So, your next haircut is going to be layers. But what styles of layers will suit you for the best long layered hair? Do you want to keep attention on your face? Or are you more focused on giving your new cut some attention?

Maybe your goal is to add some volume to your already lustrous locks. Or you can also choose to go with just flaunting their length without fussing about maintaining thick ends.

How Would You Achieve Your Goals?

This article will tell you numerous methods of getting cut for long layered hair. And once you have gotten it, it will also tell you a few ways you can change its look daily.

1. Layered Straight Hair

Layered Straight Hair

This is the easiest hairstyle for you if you have naturally straight hair. Plus, you can style this sleek look with lots of dyes and combing methods.

Even if your hair isn’t straight, you can get it in its best form occasionally to enjoy the neatness.

2. Long Layered Front With Blunt Ends

Long Layered Front With Blunt Ends

Maintain your hair’s length and volume by giving subtle layers to your front strands and give a blunt cut to all other strands.

3. Long Hair Short Layers

Long Hair Short Layers

Long layers are cool and all that. But if you want to be showy about your recent haircut to get it with short layers.

4. Layers For Thick Hair

Layers For Thick Hair

I know you love your thick mane. But this love doesn’t stop you from getting tired of spending lots of time dealing with them.

Ask for a haircut in multiple layers or choose layers with thin ends.

5. Long Layered Hair With Bangs

Long Layered Hair With Bangs

Want to give your face another cover? Try bangs with long layers.

6. Face Framing Layers

Face Framing Layers

And if bangs are too much, go for face-framing layers. They will enhance your features without harming the length.

7. Blonde With Soft Layers

Blonde With Soft Layers

There is something special about the long blonde mane. Usually, we keep it lightly layered to maintain the thickness.

8. Tight Curl Layers

Tight Curl Layers

If you are blessed with curly hair, this is the best hairstyle to flaunt. Let them down and be free.

9. Long shaggy Layered Hair

Long shaggy Layered Hair

This is another layer that allows you to make your hairstyle a point of focus in your appearance.

Shag will not only decrease the volume of hair you have to deal with but will also make a focal point in your persona.

10. Very Long Layers

Very Long Layers

We talked about long layers. But you can also go for very long layers. On your waist-length hair, get layers only at the last few inches and keep your locks’ length.

11. Very Long Wavy Cut

Very Long Wavy Cut

This is another styling method that allows you to keep your long hair while enjoying the beauty and volume of layers. Combine waves with long layered cut and flaunt voluminous and long locks.

12. Choppy Layers

Choppy Layers

Would you say no to a little more asymmetry? Choppy cut defies the neatness that comes with a blunt cut and gives a casual look.

13. Feather Layers

Feather Layers

Give more prominence to your layers by asking for feathered layers on your next salon visit.

Now you are free to adopt virtually hundreds of styles that come with this cut.

14. Layers With Swoop Bangs

Layers With Swoop Bangs

When side-swept bangs are your style, swoop bangs become an uncanny method to achieve them. Now, go on and combine your layers with swoop bangs and feel the style.

15. Platinum Blonde Layers

Platinum Blonde Layers

This dyeing technique will give the sleekest and carefully donned look for those wondering about their image in the formal gatherings.

16. Side Parted Shaggy Layers

Side Parted Shaggy Layers

Side part your shag and let them retain focus on your face.

17. Long Layers With Curtain Bangs

Long Layers With Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are a blessing for women with round faces. Why don’t you use it with your long layered hair and enjoy the smoothest style for your face type?

18. Long With V-Cut

Long With V-Cut

Those who are blessed with thick hair would appreciate the ease offered by the v-cut style. You can also couple it with face-framing layers.

19. U-Shape Cut

U-Shape Cut

Layers come in a variety of packages. U-shaped work for those women who don’t want to lose their hair volume but still feel inclined towards layers.

20. Edgy Wavy Layered Cut

Edgy Wavy Layered Cut

Texture your long layered hair to get a natural wavy look hair. This beach-ready style is low-maintenance and great for casual parties.

21. Long Layers With Long Hair

Long Layers With Long Hair

Did you know that long layers make a case for neatness and ease? Now you do!
They also help you retain the length without forgoing the style.

22. Shag And Shadow

Shag And Shadow

This blend between color and style can be mended to any combination you want.

23. Shoulder-Long Tousled

Shoulder-Long Tousled

This low-maintenance hairstyle is great for most leisurely activities. You can also adapt them for slightly longer layers.

24. Balayage Long Layers

Balayage Long Layers

Do you want to add color to the uneven strands? Balayage will work.

25. Chop And Somber Shadow

Chop And Somber Shadow

Choppy cut adds volume to otherwise thin ends. Add a soft gradient to the end and you get a perfect style.

26. Layered Wavy Hair

Layered Wavy Hair

Do you want a little volume added to your locks? Add waves! But do it with non-heat methods if you love your hair.

27. Layered Curls

Layered Curls

Okay, so this hairstyle is just like the previous one but with a small difference – now we are curling them.

Make them long – waist-length – or make them medium – shoulder-length.

28. Blonde Beach Waves

Blonde Beach Waves

This easy-to-manoeuvre hairstyle works for most people with rounder faces. Let them loose and a few inches from the roots, give them beach waves.

A center-parted style works great here.

29. Layered And Textured

Layered And Textured

If your goal from layers is getting volumized hair, you may add another styling technique to get this goal covered.

Texture your hair to give it some loose, untidy curls and enjoy this casual style without hours of styling.

30. Multi-Layered Mix

Multi-Layered Mix

If feathered layer cut is not your style but you want to give distinct structure to your extra-long hair, try a multi-layered mix.

This will give you one face-framing layer and two to three others at lower levels.

31. Mid-Length Swoopy Layers

Mid-Length Swoopy Layers

Do swoopy bangs work for you? You may also enjoy medium-long swoopy layers. Keep them off your face with a style.

32. Ombre And Long

Ombre And Long

Ombre makes a great due for most medium to long haircuts. And layers are no exception.

33. Layers With Loose Messy Curls

Layers With Loose Messy Curls

Curls are great. And you can add an element of ease and fun by making them messy and lazy.

34. Shorter Stratified Strands

Shorter Stratified Strands

When a feathered hairstyle isn’t enough, you take another step towards volumizing it.

Stratified strands cut makes the layers in almost every length that reaches the end of your short hair.

35. Face Framing Feathers With Waist-Long Hair

Face Framing Feathers With Waist-Long Hair

For this haircut, you can go with longer face-framing layers that reach your neck or you can go with shorter ones that reach the chin or cheeks.

You may get your stylist to cut blunt waist-length strands.

36. Highlights And Chops

Highlights And Chops

Highlights give a unique bounce to your hair which is even louder when you chop your hair.

37. Swoopy Flipped And Long

Swoopy Flipped And Long

Give your graduated cut a sleek appearance with swoopy and flipped styling. Although it’s great for shorter hair, there is no reason for it to not work for longer hair as well.

38. Classic Layers

Classic Layers

Giving light waves to your hair is always a promising method to add volume. But these long round layers also add ease. You don’t have to worry about carrying them nicely.

39. Shag Waves And Bangs

Shag Waves And Bangs

Want your hairstyle to retain all the focus? Add wavy shags! If that’s not enough, add bangs as well.

40. Long Feathered Strawberry Blond

Long Feathered Strawberry Blond

This is again feathered but it has another eye-catching color to entice the audience – strawberry blonde. The long-layered mane will look longer with the graduated cut.

41. Curled Ends

Curled Ends

When you are not sure whether you should go with curled locks or you should go with your captivating straight hair, the curl ends style comes to the rescue.

With it, you only loosely curl the last couple of inches of your hair leave all others in lustrous straight.

42. Long Hair With Angled Layers

Long Hair With Angled Layers

You want to divert attention to the locks with a wavy look, why not do it with angled layers.

43. Messy Cut

Messy Cut

Among all the layered cuts, this one is most serious about giving volume to the hair. The messy cut gives the layers at all the possible lengths and keeps it mingled.

44. Feathered U-Cut

Feathered U-Cut

Fabulously flaunt your thick hair with this haircut that adds volume without compromising on the original thickness or length of your mane.

45. Shag And Blonde Highlights

Shag And Blonde Highlights

Shag looks great with lighter hues. And blonde layered hair makes a perfect choice. But if you have darker hair, you have nothing to worry about. Add color with highlights.

46. Brown With Caramel Balayage

Brown With Caramel Balayage

This combo of brown and caramel is a cool way to direct your attention towards untidily wavy locks.

47. Full Voluminous Layers

Full Voluminous Layers

A few ways to add volume to your hair are layers, choppy cut, and feather cut.

If you are only interested in layers, you can add thickness with a volumizing root lifter.

48. Windswept Layers

Windswept Layers

This style looks easy on the eyes with layers angled backward.

49. Two-Tier Layers

Two-Tier Layers

Usually, this style gets a face-framing layer and a lower layer. But you can choose with both layers at the lower end of your locks.

50. Bedhead Layers

Bedhead Layers

Yes, we know! These tousled and messy layers need some styling after you get out of bed but the look is still worth the time investment.

51. Curled Multi-Tier Layers For Waist-Length Hair

Curled Multi-Tier Layers For Waist-Length Hair

So, you’ve got long – I mean really long – hair?! Use the opportunity to give them multi-tier layers.

If not, you can go with short, medium, and long-layers to get the length noticed.

52. Blowout For Sleek, Extra-Long Hairs

Blowout For Sleek, Extra-Long Hairs

Blowout is great for keeping your hair sleek and shiny. And don’t forget the element of thickness, okay?

53. Long Hair With A Soft Feathery Texture

Long Hair With A Soft Feathery Texture

This style with soft feathers will add subtle volume to your hair highlighting your freshly cut layers.

54. Long Layered Waves

Long Layered Waves

Waves make a great way to emphasize the length of hair. Why not use them on your super-long hair to emphasize the length?

55. Layers With Long Curls

Layers With Long Curls

Or you can go more curves to your hair with long and loose curls.

56. Ombre With Extra-Long hair

Ombre With Extra-Long hair

Another – rather permanent – way to celebrate the length is to dye it ombre.

57. Descending Face-Framing Layers

Descending Face-Framing Layers

Interested in getting face-framing layers? Go a step further into maintaining the focus on your face with these descending layers.

They will continue decreasing the thickness of your mane from the first layer.

58. Multi-Layered Multi-Colored Long Hair

Multi-Layered Multi-Colored Long Hair

Simply by mixing a few colors in your multi-layered hairstyle, you get a hairstyle that remains lavish for days to come.

59. Chunky Layers With Curtain Bangs

Chunky Layers With Curtain Bangs

For those who are blessed with thick hair, a choppy cut gives a liberating feeling and diverts the attention from thickness towards the length of the hair.

Add curtain bangs to the mix, and you get a cut that keeps attention on you.

60. Waves With Choppy Layers Long Hair

Waves With Choppy Layers Long Hair

This ruffled style is great for casual gatherings. Longer hair shouldn’t stop you from getting this style.

61. Subtle Face-Framing Layers

Subtle Face-Framing Layers

This is the low-maintenance cut that can adapt to any look you have in mind.

62. Layers With Face-Framing Side Bangs

Layers With Face-Framing Side Bangs

If you are too indulged in a face-framing haircut, you can skip including it in layers and include them in bangs.

Let it cover some width of your face.

63. Sleek To Tousled Graduated Layers

Sleek To Tousled Graduated Layers

Starting with sleek hair, this style quickly transforms your strands into a graduated tousled cut.

64. Extra-Long Layers With Light Ends

Extra-Long Layers With Light Ends

You want fewer strands of hair to take care of and this hairstyle will lend just that – a thin layer of hair at the end.

65. Razored, Messy Layers

Razored, Messy Layers

Whether you’ve long hair or short, you can get this style to work for you. Oh, it’s low-maintenance too.

66. Classic Curls On Ends Of Long Layers

Classic Curls On Ends Of Long Layers

There is no more beautiful long layered hairstyle than one which combines with loose curls. This one is no exception.

67. Center Parted Long Layers

Center Parted Long Layers

Are you in love with center-parted styles? This one is great for you!

68. Ultra-Textured Long Layers

Ultra-Textured Long Layers

When it’s time to have fun and be your friends, only lazy hairstyles work. Rock such events with ultra-textured layers.

69. Sweeping And Long

Sweeping And Long

Keep them back and angled. Let them define the length beautifully!

70. Embracing Nature Hairstyle

Embracing Nature Hairstyle

Want an easy hairstyle?! Go with your natural color and texture with layers.

71. Side-Parted Long Layers

Side-Parted Long Layers

Or you may simply let your hair down after parting them on the side.

72. Layered With Blunt Cut

Layered With Blunt Cut

It’s not much popular with layers but if you want to maintain the thickness and also want to keep the attention on your length instead of the freshness of the haircut, you can go with layers with a blunt cut.

73. Extra-Long Layers

Extra-Long Layers

Enjoy this haircut by getting subtle layers near the ends of your locks.

74. Piecey Layers

Piecey Layers

Keep the dimension and thickness with these locks.

75. Long Bangs And Wavy Layers

Long Bangs And Wavy Layers

Bangs make a great styling technique to give much-needed coverage to the face. Couple it with waves for bounce and volume.

76. Blonde And Long

Blonde And Long

Long layers look great on lighter colors. Do you have second thoughts? Why not check out blonde hair with long layers.

77. Curly Highlights

Curly Highlights

Those who don’t want to be subtle about adding dimension to their hair would love this style. Plus, it can be your go-to style for every occasion.

78. Chin Length Layers

Chin Length Layers

Face-framing is great. It gets even better with shorter face-framing layers like chin-length or cheek-length.

79. Sleek And Straight

Sleek And Straight

The attraction that comes with this style is worth the time you spend on achieving it. and if you have got naturally straight hair, consider yourself lucky!

80. Bronde Chin-Length

Bronde Chin-Length

Another face-framing technique that doesn’t mind some color! Go for highlights or ombre. Or maybe you would add the color with root shadow.

81. Lowlights And Wavy

Lowlights And Wavy

Oh, you can also make use of highlights in this technique!

82. Baby Highlights And Texture

Baby Highlights And Texture long layered hair

Give them a ruffled look with textured layers and baby highlights.

83. Short Layers On Top

Short Layers On Top long layered hair

So you have chosen long layers for your long hair. How would you feel if you add another layer at the top for shorter strands? It will help you define the face a little more.

84. Choppy Top And Long Layers

Choppy Top And Long Layers long layered hair

Want more volume at the top? Get choppy cut for top strands.

85. Subtle Layers With Thick Ends

Subtle Layers With Thick Ends long layered hair

This is the best style for those women who can’t think of parting ways with their hair length or thickness.

Don’t worry; you can apply most of the styling methods with this cut just as well.

86. Purple-Toned Layers

Purple-Toned Layers long layered hair

Loud and attention-grabbing! Use this style to show up an unconventional image.

87. Dark And Light Brown

Dark And Light Brown long layered hair

Or go just the opposite and use this mix of everyday colors.

88. Tousled Copper Layers

Tousled Copper Layers long layered hair

This sexy style subtly gives a copper balayage gradient to dark brown hair.

89. Flipped Up Layers

Flipped Up Layers long layered hair

This expressive style keeps the attention on your sleek style.

90. Layered Waves With Gold Frame

Layered Waves With Gold Frame long layered hair

Use your dark brown hair to mingle with golden shade without overdoing it. Use the lighter shade only on the frame of your wavy locks.

91. Onyx To Gold Layered Gradient

Onyx To Gold Layered Gradient - long layered hair

Another striking style is achieved when you mix a dark shade of hair color with a very light one. This gradient is the one that gains attention and keeps it.

92. Layers For Straight Hair

Layers For Straight Hair -long layered hair

Celebrate your straight hair with subtle layers and blunt ends. It just multiplies the beauty if you are blonde.

 93. Wispy Bangs Hairstyle

Wispy Bangs Hairstyle

94. Volume-Adding Layers for Straight Hair

Volume-Adding Layers for Straight Hair

95. Long Layered Light Chocolate Brown Cut

Long Layered Light Chocolate Brown Cut

Take Away

You can style your long layered hair in hundreds of ways. You can go with ombre or balayage.

Or you can indulge in choppy cut or feathered styles. Different types of curls will also help you change the look from time to time.

This versatility of styles is the beauty that makes this haircut one of the most liked.

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