Although once famous only among rock bands, the long hairstyles for men have started gaining popularity. Just as you want the best haircuts for your little boy, it’s essential to remain up to date with hairstyles for yourself as well.

    Long hairstyles for men appear best with a variety of outfits. Whether you like to leave them flowing at the back or tie them in buns, you can try out many different styles. Today, we will discuss 12 trending long hairstyles for men and the best ways to pull them off.

    Top Long Hairstyles for Men

    If you love long hair, you can follow plenty of new long hairstyles for men. The hair’s length would depend on your preference and the style you want to follow. We have plenty of types, from medium-sized hair that only scrapes the shoulders to long hair reaching the back.

    Moreover, you can style your long hair in various ways. While many prefer to wear them straight and sleek and pulled to the back, nearly parted long hair isn’t bad either. However, with so many fabulous long hairstyles for men to choose from, the decision could be difficult. But don’t worry, we bring the twelve best professional long hairstyles male in fashion right now to help you choose the one you like most.

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    1. Slick Back

    Slick Back- long hairstyles for men

    First in our long hairstyles for men list is the slick back – an absolute favourite of most men. It’s an alternative to tied-up long hair and works suitably with various outfits. The slick back remains one of the low-maintenance men’s haircuts in fashion today.

    The idea is to pull the hair back and let them freely flow. The hair’s length depends on your preference, but the hairstyle appears eye-catching when maintained up to the shoulders. The slick back is versatile, and you can style it with both formal and casual outfits. Not a fan of free-flowing hair? Grab a pony or tie them up in a bun for a unique look.

    2. Ponytail

    Ponytail- long hairstyles for men

    A worthy competitor of the slick back hairstyle is the conventional ponytail. This one from our men’s long hairstyles collection is for males who work outdoors and find it challenging to maintain their long hair. For better hair care you can use products like these top-rated hair paste.

    Like the slick back, the ponytail from our long hairstyles for men list is also very versatile. It gives the wearer a decent look in formal suites and a classy appearance in casual outfits. The unique trick is to pull the hair back tightly and secure them in a ponytail.

    A serum drop in the hair gives them the required shininess. For a different touch, consider leaving a few strands at the front to fall on your face. Alternatively, you can tuck the loose hair behind the ears for a daring look.

    3. Man Bun

    Man Bun- long hairstyles for men

    The next in our long hairstyles for men collection is a variant to the ponytail. Preferable by outdoor working men, the Man Bun is the hairstyle that goes with any outfit. Moreover, it is customizable compared to other hairstyles. According to your hair size and the face built, you can change the bun to best suit your character.

    You can wear your bun in various styles. Depending on your hair length, you can position the bun high or low. However, a wise practice is to wear the bun just below the head’s crown.

    Leave a couple of curling strands at the nape to give the style a smooth ending. Another neat trick is to disturb the bun slightly by combing; it will provide a loose and messy appearance.

    4. Parted Long Hair

    Parted Long Hair - long hairstyles for men

    Do you love free-flowing hair but do not find the slick back attractive? Then this one from our long hairstyles for men list might be your next favourite thing. You can try different positions to part the hair, but the center-parted hairstyle is most famous.

    This hairstyle is relatively easy to pull off. After taking a bath, use a fine-toothed comb to divert the hair symmetrically from the middle. Afterward, run a serum drop through your hair to give it more character and shininess. If you’re not a fan of center-parted hair, consider trying the side-part.

    However, the side part only suits people with textured hair and delicate features. Depending on your face build, side part the hair either left or right and tuck both the sides behind your ear. Use the texturing spray at the hair’s root and wax near the forehead for a dense appeal.

    5. Loose Bun

    Loose Bun

    Do you feel you’re a man for both loose and tied-up hair? Then consider this long hairstyle for men. It brings the combination of free-flowing and tied-up hair dramatically. Made famous by Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, this hairstyle gets new followers daily, even today. With the jawline and neck made visible, this style is becoming a serious consideration of many.

    The concept is to let the hair flow freely at the back but grab a section from either side of the head and tie them up in a man bun. This way, the hairstyle offers both sleek loose hair and a tied-up bun. Alternatively, you can pull the top third of your hair into a knot if you’re not comfortable with a bun.

    The key is not to secure the bun or the knot too tightly and instead allow some movement. To complement the hairstyle with an outdoor-ish appearance, run some dry shampoo in the hair’s root and spray sea salt or water on the strands.

    6. Braids


    It is another classic long hairstyle – the Braids. It is for men who love to portray a daring and bold look. It not only provides a unique style, but it is also versatile and goes well with any outfit. Moreover, it is highly customizable, giving you the option to wear it the way you prefer.

    For starters, you can try forming a single big plait at the head’s back and wearing it loosely. It will give a decent and subtle feel and appear more formal in professional workplaces. Alternatively, you can try many tight braids, starting from the scalp and back to your mane, for a different dose of style.

    If you think the braids are not enough to match your personality, consider pairing the hairstyle with a ponytail or bun to add character to it.

    7. Straight Long Hair

    Straight Long Hair

    Straight hair remains one of the most famous hairstyles, even with short hair. This hairstyle brings straight hair fever to long hair.

    Long straight hair men do not represent any textures, curls, or objects. Instead, it showcases your hair’s length without any obstacles. By doing so, it helps you display a daring, bold, and eye-catching personality.

    That said, this hairstyle requires more maintenance compared to the others. As the style displays long hair without disturbance, it’s crucial to keep the ends neatly trimmed. Uneven ends would instantly spoil the hairstyle’s whole appearance. Moreover, straight long hair also demands good care.

    Maintaining your hair’s health would mean less frizz and more shine, helping you appear overall more refreshing.

    The only downside of this hairstyle is that not everyone has naturally straight hair. To tackle this, you can fake the straight hair by blow-drying and applying the serum before brushing the hair. However, ensure to use the heat-protectant spray before following the process.

    8. Curled Long Hair

    Curled Long Hair

    Not a fan of long straight hair? Then add some variation to the style and follow long wavy hair men. The Curled Long Hair offers a fashionable look. People having naturally long curly hair are the ones at an advantage here.

    You’d be better off showcasing the long curly hair if you naturally own them. The long curly hair tends to be relaxed and more casual than the others, using texture and volume as the two vital points.

    However, just like long straight hair, this hairstyle also requires considerable maintenance. To uphold the class of this hairstyle, you need to be on a constant lookout for frizz and keep the curls in superb condition. A neat trick is to avoid over-washing your hair and condition them daily.

    Moreover, dryness is this hairstyle’s bane; hence, always look to keep your hair nourished through moisture-rich hair products.

    When wet, you should always let your hair dry naturally. Using a blow dryer can lead to frizz and, in turn, damage your hair.

    Like some other hairstyles discussed above, the curled long hair is also very versatile. To match your outfit or surroundings, you can wear the hairstyle all swept back or in part.

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    9. Long Dreadlocks


    With long hair, the only limit to pulling off a sexy hairstyle is Imagination. That leads us to a niche yet an excellent pick from our long hairstyles for men list, known as Dreadlocks. This hairstyle gives a striking and unique look compared to other hairstyles.

    Therefore, not all gents have what it takes to rock this style in public. The ones who do are ready to appear confident and daring enough to portray something beyond the usual.

    Following the long dreadlock hairstyle gives plenty of options to wear it. Whether you love to have braids or twist your hair, the dreadlocks can appear equally attractive and eye-catching. Consequently, you can fashion the long dreadlocks in a variety of ways to match any event or outfit.

    However, the long dreadlocks hairstyle is relatively more time- and effort-consuming to pull off. Therefore, only commit to this hairstyle if you believe you can survive the initial stages and make it work in the long term.

    10. Bearded Long Hairstyle


    Another fabulous hairstyle for guys with long hair is Bearded Long Hair. Although long hair demonstrates a solid and bold character, pairing them with a beard can double up the charisma.

    Whether you’re looking to pull off long blonde hair men or a side-parted curly hairstyle, consider growing out a beard for a complete set.

    11. Undercut


    This one from our long hairstyles for men collection is all about the modern feel. If you think simple types of haircuts for men are boring, the undercut can help give your hair some life.

    The idea is to shave your head’s side and back and leave the long hair on the top. This hairstyle offers an exciting contrast between the shaven head and the long hair.

    Letting the long hair fall to one side gives a more casual look and pairs up nicely with relaxed outfits. However, if you’re attending a formal event, the extended hair portion tied up in a bun or ponytail would do well.

    12. Shoulder Length

    Shoulder Length

    As impressive as haircuts for men with long hair are, they can be hard to maintain. Therefore, this one from our long hairstyles for men list shortens the hair’s length only to reach the shoulders. The best part of this hairstyle is less maintenance it requires compared to long hair men.

    Keep the everyday look while also try unique styles such as the man bun. The shoulder-length hair focuses most on the natural textures instead of trying out the fake curls and twists. The style demonstrates your hair in its natural state.

    Whether they’re thick, straight, or curly, the medium-sized hair would showcase them in their original look without much effort. Moreover, unlike men with long hair, the shoulder-length haircut would vary according to your face build. Therefore, whether a side or middle part would depend entirely on what looks better on your face.

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    Final Words

    Recently, the fever of long hairstyles for men is on the rise. Once only popular within niche groups, the long hairstyles are receiving increasing followers daily. The long hairstyles for men not only give the wearer classy and daring looks, but they’re also very versatile to fit any event or outfit.

    We are sure you now know how to style long hair men. Whether you love to let the long hair flow freely at the back, form them into curls, or like to keep them at shoulder length, our 12 best ideas can help you pick your favourite.

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