31 Unique Asian Men Hairstyles You Will Love To Try 2024

Asian mens hairstyles are flawless and eye-catchy, just like Asian culture, and are now making their way to make their mark in other cultures. I’d say it’s time to try something new, and if you are that kind who’s always looking to do something unique, this list of Asian hairstyles for men might be what you need right now.

Below are some of the best Asian men’s haircuts to help you get on with the latest hairstyle trends.

Why Asian Men’s Hairstyles Are Unique?

Now, if you take a closer and deeper look, you’ll see that Asian haircuts for men aren’t much different than the ones you see in the US. The difference is the texture of Asian men’s hair – their hair is thicker and more straight. This thick hair enables them to try many different types of hairstyles.

Moreover, the face cut of Asian men is much different than Americans; for instance, the BTS band. And, let’s be honest, even if you did get any of the hairstyles mentioned on this list, there’s no guarantee that you’ll actually look like them. Alright, enough with the honesty, let’s dive straight into our topic.

Hairstyles For Asian Men

1. Wavy Undercut Afro Feel Hairstyle

Unique Asian men's hairstyle
Source: Beautyliestruth

Starting things off with one of the unique Asian long hairstyles for men, which you might not have too often. It has a great Afro hairstyle touch with an undercut on both sides of the head. This type of haircut suits the best on thick and slightly long hair.

2: Classic Slicked Back

Asian man with slicked back hair
Source: Beautyliestruth

Luckily, you won’t have to do much to maintain this Asian hairstyle; what you need are a proper and clean medium taper cut and a gel. A gel will help you keep your hair properly slicked back from the front, and you’re good to go!

3. Subtle Fade (Low-Key)

Asian man with low-key fade
Source: Beautyliestruth

You just can’t expect to stay low-key after getting this haircut; that is not how it works. This subtle fade will give you a proper Korean (Asian) bossy look, and buckle up because you’re going to attract some random spectators for sure.

4. Edgy Mohawk

Man with edgy mohawk
Source: Beautyliestruth

An edgy and definitely, eye-catchy mohawk will give a good look with pretty little effort. It gives a manly look, and quite honestly, its looks are based on the expertise of your barber. By first looking at it, you might think this is some exclusive barber art, but that’s not the case. In fact, you can get this haircut at home. All you need is a mirror (two smaller mirrors, preferably) and a trimmer with some clippers.

5. Faded Temple & Dropped Tapering

Asian man with faded temple and tapering haircut
Source: Beautyliestruth

This is hands downs one of the best and most famous Asian men’s hairstyles currently. A perfect combination of a drop fade vs a high taper. Both the temples are faded with a delicate high taper cut on the top. It is highly recommended for men with thick, medium-length hair.

6. Bowl Cut (Asian)

Asian man with bowl cut
Source: Beautyliestruth

Want to grab attention? Well, you’re going to have to do something you thought was embarrassing when you were young. The Asian bowl hairstyle has changed the dynamics and perceptions of bowl cuts. If you’re young and you haven’t tried the Asian bowl haircut, don’t you think you’re missing out on something really cool?

7. Triangular BrushUp

Asian man with triangular brush-up
Source: Beautyliestruth

If you want to make any hairstyle look cool, you just have to cut it the Asian way. The triangular brush-up is a pretty good example of that. A simple but killer medium taper cut, best suited for square or diamond-shaped face cuts.

8. Faux Mohawk (Sharp Edgy)

Asian man with sharp faux mohawk
Source: Beautyliestruth

As cool and unique as this Asian hairstyle might look, it extracts a heavy toll, I’d say. Before I move on, I’d advise you against DIY. This edgy mohawk needs a lot of attention to detail and is the best way to test your barber’s expertise. But my suggestion is don’t be the first to get this hairstyle from your barber shop if you know what I mean.

9.  Deep Side Parted Taper Cut

Asian man with deep side part haircut
Source: Beautyliestruth

Among the simplest Asian men’s hairstyles, I agree, but if done right, and by having the right face shape, you can rock in this haircut, too. You’ll just need to pick a side of your head before getting this haircut so that it can actually look like what it’s meant to be.

10. Pointy Lined-Up Thin Templed Cut

Asian man with pointy lined-up haircut
Source: Beautyliestruth

This haircut is trending in Asia also as well as in western countries. Both temples are slightly faded with a medium tapered cut. The hair on top of the head is left intact with some minor cuts and is most often intentionally messed up to get the desired look.

11. Diagonal Parted Retro Wave

Asian man with retro wave haircut
Source: Beautyliestruth

If you have high-volume hair and you want to play safe at first, the diagonal parted retro wave hairstyle is for you. Now, it doesn’t mean that if you don’t have thick hair, you can’t get this haircut; you can. It just won’t look the same on thin hair as it would on thick ones. This is a simple low tapered haircut with hair slicked on one side of the head.

12. Long Dyed Shag

Asian man with long dyed shag
Source: Beautyliestruth

This hairstyle will let you know how much freedom you actually have. The look this haircut will give you might not be what your boss or parents like. But wait! Weren’t you free to make your own decisions? Well, go ahead, and find out.

13: Taper Fade (Side Swept)

Asian man with side swept taper fade
Source: Beautyliestruth

You know you can sweep your hair on any side and look cool. That’s what you’ll do with this hairstyle. Just get a good taper faded haircut and sweep your hair on one side; you’re good to go!

(PS: It would be great if you have medium-length hair for this Asian men’s hairstyle).

14. Combed Over (Gelled Hair)

Asian man with combed over hairstyle
Source: Beautyliestruth

If you’re too lazy to always keep an eye on the maintenance of your hairstyle, just like me, and want something ever-green and classic, then this Asian haircut is for you. A simple tapered haircut; later, you can apply the gel to give off a shiny and sharp look.

15. Short Fade

Asian man with short fade haircut
Source: Beautyliestruth

You might be thinking that I’m listing all the Asian haircuts well-suited for long hair; here you go, then. A short fade cut types with both temples slightly faded.

This haircut is best suited for men with shorter hair on top. I can say your boss wouldn’t mind this one, and neither would your mom, I wish.

16. Long Layered Pompadour

Asian man with long layered pompadour
Source: Quora

This is the kind of hairstyle many of you would choose to avoid. Why? Because it requires A LOT of care and maintenance. However, assuming you decided to go ahead with this cut, you’ll definitely fall in love with yourself in case you haven’t already.

17. Blown Out Brush Up

Asian man with blown out brush up haircut
Source: Beautyliestruth

With both temples being slightly faded, the blown-out haircut is among the most desired styles in Asia right now. And, boy, if you have a fine jawline, you’re in for something unique, or should I say, seductive?

18. Deep Parted High Fade

Asian man with deep parted high fade
Source: Beautyliestruth

As I’ve already told you, faded hairstyles look exceedingly good on dark thick hair, or in other words, Asian men’s hair. A clean high fade with a little gel applied on top will give your hair a bright, fascinating look, I bet.

19. Messy Curtain Hair

Asian man with messy curtain hairstyle
Source: Beautyliestruth

While I’m talking about Asian men’s hairstyles, how can I overlook BTS member Jink’s messy curtain hair? Jin’s popularity has made his haircut an actual hairstyle. Although Jin keeps dyeing his hair over time, his messy curtain hair look will always be his best one.

20. Simple Man Bun

Asian man with simple man bun
Source: Beautyliestruth

If you’re still looking to minimize the effort of maintaining your hairstyle, the simple man bun haircut would be a good choice. It’s a simple tapered cut, in fact. But, it is highly recommended for men with actually long hair to tie a knot on the top back side of the head. However, if you have low self-esteem and don’t want to grab unwanted attention, you might want to avoid this Asian hairstyle.

21. Tousled Wavy Taper

Tousled Wavy Taper
Source: Beautyliestruth

Suppose you want a haircut that is classic, simple, and whole (equally good from all sides) at the same time, then you may want to try the tousled wavy taper cut. A small wavy touch with a shorter back. Both sides of the head are slightly tapered to make it look neat and clean.

22. Pushed Back Rough Hair

Gentleman’s Low Fade
Source: Beautyliestruth

This haircut is well suited for a clean, shaved face. They call it “the gentleman’s haircut.” Both sides of the head are low faded curved to give off a clean and unique touch.

23. K-Pop Hairstyle

 Trendy K-Pop Haircut
Source: Beautyliestruth

As you can guess from the name, this Asian men’s hairstyle gained popularity through the world-famous K-Pop culture. At first glance, this hairstyle would look like a mess, but upon paying close attention, you’ll notice how much detail is put into it. This Asian hairstyle is best suited for teens.

24. Slicked Back Undercut

Classy Easy Undercut
Source: Beautyliestruth

If your undercut style is exclusive to the Americans, you’re wrong because Asian men haven’t left any stone unturned to look classy. This slicked-back undercut hairstyle is pretty easy to maintain and doesn’t require much expertise to pull off.

25. Classic Shaved Fade

Thick Hair Shaved Fade
Source: Beautyliestruth

Faded haircuts already have a great reputation among the masses, and when thick Asian hair is faded, I can tell you, it’s really a sight to see. Both temples are faded to the skin, and the upper hair is left as it is with minor changes.

26. Medium Curly Taper

Messy Curly Taper
Source: Beautyliestruth

The medium curly taper would not even look like a haircut at first glance, but if done correctly, it will definitely leave a mark on the beholder. And the interesting thing is that you don’t have to manage this hairstyle much; in fact, the messier it is, the better it looks.

27. Textured Long Fringe

Long Fringe Haircut
Source: Beautyliestruth

You’ll need to seriously confront your barber before getting this haircut and ask him categorically if he can pull the job or not. Because it will need regular trimming to keep it glowing, and a single error can ruin the whole hairstyle. Your choice.

28. Undercut with Messy Quiff

Curly Undercut Quiff
Source: Beautyliestruth

Best suited for men with curly hair. However, after getting this undercut, you’ll need to do regular styling every day to keep the ball rolling. It is highly recommended for men with a calm, relaxed, and bold personality.

29. Clean Classic Fade

Gradual Casual Fade
Source: Beautyliestruth

It is a casual fade cut in which the hair gradually decreases from the top to the bottom of the head. Whereas the hair on top of the head is left long enough to be combed over.

30. Knot with Low Fade

Tied Knot Low Fade
Source: Beautyliestruth

As the name suggests, the upper hair is tied tightly in a knot, while the medium and the lower hair are faded from top to bottom. You might have seen this cut on muscular hunks in Asia. It looks better on bold and square-shaped faces.

31. High Taper Fade

Masculine Taper Fade
Source: Beautyliestruth

This Asian men’s hairstyle directly signals to the other person that you mean business and that you’re not to be messed with. If you’re still confused among all those hairstyles mentioned above, I’d suggest this high taper fade has everything you need, and what’s that? A masculine look.


Which Haircut Do Korean Men Get?

Most Asian (Korean) men prefer to get high taper faded, and low/medium faded haircuts. In these haircuts, both sides are faded as per one’s liking, while the upper hair is left untouched (mostly) for other styling purposes.

How Do Koreans Get Messy Hair?

Because of the hairstyles they prefer to get, they intentionally get hairstyles that are better for curly hair and cut and style their hair accordingly.

Bottom Line

These were some of the best hairstyle options for you to choose from. Among them, the high taper fade, clean, classic fade, medium curly taper, K-POP hair, and messy hair are very famous among Asian men.

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