Your wedding day is one of the most magical and momentous occasions of your life. While many details go into planning the perfect wedding, choosing the right hairstyle is one of the most important decisions a bride has to make. Your hairstyle sets the tone for your entire bridal look and should complement your wedding dress, veil, and accessories.

    This article will explore 25 elegant wedding hairstyles to give you gorgeous inspiration for your big day.

    Wedding Hairstyles for the Perfect Bridal Look

    From romantic braids to elegant updos, here are 25 wedding hairstyle ideas that will look beautiful on any bride:

    1. Soft Curls

    Soft Curls-wedding hairstyles

    Big, bouncy curls are a romantic and traditional wedding hairstyle option. Whether you keep the curls loose and free-flowing or pin them back softly, soft curls complement both boho and classic wedding looks beautifully.

    2. Textured Low Bun

    Textured Low Bun-wedding hairstyles

    The low bun is a go-to hairstyle for brides wanting a polished, formal look. Add some texture by pulling out pieces to frame the face gorgeously. The low bun works with veils, tiaras, and all dress necklines.

    3. Braided Crown

    Braided Crown-wedding hairstyles

    Braided crowns add a regal, boho element to your bridal style. Braids woven across the front of the head and pinned in a crown shape look gorgeous alone or paired with loose, cascading curls.

    4. High Bun

    High Bun-wedding hairstyles

    The sleek, pulled-back high bun has a graceful, elegant look perfect for formal weddings. It keeps hair tidy and is easy to combine with any headpiece or veil. Upgrade a basic bun with braids, low curls, or flowers.

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    5. Half-Up Style

    Half-Up-wedding hairstyles

    Half-up styles pin back only the top front sections of hair while leaving the rest loose. This framed look is romantic and shows off your facial features beautifully. Half-updos work with all hair textures and lengths.

    6. Fishtail Braid

    Fishtail Braid-wedding hairstyles

    The trendy fishtail braid adds a modern, edgy touch for the boho bride. Worn as an accent braid or a full braided updo, the fishtail braid makes a statement on your wedding day.

    7. Flower Crown

    Flower Crown-wedding hairstyles

    Floral crowns evoke woodland fairy vibes and are perfect for outdoor, bohemian weddings. Work with your florist to design a crown using your wedding flowers or greenery to complement your bouquet and dress.

    8. Low Chignon

    Low Chignon-wedding hairstyles

    The chignon bun is crisply parted and neatly coiled into a low knot at the nape of the neck. This elegant classic hairstyle works beautifully with strapless or v-necklines and a long veil.

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    9. Beach Waves

    Beach Waves-wedding hairstyles

    Big, tousled beach waves are the essence of casual, laidback chic. Effortlessly undone and romantic, beach waves are ideal for beach or garden weddings, especially with a flowy dress.

    10. Braided Chignon

    Braided Chignon-wedding hairstyles

    For a modern twist on the chignon, add chunky braids winding across the front before transitioning into the low bun. It’s an unexpected blend of edgy and elegant.

    11. Messy Bun

    Messy Bun-wedding hairstyles

    Skip the prim and proper looks with an unapologetically messy, loose bun piled high on your head. The nonchalant texture provides an easygoing contrast to formal wedding gowns.

    12. Mermaid Waves

    Mermaid Waves-wedding hairstyles

    Sleek, defined mermaid waves cascade down your back for a polished, glamorous style. Work lots of shine serum through hair and set waves with a curling iron for glossy, eye-catching locks.

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    13. Half-Down Curls

    Half-Down Curls

    Half-down styles are romantic and versatile for brides. Leaving the top half loosely curled and the bottom half cascading in soft curls frames the face flatteringly.

    14. French Twist

    French Twist hairstyles

    The French twist’s crossed, knotted coil has a supremely elegant, sophisticated look. This updo works for all face shapes and hair types, and pairs nicely with dramatic earrings.

    15. Vintage Finger Waves

    Vintage Finger Waves

    Channel art deco elegance with deep, sculptural finger waves. This dramatic retro hairstyle complements vintage-inspired or Great Gatsby weddings beautifully.

    16. Boho Braids

    Boho Braids wedding style

    Embrace your free spirit with a jumble of varied loose braids in different sizes and styles scattered strategically throughout your hair. The overall effect is carefree and bohemian.

    17. Low Side Bun

    Low Side Bun
    Source: Pinterest,com

    The low side bun focuses all attention on your face, neck, and shoulders. Sweeping hair over dramatically to one side creates an alluring look, perfect for strapless or one-shoulder dresses.

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    18. Curly Updo

    Curly Updo

    Show off your natural texture by piling your curls high atop your head in a curly updo. Pull face-framing ringlets down to highlight your features.

    19. Romantic Chignon

    Romantic Chignon

    Add softness to the classic chignon with loose, face-framing pieces left out around the face. Romantic and feminine, it’s nicely offset by hair accessories.

    20. Half-Up Braided Crown

    Half-Up Braided Crown

    For a double dose of romance and polish, pair a dutch braided crown with curly half-up tresses. Elegant, regal, and dreamy.

    21. Glam Waves

    Glam Waves

    Channel Old Hollywood glam with sculpted, Veronica Lake-inspired waves. Define waves deeply with heated rollers and finish with serious shine for megawatt radiance.

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    22. Textured Updo

    Textured Updo

    An updo doesn’t have to be slick – embrace loose, imperfect texture with an updo that’s casually pinned back with lots of pieces left out around the face for contrast.

    23. Flower Half-Updo

    Flower Half-Updo

    Line your half-up part with fresh blooms or fabric flowers for an enchanting, whimsical style. Loose, tumbling locks only add to the dreamy effect.

    24. Voluminous Blowout

    Voluminous Blowout wedding hairstyles

    A round brush blowout creates big, bouncy, voluminous locks that cascade around your shoulders. The bombshell waves are glamorous and eye-catching for the aisle.

    25. Natural Textured Curls

    Natural Textured Curls

    Embrace your natural texture, whether it’s tight spirals or loose waves. Skip the heat tools and let your curls run free for a carefree, authentic look.


    Your wedding hairstyle should be comfortable, match your dress and venue, but most importantly, make you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself.

    Schedule trials with your hair stylist to experiment with different looks until you find the perfect one. And remember – no matter what, your hair will look lovely. Your joy and inner sparkle are what truly make you glow as a bride.

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