    Source: machohairstyles.com

    Shaving the side of the head above one ear creates a dynamic look when swept over to the opposite side. Show off your daring individuality by combining short and long sections.

    10. Highlights

    Highlights emo hairstyles
    Source: PInterest.com

    Chunky blonde highlights throughout dark brown or black hair make it look edgier. Use vivid shades like red, blue, or green for extra pop. Concentrate brighter tones on the top and ends.

    11. Wispy Bangs

    Wispy Bangs emo hairstyle men
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Choppy, wispy bangs ending above the eyebrows create a soft edge. They should be thinly cut for lots of texture. Contrast them with longer pieces sweeping down the sides.

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    12. Slicked Back

    Slicked Back emo
    Source: hairstylecamp.com

    Slick longer emo hair back smoothly from the forehead with gel for a polished rocker vibe. It works equally well on straight or wavy hair.

    13. Faded Undercut

    Faded Undercut emo
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Shave the hair on the underside and back faded close with the neckline cleanly trimmed. On top, allow long dramatic layers with shorter pieces towards the front.

    14. Asymmetrical Bangs

    Asymmetrical Bangs
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Cut uneven, angled bangs longer on one side and shorter on the other. This adds modern asymmetry and intrigue to the hairstyle.

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    15. Curtained Bangs

    Curtained Bangs emo
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Long, vertical curtains of hair brushed smoothly down on both sides of the face ooze an alternative attitude. Allow the bangs to reach below the chin for full scene effect.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What Clothing Styles Go With Emo Hair?

    Ans: Emo hair looks great paired with band tees, darker colors, leather jackets, hoodies, skinny jeans, vans or Converse sneakers, studded belts, and punk accessories like spiked collars. Overall, go for an edgy, alternative aesthetic.

    Q: What Is An Emo Hairstyle?

    Ans: An emo hairstyle is an edgy, alternative look embraced by the emo subculture. Typical features include dramatic, choppy bangs, heavy side-swept fringe, jagged layers, shaved sections, vivid dye colors, and an overall messy, spiky style. The rebellious hairstyles allow guys to express their individuality.

    Q: How Do You Style Emo Hair For Guys?


    • Apply matte styling products like wax or clay to create separation and texture.
    • Use your fingers to tousle sections of hair in different directions.
    • For short styles, spike up pieces with gel for a chaotic punk attitude.
    • Smooth longer hair back or sweep bangs dramatically over one eye.
    • Embrace hair’s natural texture rather than polishing for a perfectly undone finish.

    What Face Shapes Work Best For Emo Hair?

    Ans: Emo hairstyles tend to look best on oval, square, and diamond face shapes. The edgy layers, asymmetry, and dramatic fringe complement their angular structure. Those with rounder faces can opt for choppier cuts and side-swept bangs to add definition.


    Guys, embrace your inner rebel and show your unique style with edgy emo hairstyles. Whether you go short or long, you have tons of options for making a statement. Cut loose, get creative, and dare to be different!

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