Let’s talk about two things that we all love: food and people. Imagine exclusive chefs made food. I know mouthwatering right. And a chef with tattoos. What a combo! There can be many reasons to get culinary tattoos but the best one is indeed for your passion, the love of cooking!

For Chefs

Tattoos For Chefs:

Are You a Culinary Arts Specialist Who Loves Cooking?

While our chef de cuisine loves to prepare food, presenting it is also the most important aspect of their job.
Chefs are innovative beings who love to try new dishes and put up an exciting menu for the people. Most of these chefs not only present their skills through food but they also like to show off the artist in them through their dressing and bodies. Yes, we are talking about tattoos on chefs!

Woah a chef with tattoos! Something exciting must be cooking 😉

Today we present you tattoos for chefs that look cool then ice and smokey hot at the same time.

smokey hot

In addition, our dear chefs have different personalities according to the type of cuisine they belong that’s why we have compiled a lot of styles and ideas for tattoos for chefs.

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Culinary Tattoos for Chefs Ideas

1. The Chef’s Hat

tattoos for chefs

Chef’s hat tattoo and some laughs. Artistic and brilliant. A trademark for tattoos for chefs. Chefs’ hat is a pride of chef and they are recognized by this. No question if any chef wants to get this tattooed on their body.

2. Game Of Ingredients

tattoos for chefs

Some chefs love keeping it to the point. They take their work seriously. Yeah, even to the point of putting the ingredients with ink on themselves! Ingredient tattoos are colorful and catchy. They are mostly any fruit, vegetable, or even any favorite dish.

On a lighter note, if you are a chef who tends to forget things. Put that Onion or tomato as a tattoo and voila, your problem is solved! You never forget your main ingredient and look like that cool respected chef with food tattoos!

tattoos for chefs

3. The Salt Bae

tattoos for chefs

tattoos for chefs

Sprinkling salt tattoo is as famous as the famous salt bae. How can Salt, a must ingredient in any dish can go unnoticed by the chefs? Thus, it is a great tattoo for chefs to show their area of expertise.

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4. Get it, Rolling

tattoos for chefs

The big roll pin tattoo has a masculine look and seems great for the kitchen lover.

5. Just Don’t Stab Me In The Back

tattoos for chefs

The chef’s knife is a classic tattoo that has a touch of modern design. Thus, There are a lot of designs to choose from tattoos for chefs. A chef’s knife to mark a new career.

6. Chefs Life

tattoos for chefs

Are you bold enough to show off your passion to the world? Go get this badass tattoo. Chef life becomes thug life in an instant.

7. The Food Mania

tattoos for chefs

Do you see food as a tattoo? Yes, only a food lover! Or the one who makes it. Duh!

8. Pretty Little Tools

tattoos for chefs

If you want to engrave without showing off too much. These little tools are perfect for you.

9. Oven Fresh


Baking is a passion. Some chefs love baking and these kinds of tattoos are best for them. Ready to bake?

10. Oh So Adorable

Oh So Adorable

The toy story tattoo is so admirable and cute. Rat with cheese. Yum yum

11. Get It Toasted

Get It Toasted

A basic old-school idea but still accepted.

12. Iron Man


What a beautiful sound is of sizzling hot food in an iron pan! Wow, this tattoo reminds me of that feeling.

13. Pots And Pans

Pots And Pans

A witch swirling potion in a big hot pot? Yes, that’s how our chefs create magic. What a cool option for tattoos for a chef.

14. Love Is In The Air!

Love Is In The Air

Adorable adorable.

15. Vegan Mood

Vegan Mood

Best tattoo for all the vegans and chefs out there. Be clear about your choices from start!

16. Let’s Spice Things Up

Let's Spice Things Up

You would have heard many times people say please make it a little bit spicier. For some spice is life. Let’s put some more chilly!

17. Beat The Sh*t Out Of It

Sh*t Out Of It

The more we beat the better! Yes, chefs know that rule.

18. Death By Ice Cream

Death By Ice Cream

Ice cream can never go out of fashion. Put that on as your body art and look cool as ice cream.

19. A Garden Full of Organics

A Garden Full Of Organics

Don’t have a garden at home? Draw it on your arm. So wonderfully created. Catches everybody’s attention.

20. What About Some Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

What a cool idea to showcase your skill! This is an expert tattoo for chefs. Hence if you want everyone to know what you are up to.be bold and get it done!

21. Eat Your Food

Eat Your Food

Now not only mom but your chefs tattoo also shouts out loud. You Gotta Eat!

22. Meat Lover

Meat Lover

Yes, some people mean business. What kind of meat lover are you?

23. Pizza For Life

Pizza For Life

When nothing is there, pizza saves the day.

24. Sushi Lover

Sushi Lover

Shushi is the new dish loved by a special class of people. Shushi represents Japanese culture. Sushi is a culinary salute to Japanese ingenuity and precision. These are bold and bright tattoos for chefs.

25. It All Starts With A Cupcake

Starts With A Cupcake

Sweet yet simple. It attracts a lot of attention from every age group. And that’s the cherry on the top as well.

26. Pineapple Treat

Pineapple Treat

Pineapple looks like a big pinecone with a huge crown. It represents hospitability and a warm welcome. What a perfect one for our chefs. We present you with a cute little pineapple so adorable. Who wouldn’t love it?

27. Young At Heart


fun-loving chef

Are you that fun-loving chef who still loves doughnuts and Simpsons? Look what we got you here.

28. The Cool Chef

The Cool Chef

Chefs are cool beings with a lot of patience to carryon with the day and meet the requirements of the customers. For the chefs who need cool tattoo ideas. Here you go.

29. Give Me That Ramen


Although Ramen was introduced by Chinese immigrants long ago. It started getting attention now. It immediately commands attention. Delicious and attention-grabbing. Therefore, a perfect combination.

30. Artistic Chef


31. Coffee Lover

Coffee Lover

If you are a coffee lover you know it means life!

32. Not Everyone’s Piece Of Cake

Not Everyone's Piece Of Cake

Cooking isn’t a piece of cake but your tattoo can be. Pretty common but never outdated. What a delicious tattoo for chefs.

33. Not My Cup Of Tea

tattoos for chefs

Hello, tea lovers out there? Do I need more to say?

34. Only Fries No Lies!

tattoos for chefs

This is one chick design. Everyones gonna love it.

35. Some More Coffee

tattoos for chefs

Because we just can’t get enough of coffee. This one is a twin tattoo.

36. I See You

tattoos for chefs

Look at this beauty. What an artistic way to present yourself.

37. Treasure Box

tattoos for chefs

Every chef’s treasures lie in the kitchen. They create magic with them. Let’s show the world your treasure, start the hunt.

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38. Don’t Be So Hostile

tattoos for chefs

Vector hand-drawn images are a new thing and appreciated by everyone. It’s neat and very creative.

39. Dark Art Lover

tattoos for chefs

Love dark arts. Don’t worry chef we even got something for you.

40. The Butcher

tattoos for chefs

A dager doesn’t necessarily mean death or killing. It is a sign that shows protection, sacrifice, and bravery. Are you brave enough to get it done?

41. The Classic plain knife

tattoos for chefs

Sometimes simplicity is the best. This one is a plain yet gangster tattoo. Get it inked and then be ready for all that praise.

42. Another Way Out

tattoos for chefs

If you are the chef who keeps undercover ad don’t want food items on yourself then you can check these tattoos out.

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43. Old School Tattoos for Chefs

tattoos for chefs

tattoos for chefs

44. Chef Jessica Gelt Style

Chef Jessica Gelt Style

Amazing tattoos for chefs. Jessica Gelt has some serious Culinary Tattoos that consist of a chef’s knife with food and ingredients. She is an inspiration for chefs that want to embrace tattoos.

45. Chef Micheal Voltaggio

Chef Micheal Voltaggio

Chef Micheal Voltaggio knows his way around the kitchen as well as his tattoos. We love his look. Just the right tattoos for chefs!

46. Chef Sean Brock Style

Chef Sean Brock Style

Coolest amongst the chefs. Chef Sean Brock has his signature style. His tattoos are electrifying and are a pleasant sight to watch.

47. Jeff Mahin Style

Jeff Mahin Style

He is one of the top-rated culinary chefs who is working since he was a teenager. The kitchen is his aspiration and you can see that with the tattoos he has engraved. IF you are a young champ looking for tattoos for chefs he is a great model to look for.

48. Chef Michael Symon

Chef Michael Symon

With outclass personality and tattoos Chef Micheal Symon has a beautiful soul dedicated to cooking. His tattoos are most diverse and unique in their way.

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49. Egg Beater

egg beater

50. Fish Style



Food tattoos were previously used by foodies who like to showcase their skills or their love for food. But now many chefs have come up and broken this stereotype and getting themselves inked with tattoos for chefs. Firstly, this is their way of self-promotion and resilience. Secondly, chefs are often overlooked and mostly behind the scenes.

Lastly, tattoos brighten up their life and let them show their talent. Food tattoos have many varieties as shown above. You can choose from fruits to various vegetables. From mischievous chef knives to cutlery all look very stylish and are great for Culinary Tattoo Ideas for Chefs. It’s high time chefs get that respect that they deserve with or without the tattoos.

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