The mullet haircut has always been a unique hairstyle choice for men who have long hair and have wanted to do something unique with their hair. Learn more about it here.

    Mullets are something that has been around for centuries. They were first made popular in the Viking times and were a popular Viking hairstyle.

    They became popular all over the world in the 70s and 80s. At that time, they were the most popular hairstyle among men.

    The mullet hairstyle recently made a comeback and has become one of the most popular hairstyles for men with long hair.

    During this period, they have also become popular in women and today are considered a trendy hairstyle.

    Before we get into detail about the different types of mullets, let us first discuss a few frequently asked questions about mullet haircuts.

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    What is a mullet haircut?

    The mullet is a haircut where the hair on the side is cut very short. In this way, it resembles a Mohawk with the main difference being that the hair on the back is also long.

    Nowadays, a mullet haircut is also known as a rattail haircut. The modern mullet is a bit different than the classic look.

    How to design a modern mullet?

    The modern mullet haircut is styled differently than the classic look. This new look pairs a long tail with short hair on the sides and the back.

    This allows you to pair different styling options like a fade or an undercut with it and create a unique look.

    How do you style a mullet?

    There are a plethora of ways in which you can style your mullet haircut. Different factors like hair type and length can play an important role in choosing the perfect look.

    Choosing the perfect look for your hair can prove to be challenging. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of the best mullet haircuts today.

    What haircut is best for a mullet?

    A short or medium-length cut on the top and sides, with longer hair at the back.

    What face shape suits a mullet?

    Oval, heart-shaped, and square faces are particularly suited to a mullet.

    What is a true mullet haircut?

    A true mullet haircut features shorter hair on the top and sides, with longer hair at the back.

    Do mullets suit thin hair?

    Yes, mullets can suit thin hair, as the layers and texture can add volume and dimension.

    Do mullets suit thick hair?

    Yes, mullets can suit thick hair as well, as the layers can help to manage the volume and create a more balanced look.

    Is mullet good for a round face?

    A mullet may not be the best choice for a round face, as it can sometimes emphasize the roundness of the face.

    What face shape am I?

    You can determine your face shape by measuring the width of your forehead, cheeks, and jawline and comparing them to each other. There are many online resources available that can help you determine your face shape.

    Can mullets be attractive?

    Beauty is subjective, but many people find mullets to be attractive and stylish.

    Who has the coolest mullet?

    This is subjective and can vary from person to person. Some famous mullet-wearers include Billy Ray Cyrus, David Bowie, and John Stamos.

    Is mullet good or bad?

    The opinion on mullets can vary, but they can be a stylish and unique choice for those who like the look.

    Are mullets healthy?

    Hairstyle choices don’t necessarily have a direct impact on health, but it’s important to care for your hair and scalp to maintain healthy hair.

    Do girls like guys with mullets?

    Some girls may like guys with mullets, while others may not. It ultimately depends on personal preference.

    Which haircut should I do?

    The best haircut for you depends on your personal style, face shape, and hair type. It’s best to consult with a hairstylist to determine the best haircut for you.

    Is a mullet a wolf cut?

    No, a mullet and a wolf cut are two different hairstyles, although they both feature longer hair at the back.

    What are mullets called now?

    Mullets are still called mullets, although there may be variations or updated versions of the style.

    Who had the first mullet?

    The origins of the mullet hairstyle are unclear, but it gained popularity in the 1970s and 1980s, with celebrities like David Bowie and Billy Ray Cyrus helping to popularize the look.

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    Unique Mullet Haircut Types

    This list will help you find the best mullet for you based on your needs.

    So here we go!

    1. Hipster Mullet

    Hipster Mullet

    This is one of the latest variations of the modern mullet haircut. This androgynous haircut proves that you can achieve the hipster look with any haircut if you are creative enough.

    2. Vintage Natural Mullet

    Vintage Natural Mullet

    The best thing about the mullet haircut is that you can create different styles with your natural hair.

    This simple look can be achieved by simply trimming the sides and back with scissors.

    3. Classic Long Hair Mullet

    Classic Long Hair Mullet

    If you don’t want to cut too much of your hair, then this is the best hairstyle for you. This androgynous haircut can be executed by trimming the back and the top to create a uniform look.

    4. The Modern Mullet

    The Modern Mullet

    This is a modern twist on the classic mullet haircut. This look is popular with both men and women because it is simple to style.

    You just need to trim your sides and back to make your hair look stunning and elegant.

    5. Short And Cool Mullet

    Short And Cool Mullet

    This mullet haircut can be designed even if you have short or medium-length hair.

    This hairstyle involves a short back and sides fade which help create a clean look. You can also even out the length of the back and top hair to create a uniform finish.

    6. Wavy Push Back Mullet

    Wavy Push Back Mullet

    This is one of the most popular wavy hairstyles for men. This mullet haircut works well with medium-length hair and can be designed with minimum trims.

    You can also create an exquisite look by pushing your hair back with a comb for a more natural finish.

    7. Sleek And Gelled Mullet

    Sleek And Gelled Mullet

    Hair gel will help your mullet haircut look more clean and attractive. This is one of the most popular professional hairstyles for men.

    It is normally done with medium-length hair that is slicked back and gelled for a fantastic finish.

    8. The Mullet Hawk

    The Mullet Hawk

    This modern look is a combination of the mullet and the Mohawk look. This mullet haircut is designed by trimming the sides and the back but keeping the center hair long.

    Instead of pushing them back, you can push them to the side to create a more natural and appealing look.

    9. Fancy Hawk With A Mullet

    Fancy Hawk with A Mullet

    A fancy hawk can be best described as a faux hawk that helps you display your creativity.

    In the mullet haircut, the center hair is designed and textured, and then the middle part is rolled up.

    The sides are trimmed moderately while one lock of hair is designed to flow through the sideburns.

    10. The Hybrid Mullet

    The Hybrid Mullet

    This hairstyle is popular because it combines two unique looks. This is particularly popular over 70 hairstyles that can be done in different ways.

    You can also do it with different hair lengths to create a distinct end look.

    11. Side Part Mullet

    Side Part Mullet

    Side parts are a simple and effective way to make your hairstyle look modern and trendy.

    This mullet haircut allows you to combine a mullet with a side part.

    The hair at the back is trimmed while a fade design is created on the sides to finish the look.

    12. The Man Pony Mullet

    The Man Pony Mullet

    The man pony mullet is a hairstyle that works best with long hair. This shaved side haircut allows you to style your hair in a way that you can make a ponytail on the back.

    The sides are completely shaved off to give your hair a clean finish.

    13. The Blonde Mullet

    The Blonde Mullet

    This mullet works best for you if you have natural or colored blonde hair. This mullet haircut requires you to grow out your hair as long as possible.

    You do not require any additional trims or cuts to finish the look.

    14. The Side Swept Mullet

    The Side Swept Mullet

    This is also a mullet haircut that does not require any major trims. This androgynous haircut requires you to grow out your hair both at the back and top.

    The top hair is then trimmed so that it can be side parted to complete the look.

    15. Long Curl Mullet

    Long Curl Mullet

    This is the most popular prom curly hairstyle for men with long curly hair.

    This particular mullet haircut only requires you to grow out your curls as long as possible.

    You can then push back your locks to finish the hairstyle.

    16. The Rat Tail Mullet

    The Rat Tail Mullet

    This is one of the most popular mullet haircuts today. This particular androgynous haircut is characterized by a rat tail.

    This rat tail hangs from the back and adds some style to your traditional mullet haircut.

    17. The Business Mullet

    The Business Mullet

    This is a formal take on a traditional mullet haircut. This is a professional hairstyle for men with medium-length hair.

    It can be designed with a simple hair part that divides the hair into two sections.

    18. The Redneck Mullet

    The Redneck Mullet

    This mullet haircut also does not require any trims or cuts. This androgynous haircut is ideal for men who and thick and long hair.

    19. The Classic Cut Mullet

    The Classic Cut Mullet

    This mullet haircut was made popular in the late 70s and early 80s hairstyles. This short back and sides fade haircut is the simplest way to design a mullet.

    It includes cutting the front hair short and leaving the back hair long.

    20. The Curly Gentleman Mullet

    The Curly Gentleman Mullet

    This mullet haircut is perfect for men with medium-length curly hair. In these over 60 hairstyles, the curls are gelled and pushed back to maintain a clean appearance.

    This hairstyle gives your hair a complete and formal-looking finish.

    21. The Mullet Wig

    The Mullet Wig

    This particular look was made popular in the 80s and 90s. The mullet wig look is perfect for men who want to pull off this look but cannot do it.

    This mullet haircut is available in both long and short hair.

    22. The Ultra-Modern Mullet

    The Ultra-Modern Mullet

    This mullet haircut requires a lot of time to properly style. This professional hairstyle for men creates a high pompadour on the top.

    It also completes the look with a classic mudflap mullet at the back.

    23. The Red Mullet

    The Red Mullet

    The red mullet haircut was made popular by the English singer David Bowie in the 80s.

    Nowadays this androgynous haircut is popular because of its stylish simplicity and aesthetic beauty.

    24. The Cool Mullet

    The Cool Mullet

    This mullet haircut comes in different shapes and sizes. This mullet is versatile in its design which makes it an ideal combo for a quiff and a pompadour.

    This androgynous haircut is quite popular nowadays.

    25. The Mullet Fade

    The Mullet Fade

    This is the most popular modern variation of the mullet haircut. This hairstyle includes a short back and sides fade that make it stand out.

    It also allows you to add some versatility and style to your haircut.

    26. The Undercut Mullet

    The Undercut Mullet

    This mullet haircut is a fresh and unique hairstyle. It usually involves smooth buzzed sides that help give your hair a clean look.

    27. The Short Hair Mullet

    The Short Hair Mullet

    This mullet haircut is popular with men nowadays because it is easy to maintain. You can also easily style this particular mullet as it does not require any major cuts or trims.

    This androgynous haircut can also be paired up with other styles to create a trendy look.

    28. The Mohawk Mullet

    The Mohawk Mullet

    The Mohawk mullet is a classic pairing as it helps compliment your hair. It is an androgynous haircut that is ideal for you if you have long hair.

    This is the simplest and most stylish way in which you can style your long hair.

    29. The Fashion Mullet

    The Fashion Mullet

    A fashion mullet is a trendier take on the mullet haircut. This is a professional hairstyle for men that normally involves a high skin fade for a daring look.

    It is also paired with different hair colors to make the finished look more fashionable.

    30. The Straight Hair Mullet

    The Straight Hair Mullet

    This mullet haircut is ideal for people who have straight hair. This androgynous haircut is a perfect choice because it allows to you style your hair in a way that complements it.

    You can properly style the front where you can use wax to add some volume to the final look.

    31. Thick Hair Mullet

    Thick Hair Mullet

    Thick hair gives you a lot of options in terms of styles. The mullet haircut works well with thick hair normally focused on the back hair.

    The front hair is usually styled and in a variety of ways including a quiff.

    32. The Permed Mullet

    The Permed Mullet

    The permed mullet pairs up two classic hair trends from the 80s. This look works best with curly hair and can be enhanced using layering and texturizing.

    33. The Bleached Mullet

    The Bleached Mullet

    The bleached hair look helps you create a bold and stylish look when paired with a mullet haircut. This prom curly hairstyle for men can add a rock vibe to your hair.

    However, this hairstyle requires a lot of care and maintenance to make it look the best it can.

    34. The Faux Hawk Mullet

    The Faux Hawk Mullet

    The faux hawk mullet is created with a short back and sides fade. This mullet haircut is a perfect hairstyle for people who consider the traditional Mohawk to be an extreme look.

    This hairstyle helps you create a similar style without the shaved sides.

    35. Mullet with Bangs

    Mullet with Bangs

    Bangs add a futuristic style and feel to the traditional mullet haircut.

    In this androgynous haircut, the front and the back are completely disconnected which adds some uniqueness to it.

    You can also get this hairstyle with straight, blow-dried, or curtain bangs which give you more stylistic choices.

    36. Spiky Mullet

    Spiky Mullet

    This mullet haircut looks best if paired with short or medium-length hair. The hair at the top is kept short while the back hair is long.

    You can also use wax or styling products to spike up your mullet and complete the look.

    37. Mullet And Beard Combo

    Mullet And Beard Combo

    A short or medium-length mullet can make a great combination with a beard. Similar to the spiky mullet, the back hair is kept long which adds more style to the end look.

    38. Mullet And Mustache Combo

    Mullet And Mustache Combo

    This mullet haircut was made popular in the 70s. This is a prom curly hairstyle that adds a unique masculine touch to your overall look.

    39. The Euro Mullet

    The Euro Mullet

    The European mullet is a combination of a side fade and a faux hawk. This androgynous haircut gives your hair a soft and polished look and can work with any hair type.

    40. Feathered Mullet

    Feathered Mullet

    The feathered mullet is a classic mullet haircut that was around in the 80s. This particular androgynous hair is still popular nowadays and adds some style, volume, and height to your hair.

    41. Kids Mullet

    Kids Mullet

    The mullet haircut is not only limited to men and women. It is also a hairstyle that can look cute on kids if done properly.

    The kids’ hairstyles is a simple short back and sides fade haircut. It is becoming more and more popular with kids all over the world.

    42. The Kentucky Waterfall

    The Kentucky Waterfall

    The Kentucky waterfall is a unique take on the traditional mullet haircut.

    This is typically a shaved side haircut with long hair at the top and back. It gives your hair an elegant and free-flowing finish.

    43. Mullet With Tips

    Mullet With Tips

    This look was made popular in the 90s. A mullet haircut of this type usually includes shaved sides.

    It also consists of long neck hair that is rounded off with frosted tips to add some uniqueness to your look.

    44. The Baseball Mullet

    The Baseball Mullet

    This mullet haircut is called the baseball mullet because the shape of the final cut resembles a baseball helmet.

    It is a popular wavy hairstyle for men and is perfect for men with curly hair.

    45. The Temp Fade Mullet

    The Temp Fade Mullet

    This is a popular mullet haircut for people who have long straight hair. This androgynous haircut is similar to a classic fade mullet with one key difference.

    This difference is that in this haircut the sides are neatly trimmed instead of being completely shaved.

    46. Wide Mohawk With Temple Fade

    Wide Mohawk With Temple Fade

    This is another variation of the Mohawk mullet haircut combo. In this shaved side haircut, the Mohawk is widespread as compared to the traditional look.

    The fade is only applied to the sides to round off the look.

    47. Retro Pomp With Mullet

    Retro Pomp With Mullet

    The mullet is one of the most versatile hairstyles in the world today. You can pair it up with several styles to add some uniqueness to it.

    The mullet and pompadour combo helps create a new style that helps your hair stand out.

    48. Rockabilly Mullet

    Rockabilly Mullet

    This mullet haircut is very unique and is considered an acquired taste. This is a popular prom curly hairstyle that combines various features to complete the look.

    These features include a swept pomp, crowns, and a flowing wavy mullet.

    49. Messy Pomp Fade Mullet

    Messy Pomp Fade Mullet

    Fades can be low, medium, or high depending on your stylistic needs. This particular mullet haircut involves a pomp fade, combined with a neckline mullet.

    It is also a shaved side haircut that adds a level of detail to your hair.

    50. Pomp Hawk Mullet

    Pomp Hawk Mullet

    This mullet haircut is unique in terms of styling and appearance. This androgynous haircut involves a combination of a wide pompadour with a burst fade.

    This unique combo helps create a Mohawk at the back and can add some texture and volume to your hair.

    51.  Baby Bangs Mullet

    Baby Bangs Mullet

    This is a vintage look that was popular in the 90s. This side-shaved haircut also includes a long mullet at the back which adds to the appeal of the look.

    52. A Crop And Flow Combo

    A Crop And Flow Combo

    This mullet haircut also involves two individual hairstyles. This androgynous haircut usually consists of a trendy crop, combined with a traditional flow haircut.

    This adds some shape and volume to the mullet.

    53. Hockey Hair And Mullet

    Hockey Hair And Mullet

    This is a retro haircut that has recently become popular among men and women. This short back and sides fade haircut normally include completely faded sideburns.

    This combined with sleek back hair gives your hairstyle some personality.

    54. Choppy Mullet

    Choppy Mullet

    The choppy mullet haircut has become popular in recent times. This androgynous haircut is stylistically simple and is also easy to maintain.

    These factors make it a popular haircut that also adds a rough finish to your hair.

    55. Flat Top Flow Mullet

    Flat Top Flow Mullet

    The flat top is a retro hairstyle that has recently regained its popularity. This over 60 hairstyle combines the flat top with the mullet to create a unique combination.

    This particular style is popular in both men and women and can work with every hair type.

    56. Flat Top Fade Mullet

    Flat Top Fade Mullet

    This is another variation of the flap top look but it is not as well known. This mullet haircut combines the flat top with a fade.

    This side-shaved haircut gives your hair a neat and clean look.

    57. Jagged Mullet

    Jagged Mullet

    The mullet haircut gives you the advantage that you can style it any way you want. This proves true in the case of the jagged mullet.

    You can combine this mullet with pointed edges or spikes. You can also do it with hair of different lengths to give your hair that distinct finished look.

    58. French Crop Mullet

    French Crop Mullet

    The French crop is a modern take on the classic mullet haircut. This look is unique and distinct and is popular in people with short or medium-length hair.

    This side-shaved haircut includes a long mullet at the back and trimmed top and sides. This haircut is perfect for wavy or curly hair.

    59. Afro Mullet

    Afro Mullet

    The afro mullet is ideal for people who have thick hair. This mullet haircut works perfectly with short hair and it includes the same length of hair at both the top and back.

    60. Blown Out Flow

    Blown Out Flow

    The blown-out flow is an ideal mullet haircut for people with long hair. It is also a good style choice if you are getting a mullet for the first time.

    This style gives your hair a shaggy look which adds to its style and elegance.

    61. Surfer Mullet

    Surfer Mullet

    The surfer mullet originated in Australia. In recent times, this side shaved look has become popular all over the world.

    It includes a long mullet at the back with short top hair and clean sides.

    62. Shaggy Mullet

    Shaggy Mullet

    The traditional mullet haircut consists of hair disconnected from the top and bottom.

    This androgynous haircut relies on multiple layers to frame the face. This style has a unique charm about it and is a call-back to the 70s era.

    63. Pat Sharp’s Mullet

    Pat Sharp’s Mullet

    64. The Bogan Style

    Bogan Style

    65. Punk Mullet

    Punk Mullet

    66. Mullet with Line Up

    Mullet with Line Up

    67. 80s Mullet

    80s Mullet

    68. Skin Fade Mullet

    Skin Fade Mullet

    69. Half Up Half Down Mullet

    Half Up Half Down Mullet

    70. Asymmetrical Fringe with Fade Mullet

    Asymmetrical Fringe with Fade Mullet

    71. Flat Top Mullet

    Flat Top Mullet

    72. Long Mullet with Hair Design

    Long Mullet with Hair Design

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