Let’s be real. Every girl, at some point in their life, has asked herself whether she should get bangs or not. Will those chunky, choppy, and cute bangs suit their face shape, or will the whole hair makeover just go in vain?

    Well, hundreds of questions cloud your mind when you think of getting bangs. And that is exactly why we have come up with an article compiling different types of bangs suitable for all face shapes and hair textures.

    From bangs for round faces to curtain bangs hairstyles, we have almost covered everything regarding different types of bangs.

    Bangs are one of those haircuts that can instantly change your appearance, especially when you think about the variety of bang types available.

    While bangs can satisfy an itch for a change, they can also play up your best features and completely change the shape of your face. For example, wispy bangs visually enhance rounder faces, while soft side bangs help contrast sharp jawlines.

    If you’re stuck deciding what type of bangs you should go for, take a quick tour of this article, and in the end, you’d be well determined!

    Let’s get started, shall we?

    20 Stunning Different Types of Bangs Ideas to BANG in 2023 [Best Suited for All Hair Textures & Face Shapes]

    The notion of hair bangs—whether they’re cute, choppy, chic, or classy, is a must for this year. Thankfully, there is an abundance of bang types to choose from, so you’re guaranteed to find one that fits you perfectly.

    It doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have—straight, curly, malleable, or rebellious—you can pull off bangs way better than you think!

    20 Most “Hot & Happening” Types of Bangs:

    1- A-Shaped Bangs:


    It’s all about the illusion when it comes to bangs. A-shaped bangs are especially important for square or oblong face shapes, which are wider at the cheeks and more angular around the jawline. Angles are created by the tapered ends, which help soften your jawline and draw attention to your eyes.

    2- Side Bangs:


    This one is certainly the best bangs for round faces. If we had to award prizes, side bangs would undoubtedly take first place—but they’re especially marvelous-looking on round faces, which are soft around the edges and wider in the cheeks.

    For a round face, a side-swept fringe is ideal. The angle of your bangs adds length to your face, giving it a more oval shape.

    3- Baby Bangs:


    Choose a fun pair of baby bangs if you want to draw all the attention to your eyes. Get your micro bangs to hit the middle of your forehead for a softer look than traditional blunt micro bangs. To achieve the perfect baby bangs look, ask your hair stylist to keep your bangs feathery.

    4- Crescent Bangs:


    Crescent bangs look good on everyone, but it’s especially flattering on people with heart-shaped faces, which are broad at the top and narrow at the chin. We suggest a crescent-shaped fringe, which is longer on the outer edges and slightly shorter in the center.

    Add a little feathery touch to the bangs, and you will look like a banging “bangs” diva in 2023!

    5- Blunt Bangs:


    Blunt bangs make the most statement out of all the different types of front bangs. They’re cut over or under the brows in a perfectly straight line. You can even go so far as to have them cut halfway over your eyes for a mysterious look.

    6- Curtain Bangs:


    Curtain bangs perfectly encapsulate the spirit of retro hairstyles. In the 1970s & 80s, they were seen on the shoulders of some of the most famous fashion figures of the era. Several queens of the time, including Farrah Fawcett, Debbie Harry, Donna Summer, and Shelley Duvall, bravely wore curtain bangs in their hairstyles to stand out.

    You can now wear the retro look with any haircut. Simply part your hair down the middle and style your bangs to match. Furthermore, curtain bangs allow you to experiment with different fringe styles, like side bangs.

    7- Arched Bangs:


    The combination of long hair and bangs is absolutely stunning. What, on the other hand, appears to be even more attractive? Of course, long hair with arched bangs! The trend has been going strong for decades, and we don’t see it fading away anytime soon.

    You can also style your bangs in no time if you are lucky enough to have fine and straight hair. Blow-dry your bangs from the bottom up with a round brush. If you need help the first time, you can watch a tutorial.

    8- Choppy Bangs:

    Choppy bangs, in contrast to blunt bangs, are all about displaying an edgy attitude. A girl who decides to get them is bold enough to show her true colors, even if they are far from femininity.

    Choppy bangs require a specific technique. Snipping hair vertically will create the illusion of a random pattern. If you want choppy bangs, you can cut them at home, but we recommend getting them done by a professional.

    9- Medium Bangs:


    If your face shape is oval, you might as well take advantage of this and try bolder styles. Bangs should not hit your eyebrows if they are medium length or shorter than micro bangs. This looks futuristic and clean while paying homage to retro style. Especially for curly hair, the style draws attention to the piecey-ness and texture of the hair.

    10- Softened Blunt Bangs:


    The majority of people strive for an oval-shaped face with bangs, so consider yourself lucky if you were born with one. You can wear your hair in pretty much any style you want, but blunt bangs will look particularly good on you. Soft, blunt bangs are usually cut straight across oval faces, eventually drawing attention away from your elongated mouth and chin.

    11- Pin Up Bangs:

    Many people believe that the 1950s were the pinnacle of female fashion. From cherry red lipstick and curled lashes to pin-up hairstyles, women profoundly walked with grace carrying both their inner and outer beauty. Thankfully, fashion trends from the 1950s are still relevant today. It takes patience to roll the hair under and secure it with concealed bobby pins so you can achieve pin-up bangs.

    Whether you call it vintage, retro, or pin-up style, the truth is that we can’t seem to get enough of it!

    12- Asymmetrical Bangs:


    When it comes to your hairstyle, creativity knows no bounds. Your bangs can be any shape and length you want them to be. If you want to try something new, look up asymmetrical haircuts for any face shape.

    After that, you can cut your bangs using your preferred asymmetrical technique. One way to go about it is to cut your bangs diagonally. Begin on one side with longer strands and cut them to a shorter corner. The result will make you look fantastic.

    13- Angled Side Bangs:

    Long faces, which tend to have a high forehead, give you many areas to work with—which means you can choose strategically which parts you want to draw attention to.

    Imagine framing your face with these features. Keeping your face at a diagonal angle will draw attention to your central features, like your eyes and lips, rather than your forehead or the lower portion of your face.

    14- Braided Bangs:


    Is it that your bangs are a little too long? The good news is that you can style them in a variety of different ways. You can, for example, braid your locks for any occasion if they are long enough. The concept is especially useful for girls with a natural side part in their hair.

    15- Layered & Long Bangs:


    The addition of a long layered fringe can soften your facial features and balance out a square jawline. Thinning hair can also be made to appear fuller with layered fringes. Instead of straight bangs, you might prefer ‘70s-inspired curtain bangs, which are easier to wear.

    16- Grown-Out Bangs:


    Longer and grown-out bangs look rather flattering on long faces because they are easier to manage. You have plenty of room to work with, and cropped bangs will only make your brow appear longer.

    It’s best to keep your fringe line low and close to your brows. To put it another way, you don’t need to trim your bangs more than once every few months.

    17- Dreadlocks Bangs:


    On the other hand, Dreadlocks are usually started with the hairstyle already done. After you’ve determined the length you want your bangs to be, you can begin cutting them to your liking.

    18- Wispy Bangs:


    Thick bangs are beautiful, but wispy bangs are just beyond amazing. For example, if you have finer hair, the style can be used as a low-maintenance alternative to bangs. Wispy bangs are very popular in East Asia, particularly in South Korea.

    19- Wavy Bangs:

    Do not mistake yourself that bangs are only for straight or straightened hair. Actually, women with wavy hair can manage bangs with less maintenance. Furthermore, wavy bangs will add volume to your entire hairstyle.

    20- Pixie Bangs:


    Every day, we see more and more women cutting off their hair. And it’s a no-brainer why so many of them love to wear pixie cuts with long bangs.

    Wrapping It Up!

    We are done here. By now, you must not have an ounce of doubt about whether you would pull off the bangs or not. Because why NOT? Thanks to these different types of bangs ideas, you can now easily pick the one according to your face shape and hair texture. We are hopeful that our list will help you choose your savior haircut to charm everyone for the rest of 2023!

    As for now, we want to know your feelings after exploring 20 different types of bangs. Have you found your ideal one, or does none seem reasonable? Let’s escalate further in the comment section below.

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