If you’ve ever wished to have a pixie haircut and imagined yourself rocking one, these sexy and cute styles will leave you rushing over to your hairstylist. Pixie undercut comes in a variety of shades, angles, and artwork. There are super blonde and super short styles with varying colors to give you that dazzling look while offering you endless styling possibilities.

    Or you can try out a deep purple, a head-turning fuchsia, an assortment of candy pastels or a bold platinum blonde. Complete each pixie undercut with some creative artwork or etched-in lines to improve the intensity of the cut and enhance the color. Then, push it forward, tilt it back, or slick it to the side. Whatever your style, a pixie undercut will bring out the best in you. Here are the top 22 pixie undercut ideas you might find interesting. You might also find an edgy pixie cut for round faces.

    1. Soft & Sexy Pixie Bob Undercut

    Soft & Sexy Pixie Bob Undercut

    If you are a girl on the go, this sexy short undercut pixie is your perfect choice. Stunningly blonde and featuring a darker shade underneath, the undercut pixie bob is easy to style and can be worn at any time of the day, from morning to evening, with little effort. Complete the soft sexy look by adding a little texture spray and some pomade to make it shine, and you’re good to go.

    2. Rainbow Pixie with Longer Top

    Rainbow Pixie with Longer Top

    This rainbow pixie is the perfect style for fun lovers who want to dazzle. It has extra length at the top, which brings out the perfect traditional pixie look. Add a unique mix of colors and match them to send out a bold message about your personality. With a short yet precise etching, you get a beautiful work of art defined by the extra length on top, the ultimate rainbow pixie.

    3. Short Clean Pixie with Long Bang

    Short Clean Pixie with Long Bang

    If you have naturally thin hair, don’t fret. The short, clean pixie with its side-swept top is the ideal style for thin hair. Short all around, it comes with some color depth underneath and at the root. Enhance the crown’s volume with shorter pieces and bring out your best look with this silvery blonde.

    4. Fringy Multi-Colored Pixie

    Fringy Multi-Colored Pixie

    The light blue-green and lavender shade make this elegant short hair shaved sides female pixie shine. Fringed around the face and having some dark underneath, the color brings out a perfect fun statement and adds dimension to your hair. The extra length at the top adds some fullness to the crown, increasing the texture and volume of your hair, leaving you with an utterly gorgeous style.

    5. Platinum Pixie

    Platinum Pixie

    Here’s a perfect style for your natural platinum locks. Short back and sides, textured volume around the crown and a super cute soft face to frame it all, and you have the perfect platinum pixie undercut. You can style it up by pushing it forward from the crown of your head or to one side, leaving you with an attention-catching versatile look.

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    6. Sassy Pixie for Fine Hair

    Sassy Pixie for Fine Hair

    The girl with fine hair or thin locks will love the sassy pixie undercut. This is an easy-to-style short hair undercut, which can be air-dried and scrunched to improve volume and texture. Blow it dry and add a dash of pomade to let it shine. The darker points underneath complete the look by adding depth and giving your thin locks a thicker dimension. Attractive and easy to style.

    7. Auburn Pixie

    Auburn Pixie

    Auburn pixie is the classic hairstyle for the modern career woman. This asymmetrical pixie is short all around and lengthy at the top and is perfect for the professional working woman and the fun-loving girl. You can style it depending on your mood. Push it to the left or right side. Create an enhanced volume or change it up by dressing it down. Turn heads with a sassy, sexy look, whether at work or out in the streets.

    8. Precision Pixie with Sharp Lines

    Precision Pixie with Sharp Lines

    Here is the ultimate edgy pixie cut for round faces. Precision pixie is super short, precise and just perfect. It comes with a complete artwork of sharp lines, a gorgeous platinum color and a beautiful style any girl will love. To create a high volume and improve its fullness, pump it up at the crown or slick it back to give it a friendlier look. Add a dash of pomade to enhance its texture and shine.

    9. Baby Blonde Pixie

    Baby Blonde Pixie

    As the name implies, a baby blonde pixie is perfect for baby blonde hair. This short hair undercut is stacked at the back and lengthy at the front, creating a bulky impression. You can make a more significant impression by slicking it down or raising it up. The baby blonde also resembles a platinum blonde that sends out a unique statement. You can apply a smooth shine to its textured finish and wear it on either side of the head.

    10. Slate Pixie with Etching

    Slate Pixie with Etching

    Slate pixie with etching is not only trendy, but it’s also stunning and sparkles under different shades of brown colors. With some detailed artwork and a bit of length to enhance the look, this is one asymmetrical pixie you can wear any day. Define the hairstyle with sharp lines around the sides, some volume at the top and a beautifully styled crown. Push it back or tilt it to either side, and you’ll love the new you.

    11. Platinum & Purple Perfection

    Platinum & Purple Perfection

    When it comes to short edgy pixie undercut hairstyles, the platinum comes with multiple style options. And the platinum and purple concept is what you need to announce your presence wherever you go. This sexy undercut is for the bold and daring. Super short all around and long at the front, the bold platinum colors define the detail of the cut and artwork. The Extra purple at the front increases depth, while the full crown enhances the platinum bringing out the bolder you. Whichever style you choose to dress it, you won’t hide this creative beauty.

    12. Red and Gold Pixie Gem

    Red and Gold Pixie Gem

    For ladies who are into short undercut hairstyles, here’s a multilayered pixie undercut that you’ll love. And the stunning gold and red colors only serve to define and enhance its beauty. With chunky stacking and ruffled pieces, it brings out the bold and beautiful in you. Super short underneath with a full texture in the crown, and an even shorter bang, you can’t create a bolder statement than this.

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    13. Creative Design Pixie

    Creative Design Pixie

    A shaved pixie cut is the ultimate sexy and alluring hairstyle that will give you the attention you deserve. The creative design pixie undercut comes with precise etchings and beautiful artwork. It’s fuller at the front and crown, with extra length at the top to give that sexy and alluring look. What’s more, it’s super flexible. You can pick whatever design agrees with hot facial features. You can go with a buttery blonde or chocolate brown, Depending on your mood.

    14. Artistic Design Pixie

    Artistic Design Pixie

    Girls with thick and heavy locks, here’s your best pick. Artistic design pixie is flexible and bold, super short all around with a beautiful artwork detail which created a bold blended statement. Again with this particular shaved pixie cut, you pick any style, be it a slick back, pumped up or any unique design that compliments your face.

    15. Aqua Soft Pixie

    Aqua Soft Pixie

    There’s no limit to short shaved hair sides. The soft aqua pixie beautifully textured can complement your looks in multiple ways. This unique style is shot underneath, comes with a bold color for death and adds texture and volume to the hair making it the ideal pick for thin hair. It blends to any style naturally, be it a messed up look or slicked back. You can even opt to sweep it back or pull it forward from the crown. You can get as creative as you want with the soft aqua pixie.

    16. Buttery Blonde Pixie

    Buttery Blonde Pixie

    This gorgeous pixie undercut is super short underneath with extra length at the top to add to the fun. It gives the illusion of more depth and texture, making it the right design for fine and thin hair. The short sides and back with extra length in the crown and top make it so unique. To enhance the volume, you can blow-dry and add a dash of pomade for a perfect shine.

    17. Cotton Candy Rainbow Pixie

    Cotton Candy Rainbow Pixie

    If you’d like a pixie undercut that’s both fun and sexy, then go for a cotton candy rainbow pixie. Soft cotton candy pastels and buttery blonde, this pixie is Super short at the back and sides with a combination of beautiful artwork that makes it a favorite with many ladies. It can go with any color, and you can pick an etching that speaks to you. Create a trendy style that will turn heads.

    18. Deep Purple Edgy Pixie

    Deep Purple Edgy Pixie

    How bolder would you like to appear? Which better way would you show off your sexy eyes? The deep purple edgy pixie with a chunky top is the perfect way to do this at once. Air-dried and with a dash of pomade to enhance its texture, there’s no hairstyle as simple and sexy as this. It can be blow-dried and sprayed with some texture to complete the look.

    19. Blonde Bombshell Pixie

    Blonde Bombshell

    Soft and sweet, the buttery blonde bombshell has just the perfect color to define the transition from short to long hair, with some texture at the top and back. Add in some gel and style with your fingers until dry. Blow-dry to achieve a smooth and sleek look. Push it forward, slick it back or either side. Play with any style you choose.

    20. Artistic Beauty

    Artistic Beauty

    The beauty of this sexy pixie undercut is in the details. It comes with a unique etching that blends perfectly with any color of your choice. Ideal for textured or fine hair, and this the ultimate style to rock on a night out. Distinct artwork accents the beautiful lines of the volume at the top, and it’s so flexible you can style it, and you can style it whichever way you prefer.

    21. Silver Foxy

    Silver Foxy

    Silver Foxy is one of the sexiest short hair shaved sides female undercut. What sets it apart is the silver color that’s not just trendy but stylish. The front is soft and short with shaved back and sides. You can wear it on either side, bring it forward or slick it at the back. Perfect fine soft hair or blonde curls. It’s one unique ste that adds texture and volume, brings out the beauty in your eyes.

    22. Fuchsia Fantastic

    Fuchsia Fantastic

    The deep fuchsia is an attention catcher. Created into different textured pieces on top of a medium blonde, this pixie is not just edgy, it’s trendy and gorgeous. Its short sides and back make it easy to style, and you can even rick it with a simple scrunching or blow-drying the top. Throw in some shine, and you’re good to go.

    23. Peachy Pink Jewel

    Peachy Pink Jewel

    One of the trendiest short undercut hairstyles right now is the soft peachy pink jewel. Short all around and extra long at the front and crown, it’s super versatile. There’s no limit to the kind of fun you can have with this sexy pixie. As an extra-long bang, the peach pinky pink jewel gives you several options to pull out different looks. You can opt for the left or right side, slicked it back, or part in the middle for a perfect bob look.

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