80s hairstyles men are everywhere these days. This post covers all the inspiring styles you would want when you look for the best style for your upcoming haircut.

    You see perm everywhere. High-top fade is back in trend. And you are witnessing slicked-back hair in every formal and casual gathering.

    It seems we are in for the next resurgence of 80s hairstyles men. Will it be exciting? Or will you feel too old-fashioned wearing these styles.

    Before you decide upon liking or disliking these styles, let’s first examine them for style and fashion.

    80s hairstyles men

    Here are all the 80s hairstyles men we are welcoming back with enthusiasm.

    1. Pompadour


    Pompadour is one of the most celebrated designs of the 80s. It featured high combed hair at the top. At that time, people used to combine it with a wet look. Once combined, this look was considered the most sophisticated of its time.

    Today, you wouldn’t see guys combining the look with a wet look. Here are other variations of pompadour.

    2. Pompadour Fade


    Fade and undercut distinguish modern-day’s haircuts from those of the 80s and 90s. These twists in haircuts are applied to any revival of hairstyles from the past. Pompadour is no different.

    3. Short Pompadour


    Pompadour is for long front hair. Do you agree?

    This pompadour is styled in a wet look. So, you can enjoy the classic look without committing to maintaining a pompadour-worthy length of hair.

    4. Curly Pompadour


    This is one of the most unconventional pompadours as it allows you to deviate from a wet look and sleek appearance that is tied to the pompadour style.

    And you don’t have to comb these curls back. Let them be free on top of your head.

    5. Mini Pompadour


    You don’t have to be a die-hard fan of pompadour to carry this style. Instead, comb your short strands back and get this subtle look.

    6. Textured Pompadour


    Unlike traditional pompadour which was sleek and shiny, this one uses textured style. The handsome look is far more approachable than its predecessor.

    7. Disconnected Pompadour


    Combine disconnected undercut with a pompadour to get this look. This style is super-sleek and attracts attention discreetly. With this haircut, you can style your hair with a high and shiny pompadour or with a more subtle one.

    8. Relaxed Pompadour


    Pompadour could be more relaxed. Modern men appreciate friendliness more than they do sophistication and pomp. That’s the reason behind adopting relaxed styles over their sleek counterparts. Unlike a regular pompadour, you don’t comb your hair back in this one. Instead, you just let them ruffled and relax on the top.

    9. Big Hair


    The thing about big hair is that it is big. This size is only in part defined by the length. Most of the definition of big comes from the volume.

    You start with long hair that reaches shoulder length – at most. Then, you fluff up your hair with mousse and teasing. These styles are mostly ruffled and tangled. But that’s not a given. In fact, many iconic big hairstyles from the 80s were worn with straight hair.

    10. Mohawk


    For those guys who had a musical bone in their body, Mohawk was the style to showcase their affiliation. Punk music lovers used to support this style. Not to mention, this style was reserved for those people who wanted to stand out and make a fashion statement.

    You may not know it now, but the original Mohawk style didn’t leave hair other than what they retained at the top. In other words, apart from the top long mane, the whole head was shaved.

    11. Faux Hawk


    You can say that this is the subtlest version of Mohawk. Instead of keeping the top hair distinctively long, this hairstyle keeps them marginally long. Then, you get a fade that recedes into clipped sides eventually.

    12. Mohawk with Disconnected Undercut

    Mohawk with Disconnected Undercut

    The only difference between the original Mohawk style and its variation with undercut is that the latter shaves the hair on the back as well. So, instead of keeping rather short hair at the back of your Mohawk, you keep none.

    Just like the traditional Mohawk, this style is edgy and attention-grabbing.

    13. Hard Part Mid Fade


    The hard part signifies sophistication among modern men. Complete it with a sleek and shiny – read wet look – pompadour and you get a classic style with a modern twist.

    It becomes even edgier with the presence of mid fade. The style isn’t too fierce but lets the viewers get the polished look the wearer holds.

    14. Drop Fade


    But some guys are not interested in getting a look that is too intense. Fade and undercut styles are simply not their cup of tea. They want Mohawk as long as it doesn’t deprive them of all their hair. So, a fade is a better combo for them with a Mohawk.

    But again, it should be subtle and leave lots of strands on their scalp. They can get the best of the two worlds with a Mohawk with a drop fade.

    15. Mohawk with Buzz Cut


    When you can’t compromise on the attention your Mohawk will earn you, you keep it intense. Buzz cut Mohawk lets you enjoy the attention without making you commit to an extra level of care that accompanies long strands of a conventional Mohawk.

    16. Mohawk with a Pomp


    For added beauty and sleekness, combine the two styles from the 80s.

    17. Mullet


    For those people who don’t want to invest too much time caring for their hair, this style is a reminder of what they are missing.

    So, you know it requires long hair. But it’s a different kind of long hair. This style keeps the hair short at the front and sides. You only leave it long at the back. Just like the big hairstyle, you add volume to the mullet. But the need for volume in this style is far less than in big hair.

    18. Modern Mullet


    The formal look on the front is too tempting, isn’t it? You want to make it even sleeker to keep the attention to your well-kept bangs.

    It usually accompanies fade on the sides. Plus, the difference between front and back hair is not pronounced much. Then, you style your hair backward.

    19. Undercut Mullet


    You got the name, right? This mullet follows the same pattern of the shorter front and longer back hair but the sides get undercut. There are hundreds of haircuts that can be classified as undercut mullets. Some leave some hair near the top. Others start the undercut from a higher point.

    Some undercuts in this style only shave the hair on the front sides up to the back of your ears leaving the hair from the back sides of your head covered with hair.

    20. Mullet Fade


    You love undercut styles. But you like it more when your hair gradually disappears as you go down towards the neck. For those guys who like fade styles better than undercut, modern mullet has an option with fade cuts as well.

    21. French Crop and Mullet


    Can there be anything similar between these two styles? Yes, it can be if you want. While the French crop is characterized by short hair on the back, you can mix up the two styles by keeping both front and back hair long. For the sides, you can use fade or undercut style.

    22. Short Mullet


    It’s not entirely short. But it’s shorter than the traditional mullet. The hair on the back is slightly longer than that on the top. The side hair is even shorter.

    23. Or Extra Long

    Extra Long

    Do you need more explanation on this style? This is one of the most traditional looks. And you don’t get the shortest hair for your sides.

    24. Mohawk Mullet


    Mohawk is characterized by longer top hair and shorter back hair. This style shaves the sides entirely. When you combine this style you get long top hair – again – and almost as long hair at the back.

    25. Jheri Curls

    Source: TheWrapperoo

    Jheri curls – or Jeri Curls – are another option that’s suitable only for those people who can care for a long mane. These curls are even more difficult to maintain because of the chemicals they use while styling them. If you cannot give them your full attention, these chemicals can damage your hair deeply.

    But if you are ready to put in all the effort, you can use the style that was once worn by Michael Jackson.

    26. Rockstar Hairstyles


    Rockstar hairstyles were one of the fashion highlights of the 80s that changed the way guys viewed fashion and appearance. Some of the most iconic hairstyles sprang into existence from bands like Motley Crue, Poison, and Van Halen.

    These styles featured long and big hair and lots of styling. They used gel and mousse and created volume for their long manes.

    27. Feathered Hair


    As you may have guessed right till now, volume was the most important part of hairstyling in the 80s. The best way to add volume included using gel, mousse, and backcombing. But there were subtler techniques as well.

    Take feathered styles, for example. This style worked best for long hair. But guys with medium hair also rocked it.

    28. Spiky Hairstyle


    These spikes may look modern but they aren’t. In fact, this style was first introduced in ancient times by Ancient Britons. It attracted attention in the 1980s by allowing the guys in that era to appear fierce and unyielding.

    Take note that these spikes had to be blond!

    29. Not-Too-Textured Cut


    Yes, young boys in the 80s also preferred textured haircuts. But these cuts weren’t as textured as they are these days. Is it a good thing or bad?

    In any case, this hairstyle allowed lots of styling options for youngsters who wanted a frank and reliable appearance.

    30. Buzz Cut


    The buzz cut is another 80s style that has made a comeback in 2022. The best part of this style of 80s men was associated with ease of maintenance. You don’t support long hair with it. On the contrary, the hair is cut extremely short. And you don’t have to worry about styling them.

    This hairstyle is too short to take any kind of styling.

    31. Triple Zero


    So, you think a buzz cut matches your style and caring preferences. After all, you want to maintain your focus on other tasks in your life. You are in luck because 2022 has an even shorter form of buzz cut in stores for you.

    The triple zero cut shaves the whole scalp giving you a smooth head. The best part is that it’s in trend!

    32. Induction Buzz Cut


    This is another way to keep your hair out of your way. Note that this style doesn’t involve completely shaving your head. Instead, you keep minimal hair of the same length across your head.

    33. Tapered Buzz Cut


    Include a modern twist of taper fade into your buzz cut. The top hair is longer, of course. Then you start decreasing the length of hair on your sideburns and nape of the neck progressively until the strands fade into nothingness.

    34. Buzz Cut with a Beard

    Buzz Cut with a Beard

    For this style, you can get any buzz cut from triple zero to induction to tapered buzz cut of skin fade. Complete the look with a beard.

    35. High Top Fade

    High Top Fade

    You must have witnessed this style among your African American friends. The cut uses very short sides and couples it with longer strands on the top. The afro-style long top strands are usually leveled.

    36. Bandana Hairstyle

    Bandana Hairstyle

    37. Curtain Hairstyle

    Curtain Style 80s hairstyle

    Take Away

    The 80s was the decade of fashion and style. Many iconic styles were conceived in those years. Some of these styles persisted well into the 90s. Others faded away only to make comebacks years later.

    2022 is a year that is featuring these styles with increasing intensity. These days, you can see revivals of Mohawk, mullet, and spiky styles from the 80s. Considering this, we can safely say that the 80s hairstyles men are in trend these days.

    We have covered the most popular of these styles – together with their modern twists – in this post. Do any of these styles interest you? Which one will you incorporate into your look?

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