Are you a poodle lover searching for the perfect haircut for your furry friend? Look no further! This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide to different poodle haircuts. From the classic continental cut to the trendy urban cut, we’ve got you covered.

    Read on to discover the best poodle haircuts and why they’re perfect for your furry friend. Short answer: Get ready to become a poodle styling pro!


    What is a poodle haircut?

    A poodle haircut is a specific grooming style for poodles that involves clipping the hair in certain areas and leaving it longer in others to create various shapes and styles.

    What is the best haircut for a poodle?

    The best haircut for a poodle depends on the owner’s preference, but the Continental Cut is a popular choice for show dogs, while the Puppy Cut is a popular choice for pets.

    What is the easiest poodle cut to maintain?

    The easiest poodle cut to maintain is the Puppy Cut, which is a short, all-over clip that requires minimal grooming.

    What is a traditional poodle cut for?

    A traditional poodle cut is used for show dogs and involves specific grooming styles, such as the Continental Cut, to emphasize the poodle’s regal appearance and elegance.

    Here You Go With Best Poodle Haircuts

    The Poodle’s Winter Coat

    Poodle's Winter

    The Poodle has good hair growth, but sometimes their hair growth reduces. They find it difficult to tolerate winters because their hair does not re-grow after a summer haircut.

    In this situation, some pet owners look for a poodle coat in winter to give their pets warmth and insulation. Various Poodle’s coats can be of wool, linen, cotton or many other fibres. They look super cute and provide a great deal to keep your pets warm and calm. Along with coats or sweaters, there are also little Poodle’s caps to cover their heads and ears.

    The Poodle’s Summer Haircut

    Poodle's Summer Haircut-

    This might be confusing for some people whether they should give a summer haircut to their poodle or not. As poodle breed already has a single layer of hair that is not very dense to trim. Summer haircuts, however, keep the hair length within half an inch.

    So on hot summer days, giving a summer cut to your poodle actually relax and give some extra luxuries to your pets. To maintain the sleek and comfortable look of your poodle’s summer cut, it’s important to regularly use a brush poodle for its short hair and remove any tangles or mats. It also lets you enjoy that your poodle has a summer haircut that looks cool and comfortable. The summer haircut for poodles has short hair throughout his body.

    The Poodle’s Lion Cut

    The Poodle's Lion Cut-

    The most elegant hairstyle for poodles is the lion cut. Don’t be afraid with the time it takes. It is that haircut that should try to make your poodle super cute and lovely. It will completely transform your poodle’s look and make everyone crazy in love with your pet.

    Lion cut hairstyles can be seen in dog shows and dog competitions. In this hairstyle style, you can see the dog’s limbs are hairless, whereas right above the paws, there are hairballs. However, almost the front entire portion and the tail is fully covered with silky smooth hair.

    The Poodle’s Feathered Haircut

    The Poodle's Feathered Haircut-

    This poodle’s hairstyle is probably one of the most fashionable and sophisticated out of all the styles. You can give your poodle this fluffier or feathered look by making their hair look curly and short. However, it would be best if you asked a special dog hairstylist to help you.

    Feathered hairstyle for poodles should have all the body hair of equal but short lengthed. Moreover, the hair length should not be less than half an inch. With feathered hairstyles, most poodles look like teddy bears, making them very cute and lovable. Try it at least once!

    The Poodle’s Topknots

    The Poodle's Topknots- poodle haircuts

    Top knots for poodles are the trendy styles of 2021. Give your poodle two side ponytails or top knots. You can give this cut to your female poodle to make them look girly, cute and affectionate.

    Basically, these top knots are not the hairstyle. It is the haircut that looks like that poodle has two two side ponytails. Their head will look like having two ponytails with long hairy ears that you can accessorize with coloured ribbons and bands.

    The Plush Toy Poodle Cuts

    The Plush Toy Poodle Cuts

    Plush toys are soft and stuffed animal toys. Giving your poodle a plush toy haircut will make it look like a little hairy bear. This type of hair cuts is loved by little boys who are plush toy lovers.

    Poodles have soft hair and are easy to dress up as plush toys. Ensure that all hair on your pet’s body is about the same length but not more than one or one and a half inches. With just this, you’re all done!

    Poodle’s Long Royal Tail

    Poodle's Long Royal Tail

    There is something special about how a poodle’s tail looks. To improve the appearance of your pet’s tail, the hair must be very long. The long hair of tails will allow you to have countless options for styling your poodle’s tail.

    To give a more attractive look to your pet can be achieved by making the tail hair long and body hair small. As a result, your pet will be more attractive from this asymmetric look. However, you can also go for other long tails styling options.

    Poodle’s Lion’s Mane Cut

    Poodle's Lion's Mane Cut- poodle haircuts

    The lion is a sign and symbol of courage and bravery. Giving your poodle a lion’s mane haircut is a good idea. It is one of the most authentic haircut for poodles that can make them to look unique.

    Poodle haircuts can also be creatively approached by creating a mane. The dog’s mane will need to be shaped by a professional groomer so that the hair grows about three inches long. Then he will make up the hair to give the shape of a lion’s mane to your pet.

    The Poodle’s Curly Hairs

    The Poodle's Curly Hairs-poodle-haircuts

    The curly hair on Poodles looks fantastic and super cute. Curly hair is almost universal among purebred poodles. As a puppy, a poodle has straight hair that develops into curls after three years of maturity. Curly hair always needs long hair to make beautiful spirals.

    You can also make your poodle’s straight hair to curly. It is easy and simple. Do not comb their hair after bathing them, as their hair will become curly after drying. One important thing to consider is not to cut your poodle’s hair short if you want to make their hair look curly.

    Poodle’s Styled Face Haircut

    Poodle's Styled Face Haircut-poodle-haircuts

    You can make countless styles by trying different haircuts on poodles’ faces. Giving your pet a poodle-styled haircut is the most fancy poodle way to give them a handsome look. You don’t need to be a professional to do it, as it is not so difficult.

    Make a sharp contrast between the hair on the face and the hair on the body. In a very neat and decent manner, you can style the face hair shortly trimmed with long hair of ears. Moreover, you can also try the opposite scenario by giving the face and body hair short with long ear hairs.

    The Poodle Puppy Cut

    The Poodle Puppy Cut-poodle-haircuts

    Poodle owners also choose this cut as a popular choice. This haircut typically has a hair length of about 1 to 2 inches throughout. Besides looking good and heavy, it is also highly adjustable.

    All you have to do to give this haircut to your poodle is to make the face hair shorter than the body’s hair. Usually, this cut is puppies signature haircut, so your poodle will also look like a cute small puppy. It would be wise for you to have a professional to adjust your poodle’s hair accordingly.

    The Poodle’s Hairy Paws

    The Poodle's Hairy Paws-poodle-haircuts

    When was the last time you saw a poodle with short trimmed body hair and fluffy paws? Yes, it looked absolutely unique and beautiful. Do you want a try this?

    For giving your poodle hairy paws, all you need is to grow the paws hair long. After this, nicely and neatly trim the paws hair to make the round look. Also, trim the body hair but short to make paws hair more prominent. With short body hair, you can contrast the ear hair long and fluffy. Let your poodle relish its new hairstyle.

    Poodle’s Half Hairy Cut

    Poodle's Half Hairy Cut-poodle-haircuts

    The half hairy and half trimmed body is something extraordinarily unique and striking poodle hair cut. It is hard to saw such pets with this haircut as it is somehow tricky to achieve.

    In this hair cut, the half body of the poodle is covered with heavy long hair that gives a fluffy look; however, the back hair and limbs are completely trimmed. You can make the tail and lower portion of the legs look fluffy by not trimming the hair of that portions. Always hire a professional to give your pet a beautiful and neat half hairy poodle cut.

    Poodle’s Princess Haircut Style

    Poodle's Princess Haircut Style-poodle-haircuts

    The princess cut is an excellent choice for female poodle owners who wants a cute and manageable haircut. This style will give your dog a more feminine look with sidelong ear hair.

    In a simple princess haircut, the top front portion, i.e. head and ear, are left long enough to give the illusion of a human hairstyle. To make the tail look more interesting, you can also leave some hair at the end of the tale to look fuzzy. However, you can leave the body hair short and curly.

    Poodle’s Even Classy Haircut

    Poodle's Even Classy Haircut

    Are you looking for a simple yet classy poodle haircut and are not finding any satisfied one? Here is the most simple poodle cut out of all the haircuts.

    All you have to do is to trim all the body hair short. The trimming of hair should be done evenly. In contrast, the ear hair should be left long and fluffy. This will make the ear look centre of attraction point, and the body looks plain and classy. The body hair length can vary from one to two inches, whereas the ear hair can be three to four inches.

    Poodle with A Mohawk Haircut

    Poodle with A Mohawk Haircut

    If you want to give your poodle a masculine look, you can give it a Mohawk haircut. A tiny Mohawk can run from the spine down to the collar. Somehow this Mohawk also gives a robust look to your poodle.

    Poodle’s Long Hairy Ears

    Poodle's Long Hairy Ears

    The ears of poodles can be styled differently to make them look more unique and attractive. Here is another different haircut for your poodle pet. You can easily achieve this wonderful haircut and must try it at least once.

    All you need is to grow your poodles’ hair of ear portion long. Keep the other body hair short so that they can make a clear difference and asymmetrical look. You can style the hair straight long, or straight curl, completely upto your choice. Moreover, keep the hair look clean and groomed.

    Teddy Bear Poodle Cut

    Teddy Bear Poodle Cut

    Want to make your poodle look like a teddy bear? Yes! That’s an excellent choice for sure. All you have to do is let the hair of your poodle grow to more than two inches.

    Now its a time to slightly trimming them. Trim the body hair to give a more neat and clean look. However, try to keep the legs hair somehow a little longer than the body. The longer legs hair will give your poodle a bear-like appearance. The tail and top head hair should also be long and fluffy.

    Poodle’s Hairy Body

    Poodle's Hairy Body

    Poodles with hairy bodies make your pet look more lovable and trustworthy. Your pet will feel your love and affection as you pass your fingers through their long body hair.

    The poodle’s hairy body style needs to grow the ear and body hair long enough. They should be more than two and a half inches. However, you can keep the face hair short. You can easily trim the facial hair to half an inch. Let’s grow your poodle pet’s hair for a lovely little look.

    Poodle’s Round Hairy Nose


    The round hairy nose is one of the most cutest poodle haircuts. In this haircut, the hair on the side of the nose is trimmed in a round circular form. It gives a cupcake a look and looks super cute on baby poodles pets.

    With a round hairy nose, you can go with a shortly trimmed body and full fluffy ear. Just try to make a strong contrasting look, and here your pet is good to go with a unique look.

    Poodle’s Hairy Legs

    Poodle's Hairy Legs

    You can give many beautiful haircuts by changing and trimming the hair length of your poodle. The long hairy, and fluffy legs of poodles look too cute.

    For making hairy legs, just let the hair grow to about two to three inches long. Now cut the body hair short and let the hair of legs long. It will look as if your poodle is wearing fluffy pants. The ears should also be kept long to give the pet a more appealing look.

    Poodle’s Naked Neck

    Poodle's Naked Neck

    In this haircut style, you have to trim the long hair of your poodle from the neck. The neck portion is usually left hairless and the face too. In contrast, the body and tale are fully covered with long fluffy hair.

    The hairless portion of the poodle has the highest allergy risk since its skin is sensitive. Due to this, you must provide special attention and care to your pet. However, it’s the best idea to leave some short hair on the neck portion of your pet.

    Poodle’s Corded Body Hair

    Poodle's Corded Body Hair

    This haircut consists of dreadlocks styles on the body of poodles. There are many dog shows where these different types of poodles corded hair can be seen. It gives them a fabulous look, but it is somehow difficult to achieve.

    These corded coats are difficult to make at home, so you must go to a professional. However, you also need to take special care of the cords. You can also make these cords on the hair of the lower legs.

    Poodle’s Bob Style

    Poodle's Bob Style

    Giving your poodle a bob cut is something you can have fun with. It will give them a more notable and human-like appearance. It also looks like small side ponytails with a top bob.

    Please don’t be worried about having a bob haircuts style because they are super easy. All you need is to grow the top hair long enough to blend in with the long side ear hair. Thus the top hair will look like a bob, and here you have done with the bob style to your poodle.

    Poodle’s Winter Cut

    Poodle's Winter Cut- poodle-haircuts

    There is always something fun about going for a short walk with your pet in the cold winter evenings. But for this, you should prepare your poodle to bear such cold weather.

    Poodles have a great deal of insulating power due to their hair. Long hair helps them to stay warm all the winters. So for a poodle’s winter hair, your need to check if your poodle has a good hair length throughout the body. You can make all the body hair even and face hair somehow long.

    Poodle’s Tale Variation Styles

    Poodle's Tale Variation Styles- poodle-haircuts

    The hair growth of poodles is relatively faster than other animals. In other words, when it comes to tale haircut ideas, you have many different options to adopt, so if you do not have them, you are missing out on many different styles that you can adopt.

    Here is one of the best poodle tale haircut styles. It can be somehow tricky to achieve it at home by yourself, so you can go to a professional and ask him to make such good tale variations using aesthetics.

    Royal Dutch Cut

    Royal Dutch Cut

    The Royal Dutch cut is a regal hairstyle that highlights the Poodle’s elegance. This style features a shaved face, feet, and base of the tail, with long hair left on the legs and a pompom at the end of the tail. The topknot is kept long and styled into a bun, adding to the majestic look of the Poodle.

    Dutch Cut

    Dutch Cut

    The Dutch cut is a practical and low-maintenance style that suits active Poodles. This cut is characterized by a short, clipped coat all over the body, with a longer topknot and a shaved face, feet, and base of the tail. This cut is ideal for Poodles who enjoy spending time outdoors and are always on the go.

    Cupcake Poodle Cut

    Cupcake Poodle Cut

    The Cupcake cut is a playful and whimsical style that transforms the Poodle’s coat into fluffy, cupcake-like shapes. This cut features a short, clipped body, with longer hair left on the legs and a full pompom at the end of the tail. The topknot is styled into a round, fluffy shape, resembling a cupcake.

    Modern Poodle Cut

    The Modern cut is a versatile and stylish cut that is popular among Poodle owners. This cut features a short, clipped body, with longer hair left on the legs and a full pompom at the end of the tail. The topknot is styled into a modern, asymmetrical shape, giving the Poodle a chic and edgy look.

    Urban Poodle Cut

    Urban Poodle Cut

    The Urban cut is a trendy and fashion-forward style that is perfect for city-dwelling Poodles. This cut features a short, clipped body, with longer hair left on the legs and a full pompom at the end of the tail. The topknot is styled into a sleek and sophisticated shape, reflecting the Poodle’s urban lifestyle.

    Bob Style Poodle Cut

    Bob Style Poodle Cut

    The Bob cut is a cute and playful cut that highlights the Poodle’s adorable features. This cut features a short, clipped body, with longer hair left on the legs and a full pompom at the end of the tail. The topknot is styled into a round, fluffy shape, resembling a bob haircut.

    Fifth Avenue Poodle Cut

    Fifth Avenue Poodle Cut

    The Fifth Avenue cut is a glamorous and sophisticated style that is perfect for Poodles with a refined taste. This cut features a short, clipped body, with longer hair left on the legs and a full pompom at the end of the tail. The topknot is styled into a high, elegant shape, reflecting the Poodle’s Fifth Avenue lifestyle.

    Poodle Jacket and Pants Cut

    Poodle Jacket and Pants Cut

    The Jacket and Pants cut is a unique and fun style that transforms the Poodle’s coat into a jacket and pants. This cut features a short, clipped body, with longer hair left on the legs and a full pompom at the end of the tail. The topknot is styled into a fluffy.

    Final Words

    The idea of trying different haircuts is good for poodle grooming. It helps in a way to come up with the most loveable poodle haircuts. But always consider the climate and temperature before considering any poodle haircut.

    Additionally, It is always advised to go with long haircuts in winters and short haircuts in summers. All the poodle haircuts mentioned above are super cool and unique, and your poodle will surely enjoy them. You can also combine two poodle haircuts and make one new look out of them. If you give them to your poodle correctly, the results will be good.

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