From Classic To Creative: 55 Quiff Haircut Inspirations

Quiff haircut have long been a staple of men’s hairstyling, offering a versatile canvas for creativity and self-expression. This iconic hairstyle has evolved over the years, giving rise to a plethora of trend-setting variations.

In this comprehensive guide, we explore 55 trend-setting quiff haircuts that have taken the world of men’s grooming by storm. We’ll also delve into the essential maintenance tips to keep your quiff looking stylish day in and day out.

What Is A Quiff Haircut?

A quiff haircut is a popular men’s hairstyle characterized by shorter sides and back and a longer, voluminous top. The key feature is the front section of hair, which is styled upwards and often swept back to create height and volume.

Quiffs can vary in length and style, from short and neat to long and dramatic. They are typically achieved using hair products like pomade or hair wax to hold the shape. The quiff has been a timeless and versatile haircut that can be adapted to various looks and personal styles.

55 Trend-Setting Quiff Haircuts

Below are the Quiff Haircuts trending this year. Each style carries its own distinctive flair, making it a statement of individuality and fashion.

1. Textured Quiff

Textured Quiff
Source: Man For Himself

This is ideal for those with thick hair, offering maximum texture and a unified appearance with a matte finish. It creates a dynamic, voluminous look with its intentionally rough and grainy texture, making it a stylish choice for those seeking a bold, contemporary hairstyle.

2. Quiff With Wand Curled Top

Quiff With Wand Curled Top

The Quiff with Wand Curled Top combines a classic quiff with a modern twist. Using a wand curling iron, the top is elegantly curled for added flair, providing a stylish blend of vintage and contemporary aesthetics. The tight curls are barely finger combed and left as it is.

3. Blown Out Quiff

Blown Out Quiff

The Blown Out Quiff is tailored for those with thick, coarse hair. This style involves deliberately blowing out the quiff in various directions, resulting in a dynamic and voluminous appearance with plenty of movement. It’s a perfect choice for those seeking a stylish, carefree look.

4. Scruffy Quiff

tousled and textured quiff

The Scruffy Quiff offers a deliberately disheveled, unkempt appearance. It features a tousled and textured quiff, creating a casually stylish look. This style embraces imperfections, making it ideal for those seeking a laid-back yet fashionable hairstyle.

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5. Elegant Quiff

Elegant Quiff
Source: Thrillinside

It exudes sophistication and refinement, transforming a trendy quiff into a formal statement. It’s characterized by precise styling, sleek lines, and a polished finish, making it the perfect choice to elevate any occasion from casual to elegant with a touch of gentlemanly charm.

6. Winged Quiff

Winged Quiff

The Winged Quiff is a unique hairstyle featuring two upward-shaped wings at the back, creating a distinct frame around the central quiff. This style offers a one-of-a-kind, eye-catching appearance, making a bold and fashionable statement with its unconventional design.

7. Quiff With Irregular Top

Quiff With Irregular Top

The Quiff with Irregular Top embraces a finger-combed aesthetic. The quiff is meticulously finger-brushed to form distinct, upward-angled pillars. This technique creates a unique, textured appearance, perfect for those who appreciate a stylish and unconventional hairstyle.

8. Quiff With Box Hairline

Quiff With Box Hairline

The Quiff with Box Hairline incorporates a sharp and defined hairline. This style features a clean and precise rectangular or box-shaped hairline, enhancing the quiff’s structure and providing a sharp, geometric contrast that adds a modern and polished touch to the overall look.

9. Voluminous Brushed Back Quiff

Voluminous Brushed Back Quiff

This is a stylish and timeless choice. It features neatly tapered sides that accentuate the central high-volume quiff. This combination creates a balanced, fashionable appearance, drawing attention to the voluminous quiff while maintaining a polished and classic look.

10. Quiff With Designed Taper

Quiff With Designed Taper

This quiff incorporates precise hair tapering techniques. The sides are skillfully shaped with intricate designs, adding a creative and personalized touch to the quiff style. This attention to detail elevates the overall look, making it a distinctive and fashionable choice.

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11. Short Quiff

Short Quiff

The Short Quiff is a youthful, casual take on the modern quiff. It features a shorter top, usually 2-4 inches in length, paired with a sharp fade or undercut on the sides. This low-maintenance style offers a clean-cut appearance, ideal for guys seeking a stylish, hassle-free look.

12. Quiff With Pompadour

Quiff With Pompadour

It combines the classic quiff with the iconic pompadour. It features a voluminous front section, expertly styled and often with extra height, while maintaining the quiff’s signature texture. This fusion creates a sophisticated and fashionable hairstyle that exudes confidence and style.

13. Layered Quiff

Layered Quiff

The Layered Quiff is a casually stylish choice. It employs layers to achieve a full, flowy appearance, blending length and texture. This approach adds volume and movement to the quiff while maintaining a laid-back, relaxed vibe, making it a versatile and trendy option.

14. Quiff With Disconnected Undercut

Quiff With Disconnected Undercut

This draws inspiration from retro aesthetics. Its pronounced disconnect between the top quiff and the undercut accentuates the quiff’s prominence, infusing a bold and stylish flair. This meticulous, tidy approach offers a distinctive, eye-catching appearance.

15. Quiff With High Fade

Quiff With High Fade

The Quiff with High Fade combines a prominent quiff on top with a high fade on the sides. The high fade creates a sharp contrast, emphasizing the quiff’s volume and shape. This sleek, contemporary style exudes a bold and fashionable look.

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16. Broken Layered Quiff

Broken Layered Quiff

The Broken Layered Quiff is a meticulously designed hairstyle that showcases the value of layering. Its carefully structured layers create a complex, textured quiff. This effort results in a unique and stylish look, highlighting the artistry behind layered haircuts.

17. Quiff With Wavy Top

Quiff With Wavy Top

The Quiff with Wavy Top combines a classic quiff with a touch of natural waves. The top section is styled in loose, wavy patterns, adding a relaxed, effortless charm to the traditional quiff, resulting in a stylish fusion of texture and sophistication.

18. Refined Quiff

Refined Quiff
Source: Love Hairstyles

It offers a polished and restrained take on this stylish haircut. It maintains a well-groomed quiff while adding a touch of sophistication, making it suitable for formal occasions such as weddings. It combines elegance with style for a versatile and refined appearance.

19. Slicked Back Quiff

Slicked Back Quiff

It combines the quiff’s volume with a sleek, groomed appearance. Hair is combed back smoothly, often using styling products for a polished finish. This style exudes a confident and sophisticated look, perfect for formal events or a refined everyday appearance.

20. Quiff With Curled Top

Quiff With Curled Top

This is a style featuring a textured quiff. It’s characterized by a textured top, taper-faded sides, and a finely faded temple with a pointy beard connection. The straight-line up with a partial fade and balanced beard adds a distinctive, stylish touch to the overall look.

21. Quiff With Crew Cut

Quiff With Crew Cut

The Quiff with Crew Cut combines the quiff’s height with a shorter, uniform length on the sides and back. This fusion creates a sharp and clean appearance, balancing volume with a tidy crew cut, resulting in a modern and versatile hairstyle.

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22. Brushed Quiff

Brushed Quiff

It embraces an effortlessly messy charm. It features a quiff that’s casually side-brushed, embodying a “just rolled out of bed” style. This relaxed, tousled appearance allows you to maintain the quiff’s essence while exuding a carefree, fashionable vibe.

23. Quiff With Blonde Top

Quiff With Blonde Top

The Quiff with Blonde Top is a striking style that contrasts a blonde-colored top with darker sides. This bold color choice adds vibrancy and dimension to the quiff, creating a visually captivating and trendy hairstyle that draws attention to its unique, two-tone aesthetic.

24. Clean Quiff With Wavy Top

Clean Quiff With Wavy Top

This style showcases a stylish hard part and side sweep. Its semi-wavy texture and sleek taper fade on the sides complement facial features. A blend of stubble and chin strap beard, along with voluminous top despite thin strands, enhances this chic, balanced look.

25. Quiff For Natural Hair

Quiff For Natural Hair

The Quiff for Natural Hair celebrates the unique texture of natural curls or coils. It maintains the quiff’s structure but adapts it to the natural hair’s pattern, creating a distinctive blend of volume and texture that embraces and enhances one’s natural beauty.

26. Johnny Depp’s Tousled Quiff

Johnny Depp's Tousled Quiff
Source: Good Housekeeping

Johnny Depp’s Tousled Quiff is a wild and eccentric hairstyle, reminiscent of the actor’s iconic roles. It features long, spiky, and funky elements, exuding a rebellious and adventurous vibe that perfectly matches the charismatic persona of the actor himself.

27. Quiff With Clean Cut Undercut

Quiff With Clean Cut Undercut

This look combines the timeless charm of a quiff with a modern twist. It radiates confidence and style, though it requires some grooming effort. The clean-cut undercut adds a contemporary touch, resulting in a sophisticated and fashionable look.

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28. Messy Quiff

Messy Quiff

It strikes a balance between casual and classy. Prepare as you would for a standard quiff, but use your fingers to tousle and shape your hair with mousse before blow-drying. A touch of hairspray in the front keeps things stylishly disheveled. It’s effortless yet put-together.

29. Quiff With Elephant Trunk

Quiff With Elephant Trunk
Source: Haircut inspiration

The Quiff with Elephant Trunk blends modern panache with a retro vibe. Its top features a sleek, unified quiff. Precision line-ups and a light stubble beard complete the look, showcasing meticulous detailing and a stylish fusion of classic and contemporary aesthetics.

30. Quiff With Undercut

Quiff With Undercut

The Quiff with Undercut is a hybrid style, marrying a modern quiff atop a shaved undercut. This edgy contrast blends contemporary quiff volume with a bold, alternative touch, making it an ideal choice for those embracing a hipster-inspired, urban look.

31. Side Brushed Quiff

Side Brushed Quiff

The Side Brushed Quiff enhances thin hair by adding volume. Medium-length strands, side-swept styling, and taper-faded sides create an illusion of thickness. A faded temple and textured beard balance the look, providing a well-rounded appearance.

32. Skin Fade Quiff

Skin Fade Quiff

The Skin Fade Quiff exudes effortless coolness. Its top combines casual and retro vibes with longer strands, while the sides feature an undercut taper fade. A playful side sweep complements the iconic quiff, and a stubble beard adds a final touch of perfection.

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33. Voluminous Quiff

Voluminous Quiff
Source: Men’s Hairstyles

It is ideal for long face structures, featuring medium-length top strands and tapered sides with an undercut. A well-maintained stubble beard enhances facial balance. The addition of shiny dye accentuates the top, creating a stylish and eye-catching overall appearance.

34. Rockabilly Quiff

Rockabilly Quiff

This quiff features a longer, combed top styled with height and a point or forward curl. The Morrissey quiff is a looser variation with shorter sides. Style by applying product, combing hair up, and blow-drying. For a vintage touch, curl a front lock onto the forehead.

35. Quiff With Beard

Quiff With Beard

The Quiff with Beard is a straightforward yet stylish choice. The classic quiff retains its appeal, complemented by trendy sunglasses and well-groomed facial hair. This combination creates a timeless and effortlessly cool look for those who appreciate simplicity.

36. Finger Combed Quiff

Finger Combed Quiff

The Finger Combed Quiff offers a versatile and refined style. Its undercut is sleek and appealing, suitable for a wide range of occasions. This quiff strikes a balance between simplicity and sophistication, making it a dependable choice for various settings.

37. Long Blowdried Quiff

Long Blowdried Quiff

The Long Blowdried Quiff is a dramatic and voluminous style. It features shorter sides and longer top hair, requiring extra styling time. Use higher heat and more product to ensure the hold needed for this contemporary and well-groomed look.

38. Quiff With Loose Curls

Quiff With Loose Curls
Source: Jaxson Maximus

The Quiff with Loose Curls is tailored for curly-haired individuals, offering an artistic and relaxed aesthetic. Style it like a regular quiff, utilizing a wide-toothed comb for curly hair management. Avoid flattening the curls on top during styling for an authentic look.

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39. Quiff With Highlights

Quiff With Highlights

The Highlights add a striking touch to the traditional quiff style. It incorporates highlights, where strands of hair are dyed a lighter shade than the base color. This technique enhances dimension and texture, creating a bold and eye-catching quiff with added visual interest.

40. Side Parted Quiff

Side Parted Quiff

The Side Parted Quiff combines the classic quiff with a defined side part. It features a voluminous top styled with a side-swept part, creating a sophisticated and structured appearance. This fusion of elements offers a timeless and refined quiff hairstyle.

41. Sky High Quiff

Sky High Quiff
Source: Men’s Hairstyle Trends

The Sky High Quiff combines sleek style with an edgy twist. It features a long, upward-styled fringe, complemented by tattoos and a mustache for rugged charm. The high fade adds a boxy element, directing attention towards the face.

42. Quiff With Floppy Strands

Quiff With Floppy Strands

The Quiff with Floppy Strands capitalizes on the longer length of a quiff, allowing strands to hang loosely at the sides. Popular among young men, this relaxed and casual style embraces the natural flow of hair. It creates a laid-back yet stylish appearance.

43. Frontrunner Quiff

Frontrunner Quiff
Source: Haircut Inspiration

It suites various hair types and face shapes. With a high fade, it accentuates the lengthy top. Pulling the top forward and upward creates an attention-grabbing fringe flick, making it a stylish choice that garners compliments from the fashion-savvy in your circle.

44. Quiff With Temple Fade

Quiff With Temple Fade
Source: Pete & Pedro

It combines elements of both temple fades and drop fades, oozing panache. The top is dense yet tailored for thin hair, with a side-swept pompadour lending a retro touch. Taper-faded sides and a sharp line-up complete this stylish and well-structured look.

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45. Longer Than Normal Quiff

Normal Quiff

It stands out for its versatility and comfort. It deviates from the norm with its extended length, creating a trendy look that’s easy to style. The key to its appeal lies in the combination of ample volume and textured hair, which together achieve a stylish appearance.

46. Tousled Quiff

Tousled Quiff

It reinvents the classic style with a trendy twist. Unlike the usual sleek quiff, it embraces a deliberately disheveled texture on top. This unique approach injects a high degree of style and casual sophistication, making it an eye-catching and fashionable choice.

47. Faux Hawk Quiff

Faux Hawk Quiff

It blends the classic quiff with a daring faux hawk. Short sides contrast with a styled peak in the center, achieving an edgy, contemporary appearance. This fusion of styles yields a bold, fashion-forward haircut that exudes confidence and individuality.

48. Spiky Quiff

Spiky Quiff

The spiky quiff combines the classic quiff’s top volume with spiked, textured hair. It’s a bold, contemporary hairstyle that adds an edgy and rebellious element to the traditional quiff, creating a sharp and eye-catching look that’s full of character and style.

49. Quiff With Hard Line

Quiff With Hard Line

The hard line introduces a striking element to the classic quiff hairstyle. It features a sharp, defined line or part on one side, adding a bold and structured contrast to the textured, voluminous top. This detail creates a stylish and visually captivating effect.

50. Zayn Malik’s Long Quiff

Zayn Malik's Long Quiff
Source: Mens Haircuts And Hairstyles

Zayn’s long quiff is a signature hairstyle that showcases a lengthy, voluminous quiff at the front. It’s known for allowing for various styling options while maintaining a sophisticated look. This iconic style has made Zayn a trendsetter in the world of men’s hair.

51. Anime Inspired Quiff

Anime Inspired Quiff

This quiff draws inspiration from hairstyles of anime characters. It often features exaggerated height and texture, creating a bold appearance. This style allows enthusiasts to bring a touch of the animated world into their real-life look, adding an eye-catching element.

52. Quiff With Ear Piercings

Quiff With Ear Piercings

The quiff with ear piercings combines the classic quiff hairstyle with ear adornments. It pairs the voluminous, styled top with one or more ear piercings, adding a rebellious and fashionable edge to the overall look, resulting in a distinctive and trendy appearance.

53. High To Low Quiff

High To Low Quiff

The high to low quiff is a dynamic hairstyle. It starts with a voluminous, lifted front and gradually tapers to shorter hair towards the back. This contrast in height and length creates a striking and balanced appearance that’s both stylish and eye-catching.

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54. Quiff With Mustache

Quiff With Mustache

The quiff with a mustache combines a classic quiff hairstyle with the presence of a mustache. It’s a charming and retro-inspired look, pairing the stylishly voluminous top with a well-groomed mustache for a sophisticated and timeless appearance.

55. Quiff With Glasses

Quiff With Glasses

The quiff with glasses is a stylish fusion of a classic quiff hairstyle with the addition of eyeglasses. This combination exudes a smart and sophisticated vibe, blending a fashionable hairdo with the practicality of eyewear for a polished, intellectual appearance.

How To Maintain A Quiff Haircut?

How To Maintain A Quiff Haircut?

Maintaining a quiff haircut involves regular care and styling to keep it looking sharp. Here’s how to do it:

1. Regular Haircuts:

Schedule regular appointments with your barber or hairstylist to maintain the shape of your quiff. Every 4-6 weeks is a good guideline.

2. Shampoo and Condition:

Use a quality shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair type. Washing your hair every 2-3 days can help maintain cleanliness and texture.

3. Gentle Drying:

After washing, gently towel dry your hair. Avoid aggressive rubbing, as this can damage the hair and create frizz.

4. Applying Product:

Apply a styling product such as pomade, hair wax, or styling cream to your damp hair. The type of product you choose depends on the level of hold and shine you desire.

5. Blow Drying:

Use a hairdryer on a low or medium heat setting to style your quiff. Use a round brush to lift and shape the front section of your hair, directing it upwards and backward.

6. Styling:

Once your hair is dry, style your quiff using your fingers or a comb. Lift the front section of your hair to create volume and shape. You can experiment with the level of height and texture you want.

7. Finishing:

Lock your style in place by applying a bit more product as needed. Be cautious not to use too much, as it can weigh your hair down or make it look greasy.

8. Maintenance:

Throughout the day, you might need to touch up your quiff. Carry a small comb or brush with you for quick fixes.


The world of quiff haircuts is an oblivion for style-conscious men. With its diverse range of styles and adaptations, there’s a quiff for every personality and occasion. By mastering the art of maintenance, you can ensure your quiff remains a timeless and trendy signature of your personal style.

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