If you have medium length hair, you have lots of gorgeous options when it comes to haircuts. Medium length hair is incredibly versatile – you can wear it down and straight, add waves or curls, pull it back, and much more. The proper cut can enhance your medium length locks’ movement, flow, and style.

    Haircuts That Flatter Medium Length Hair

    Medium length hair offers so many options for gorgeous cuts and styles. Here are 35 of our favorite haircuts for medium length hair, along with tips for accentuating them:

    1. Textured Lob

    Textured Lob-haircuts for medium length hair
    Source: instagram.com

    A lob (long bob) with light face-framing layers radiates effortless cool. Ask your stylist for choppy ends and subtle waves for airy texture. Frequently run your fingers through the ends!

    2. Angled Bob

    Angled Bob-haircuts for medium length hair
    Source: hairstylecamp.com

    This chic, elegant cut features a precise angle that follows the jaw and chin. It’s longer in the front to flatter your features and cropped in the back to show off your neck. I love it sleek, or you can add a bend with a curling wand.

    3. Shoulder-Grazing Shag

    Shoulder-Grazing Shag
    Source: hadviser.com

    This sexy, tousled cut features choppy layers cut to hit right at the shoulders. Great for adding loads of volume and movement to fine or limp hair. Embrace the bedhead look!

    4. Wavy Inverted Bob

    Wavy Inverted Bob
    Source: glaminati.com

    Have natural waves or curls? Flaunt them with this curved, inverted bob. This cut moves beautifully, shorter in the back and angled longer toward the front.

    5. Piecey Pixie Cut

    Piecey Pixie Cut-medium length hair
    Source: Pinterest.com

    If you’re looking to go shorter, consider a piecey pixie. The textured layers on top blend into closely cropped sides and back. It’s sassy yet professional.

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    6. Shoulder-Length Layers

    Shoulder-Length Layers
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Long face-framing layers that graduate down to shorter layers in the back remove bulk while encouraging natural movement. This cut looks impressive air-dried.

    7. Angled Lob

    Angled Lob-medium-Length Layers
    Source: Pinterest.com

    This trendy longer bob features a precise angle and blunt ends trimmed to one length along the bottom for maximum drama. It beautifully frames the jawline.

    8. Curly Shag

    Curly Shag-medium-Length Layers
    Source: Instagram.com

    Embrace your natural curls and enhance them with this medium length layered shag. The choppy ends encourage the ultimate volume and definition.

    9. Classic Lob

    Classic Lob-medium-Length Layers
    Source: instyle.com

    A quintessential long bob features sleek, straight ends just brushing your collarbone. It’s the perfect canvas to switch up parts and accessories.

    10. Mid-Length Bardot Waves

    Mid-Length Bardot Waves
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Channel ’60s bombshell Brigitte Bardot with voluminous curls or waves. Backcomb hair at the crown and smooth the front pieces for retro glam.

    11. Wispy Chin-Length Bob

    Wispy Chin-Length Bob
    Source: latest-hairstyles.com

    Super short face-framing layers blended into chin-length ends are crisp yet feminine. It’s perfect for fine hair and ideal for showing off statement earrings.

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    12. Shoulder-Skimming Shaggy Layers

    Shoulder-Skimming Shaggy Layers
    Source: Instagram.com

    Longer layers in the front that graduate down to shorter, shaggy layers in the back are sexy and carefree. Scrunch in salt spray and ruffle it up!

    13. Medium Wavy Shag

    Medium Wavy Shag
    Source: fabmood.com

    Ask your stylist to razor cut medium length waves into a trendy shag. The result is incredible natural texture and movement.

    14. Voluminous Layers

    Voluminous Layers mid length
    Source: fabmood.com

    Long layers cut throughout will make fine, limp hair come alive! Have your stylist layer in a way to maximize volume and flow.

    15. Shoulder-Grazing Blunt Cut

    Shoulder-Grazing Blunt Cut
    Source: hairmotive.com

    If you want to go shorter but retain some length, try a blunt cut trimmed to one length, hitting right at the shoulders.

    16. Chin-Length Textured Chop

    Chin-Length Textured Chop
    Source: southernliving.com

    Love short hair but aren’t ready for a full pixie? This textured midi style features stacked layers on top blended into a cropped chin-length cut.

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    17. Curtain Bangs with Mid-Length Layers

    Curtain Bangs with Mid-Length Layers
    Source: Instagram.com

    Curtain bangs are perfect for framing the eyes with medium length hair. Long face framers blend right into shoulder-length layers.

    18. Angled Chin-Length Bob

    Angled Chin-Length Bob
    Source: goodhousekeeping.com

    It is super sophisticated and chic. This jaw-skimming asymmetric bob flatters all face shapes. Style it sleek and smooth, or add waves.

    19. Shoulder-Length Bombshell Waves

    Shoulder-Length Bombshell Waves
    Source: thehairstyler.com

    Sleek yet voluminous waves reminiscent of Hollywood’s Golden Age starlets. Finger comb and add shine serum for show-stopping glam.

    20. Wispy Pulled Back Pixie

    Wispy Pulled Back Pixie
    Source: herabeauty.sg

    Slick back the top layers of this precision-cropped pixie cut for androgynous appeal. The longer pieces in front keep it soft and textured.

    21. Layered Razor Cut

    Layered Razor Cut
    Source: stylesatlife.com

    Ask your stylist to go wild razor cutting medium length hair to create gorgeous feathered layers. The result is incredible natural texture and movement.

    22. Shoulder-Grazing Lob with Curtain Bangs

    Shoulder-Grazing Lob with Curtain Bangs
    Source: hairstyles.com

    A collarbone-skimming long bob looks perfectly polished with the addition of thick, full curtain bangs. Part them in the middle or sweep to the side.

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    23. Textured Inverted Bob

    Textured Inverted Bob
    Source: Pinterest.com

    This medium length inverted bob features lightly stacked layers in the back blended into longer textured pieces that angle down towards the front.

    24. Wispy Layered Shag

    Wispy Layered Shag
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Choppy, wispy, feathery layers cut to hit at the collarbones have an undone, indie vibe. Scrunch in sea salt spray and let it air dry for a sexy texture.

    25. Mid-Length Stacked Layers

    Mid-Length Stacked Layers-haircuts for medium length hair
    Source: Pinterest.com

    The stacked layers on this medium length cut are sliced to remove bulk and encourage tons of volume. Ask for face-framing angles in the front.

    26. Shoulder-Skimming A-Line Bob

    Shoulder-Skimming A-Line Bob-haircuts for medium length hair
    Source: Pinterest.com

    A crisp, sleek, inverted A-line bob hits right at the shoulders for maximum versatility. It’s perfect for switching up parts and styling options.

    27. Piecey Chin-Length Crop

    Piecey Chin-Length Crop-haircuts for medium length hair
    Source: southernliving.com

    Lightly cropped yet textured layers encourage airy volume and flow. Frequently shake out the ends with your fingers for a relaxed piecey texture.

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    28. Angled Shag with Bangs

    Angled Shag with Bangs
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Choppy, shaggy layers cut shorter in the back to hit at the nape of the neck. Long angular side-swept bangs play beautifully off of the textured ends.

    29. Wavy Bardot Lob

    Wavy Bardot Lob-haircuts for medium length hair
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Channel ’60s siren Brigitte Bardot with a collarbone-dusting long bob full of touchable waves. Part it deeply to the side for retro allure.

    30. Shoulder-Length Stacked Bob

    Shoulder-Length Stacked Bob-haircuts for medium length hair
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Uniformly stacked short layers encourage maximum body and volume. Have the longest pieces trimmed to graze right at the shoulders for a curved shape.

    31. Side-Parted Shoulder-Length Layers

    Side-Parted Shoulder-Length Layers-haircuts for medium length hair
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Long layers look gorgeous, parted dramatically to the side. They can be blown out smooth or encouraged to air dry for a soft, natural texture.

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    32. Chin-Length Piecey Pixie

    Chin-Length Piecey Pixie-haircuts for medium length hair
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Embrace your inner pixie! Short cropped layers on top and sides blend into chin-length textured pieces that sweep the forehead.

    33. Wavy Angled Lob

    Wavy Angled Lob-haircuts for medium length hair
    Source: Pinterest.com

    A sharp angled lob hitting longer in the front is undeniably chic. Embrace natural texture by scrunching waves into damp hair.

    34. Shoulder-Skimming Shag

    Shoulder-Skimming Shag-haircuts for medium length hair
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Choppy, shattered ends grazing the shoulders have that sought-after “undone” look. Scrunch in volumizing mousse for enhanced texture and bounce.

    35. Curly Angled Bob

    Curly Angled Bob
    Source: Pinterest.com

    A blunt angled bob hitting at chin level features gorgeous ringlets enhanced to perfection. Define curls with curl cream and tousle for added volume on top.

    How To Style Medium Length Haircuts

    The right styling products and techniques can make an excellent medium length haircut great. Work with your natural texture – enhance waves and curls instead of fighting against them with too much heat styling.

    Here are some ideas:

    • Air Dry: Let your hair air dry to bring out its natural personality. Scrunch in some sea salt spray while damp for texture and bend. Air dried medium length hair always looks fabulous and carefree.
    • Round Brush Blow Dry: Use a round brush to smooth out and volumize medium length hair. Apply heat protectant and brush the ends under for a polished look.
    • Add Beachy Waves: Scrunch some wave foam or mousse into damp hair and diffusing or air dry. Finger comb for soft, textured waves.
    • Use Accessories: Headbands, barrettes and hair clips accentuate medium length hairstyles. Don’t be afraid to get playful!
    • Change Up Your Part: Wear your part in the middle or switch it to the side for an effortless style change.

    Flattering Medium Length Haircuts For Your Face Shape

    An important factor in choosing a medium length hairstyle is selecting one that complements your face shape:

    • Oval Faces: Lucky you! Oval faces can wear any medium length style. Feel free to experiment with whatever lengths, textures, and accessories you love.
    • Round Faces: Try a medium length shag or lob to slim your face. Layered cuts that are shorter in the back and longer in the front flatter round face best.
    • Square & Angular Faces: Soften hard lines with soft waves and swept bangs. Blunt bobs and lob cuts with side-swept bangs also diminish strong jawlines.
    • Heart-Shaped Faces: Play up your eyes and cheekbones with a shoulder-length cut featuring side-swept bangs. Try a midi bob or lob for broader forehead balance.
    • Long Faces: Add width and emphasize your eyes with waved lobs or extra voluminous curls. Side parts and swoopy bangs disguise longer face shapes.

    See how versatile medium length hair can be? The right flattering hairstyle is out there for any face shape. Talk with your hairstylist about cuts personalized for your bone structure and features.

    Final Thoughts

    Haircuts for medium length hair are endlessly versatile, offering unlimited options for flattering styles. From piecey pixies to angled lobs and everything between, medium length locks are the ideal canvas for enhancing texture, encouraging movement, and framing your best features.

    The right cut makes styling easy, whether you showcase natural curls or smooth sleekness. With proper layers and angles, medium length hair flatters any face shape, matches all hair types, and helps you look and feel fabulous.

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