15 Mind-Blowing Money Piece Hair Highlights Fit 2024

One of the hair-color trends that have defined the new decade thus far, without doubt, would be the money piece hair highlights.

Though we are only a few years into the decade, have you been scrolling on TikTok in 2020 or 2021 without noticing brunettes sporting platinum-blonde pieces, chunky streaks of various colors, or color-coordinated tendrils of varying hues and shades of brown?

Of course, you did! Because somewhere, somehow, we all did!

We would say that’s a very good indication that this trend is far too popular to go away so soon.

Money piece hair or highlights are even more popular today than ever before, so if you’re looking for even more ideas for how to rock the hair trend in 2024, we’ve got ideas below.

For those who are completely unfamiliar with the term “money piece” and are just getting a feel for the trend, let’s begin with the basics of this hair first.

What Is Money Piece Hair?

Money pieces are not the same as face-framing highlights but are essentially a little series of babylights that are placed back-to-back on the front hairline.

Embrace the chunky streaks of a money piece or pair them with other highlights and balayage highlights; they’ll perfectly shape your face!

Now, let’s move forward to exploring some of the ideal money piece hair/highlights styles that you can rock in 2024!

Finest Money Piece Hair Highlights 2024

Since bleaching your own hair might lead to unfortunate results, it’s better to consult your hairstylist to get your favorite makeover.

Because the money piece is right in the center, making a mistake can’t be hidden. It’s a good thing that money pieces are fairly affordable and quick to accomplish because there’s no need to spend a hefty amount.

Here are the ideal money piece hair highlights ideas to show to your stylist.

1. Brown Hair with Money Piece Highlights

Brown Hair with Money Piece Highlights

How about money piece highlights for Dark Brown Hair? Nothing would look more fascinating than that!

This money piece hair highlights idea might be the one you’d be soon showing your colorist soon to add a little lightness to your brown hair with highlights.

As a final alternative, if you would prefer something a little more seamless and realistic, inquire about money that is designed to look similar to the light strokes of color that are naturally produced by the sun.

And if you’re a fan of much darker shades with subtle highlights, you might like caramel dark brown hair with highlights.

2. Money Piece Highlights on Balayage Cut

Money Piece Highlights on Balayage Cut

Looking for a pleasant way to wear the money piece highlights on your hair? Here is what we have for you!

Throughout the whole head of hair, there are blonde pieces of balayage with a bolder, heavier platinum money piece in the front. The result is softer, with sweeping color rather than stark and severe.

We assure you that you’d find plenty of models and influencers wearing that hair, and we all know they bang that hair!

First things first, choose a picture to show to your stylist and make sure the process is well executed.

3. Money Piece Highlights on Ombré Hair

Money Piece Highlights on Ombré Hair

Are you wondering if you can create a mesmerizing combination of ombre hair with money piece highlights? Well, the good news is that look would look highly fancy and yet funky on you!

Even if you want to go for a multi-rooted look or an ombré color, you can still bring that money piece to the top of your roots to make it stand out from the rest. Most importantly, that look suits the short hair girls the best.

Also, you can use highlights for black hair using the same hairstyle. It will look as mesmerizing as ever!

4. Bob Haircut and Face-Framing Highlights

Bob Haircut and Face-Framing Highlights

Not interested in face-framing layers? Don’t worry! In our territory, you are not going to run out of options.

You can give it a try to the face-framing streak instead. Light blonde streaks accentuate the client’s hair’s contours in the front.

You can enhance your facial features with your hair color in the same way you can with layers around your face with a blunt, long bob haircut. There’s no way a bob cut followed by face-framing streak highlights can go wrong.

Embrace this mind-blowing hairstyle in big 2024, and you will remain the center of attention of many!

5. Brown Balayage Money-Piece Hair Highlights

Brown Balayage Money-Piece Hair Highlights

Known for their bold style, money pieces are a popular choice. Furthermore, they can enhance someone’s eyes and skin color to soften, brighten, and accentuate their facial features.

You can add a special pop of color in the center of the brown hair to add more drama and charm to your overall look.

6. Bold Money Piece Hair Highlights Ideas

Bold Money Piece Hair Highlights Ideas

Blonde is, sure as hell, a popular choice for money piece highlights, but there could also be a variety of colors, varying from mystical shades like pink or blue to natural shades of brown.

The coppery red hair almost resembles a penny, which is appropriate given that we’re talking about money pieces as our subject.

No matter which event you begin, wearing such a bold and dazzling hairstyle would instantly make you a star!

7. Cool-Tone Blonde Money Pieces Highlights

Cool-Tone Blonde Money Pieces Highlights

Want it less wild and much cooler? Well, you can always opt for highlights for gray hair for a lighter and cooler than ever look!

On those with medium skin tones and blush or cool undertones, a cool-tone blonde money piece looks especially stunning as the ash blonde.

You won’t be risking it wearing these particular highlights.

Whether you’re out for a late-night party or have a family gathering to attend, this hairstyle will give you a signature look!

8. Micro Money Piece Hair Highlights Ideas

Micro Money Piece Hair Highlights Ideas

If you want something subtle, go for a thinner section that is still bright and close to the root. This ash-brown hair that cascades into sandy blonde look fascinating and cool without putting too much effort into it.

We believe it’s the perfect go-to hair look for everyday routine. You can style it furthermore with accessories as per the events and parties you attend.

9. Caramel Money Piece Hair Highlights Ideas

Caramel Money Piece Hair Highlights Ideas

Want to make a bold statement and stand out from the crowd? This hairstyle idea awaits you!

Money pieces are extremely customizable, which is one of the reasons why they are so popular. If you want to make a statement with your hair color, go for a thicker, more prominent streak, such as the caramel hair color money piece highlights.

10. Strawberry Blonde Money Piece Hair Highlights Idea

Strawberry Blonde Money Piece Hair Highlights Idea

Have you got a hectic routine to stay up and running all day? Well, we have something for you up there!

Could I suggest a money piece if you’re looking for a quick and low-maintenance way to spice up your balayage?

This strawberry-blonde look adds instant brightness and dimension, and it grows out naturally with minimal maintenance.

11. Face-Framing Highlights and Lowlights Hairstyle Idea

Face-Framing Highlights and Lowlights Hairstyle Idea

Want more volume and bounce in your hair than ever? Let’s give you a beautiful hair highlight suggestion that can be your next hairstyle.

How about you consider getting a money piece and a mix of highlights and lowlights to add dimension to your color if it appears flat.

Because it’s usually the brightest piece, the hair should be darker or less blonde behind it to provide contrast.

12. Auburn Hair with Blonde Highlights Idea

Auburn Hair with Blonde Highlights Idea

The more closely the shade matches your natural skin tone, the subtler the effect. Or, to put it another way, the darker the base and the brighter the highlights, the more your money piece will stand out, as the face-framing streak against auburn hair does.

2024 is mostly about money piece hair highlights, so why don’t you wear them in the most decent way using the mentioned hairstyle.

Wait for the heads to turn around while you walk gracefully wearing your beautiful auburn hair with blonde highlights!

13. Money-Piece Tendrils Hairstyle Ideas

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The color of the money piece, as well as the way you style it, are both versatile. Pull the pieces out and let them hang naturally and freely in a ponytail or braid, or wear them straight, curly, or crimped.

You’ll look equally amazing flaunting your natural hair.

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14. Money Piece Highlights with Side Bangs

Money Piece Highlights with Side Bangs

Oh, the bangs… So, what about bangs, you might wonder?

On front bangs that fall forward and cover the hairline, money pieces can be difficult to spot.

Try side bangs or a shorter face-framing piece that is worn to the side rather than forward to make your money piece stand out more.

Women belonging to any age group look lovely with those beautiful bangs, and if you already carry them well, then don’t forget to try this amazing hairstyle out!

15. Blonde Medium Length Money Piece

Blonde Medium Length Money Piece

That’s all, folks! Here we end our well-curated list of money piece hair highlights ideas that are trending in 2024. We hope you enjoyed…

It’s time you give your hair a bold yet cool look to spend the rest of your 2024 confident and fulfilled! We have plenty of ideas for you by now.

Choose either of them according to your taste and pleasure, and you won’t fail to turn heads around!

FAQs – Money Piece Hair Highlights

Are Money Pieces Still Trending, Even In 2024?

Without an ounce of doubt! Money pieces are right now in style more than ever.

Look around on social media platforms, and you’d surely see dozens of girls sparkling their beautiful hair with money piece highlights.

What Kind of Highlights Is Ideal for Wearing In 2024?

Some of the best color trends still in style include Oaty, Wheaty, Golden Blondes, Warm Brunettes, Brunette Balayage, Natural Silver, Mushroom Brown, Jewel Tones, and of course, Money Pieces.

Is It Okay If I Get Money Pieces with Highlights?

Money piece highlights are a quick and easy way to switch up your look without having to touch your entire head. It’s all about facial framing and hair contouring.

Is Getting Money Piece Hair Highlights Expensive? How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of just the face frame varies from $100 to $200, depending on where you live and which salon you visit.

For a full head of highlights with a money piece, you can expect to pay anywhere between $200 and $600.

Is It Flattering to Wear Money Pieces?

It’s a very flattering look because it brightens your face and highlights your facial features as well as your natural hair color.

How Many Foils Are There in a Money Piece Hairstyle?

Money piece has four foils and toning placement tips.

What Color Should I Use to Dye My Money?

You can go subtle with an ultra-fine highlight that looks like filtered sunlight, go bold with neon colors, or go classic with a streak of blonde, red, black, or brown to accent whatever shade you already have.

To put it another way, money pieces are solid gold, regardless of the color.

Final Thoughts

We hope you found your ideal favorite money piece hair highlights idea up there. Rest assured that the mentioned combinations are created by top hairstylists from social media.

You can still wear whatever hair highlights you want by making further similar combinations. However, make sure you find a capable hairstylist to do their magic.

Happy hair styling! 

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