Bangs can beautifully frame a woman’s face and soften her strong features. However, finding the right hairstyle to complement bangs can be tricky.

    The wrong haircut can make your bangs look bulky or dated. To help any woman rocking bangs find a gorgeous look, we’ve compiled the top haircuts for women with bangs. Whether you want an edgy pixie or loose beach waves, there’s a chic hairstyle here for you.

    Haircuts for Women with Bangs

    Bangs are having a major moment right now. Curtain bangs and wispy fringe frame the face in an effortlessly chic way. No matter your face shape or hair texture, bangs can give your locks a flattering update. You just need the right haircut for women with bangs to make them shine. Here are 30 gorgeous options to consider:

    1. Textured Pixie Cut

    Textured Pixie Cut with bangs (1)

    A pixie cut featuring short choppy layers in the back and sides, with longer, textured fringe swept messily to one side for added volume. Perfect for fine hair. Creates movement and dimension.

    • Styling Tips: Work mousse through damp hair and touseled with fingers. Let fringe air dry for a casual, piecey texture. Finish with hairspray.
    • Face Shape: Ideal for heart-shaped faces, as the soft fringe flatters the forehead and draws attention to the eyes.

    2. Angled Bob

    Angled Bob-haircuts for women with bangs

    Ask for an angled shape that’s shorter in the back and sleekly graduates down towards the front. Add long, side-swept bangs for a face-framing effect. Shows off sculpted lines.

    • Styling Tips: Blow dry smoothly with a round brush and volumizing mousse. Tuck longer side pieces back behind the ear on an angle. Let fringe air dry.
    • Face Shape: Super flattering on round or square shapes. Soft fringe balances features. Sleek lines add definition.

    3. Curly Shag

    Curly Shag-haircuts for women with bangs

    A medium-length shag cut full of choppy layers to enhance the texture of natural curls and waves. Pair with thick bangs. Embraces volume beautifully.

    • Styling Tips: Scrunch curl cream into damp hair and diffuse. Style fringe across the brow, then pin back sections loosely to encourage airflow.
    • Face Shape: The volume flatters oval and long face shapes. Fringe softens a prominent forehead or strong jawline.

    4. Asymmetrical Bob

    Asymmetrical Bob-haircuts for women with bangs

    Make a bold statement by pairing a sleek graduated bob that’s longer on one side with thick straight across bangs cut to brows. Polished meets edgy.

    • Styling Tips: Flat iron if desired for a glass-like smooth texture. Or add waves with a curling iron. Style sidesweep fringe to accentuate the angle.
    • Face Shape: Looks amazing with heart-shaped faces, as the fringe flatters the forehead and draws attention to the eyes beautifully.

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    5. Textured Lob

    Textured Lob with side-swept bangs

    Collarbone-length cut with tons of choppy layers for movement, frequently paired with side-swept bangs. Great for medium to thick hair.

    • Styling Tips: Scrunch mousse into damp strands then let air dry. Twist bangs back loosely and secure for polished texture when needed.
    • Face Shape: The volume and layers flatter oval or longer face shape nicely. Soft bangs balance prominent features.

    6. Chin-Length Shag

    Chin-Length Shag-haircuts for women with bangs

    Sharp, shattered layers cut to the chin. Fringe differs in length for unusual effects. Ruffle top layers only for stylish height.

    • Styling Tips: Add sea salt spray for texture. Style fringe unevenly across the brow bone. Pin back ear pieces to encourage lift and flow.
    • Face Shape: Soft bangs flatter square face shapes. Layers add narrowing balance for wider cheekbones.

    7. Medium-Length Waves

    Medium-Length Waves with curtain bangs

    Mid-length waves love the addition of breezy curtain bangs or side fringe. Enhance the bend with the product or set with rollers. Airy texture.

    Styling Tips: Scrunch mousse into damp hair. Twist bangs back loosely to dry if needed. Diffuse gently to encourage wave formation across lengths.

    Face Shape: The effortless fringe compliments heart-shaped faces beautifully by softening the forehead and cheekbones.

    8. Tousled Lob

    Tousled Lob with side-swept bangs

    Lived-in shoulder-length lob gains extra polish and femininity with thick side-swept bangs. Great for square face shapes.

    • Styling Tips: Add volume at the crown by backcombing the roots. Style fringe loosely using fingers, sweeping it off to one side across the forehead and cheekbone. Soft texture.
    • Face Shape: The volume at the lob’s perimeter and sides diminishes square face shapes for gorgeous balance. Fringe softens prominent angles along the forehead and jawline.

    9. Layered Angled Bob

    Layered Angled Bob

    Collarbone-grazing angled bob with shattered layers cut short to curve in towards the face. Pair with a pretty cheekbone-grazing fringe for contrasting textures.

    • Styling Tips: Smooth longer layers gently with a round brush for a defined yet flowy shape. Let bangs air dry for casual texture across the face. Adds lift at crown beautifully.
    • Face Shape: Oval and longer faces reap gorgeous benefits. Soft fringe helps neutralize sharp edges along the forehead, cheeks and jawline effortlessly.

    10. Curly Bob with Bangs

    Curly Bob with Bangs

    Make a statement with defined chin-length curls paired with thick side-swept fringe grazing eyebrows for a playful contrast. Volume was galore on this fun curly crop.

    • Styling Tips: Enhance texture by scrunching bob with curl cream then gently diffusing. Softly style longer bangs across the brow bone beautifully framing the eyes.
    • Face Shape: The volume is incredibly flattering on longer face shapes, adding balance beautifully, while fringe softens sharp forehead and jawline edges.

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    11. Wispy Pixie Cut

    Wispy Pixie Cut

    A very short pixie cut with tapered sides and back, featuring longer, wispy bangs swept across the forehead for a soft, feminine touch.

    • Styling Tips: Apply volumizing mousse to roots and scrunch in some texturizing spray for an airy texture. Finger-style bangs loosely so they graze brows.
    • Face Shape: The swept bangs work nicely to soften heart, oval and long face shapes by downplaying the forehead.

    12. Piecey Pixie Bob

    Piecey Pixie Bob

    Androgynous short crop featuring tapered nape, texturized layers on top, and uneven fringe falling over the eyes for extra edge.

    • Styling Tips: Work styling cream through damp hair. Rough up layers with fingers, then messily sweep fringe to one side, letting it air dry for piecey texture.
    • Face Shape: The volume at the crown helps balance round or wider face shapes. The bold fringe compliments heart-shaped faces nicely.

    13. Wavy Lob with Curtain Bangs

    Wavy Lob with Curtain Bangs

    Collarbone-length cut featuring tousled waves and face-framing curtain bangs cut to graze the cheekbones flatteringly. Breezy style.

    • Styling Tips: Scrunch salt spray into damp strands and let air dry. Style sides pinned back loosely to encourage airflow. Allow bangs to dry softly swept across forehead.
    • Face Shape: The wavy fringe helps soften square face shapes or prominent forehead/jawlines gorgeously. Fatal for heart-shaped faces too.

    14. Angled Inverted Bob

    Angled Inverted Bob

    Make a dramatic choice by pairing an inverted bob featuring stacked-in-back length and extremely short nape with a thick, blunt fringe.

    • Styling Tips: Blow dry sleek and smooth with a paddle brush, or add waves with a curling iron. Fringe should create a bold line across brows.
    • Face Shape: The strong lines help balance round or wider face shapes. Heart and oval faces gain sophistication from the urbane mix.

    15. Long Curly Shag

    Long Curly Shag wint bangs

    Shoulder-skimming shag cut loaded with shattered curl-enhancing layers. Pair with pretty  bangs for feminine flair.

    • Styling Tips: Encourage definition by scrunching in curl cream on wet strands and diffusing. Air dry fringe across forehead loosely and gently.
    • Face Shape: The volume is gorgeous on oval and longer face shapes. Soft fringe helps neutralize any sharp edges along the forehead or jaw beautifully.

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    16. Wispy Curly Bob

    Wispy Curly Bob

    Defined chin-length curls of varying widths pair beautifully with wispy, delicate fringe. Embraces romantic texture.

    • Styling Tips: Scrunch a curl cream into damp hair. Diffuse gently. Lightly finger style fringe across forehead for loose definition.
    • Face Shape: The soft fringe effortlessly downplays boxier jawlines or prominent lines. Volume at sides slims wider lower cheeks.

    17. Textured Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

    Textured Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

    Give your pixie cut a feminine spin by leaving the top and sides short and tapered down to skin while incorporating long, side-swept bangs extending to the jawline or longer for contrast. Make sure to add layers throughout for movement.

    • Styling Tips: Curl fringe around the face as desired for polish, or allow it to air dry for undone flair. Add volume at sides and crown with lifting product.
    • Face Shape: The volume at the sides helps balance round faces. Extra long fringe compliments heart shapes gorgeously by softening the features.

    18. Shoulder-Grazing Angled Lob

    Shoulder-Grazing Angled Lob

    Collarbone-length angled cut, stacked shorter in back and longer in front. Incorporate face-framing side fringe and long layers throughout for swingy movement and dimension.

    • Styling Tips: Create a bend by scrunching in salt spray. Allow fringe to air dry across the forehead for casual flair. Sweep sides back behind ears to showcase gorgeous shape.
    • Face Shape: The added layers work beautifully to soften square or oblong face shapes. Side fringe helps balance wider cheekbones or sharp jawlines.

    19. Wispy Chin-Length Shag

    Wispy Chin-Length Shag

    Super short, shattered layers support wispy bangs with slenderizing results. Ruffle up the back section only with fingers for tons of lift at the crown. Pretty cropped style.

    • Styling Tips: Scrunch mousse into damp hair before drying for flawless texture. Allow bangs to air dry messily across the forehead for a tousled finish.
    • Face Shape: Great option for wider face shapes, as the lifted crown visually slims cheeks. Airy bangs soften square jaws or angular forehead shapes effortlessly.

    20. Wavy Pixie Cut

    Wavy Pixie Cut-haircuts for women with bangs

    Extremely short pixie cut featuring deep side parts and pretty waves, frequently paired with side-swept fringe to soften the look instantly. Great way to indulge a short crop while keeping it feminine.

    • Styling Tips: Encourage waves with sea salt spray. Allow the fringe to air dry gently across the forehead. Create the side part by sweeping a longer fringe over the deeper sectioned side.
    • Face Shape: Short sides help widen narrow cheekbones. Extra volume on top provides balance on longer face shapes. Curved fringe compliments heart-shaped faces.

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    21. Piecey Angled Bob

    Piecey Angled Bob Cut-haircuts for women with bangs

    Chin-length angled bob with lightly shattered ends for movement. Incorporate side-swept fringe to complement the asymmetrical shape. Ruffled texture provides the edge.

    • Styling Tips: Scrunch mousse into damp hair. Allow fringe to air dry messily across the forehead. Twist and loosely secure longer front pieces to showcase the angle.
    • Face Shape: The volume at the perimeter helps balance wider cheeks on round or square faces. Soft fringe compliments heart shapes gorgeously.

    22. Shoulder-Length Layers

    Shoulder-Length Layers-haircuts for women with bangs

    Medium-length cut with long layers reaching collarbones, providing sufficient movement to support breezy fringe that crosses the forehead. Simple yet chic.

    • Styling Tips: Add bend with salt spray. Diffuse gently. Allow fringe to air dry casually across the forehead. Secure sides back loosely as needed.
    • Face Shape: The shoulder-length fringe helps soften square jaws or angular forehead shapes effortlessly while framing the eyes.

    23. Textured Chin-Length Lob

    Textured Chin-Length Lob

    Collarbone-grazing lob cut featuring lightly shattered ends for movement. Incorporate an eye-grazing side fringe to soften the look. Great for fine hair.

    • Styling Tips: Twist fringe gently and secure back while drying ends under a round brush for volume. Scrunch in salt spray once dry for texture.
    • Face Shape: The added layers help narrow wide cheekbones. Side fringe works to soften prominent foreheads and square jaws or angular lines.

    24. Volume-Rich Shoulder Length Cut

    Volume-Rich Shoulder Length Cut

    Collarbone-grazing choppy Layers combined with volumized lift at crown support thick side fringe that sweeps across the forehead gently.

    • Styling Tips: Tease top sections at roots for added body. Style with natural texture using salt spray for hold. Allow fringe to dry freely across face.
    • Face Shape: The lift at crown helps elongate oblong face shapes. Side swept fringe and layers narrow full cheeks and jaws.

    25. Choppy Chin-Length Bob

    Choppy Chin-Length Bob

    Chin-length bob with heavily texturized ends featuring shattered tips that encircle the face. Incorporate thick blunt fringe to align with the strong lines.

    • Styling Tips: Add bend with salt spray, allowing the fringe to air dry cleanly across brows. Lift and separate ends with fingers for extra piecey texture throughout mid lengths and ends.
    • Face Shape: The bold lines flatter the heart or oval face shapes nicely. Fringe helps shorten square face shapes. Layers balance wide cheekbones.

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    27. Wavy Shag Cut

    Wavy Shag Cut

    Shoulder-skimming shag cut with shattered layers to encourage natural waves and curls. Incorporate a breezy full fringe that falls casually across the forehead for contrast and flow.

    • Styling Tips: Scrunch a nourishing curl cream into damp strands and allow to air dry for definition. Diffuse gently to avoid frizz. Style fringe loosely using fingers.
    • Face Shape: Soft fringe helps shorten wide face shapes. Layers provide narrowing balance through the cheeks on round or square faces.

    28. Breezy Blunt Bob with Bangs

    Breezy Blunt Bob with Bangs

    An ultra short blunt bob with curtain fringe cut straight across to match the strong lines. A bold yet feminine choice.

    • Styling Tips: Blow straight for sculptural appeal. Or add waves to ends for a trendy mix. Allow fringe to air dry across forehead.
    • Face Shape: Strong lines and bold fringe help narrow wide or rounded face shapes. Keeps softness with straight curtain bangs.

    29. Breezy Layered Bob

    Breezy Layered Bob

    Shoulder-length graduated bob that tapers to shorter, stacked lengths. Include thick full curtain bangs for face framing appeal. Adds flowing movement and softness.

    • Styling Tips: Diffuse waves and texture into midlengths and brittle ends. Allow curtain bangs to air dry gently across forehead for a breezy sweep.
    • Face Shape: Curtain fringe flatters and downplays wide foreheads on square or round shapes. Movement-rich layers narrow full cheeks.

    30. Medium-Length Shag Cut

    Medium-Length Shag -haircuts for women with bangs

    Shoulder-skimming shag loaded with shattered, face-framing layers that remove bulk while pumping up the volume. Wispy fringe is a nice complement.

    • Styling Tips: Scrunch mousse into damp hair before drying for maximum lift. Diffuse upside down. Allow wispy fringe to air dry softly across the forehead.
    • Face Shape: Wonderful option for slimming wide cheekbones on round or square faces. Layers create a narrowing illusion while fringe softens prominent features.

    Final Thoughts

    Discover the allure of framing your face with bangs while elevating your style. Explore 30 haircuts for women with bangs, from angled bobs to curly shags and wispy pixies. Opt for cuts with layers and movement, styling your fringe across the forehead or swept to the side.

    Enhance volume and texture for dimensional beauty. Schedule regular trims to maintain a fresh, chic look. This guide simplifies your quest for the perfect match. Embrace fringe confidently and rock your beautiful new hairstyle!

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