K-pop music and Korean fashion including Korean hairstyles for both men and women have extended far beyond the country. People all over the world are not only following the latest Korean trends but are also attempting to look just like their favorite Korean celebrities.

    Among all other things, Korean hairstyle men have remained quite the hype this year. They include classic hairdos with a modern touch that are ideal to create a charismatic style statement worth remembering.
    So, if you are thinking of rocking a Korean hairstyle, we recommend going through the following list to find a look that suits you the best!

    Korean Hairstyles Men

    From pompadours to buzz cuts, we have brought you the best Korean hairstyle featuring almost every hair length and texture.

    1. The Famous Two-Block

    The Famous Two-Block-Korean Hairstyle
    Source: haircutcolor.blogspot.com

    Let’s start with the most famous men’s Korean hairstyle of all time i.e. the two-block haircut. The sides and back are clipped short to contrast against the prominently longer top with bangs at the front.

    2. Blonde Pompadour

    Blonde Pompadour-Korean Hairstyle
    Source: pinterest.com

    Korean boys like to rock hair colors from the opposite spectrum making jaws drop wherever they go. Recreate this look by brushing back the blonde top in a puffy pompadour with buzzed sides and back.

    3. Office Look

    Office Look-Korean Hairstyle
    Source: pinterest.com

    Those who are thinking of upgrading their office look can opt for a simple side parting with a soft fade along the sides. Use some pomade while styling the mane and there you go!

    4. Korean Bowl Cut

    Korean Bowl Cut-Korean Hairstyle
    Source: haircutinspiration.com

    Another famous Korean haircut is worth a shot this year. The bangs extend straight across the back while the sides are tapered or shaved creating a classic mushroom hairdo that won’t be ignored.

    5. Asian Perm

    Asian Perm-Korean Hairstyle
    Source: menshairstyletips.com

    Asian men have naturally thick and straight hair which they like to spice up with a perm for a change. Add curls/ waves on the top only or opt for a full perm on medium to long tresses.

    6. Curtain Cut

    Curtain Cut-Korean Hairstyle
    Source: el.new.biblesearch.americanbible.org

    Be that cute guy woman swoon over with this attention-grabbing curtain cut. As the name suggests the bangs are middle parted to fall on both sides of the face like curtains drawing all the attention to your eyes.

    7. Man Bun

    Man Bun-Korean Hairstyle
    Source: korebu.com

    Men rock buns as good as women and here is a style to prove it. Grow the top long enough to be wrapped in a bun at the back while the sides are buzzed with or without a shaved design.

    8. Undercut with Side Design

    Korean Hairstyle
    source: stylesatlife.com

    As mentioned earlier an undercut with carved-out slits or design coupled with a long top is the most versatile Korean hairdo you can get. How? Style the top into a pompadour, a quiff, spikes, or whatever else you want.

    9. Spikes

    Korean Hairstyle
    source; pinterest.com

    Spikes are by far the most popular hairstyle among boys all over the world. Brush up the strands and pinch their tips while using an ample amount of gel creating a prickly mess on the head.

    10. Modern Faux Hawk

    Korean Hairstyle
    source: pinterest.com

    Retain a long strip of hair on top with a classic fade along the sides. Gather the strands in the center by using your finger and top them off with a spritz of hairspray creating the faux hawk of your dreams.

    11. French Crop

    French Crop-Korean Hairstyle
    source: haircutinspiration.com

    Keep it low-maintenance by opting for a short top with even shorter sides and back. Get a subtle line up too. All you need to do now is comb the strands forward and done!

    12. Angular Fringe

    Korean Hairstyle
    source: pinterest.com

    An angular fringe is characterized by V-shaped bangs at the front that sit in the center of the forehead or are swept on one side reaching the chin. The remaining hair is tapered and textured.

    13. Classic Bangs

    Korean Hairstyle
    source: gatsby.ph

    What are Korean hairstyle men without bangs? Achieve an adorable look by opting for thick sleek bangs or tousled ones grazing those beautiful eyes and couple them with whatever haircut you like.

    14. Comb-Over

    Korean Hairstyle
    source: pinterest.com

    Express your masculinity with a chic comb-over. Clip the sides while combing the top backward and slightly sideward with or without a parting. Use gel to achieve a sexy wet look that’s impossible to overlook.

    15. Crew Cut

    Crew Cut-Korean Hairstyle
    Source: twitter.com

    A crew cut is also known as a short pompadour featuring short strands at the front that continues to get shorter towards the back of the head while the sides and back are buzzed or tapered as usual.

    16. Slicked Back

    source: pinterest.com

    Whether the hair is straight, curly, or wavy, slick it back when wet and apply a good amount of pomade to keep the look intact all day long. Slicked-back hairstyles look super sexy on men and this one shows it!

    17. Layered

    Korean Hairstyle
    source: pinterest.com

    Create some movement on the head with layers. Opt for ear-length tresses and cut the strands to fall at varying lengths along the sides. Crave out a perfect middle part and voila!

    18. Buzz Cut

    Korean Hairstyle
    source: pinterest.com

    Although Korean haircuts are mostly long to medium in length, sporting a buzz cut is ideal for men who don’t want to style their mane at all. Choose a suitable-sized clipper and give it a try.

    19. Disconnected Quiff

    Korean Hairstyle
    source: pinterest.com

    Couple a skin fade with a long top and style it into a classic quiff using a round brush and hairdryer. This look is the combination of a flat top, pompadour, and mohawk and looks better than all three.

    20. Soft Mullet

    Korean Hairstyle
    source: coolmenshair.com

    This soft yet modern mullet featuring a short top and sides with bangs at the front and extra length at the back is sure to attract some attention. Take a step ahead and add some highlights too.

    21. The Shag

    Korean Hairstyle
    source: menstylists.com

    Thanks to the voluminous tresses Koreans/Asians have, sporting a shaggy hairdo is the best option to keep it carefree and casual. Opt for choppy layers and wispy ends featuring a fuller top that is effortless to style.

    22. Color Pop

    Korean Hairstyle
    source: pinterest.com

    Korean celebrities have set vibrant hair colors into a trend. Get out of your comfort zone and rock eye-popping shades of pink, red, blue, purple, or any other nuance to set even the simplest haircuts on fire.

    23. Drop Fade

    Korean Hairstyle
    source: pinterest.com

    A drop fade starts below the temples and drops quickly behind the ears hence the name. Couple it with a ruffled top or comb it neatly into a sleek quiff. The choice is yours!

    24. Wet Look

    source: kpopstuff.com

    Wet looks have remained quite the trend in Korean hairstyles men this year. The trick lies in using a hefty amount of hair gel, wax, or pomade when tousling the strands or slicking them back.

    25. Messy Top

    Korean Hairstyle
    source: onpointfresh.com

    Messy is the new dressy! Go for a relaxed look by adding some layers and texture on top with neatly clipped sides. Finger-tousle the strands and let them fall in all directions for an undone appeal.

    26. Brushed-Back

    Korean Hairstyle
    source: hairstyleonpoint.com

    The difference between a slicked-back and brushed-back hairdo lies in the fact that while the former involves flattening the tresses with an ample amount of styling product the latter involves a good blowout and some hairspray.

    27. Hard Part

    Korean Hairstyle
    source: gatsby.sg

    Little details sometimes go a long way. When getting your Korean haircut ask for a hard part too to create a prominent division between different hair lengths. Pair it with a simple comb-over and you’ll love it!

    28. Long and Flowy

    Korean Hairstyle
    source: shopee.sg

    Show off those silky tresses of yours by growing them out a few inches and shaping them with layers afterward. Swoop them back and you are sure to end up with the most attractive flowy hairdo of all time.

    29. Military Vibes

    Korean Hairstyle
    source: pinterest.com

    Give off some strong military vibes by growing out a buzz cut and trimming the sides keeping the top slightly longer with a delicate cropped fringe at the front. You don’t even need to comb your hair in the morning!

    30. Medium-Length Hair

    Korean Hairstyle
    source: pinterest.com

    When you can’t decide between a short crop and long tresses the best option is to opt for a medium-length chop as you can always go shorter afterward or grow it out in less time.

    31. Short Brush-Up

    Korean Hairstyle
    source: menshairstyletips.com

    Apart from getting a proper haircut, styling the hair is important too for a refreshing look every day. Create spikes, gather the strands in the center resulting in a short faux hawk, or simply brush up the front for a change.

    32. Perfect Coif

    Korean Hairstyle
    source: hairstyle.com

    Utilize the thickness of Korean hair to create a perfectly tailored coif in the middle. Add some definition by buzzing the sides with a slit or two carved on one or both sides of the head.

    33. Multi-Textured

    Source: lovehairstyles.com

    This men’s Korean haircut is sure to add some drama to your look. Keep the bangs perfectly straight across the forehead to contrast against the remaining mane that is textured and tousled all over the head.

    34. Heavy Curls

    Heavy Curls
    Source: google.co.uk

    Those who are bored with their straight hair can give themselves a funky makeover by opting for a curly perm that lasts for a few weeks. Flaunt them with an extra-long top that falls over the shorter sides naturally.

    35. Subtle Center Part

    Subtle Center Part
    Source: kpopstuff.com

    A common characteristic of Korean hairstyles is their basic center parting. If you got a short mane, brush it backward with a subtle parting while a prominent one looks good with medium to long locks.

    36. Luscious Waves

    Luscious Waves
    Source: machohairstyles.com

    Men blessed with a naturally wavy texture can show it off by growing out the hair at ear or chin length. Ask the barber for a bit of shaping and leave the hair loose to sway with the wind.

    37. Highlights

    source: menshaircuts.com

    A new haircut deserves a fresh hair color too. Those who are reluctant to change their base shade completely can first experiment with highlights. Keep the blonde streaks limited to the top only and see heads turn around you.

    38. Asymmetrical Hairdo

    Play with the symmetry of your hair for a playful appeal. Keep one side prominently longer than the other or accent a long top and short sides with uneven bangs at the front. Get creative!

    39. Ruffled Ponytail

    Ruffled Ponytail
    Source: etsy.com

    If you have medium to long hair, gather it in a loose ponytail at the back with the shorter layers sticking out for a messy appeal. You can also create a half-up hairdo for a rugged manly look.

    40. Emo Vibes

    Emo Vibes
    Source: pinterest.com

    Korean hairstyle men features bangs and so do emo hairdos. Why not combine them both for an eye-catching look? Get long bangs with a bowl cut and dye the hair in an unconventional hue like this cotton candy one.

    41. Shaved Sides

    Shaved Sides
    source: haircutinspiration.com

    Go for a punk look this season by retaining a buzzed strip of hair in the middle of the head while shaving the sides to expose your skin. No brushing is needed at all!

    42. Platinum Perfection

    Platinum Perfection
    Source: menshairstyletips.com

    Whether you choose a pompadour, a buzz cut, or some spikes, turn them into a one-of-a-kind hairstyle by painting the entire head in an icy platinum blonde tinge for a frosted appeal.

    43. Comma Hair

    The comma hair is called so due to the strands at the front bending like a comma on the forehead. Set the tendrils into place using your fingers for a romantic finish that won’t go unnoticed.

    44. Feathered Look

    Feathered layers are characterized by wispy ends that resemble bird feathers when set in place using a hairdryer. Ask the barber to incorporate these layers along the sides of a Korean curtain haircut and you won’t regret it.

    45. Funky Mohawk

    Funky Mohawk
    Source: menscraze.com

    Buzz the entire scalp keeping a central strip significantly long and dye it in a vibrant red tinge or any other color you wish. Style the strands into spikes creating a rock star hairdo.

    46. Caesar Cut

    Caesar Cut
    Source: menshairstyletips.com

    Guys with thinning tresses can opt for a Caesar cut without worry. It is defined by short horizontal bangs falling across the forehead with a textured top that is similar in length while the sides are buzzed.

    47. High and Tight

    High and Tight
    Source: coolmenshair.com

    Experiment with a super-high fade with a long top that is swept on one side. This look can make a chubby round/square face appear much slimmer and is easy to style too.

    48. Textured

    Source: harptimes.com

    Textured haircuts have always been popular among men. They are different from layers as the effect is internally achieved by cutting off specific regions of the hair. Nothing can go wrong with a textured top and a skin fade!

    49. Dreadlocks

    Source: instagram.com

    Dreadlocks look exceptionally flattering on Asian/Korean men. Opt for long locs or couple a dreaded top with an undercut and swirl the chunks into a bun to get noticed from a distance.

    50. Korean Bob

    Korean Bob
    Source: menshairstyletips.com

    Lastly, this Korean hairstyle is ideal for men who can handle their mane with care. Let your curtain cut grow out with regular trims and you’ll end up with a stylish man bob that is sure to be praised!


    Asian hair is unique and so is all the Korean hairstyle men mentioned above. Whether you are thinking of going long, medium or short these hairdos have got you covered. Keep in mind the associated maintenance and styling before showing your favorite look to the barber. Good luck!

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