Blonde hairstyles for men are considered hot and sexy throughout the world. Though the associated maintenance and care are high, they are ideal to impart super-cool dude personalities to those rocking them.

    If you are lucky enough to be a natural blonde then all you have to do is choose an appropriate hairdo according to your face shape and hair texture.

    But if you are thinking of lightening your dark tresses then no need to worry as there are as many shades of blonde to select from as there are hairstyles to consider.

    Go through the following list to get a little inspiration!

    Blonde Hairstyles for Men

    From short blonde haircuts to long hairstyles you are sure to find a bit of everything here.

    1. Blonde Pompadour

    Blonde Pompadour-Blonde Hairstyles for Men

    Office-going guys can opt for a professional appeal by styling their long tops into a sleek pompadour using some pomade, a round brush, and a hair dryer. The sides and back are neatly clipped keeping all the focus on the coif.

    2. Messy Surfer Look

    Messy Surfer Look-Blonde Hairstyles for Men

    Keep it effortlessly sexy by getting some highlights on a dark blonde base. Tousle the strands around while using a hefty amount of gel to maintain a wet surfer look the entire day.

    3. Long Top with Disconnected Undercut

    Long Top with Disconnected Undercut-Blonde Hairstyles for Men

    This blonde hairstyle for men is sure to make you stand out. The sides are buzzed and kept natural to contrast against an extra-long top that is painted in a light blonde tinge. Sweep the strands on one side and done.

    4. French Crop

    French Crop-Blonde Hairstyles for Men

    A French crop is defined by a textured short top accompanied by cropped curtain bangs that look a bit choppy while dangling on the forehead. Dye the entire mane or opt for just a hint instead.

    5. Bleached Hair for Men

    Bleached Hair for Men-Blonde Hairstyles for Men

    Bleached hair has been rocked by many celebrities including Zac Efron and Justin Bieber. Lighten down a buzz cut at home or get a bleached quiff that contrasts against the dark sides and back.

    6. Romantic Curtain Cut

    Romantic Curtain Cut-Blonde Hairstyles for Men

    Another men’s blonde haircut to make the ladies swoon all over you. It features middle parted bangs that fall on both sides of the face just like curtains. Opt for a short, medium, or long hair length with some layers.

    7. Angular Fringe

    Angular Fringe-Blonde Hairstyles for Men

    A bold hair color coupled with a bold haircut is ideal for those who want to express their funky personality. The fringe is cut to point like an arrow toward the face while the remaining hair tapers from the top toward the sides.

    8. Sleek Comb Over

    Sleek Comb Over-Blonde Hairstyles for Men

    Look like a gentleman by asking for a high fade with a hard part. Comb over the strands towards one side and finish off the look with a rugged beard and mustaches.

    9. Extra Long Hair with Highlights

    Extra Long Hair with Highlights

    Rock blonde tresses even better than women by letting them grow to reach the shoulders and shaping them with some layers. Add delicate streaks of any shade of blonde you like all over the head.

    10. Blonde Man Bun

    Blonde Man Bun-Blonde Hairstyles for Men

    Talking about long locks and blonde hairstyles for men, skip highlights or give them a try with a fresh blonde base shade. Choose a warm golden tone and show off your new hair color with a chic man bun at the back. Sexy!

    11. Curly Bowl Cut

    Curly Bowl Cut

    Men with naturally curly hair can flaunt it with confidence by getting a choppy bowl haircut. The bangs at the front extend straight across the back with an undercut creating a mushroom head-like appeal.

    12. Platinum Mohawk

    Platinum Mohawk

    Platinum blonde hair has been in full swing this year. Dye the hair in this frosty tinge limiting to the long top only sparing the sides where the strands are spiked up in the center resulting in a stunning mohawk.

    13. Funky Dreadlocks

    Funky Dreadlocks

    Ever thought about dreads? If not then have a look at these medium blonde chunks adorned with beads and hair cuffs giving off some strong Viking vibes. You can also rock shorter ones with highlighted tips only.

    14. Dark Roots

    Dark Roots

    An added benefit of blonde hairstyles for men is that emerging dark roots are not considered a problem anymore making them easy to maintain. Lighten the tresses and wait for some weeks to achieve a flawless natural dichromatic look.

    15. Dyed Top

    Dyed Top

    Whether you are sporting a usual pompadour, mohawk, or any other hairdo, spice it up a bit by dying the top portion only. This ashy blonde top styled into a subtle brush-up is worth a shot too.

    16. Brushed Back Waves

    Brushed Back Waves

    Blessed with a head full of wavy strands? Grow them out and brush them back with or without a disconnected pixie undercut. Set them on fire by getting multi-tonal highlights featuring more than one shade of blonde.

    17. Ivy League Hairdo

    Ivy League Hairdo

    The Ivy League haircut suits all face shapes and is the go-to hairdo for many men including several celebrities. It is defined by a longer front that can be styled sideward with a significantly shorter crown area and sides.

    18. Blonde Shag Haircut for Men

    Blonde Shag Haircut for Men

    Shags are more like outgrown bowl cuts that are ideal to take off excess bulk from thick tresses and add volume to a thin mane with uneven layers. Choose a sunflower blonde tone if you are not a natural blonde and you’ll love it.

    19. Textured Hair

    Textured Hair

    What are men’s haircuts without some texture? Ask the barber for a full-textured top with a temple fade along the sides. Avoid a boyish look by growing out a thick beard and handlebar mustaches.

    20. Modern Mullet

    Modern Mullet

    This blonde hairstyle for men is definitely not for the weak-hearted. The sides are kept the shortest with a slightly longer top and bangs while the maximum length appears at the back. Dye the back portion blonde, keeping the remaining dark.

    21. Cute Bangs

    Cute Bangs

    Who rocks bangs better than Asian boys? Get those blunt or wispy ones with a top that is similar in length and brush all the strands forward with a comb. Choose a dirty blonde shade or a cool platinum one to complete the look.

    22. Simple Side Part

    Simple Side Part

    Take away attention from a receding hairline by side-parting the strands and brushing them neatly creating a subtle puff at the front. This style looks universally flattering on all men whether naturally blonde or not.

    23. Buzz Cut

    Buzz Cut

    Avoid styling your hair at all with a punk buzz cut that can be achieved at home with the right clipper. Now choose any shade of blonde and paint your entire head. Take a step ahead and lighten those brows too!

    24. Blonde Spikes

    Blonde Spikes

    Another blonde hairstyle for men that never gets old. Whatever the length it is never impossible to create some spikes. Amp up the style by dying the tips in a slightly different tone and get ready to be amazed by the result.

    25. Frosted Look

    Frosted Look

    Those who find platinum blonde too pale can experiment with a relatively warm pearl to milky blonde hair color. Pair it with a swooped top or a French crop and keep it messy for a rugged appeal.

    26. Crew Haircut

    Crew Haircut

    Crew cuts make the best easy-maintenance blonde haircuts for men. These hairdos have longer strands at the front that shorten towards the crown of the head. Style the front in tiny pomp or brush down the strands on the forehead.

    27. Cool Side Design

    Cool Side Design blode men

    Whatever hairstyle you try, a cool side design never disappoints and will make your blonde tresses stand out. Get an elaborate design carved out or opt for some slits instead. A slit or two on one brow looks striking too.

    28. Two-Toned Hairstyle

    Two-Toned Hairstyle

    There are various ways to create a two-toned look. Bleach the hair keeping the beard natural, lighten the top while sparing the sides, or get some color blocking instead.

    29. Flat Top

    Flat Top

    Flat tops work well for men with straight hair or kinky afro fluff. The precision is achieved with a pair of good clippers and a steady hand of course. While styling, just brush up all the strands with a fade along the sides.

    30. Dirty Blonde Hair with Fade

    Dirty Blonde Hair with Fade

    Dirty blonde appears on the darker side of the color spectrum and has some brown undertones making it ideal for those who are just stepping into the world of blonde hair. Don’t forget to get a clean fade too.

    31. Blonde Afro Curls

    Blonde Afro Curls

    Blonde afros look exceptional without a doubt as they contrast sharply against dark skin tones. Dye the entire head, get highlights or lighten the tips only. Whatever you like!

    32. Military Vibes

    Military Vibes

    Blonde hairstyles for military men include faded buzz cuts, crew cuts, and short quiffs that can be styled with a flick. Turn them blonde and you are sure to get noticed from a distance.

    33. Ponytail for Men

    Ponytail for Men

    Guys with long to medium tresses are considered romantic and handsome. Flaunt those blonde locks with a low or high ponytail. You can also create an easy loop bun for a change.

    34. The Bro Flow

    Bro flow haircuts are easy-going hairstyles that can be worn however you like without interfering much with the natural hair shape. Brush back all the strands away from the eyes and that’s it.

    35. Layered Mop Top

    Layered Mop Top

    Modern mop tops of today are a combination of shags and mushroom cuts. Throw in some texture with a light blonde hair shade. Work in some hair gel and voila!

    Do You Want To Go Blonde?

    If you have decided to go blonde then it is time to decide which tone you would prefer to rock. From golden blonde and caramel blonde to ashy hues and frosted shades there are so many options to choose from. Just keep in mind your skin tone, lifestyle, budget, and haircut, and discuss it with your hairstylist to avoid an unflattering outcome.

    We hope the blonde hairstyles for men mentioned above will encourage you to go blonde this year. There is nothing wrong with experimenting with a lighter hair shade as long as it suits you. So what’s the waiting for? Choose your favorite look and show it to the barber!

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