Short choppy hairstyles are all the rage this year. These fun, piecey cuts allow you to change up your look while still keeping your hair on the shorter side. Choppy hairstyles can also help add volume and texture to fine hair.

    Keep reading to discover 40 of the hottest short choppy hairstyles for 2024.

    Inspiring Short Choppy Hairstyles

    1. The Classic Choppy Bob

    The Classic Choppy Bob

    This chin-length choppy bob is a go-to for a reason. The mix of short and long layers creates flattering movement and body. Ask your stylist for some lightweight face-framing layers to complete the look.

    2. Undercut Pixie

    Undercut Pixie-short choppy hairstyles

    Embrace your bold side with an edgy undercut pixie chop. Keep the top longer with piecy layers cut in, while the sides and back are closely cropped or shaved. It’s a super modern take on short hair.

    3. Angled A-line Bob

    Angled A-line Bob-short choppy hairstyles

    For a choppy style with a little more length, go for an angled A-line bob. Cut shorter in the back and angled down towards the front, this lets you show off your gorgeous jawline. Add choppy ends throughout for texture.

    4. Tousled Lob

    Tousled Lob-short choppy hairstyles

    Can’t commit to super short hair? Try a tousled choppy lob (long bob) just grazing your shoulders. Subtle windswept layers give you effortless texture and movement. It’s great for thick or wavy hair types.

    5. Messy Pixie Cut

    Messy Pixie Cut

    Embrace your inner pixie with short choppy layers all over. Feminine and feisty, this cut works well with straight fine hair to give it volume and flow. Spritz in sea salt spray for extra “bedhead” texture.

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    6. Cropped Bangs

    Cropped Bangs

    Choppy cropped bangs are a fun way to accessorize any short hairstyle. They instantly give you a playful look. Depending on your hair type, go for thick, blunt fringe or soft wispy bangs.

    7. Stacked Inverted Bob

    Stacked Inverted Bob

    Stacked layers in the back create beautiful dimensions in an inverted bob. Pair with piecey ends and sweeping side bangs for a gorgeous on-trend style. It’s one of our favorite short choppy cuts.

    8. Wavy Lob with Flipped Ends

    Wavy Lob with Flipped Ends

    For natural textures like wavy or curly hair, a choppy layered lob is perfect. Flipped ends add bounce and movement. Let your waves run wild or scrunch in the product for a defined texture.

    9. Textured Pixie Cut

    Textured Pixie Cut

    Go super short and choppy all over with a textured pixie. Jagged ends give this feathery cut plenty of volume and flair. It’s a great low-maintenance option for busy ladies on the go.

    10. Chin-Length Bob

    Chin-Length Bob

    Keep it classic with a medium choppy bob grazing your chin. Subtle layers in the back combined with lightweight face-framing layers create an easy, flattering shape for all hair types.

    11. Shaggy Pixie

    Shaggy Pixie-short choppy hairstyles

    Channel 70’s style with a modern shaggy pixie cut. Short layers all over prevent it from looking too polished. instead, embrace messy piecey locks that are fun and free.

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    12. Angled Bob with Side Bangs

    Angled Bob with Side Bangs-short choppy hairstyles

    Here’s another chic take on the angled bob. Cut shorter in the back with lengthy angled side swept bangs in front. Choppy ends provide definition and movement.

    13. Tapered Pixie Cut

    Tapered Pixie Cut-short choppy hairstyles

    Go super short on the sides and back with a tapered pixie. Leave just a touch more length on top for choppy cropped layers. It’s bold, beautiful and full of sass.

    14. Wispy Bangs

    Short Choppy Wispy Bangs

    Play up your eyes with wispy choppy bangs. They can trim and frame your face without being too overpowering. Ask for light face-framing layers to blend seamlessly.

    15. Curly Pixie

    Curly Pixie

    Embrace your natural curls with a curly pixie. Short layers mean less weight, so your spirals can bounce freely. Choppy ends encourage your curls to hold their springy shape.

    16. Disconnected A-Line Bob

    Disconnected A-Line Bob

    For an edgier style, go for longer choppy ends in front with an ultra-short undercut back. It’s boldly disconnected yet still chic thanks to the angled shape.

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    17. Windblown Layers

    Windblown Layers

    Nothing beats effortless texture. Ask your stylist for windblown choppy layers all over to give your hair bouncy movement. Style with your fingers for extra volume.

    18. Short Stacked Bob

    Short Stacked Bob

    Stacked layers in the back add major volume and shape when cropped short. Continue the choppy layered look throughout the sides as well.

    19. Shoulder-Length Shag

    Shoulder-Length Shag (1)

    Mid-length hair can rock choppy layers too. Long shaggy fringe and ends keep your locks touchably soft while adding body and definition.

    20. Piecey Pixie Bob

    Piecey Pixie Bob

    Combine pixie and bob length for the best of both worlds. Short-cropped back and sides blended into choppy ends towards the front. So chic and versatile.

    21. Angled Lob with Side Bangs

    Angled Lob with Side Bangs

    Amp up an asymmetrical lob with angled side-swept bangs. Shorter in the back to show off your neck, flowing longer towards the front. Textured ends complete the look.

    22. A-line Bob

    A-line Bob

    For a universally flattering shape, you can’t go wrong with an A-line bob. Shorter in back and angling down towards the front, with light wispy layers throughout.

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    23. Curtain Bangs

    short choppy Curtain Bangs

    Choppy curtain bangs are perfect for framing the face. Longer pieces blend seamlessly into shorter sideswept fringe across the forehead.

    24. Spiky Pixie

    Spiky Pixie

    Make a statement with a spiky pixie. Use styling product to create bold texture and height on top. Choppy layers encourage your new ‘do to stand at attention.

    25. Wavy Shag

    Wavy Shag

    No need to fight your waves, enhance them! Long choppy layers allow your hair’s natural texture to take center stage. Simple and gorgeous.

    26. Undercut Bob

    Undercut Bob

    Major punk rock vibes. Show off your edgy side by shaving one side of your bob. Top it off with rough piecey layers for the ultimate cool girl look.

    27. Tousled Layers

    Tousled Layers

    For hassle-free styling every day, ask for tousled layers. Soft and touchable with plenty of natural movement. Just add sea salt spray and go.

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    28. Stacked Bob with Bangs

    Stacked Bob with Bangs
    Undercut Bob

    Stacked short layers in back plus wispy side-swept bangs create a super cute chin-length look. The volume up top balances out the cropped cut.

    29. Razored Ends

    Short choppy Razored Ends

    Instead of blunt ends, embrace softer choppy layers. The razored look creates tons of texture and movement. Ask your stylist to point cut into the ends.

    30. Voluminous Curls

    Voluminous Curls

    Short chops allow your curls to take center stage. Layers remove any weight dragging them down. Embrace your inner lioness mane!

    31. Uneven Pixie

    Uneven Pixie

    Why go straight across when you can rock uneven ends instead? Shorter in back, leaving length to play with on top. So sassy and fun.

    32. Flipped Bob

    Flipped Bob

    Love retro vibes? Channel your inner 60’s girl with a flipped bob. Longer pieces towards the front let you create that half-up bouffant look.

    33. Shag Cut

    Shag Cut-short choppy hairstyles

    It’s all about long, choppy layers in a modern shag cut. Airy and piecey with sweeping fringe to frame your eyes. Retro yet totally fresh.

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    34. Asymmetrical Bob

    Asymmetrical Bob-short choppy hairstyles

    Shake it up with an asymmetrical choppy bob! Shorter on one side with longer layers sweeping across to create dramatic angles.

    35. Mullet Pixie

    Mullet Pixie-short choppy hairstyles

    Business in the front, party in back! Short choppy bangs combined with a cool undercut pixie and nape-grazing length in back.

    36. Choppy Side Bangs

    Choppy Side Bangs-short choppy hairstyles

    Wispy choppy side-swept bangs softly frame the face while adding texture. Shorter fringe seamlessly blends into longer face-framing pieces.

    37. Wavy Shag with Bangs

    Wavy Shag with Bangs-short choppy hairstyles

    Ask for short bangs to accentuate your gorgeous eyes, then stack on long layers to encourage your waves and curls to run free.

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    38. Nape-Length Bob

    Nape-Length Bob-short choppy hairstyles

    Keep your choppy cut cute and professional with a nape-length bob grazing the shoulders. Great for thick or wavy hair types.

    39. Textured Layers

    Textured Layers-short choppy hairstyles

    Embrace natural texture with chopped layers cut all over. Define curls and waves or add volume to fine limp hair.

    40. Messy Crop

    Messy Crop-short choppy hairstyles

    Finish off your short ‘do with jagged ends for an undone messy look. Fingers-in-socket styling creates a beautiful imperfect texture.


    As you can see, there are endless options for short choppy hairstyles right now from edgy pixies to sweet bobs. Layers allow you to remove bulk while adding movement and flow. Go for the chop if you’re looking for an easy, low-maintenance style that makes a statement. Talk with your stylist about which choppy look is best for your hair type and face shape.

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