20 Classy Ivy League Haircuts for Men to Try in 2023

The Ivy League haircuts, also known as the Harvard clip or the Princeton haircut, originated in Harvard and has been around ever since. It is one of the most popular hairstyles worn by men including many celebrities who didn’t let it die out over time.

The collegiate haircut is classy, easy to maintain and style, and ideal for men who want to accent their strong facial features in a gentle manner.

So, if you are looking for the perfect Ivy League haircuts you are just at the right place as we have brought 20 inspiring variations of this hairdo today.

What is an Ivy League Haircut?

To put it in simple words, the Ivy League haircuts is the combination of a crew cut and a side part. It is often associated with gentlemen featuring a long top that shortens towards the crown with neatly clipped or buzzed cut sides and back for a debonair look.

Although this hairdo is short hair, it can still be styled in a number of ways apart from a simple comb over at the front. Keep scrolling and you’ll get to know!

Ivy League Haircut vs Crew Cut

The Princeton haircut is closely associated with a crew cut and they are considered often the same in many cases. But they are not! There are two basic differences that set these hairstyles apart from each other.

Firstly, although both feature a long top and short sides, the Ivy League haircut is overall longer than a crew cut which is also the reason behind its versatility.

Secondly, the hair in a crew is so short that it stands up naturally in contrast to a Harvard haircut where the strands can be swept sideward with ease.

How to Style Ivy League Haircuts?

This haircut, as mentioned before, can be styled in various ways effortlessly and that is why the Ivy League is approved by men all over the world. Depending on what look you have in mind you might need a good hairstyling product like hair wax, a comb, and perhaps a hairdryer too. Lastly, use your fingers to set the strands perfectly into place.

Let us go through the following list to understand how to style and sport the haircut under discussion without much hassle.

1. Classic and Retro

Classic and Retro - Ivy League Haircuts
Source: pinterest.com

The original Ivy League haircut has a polished and formal look. Moreover, the hair length all over the head does not have a sharp contrast or disconnection. Use an ample amount of gel for a sleek and neat finish.

2. Modern

Modern - Ivy League Haircuts
Source: menshaircuts.com

Modern versions of this cut feature prominently long tops with neatly clipped short sides and back creating a sharp contrast. Keep all the focus at the front by combing it neatly and see the ladies swoon all over you!

3. Brushed Up

Brushed-Up - Ivy League Haircuts
Source: haircutinspiration.com

Recreate this look by brushing all the strands forward and upward at the front. Keep it intact all day long with some hairspray. The buzzed sides are ideal to make chubby faces appear slimmer while adding a professional touch to them.

4. Textured

Textured - Ivy League Haircuts
Source: pinterest.com

Ask the barber to add some texturizing layers on top to create some movement in the hair. Texture makes a thin mane appear much thicker while taking off the bulk from thick tresses.

5. Side Parted

Side Parted - Ivy League Haircuts
Source: menshairstyletips.com

Get a hard part along with a medium-length collegian haircut to turn around some heads. The part is carved out with a razor while the strands are kept long enough to fall sideways. Can’t get any classier!

6. Ivy League Haircut with Fade

Ivy League Haircut with Fade - Ivy League Haircuts
Source: hairmanz.com

A conventional fade features gradual shortening of hair till the skin is exposed reaching the ears. The top is kept full of hair and can be styled in whatever way you want although a sleek side part like this is worth a shot.

7. Disconnected Undercut

Disconnected Undercut - Ivy League Haircuts
Source: hairmanz.com

Add a contemporary touch to your Ivy League haircut by getting the sides and back buzzed keeping the top significantly long for a disconnected appeal. Make sure to get some clippers to touch up your hairdo at home.

8. Sexy Curls

Sexy Curls - Ivy League Haircuts
Source: pinterest.com

Who says an Ivy League haircut is for straight-haired ones only? Curly hair can rock it even better by growing out the curls and shaping them with some subtle layers. Brush back the hair or comb it sideward.

9. Extra Short

Extra Short
Source: menshaircuts.com

Go extra short keeping the strands just long enough to be swept on one side. The top is usually kept less than an inch and a half while the sides are clipped, buzzed, or faded depending on your choice.

10. Medium Ivy League

Medium Ivy League
Source: pinterest.com

If a short haircut, as mentioned above, seems too blunt and boring opt for one with a medium length featuring about two inches of hair on top. You can always go shorter and grow out the hair loss in much less time.

11. Long Princeton Clip

Long Princeton Clip
Source: menshairstylestoday.com

If you love your hair and can’t let go of all that length you can still rock a classic Ivy League haircut that is low maintenance too. Blow out the mane when getting out of the shower and set the strands with your fingers. Done!

12. Asian Hairstyle

Asian Hairstyle
Source: allthingshair.com

Here is an example of how the hairstyle under discussion looks on Asian men hair. You may need a styling product with a good hold to keep those silky straight strands in place. Some layering will work wonders too.

13. With a Receding Hairline

With a Receding Hairline
Source: menshairstyletrends.com

Guys with a receding hairline can boost their confidence with a short bob haircut that will make thin hair look healthier than before. Sweep the strands on one side to cover a little of that wide forehead.

14. The Comb Over

The Comb Over
Source: pinterest.com

What is a gentleman’s haircut without a chic comb over at the front? Use a comb to brush the strands upward and slightly sideward while working some wax or pomade into the hair. Voila!

15. Tapered

Source: hairmanz.com

A collegian cut is all about the taper occurring along the sides and back and even on the top too. The front strands are the longest and shorten towards the crown as well as when moving down toward the neck.

16. Subtle Pompadour

Subtle Pompadour
Source: haircutinspiration.com

Steal the show at formal events by styling the top into a subtle pompadour with neatly brushed-down clipped sides. Use a round brush to curl the front strands away from the face and you will surely love it.

17. Messy

Source: pinterest.com

Keep your Ivy League haircut messy for a carefree and casual hairstyle. Laid-back guys can use a bit of hair gel while tousling the strands in all directions creating a sexy out-of-the-bed look.

18. Spikes

Source: menshaircuts.com

There’s no haircut for men on which spikes do not work. Brush back the hair with your hands and pinch the tips creating a sharp spiky to end up with a youthful look that won’t be ignored.

19. Flowy Waves

Flowy Waves
Source: machohairstyles.com

Blessed with a naturally wavy hair texture? Flaunt it by keeping the top long enough for the waves to flow on one side without much effort. Opt for a hard part with faded sides and that’s it!

20. Buzzed Ivy League

Buzzed Ivy League
Source: menshaircuts.com

Avoid hairstyling at all by coupling a buzz cut with your Ivy League haircut. The sides and back are shaved with just a tiny bit of length on top. Use your finger or a mere comb to set the hair in place.

Sexy, masculine, and smart that is what Ivy League haircuts are without a doubt! With so many lengths and textures mentioned above, we are sure you will find a look that suits you the most.

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