Thinking of giving feather cut a try? Open this and keep scrolling until you find an ideal hair-do style for your short, long, or medium feather cut!

    Feather cut hairstyles are purely timeless. No matter what era you live in, feather cut never fails to transform your entire facial appearance effortlessly.

    Thanks to Farrah Fawcett for setting this gorgeous trend of feather haircuts back in the 70s for women.

    This HOT hairstyle gives a voluminous, thick, and bouncy look to your hair. No wonder, once again, long, short, and medium feather cut hairstyles are back in the trend.

    From television celebrities to models, every lady loves to flip and flaunt their beautiful feather cuts so let’s give you ladies some interesting ideas to stay ahead of all!

    This one hairstyle is versatile enough to fit in diverse hair types – short, medium, long, you’d be nailing it all with the feathered cut.

    Want to embrace this pretty haircut but unsure what style would add more definition to your hair? Skim through our list of top 20 most trending and HOTTEST hairstyles for short, long, and medium feather cut.

    How Exactly Does a Feather Haircut Look Like?

    Back in the 1970s, feathered hairstyles gained wide popularity among both women and men.

    This style is named for its appearance that resembles bird feathers is created by layering hair with either a side or center part.

    Farrah Fawcett, the lead actress in Charlie’s Angels, popularized the look and inspired her era’s women to ask their stylist for the “Farrah-do.” However, due to how iconic this haircut was, it’s a trend yet again!

    Regardless of your hair length; straight, curly, short, or long–feathered hair works well. In general, so long as the cut has a finely textured and layered appearance, it is considered feathered.

    How is Feather Haircut Different from Step Cutting and Layer Cutting?

    Despite some similarities, step cuts, layer cuts, and feather cuts are distinguished by various factors.

    The feather haircut features layers as one of its main characteristics. However, it goes beyond just layered hair.

    The feathering technique shapes the ends of your locks, giving your hair a well-defined texture. Hairstylists cut in a V shape using scissors held at a 90-degree angle against the hair. This is how a feather effect is actually created.

    As for layer cuts, they involve cutting your hair at varying lengths. Styles like this results in more volume, lighter tresses, and faster drying times.

    Step cuts, however, differ from layer cuts in the way the hair blends. Step cuts are naturally more choppy than layer cuts, allowing “steps” in the hair to be more noticeable. Layering creates a more subtle style by blending the feathered ends.

    Feather Haircut Is the Best for Maximum Volume and Bounce!

    The incredible thing about feather cuts is that it adds a different dimension to your look and makes your medium or long haircuts more voluminous.

    As far as feathered cut hairstyles are concerned, you can never get tired of their variations. Feather cuts can be done in several ways, including plain cuts and layered haircuts; they also look great on curly hair.

    Finally, a List of Inspiring Hairstyle Ideas for Long, Short, & Medium Feather Cut

    So, if you are considering a hairstyle for your long, short, or medium feather cut, we have got the best collection down there.

    Check out our collection! We hope you end up having one of them!

    1. Medium Feather Cut with Light Layers


    The fact that feather cut looks super adorable on medium-length hair makes it a go-to haircut for women with shoulder-length hair.

    Looking for a hairstyle that is soft but still has an edge? The step feather cut is the perfect solution. It provides a feather effect, curling out at the ends while still looking sharp, which is perfect for shoulder-length hair.

    2. Straight Layered Medium Feather Cut


    Here goes a mesmerizing hairstyle for ladies with straight hair. Why not try this stylish look if you have straight hair?

    Layered feathered hairstyles are one of the most trendy yet edgy looks of all time. They add an air of elegance and simplicity to any face.

    This style will look amazing on you if you have thick hair, especially those feathers that gracefully fall on your shoulders.

    3. Soft, Flip-Worthy Waves Feather Cut


    Are you looking for a cut that provides texture and bounce? If you have naturally curly hair, you will love this soft flip. Whatever the style, it will always have a soft yet detailed look.

    4. Classic Feather Hairstyle for Medium Hair


    Here comes the original feather hairstyle, which is under the layer. It can be done both with a center parting and a side parting by maintaining lengths on both sides of the head.

    Those who prefer a feather cut always go for the classic feathered layered hairstyles.

    5. Long, Textured Shaggy Haircut


    Keeping your hair manageable is easy with the shaggy cut. Hairstyles with this texture look best when they’re a bit messy, so you don’t have to worry about keeping them perfectly styled all the time.

    In addition to the feathered layers, color adds a softness to the hairstyle.

    6. Short, Blonde Balayage Feather Haircut

    Short, Blonde Balayage Feather Haircut

    Definitely, long hair is ideal for feathered hair, but short hair cut into a bob style looks great, too! In addition to the layers, the back haircut adds some extra flair to this bob whilst providing texture all over. A fluffy bang enhances the face.

    7. Choppy Layers with Lowlights Hairstyle

    Choppy Layers With Lowlights Hairstyle

    Would you like to add some volume to your hair? Look no further than this style. This texture is created by the choppy layers and the shadowy color.

    As well as making your hair look thicker, side-swept layers emphasize the style’s lowlights.

    8. Bold Feathered Hairstyle

    Bold Feathered Hairstyle

    An elegant and bold bob hairstyle with feathers is for women with beautiful bob cuts.

    You might want to try this style if you love experimenting and are looking for something totally different and stylish.

    It’s stylish and trendy. Nothing beats this stylish vibe and fancy haircut if you love bold looks.

    9. Stacked Bob with Feathered Cut


    A stacked bob like this is a perfect example of the feathered, short style. Even if some bobs are sharp, feathering them is great to soften a harsh cut.

    You get a fun look with lots of bounce from this cut.

    10. Flowing Wavy Feather Hairstyle


    A hairstyle with long bangs can bring out the best look in women who have both good-length hair and lots of volume.

    Texturizing long hair with long bangs can give them a chic appearance. The next most popular style for women is definitely the medium feather cut hairstyles.

    11. Straight, Feathery Locks Hairstyle

    Straight, Feathery Locks Hairstyle

    You’ll love the straight, feathery look if you’re looking for something subtle! The layers are ideal for those with thicker hair.

    They help reduce some of the weight. Using color to emphasize the look results in a soft, breezy appearance.

    12. Big, Bold Waves Feathered Haircut

    Big, Bold Waves Feathered Haircut

    Going big pays homage to the ‘70s and ‘80s when it comes to hairstyles, so how else do you pay respect to them?

    These big waves are perfect for women with long hair looking for a feathered cut. You can do a slow-motion hair flip in this look, flaunting amazing volume!

    13. Undercut Feather Hairstyle


    Undercut feathered hairstyles involve reverse layering and, for the most part, work best on bob cuts. These hairstyles look best with slightly turned under hair.

    A number of celebrities have been spotted sporting this style. Why not try it as your summer feather-cut hairstyle? Isn’t that an intriguing idea? These feathered bobs are a top trend this year.

    14. Voluminous Feather Hairstyle

    Voluminous Feather Hairstyle

    After all, what’s better than beautifully defined, volume-packed hair! Want your hair to have more volume? This is the style for you!

    Despite its voluminous look, the layers in this Indian cut are not too thick. Natural hair can be retained with this subtle but trendy style.

    15. Messy Feather Cut Hairstyle

    Messy Feather Cut Hairstyle

    This hairstyle idea is perfect for both long and medium feather cuts. Long-haired women can wear this style to keep their hair in good shape. But it also works well with medium-length hair.

    Blonde hair looks great in this style because it’s chic and edgy. Moreover, the hair is much easier to maintain and easy to style, even if you choose to keep the bangs.

    If your forehead is bigger and you want an edgy look, this style is for you.

    16. Side Braided Feather Hairstyle


    These are feathered hairstyles that have a modern feel and an ethnic look. Additionally, it gives off that mild ethnic look with cute vibes, which looks totally trending.

    You’ll love this if you don’t want to put a lot of effort into your hairstyle but still want to look unique and stylish.

    17. Feathered Bangs Cut

    Feathered Bangs Cut

    Such bangs go all the way for both long and medium feather cuts. The bangs are the main source of feathery texture in this long, straight cut.

    They are perfect for framing the face, and the feathered bangs can be styled outwards and away from the face with the center part. Thus, it’s not too drastic but still stylish and cute.

    18. Medium Bob Feathered Hairstyle

    Medium Bob Feathered Hairstyle

    With a little bit of highlighting, this hairstyle features soft feathers. Bob feathers look like softer versions of medium bobs, with some flow toward the front of the forehead.

    While the hair is short, this is still a very girlie style. Ideal for summer, this feather cut is a perfect haircut for round faces.

    19. Glamorous Blonde Layers Hair-Do


    An example of a straight cut using feathering. A feathered, choppy look is created by layering the side bang and the ends.

    As for the ombre color, it blends beautifully with the layers, adding to the cut’s texture. You can flaunt your beautiful feathered cut with this glamorous hair-do!

    20. Curly Hair Feather Cut

    Curly Hair Feather Cut

    This very stylish hairstyle features an absolute rock-chic look followed by curly hair and grungy bangs.

    In this hairstyle, the curls are left on the lower part of the hair while maintaining the feathery look.

    Feather-cut hairstyles add to your beauty, and this is the best and most famous one. Could this be a good option for curly hair?

    21. Layered Feather Haircut

    Layered Feather Haircut

    22. Pixie Feathered Haircut

    Pixie Feathered Haircut

    Feather Haircuts – FAQs

    Is It Okay for Women Over 40 To Have Feathered Bangs Cut Style?

    Bangs with any hairstyle are supposed to be carried with confidence. Besides that, bangs require a great deal of attention as well.

    So, if you are sure that you’ll take care of your feathered bangs and carry them with confidence, it doesn’t matter what your age is. This cut will look super adorable anyways.

    Will Feather Cut Look Good with No Parting of Hair?

    Actually, no. You won’t be able to pull the feathered haircut off with no parting. Side or center parting is a must for a fine, textured, and glossy feathered hair look.

    Does Feather Haircut Look Good with Younger Girls Below 20?

    Feather cut is usually for all hair types. But if you have well-maintained hair with little mature facial features, this haircut will probably look the best!

    Wrapping It Up!

    Like many other fashion trends, feather cut is back in the 2022 fashion trend. If you are looking for a perfect voluminous hairstyle for your short, long, or medium feather cut, don’t feel lost in the pool of the fashion industry.

    Just go through our collection of feathered hairstyles, so you flaunt your beautiful hair wherever, whenever.

    We hope you love our picks! Let us know which one you liked the most.



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