Looking for top perms on guys hairstyles? Here’s a comprehensive list of the most creative ways in which you can style your curly hair. Learn about some of the most effective perm hairstyles for men here.

    Curly hair has always had a certain charm about them. Guys with curly hair look extremely attractive and appealing. However, if you have extreme curls in your hair, they can often become hard to manage. Over the years, different accessories and haircuts were introduced that were specifically tailored for curly hair. Traditional hairstyles like fades and undercuts were also used as a way to control and style this type of hair.

    However, the most effective and appealing way in which you can style curly hair is the perm. Perms on guys became popular in the early 80s. During that period, it became an extremely popular hairstyle. It was adopted by musicians, actors, and models of the time. But over the last few decades, it lost its shine and appeal.

    But in the last decade, perms on guys have made a resounding comeback. It became popular among men with curly hair all around the world. Over the last five years, unique and innovative perm haircuts have also been created and perfected. These new hairstyles cater to all types of curly hair irrespective of length and style.

    Nowadays, the perm has become more of an iconic look. It has been adopted and perfected by hairstylists all over the world. Newer and more innovative techniques have been introduced that have made the process a lot easier as well. Different perm hairstyles exist today and they can work with any type of hair. But before we talk about these types, we need to explain what a perm is;

    What is a Perm?

    A perm is a simple procedure in which chemicals are used to transform your straight hair into curly or wavy hair. It is also commonly referred to as a man perm or permanent perm. This procedure has become quite popular over the last few years.

    How To Style a Perm?

    Styling a perm is an extremely simple process. To do it properly, your barber will apply a chemical solution to your hair. The solution consists of different materials that help accelerate the curling or waving process. After a certain time has passed, the chemical is cleaned. Once that is taken care of, the hair is wrapped around different rods.

    These rods help finalize the process and you end up with a wavy-haired look.

    You can get this process done in different ways as well. The first and obvious choice is to visit a barber or perm specialist to get it done. However, you can also do this process at home with the help of a perm kit.

    Different Perm Hairstyles for Men

    There are various types of perms when it comes to men. These types are classified according to your hair length and the waves that were created in your hair during the process. These choices can become overwhelming if you have no idea what you are looking are. To make this process easier for you, we have compiled a list of different perms on guys. We have created this list while keeping all hair lengths and types in mind. Without further ado, here is our list of different types of perms;

    1. The Classic Man Perm

    perms on guys

    The classic man perm look features short natural-looking curls that are styled in a simple way. This particular cut does not include any fancy cutting or styling technique. It is tapered a bit from the sides to put more focus on the curls and create an amazingly cool look.

    2. The Modern Man Perm

    perms on guys

    The modern perms on guys look includes a combination of different modern hairstyling techniques. There is a high volume difference between the sides and the hair on top. This helps give the hair a perm with fade look. The curls at the top are well maintained and the finished look is to die for.

    3. The Loose Waves Perm


    This is also a unique perms on guys look. This look also includes tight curls that help give it a rounded-out finish. This particular hairstyle also helps create a combination of curly and wavy hair. It also has different fade variations that you can choose from based on your hair length and type. But hairstyles like this require a lot of care and maintenance so that is something you need to keep in mind.

    4. The Body Wave Perm


    The body wave look works well when it is done with wavy perm men. This particular hairstyle also comes in different variations based on your taste. The more modern hairstyle includes an undercut that adds finesse to the finished look.

    5. The Afro Perm


    This perms on guys cut normally includes a combination of small ringlets and tight curls. It is called an afro fade because this look works well with the traditional fade. You can also add some razor lines and other textures to make your hair stand out even more. It is also suitable for long as well as short hair perm men.

    6. The Wavy Perm

    perms on guys

    The wavy perm men look is ideal for guys who have silky hair. It is also a look that works well with longer hair because you can create more waves in them using rods. This adds a stylistic and modern look to your finished look.

    7. The Temple Fade Perm


    This perms on guys look works well when it is combined with thick or bushy hair. You can create more bends in thick hair which adds a stylistic flair to the finished look.

    Furthermore, this looks best if you incorporate it with a temple fade. Additional details like razor lines, cuts, and a beard can also be added to give it a more modern touch.

    8. The Short Hair Perm


    The short hair perm men look is a popular choice among men all over the world. This adds a certain charisma to your overall look. You also pair this look with a side fade that will make this hairstyle a smart and sophisticated look.

    9. The Long Hair Perm


    Some people think that the perms on guys‘ look can only work with small hair but that is not the case. The man perm can also work extremely well with long flowing hair. In addition to looking impressive, the long hair perm look also adds a flair to your finished look. You can also add some shine to your hair by using a hair spray or some other product.

    10. The Long Perm with Undercut


    The loose waves and undercut are a perfect pairing for a haircut. This particular perms on guys’ style looks incredibly impressive and appealing if done properly. Over the years, this look has been made popular by people like Zayn Malik and Harry Styles.

    11. The Tight Curls Perm


    The tight curls perm men hairstyle is an incredible sight to see. This hairstyle works extremely well if it is executed properly. In today’s world, this style has become extremely popular among young adults and teenagers. You can also taper the sides and back to give it a cleaner and aesthetically pleasing finish.

    12. The Messy Perm


    Messy curls add a more artistic charm to your hair. This perms on guys look became popular around 2015 and since then it has been implemented by people all over the world. This look works ideally with medium or long hair.

    13. The Textured Perm


    This is an incredibly aesthetic look that is pulled off using different techniques. It is also a perm undercut look which means that it can be paired with an undercut to add more charm. You can also add different textures like waves and lines to add an extra touch of class to your hair.

    14. The Fringe Perm


    This particular perms on guys’ look is based on the classic hairstyle that was popular in the 70s. This perm look is extremely popular among men all over the world. It works well with medium-length hair and you can add some extra shine through products like clay, wax, and gel.

    15. The Mohawk Perm


    The Mohawk perm is an extremely stylish and popular look among men. The curly Mohawk adds some much-needed layers that help complete the look. You can also go with partial or completely faded sides based on your stylistic needs.

    16. The Medium Length Perm


    The medium-length gives your hair a more relaxed and effortless look. This perms on guys’ look can work with tight as well as natural-looking curls. You can also add some texture to your hair by using different hair sprays.

    17. The Light Perm


    The light perm hairstyle works best with long hair. This perms on guys‘ style is usually done using low-strength chemicals. This gives your hair a more natural and clean look and makes them easier to manipulate and curl.

    18. The Comb Over Perm

    Comb Over Perm

    This is a relatively classier look as compared to its other counterparts. The comb-over perm with fade was popular in the 60s and 70s and is still a charming look. This look works well with short as well as long hair. There are also styling options like side or center part available that make sure that you look your best.

    19. The Crop Top Fade Perm


    You can incorporate the classic perms on guys look with a French crop. This gives your hair a more sophisticated look and helps them stand out as well. This look works best with medium-length hair as you are required to highlight the tips as well. Once you have completed the haircut, you can pair it with a beard for additional charm.

    20. The Drop Fade Perm


    The drop fade is another hairstyling choice that pairs well with the traditional perm look. This perm with fade works extremely well with average-length hair. This style can be done in different variations based on your interest but the result is always stunning. The drop fade also helps create a blend between the sides and the center for a more polished look.

    21. The Faux Hawk Perm


    A curly faux hawk is an innovative take on the classic look. This particular perms on guys hairstyle works well with thick or wavy hair. The sides are ideally done in a fade or undercut fashion to put more emphasis on the hawk itself. You can also use hair gel to add some texture to your faux hawk and add some aesthetic beauty to it.

    22. The Bleach Hair Perm


    The bleached hair look does not work with a plethora of hairstyles but it can be paired with the perm. This perm with fade look helps the bleach color stand out by making it the centerpiece of the entire haircut. However, you need to be extremely careful when you attempt this look. Both bleaching and curling require chemicals that can damage your hair if you are not careful.

    23. The Hard Side Part Perm

    Hard Side Part perm

    This is another stylish variation of the traditional side part look. The hard side part perms on guys’ look is similar to the traditional side part with one key difference. This particular look is rounded with a thick line that is created using a blade. This helps create a cleaner separation between the sides and the center.

    24. The Long Fringe Perm


    This is another variation of the traditional fringe perm. The traditional look works well only with small hair. However, this wavy perm look also works well with long hair. The longer hair helps add more layers and fringes that can add some much-needed density and dimension to your final look.

    25. The Skin Fade Perm


    The skin fade is an ideal way of giving your perm a cleaner and more polished look. This perms on guys hairstyle substitutes the perm undercut with a skin fade. This helps create a sharp edge for your perm and highlights the curls on top.

    26. The Perm Pompadour


    The pompadour helps create more volume and texture at the top. This is a stylistic masterpiece that gives your hair a more defined and complete look. You can also add some textures for more aesthetic beauty.

    27. The Volume Perm


    This particular perms on guys look works well with long hair. Perming long hair can help add some volume and thickness to your hair. This gives your hair a more charming look that will be loved by everyone.

    28. The Digital Perm


    This wavy perm look is popular among the newer generation of men. It involves using the perming chemicals in a way that creates softer and looser curls. These curls can then be styled in a large variety of ways to give your hair that stylistic edge.

    29. The Caesar Cut Perm


    The Caesar cut is a classic hairstyle that is popular among men all over the world. You can pair this hairstyle with perms on guys to create an extremely aesthetic combination.

    30. The Tight Perm


    The tight perm is a perfect hairstyle for men who have short hair. This particular look combines the tight curls men with a fade or an undercut to add a flair to your hair. You can also use hair products to add a more defined texture to your finished look

    31. The Long Bangs Perm


    Bangs have always been a great choice when it comes to styling long hair. You can add these bangs to your perm to create a lethal combination. Bangs can help give your hair a mysterious, and bold look. This particular haircut also gives you options like side or center part which can help give it a personal touch.

    32. The Korean Perm


    The Korean perm helps give your hair a rougher and edgier look. This perms on guys hairstyle is executed by adding random waves to the hair. You can also add a glossy finish to your hair by using hair sprays

    33. The Thin Perm


    This perms on guys look helps add some fluff and volume to your hair. This perm with fade look works well with short hair. The sides are also faded to highlight your perm for everyone to see.

    34. The Spiral Perm


    The spiral perm is achieved by perming your hair in a way that creates long spirals in them. This particular technique helps your curls in holding their current shape and form. You can also top this look off with a perm with fade look.

    35. The Beach Wave Perm

    perms on guys

    The beachy wave style helps give your hair a more relaxed look. This perms on guys is trendy and stylish and it can be paired with a fade.

    36. The Highlighted Perm

    perms on guys

    This haircut involves a traditional perm that is styled and highlighted to give it a unique look. The highlights help put more emphasis on the perm itself and it can be paired with an undercut.

    37. The Blonde Perm

    perms on guys

    This particular perms on guys style looks incredibly well when it is paired with an undercut. The finished product looks amazing and gives your hair a cool and contrasting look.

    38. The Short and Shaggy Perm

    perms on guys

    This perms on guys hairstyle gives your hair a casual and mild look. This particular perm is unique in the sense that you cut your entire hair into different lengths. This helps create a unique texture that makes your hair pop.

    39. The Man Bun Perm

    perms on guys

    This look allows you to combine two trendy hairstyles to create an exciting look. The man bum perm is a great way to highlight your facial features while keeping your hair in check.

    39. The High Fade Perm

    perms on guys

    This particular look can do wonders for tight curls men. This look works well with long or medium-length hair. The high fade helps you make your perm the centerpiece. This look is a perfect way of highlighting your perm as well as your face.

    41. The Brushed Back Perm

    perms on guys

    This perms on guys cut allows you to keep your hair out of your face. This style works like any ordinary perm with the only difference being that the hair is brushed backward. This helps create a polished look and also keeps your hair in check.

    42. The High Top Fade Perm

    perms on guys

    This particular perms on guys cut helps give your hair a more angular look. It works amazingly well with medium-length hair. You can also add different features and textures to help your look stand out.

    43. The Braided Perm

    perms on guys

    Braids are an exotic hairstyle that helps keep your hair in check. You can pair it up with a perm to create a look that will be loved by all.

    44. The Root Perm

    perms on guys

    The root perm is a great way to add some life and volume to your hair. This perms on guys haircut can work with any hair length and style. It is ideal for guys that have damaged or dull roots as it can add some shine to them.

    45. Undercut with Perm

    Undercut with Perm

    How Much Does a Perm Cost for Guys?

    In this day and age, a perm can cost somewhere between $50 to $150. This amount can vary depending on your hair type, length, and the style you want.

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