Are you ready to travel back in time to the decade of bold fashion and big hair? The 80s were known for their iconic hairstyles that still inspire fashion trends today. In this article, we’ll explore the popular 80s hairstyles and show you how to achieve them for a fun and playful look.

    Short answer: The popular 80s hairstyles included big, voluminous hair with lots of curls, perms, and teased or backcombed styles.


    What was the popular hairstyle in the 80s?

    The 80s was a time of bold fashion and experimental hairstyles. The most popular hairstyles during this era included big, voluminous hair with lots of curls, perms, and teased or backcombed styles. The mullet was also a popular style for both men and women, featuring short hair on the top and sides and longer hair in the back.

    How do you get 80s frizzy hair?

    To achieve the iconic frizzy look of the 80s, you can start by washing your hair and then applying a volumizing mousse or gel. Next, use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer and scrunch your hair while drying it on a low heat setting. You can also use a curling iron or hot rollers to create more defined curls or waves. To add even more volume, backcomb your hair at the roots and use a hairspray to hold the style in place.

    Who wore big hair in the 80s?

    Many celebrities and musicians in the 80s embraced big hair as a symbol of the decade’s bold and over-the-top style. Some famous examples include Madonna, Cindy Lauper, Dolly Parton, and Bon Jovi. Big hair was also popular among regular people, especially in the Southern United States where it was known as the “Texas big hair” style.

    Is straight hair 80s?

    While straight hair wasn’t as popular as curly or voluminous styles in the 80s, it was still a common look for both men and women. Many people in the 80s opted for a sleek and polished style, often achieved through the use of a straightening iron and hairspray.

    What are some best 80s hairstyles for black females?

    There were many iconic hairstyles for black women in the 80s, including braids, dreadlocks, and the Jheri curl. The asymmetrical bob, made popular by celebrities like Janet Jackson, was also a trendy style. Other popular looks included the hi-top fade for men and the big, teased hair with bangs for women. Additionally, accessorizing with headbands, scrunchies, and large earrings were also common trends during this time.

    What are some common 80s hairstyles with long hair?

    Some of the most common hairstyles with long hair in the 80s era are:

    • Crimpled Long Hair
    • Side Partitioned Long Hairstyle
    • Sleek-Crimpled Hairdo
    • Long Messy Hairdo
    • Front Bangs With Long Hair
    • Long Wavy Hair
    • Long Hair With Slight Curls

    What are some common 80s hairstyles with short hair?

    Some of the most common hairstyles of the 80s with short hair are:

    • Short Hair With Front Bangs
    • Head Bandana With Short Hair
    • Small Curls With Short Hair
    • Wavy Hairdo on Hair
    • Side Swept Bob
    • 80s Powerful Pixie Hairdo
    • Short Hair With a Floral Fusion
    • 80s Short Blonde Hair
    • 80s Rocker Hairdo

    Top 80s Hairstyles To Try

    There were a number of funky and beautiful hairstyles that were common in the decade of 1980. Some of those hairstyles are still in fashion and very trendy. Here I have mentioned some of the most common and trendy 80s hairstyles. You can also try them as I have also given the method of making these hairstyles.

    1. Crimpled Hairdo

    Crimpled Hairdo

    Just Simple crimpling your hair is not only trendy these days but also back in the ’80s. This is one of the craziest hairstyles. This hairstyle gives you an overall funky look and never gets old. Almost all girls like to crimple their hair when they get bored of sleek, straight, or curly hair. So, crimpled hair has been one of the best hairdos of the 80s.

    2. Half Braided Updo

    Half Braided Updo

    Having braided hairstyles is a unique way to look young and fresh. Half braided updo is one of the most common 80s hairstyles. Mostly the young girls at that time used to go with a half braided. This hairdo is mostly done by making a french braid at the top of the head and then finishing with a simple braid through the end.

    3. Bandana Hairstyle

    Bandana Hairstyle

    Using hair accessories while making hairstyles is a common thing. Hair accessories such as hair bands, hairpins, hair pearls, and colourful bandanas make your hairdo look styling and pretty. Back in the 80s, wrapping your hair with a bandana was also one of the most trendy hairstyles. Now, a number of small and large-sized hair bandanas are available in the market. Bandana hairstyles look good with both short and long hair.

    4. Mullet Hairstyle

    Mullet Hairstyle

    In 1980, the mullet hairstyle was the one hairstyle common among both women and young girls. If you look at this hairstyle, you may not like it today for yourself as it is quite a different way of styling your hair. In mullet hairdo, the upper hair is trimmed short while the bottom hair is kept long. But it does not matter what you say about this hairdo today, it was quite a popular hairstyle in the 80s.

    5. 80s Feathered Hairstyles

    80s Feathered Hairstyles

    The feathered hairstyles were trendy in the 1980s. This particular hairstyle always gives a very fine and elegant look not only in the 80s but also today. Princess Diana used to have one of the kinds of feathered hairstyles. Indeed, we all agree that she used to give breath taking look with this hairstyle. This hairstyle also looks good with both short and long hair. The feathered hairstyle is also prevalent nowadays.

    6. Front Bangs With Long Hair

    Front Bangs With Long Hair

    Front bangs with long hair somehow make a perfect combination. In the 1980s and 1990s, this hairstyle became quite popular. Long hair with bangs makes you look young. If you are a girl, you probably have or think about having this hairstyle once in your life.

    7. Bangs With Short Hair

    Bangs With Short Hair

    Bangs with sort hair look even more interesting than with long hair. This hairstyle is very unique and was trendy in the 80s. As bangs become more prominent with short hair they give an exquisite and refreshing look.

    8. Whale Spout Hairdo

    Whale Spout Hairdo

    This hairstyle perfectly complements its name. This hairstyle looks pretty on young girls and children. If you have front bangs and medium hair length, you can make this hairstyle look perfect on you. For this hairstyle, take half of your hair and make a high pony at the crown of your head. Now, let the ponytail hang freely from the crown of your head to the bottom, and you are done with your whale spout hairstyle.

    9. Funky Rock In Hairstyle

    Funky Rock In Hairstyle

    Rock in hairdo is one of the funky hairstyles. This hairstyle is also among the 80s hairstyles. It is not a very common hairdo among girls at that time and till now. But this hairdo gives you a rock star appearance, and who does not want to look like a rock star.

    10. Hairdo With A Flower

    Hairdo With A Flower - 80s hairstyles

    Hairstyling can be enhanced by using hair accessories. These hair accessories include hair bands, hairpins, bandanas, pearls, and flowers. Using natural flowers while styling your hair makes your hairstyle very decent yet elegant. Hairdo using a flower was very common practice back in the 80s. Nowadays, if you want to create a traditional old look of yourself, you can go for a hairstyle using a flower.

    11. Pixie Hairdo

    Pixie Hairdo - 80s hairstyles

    A pixie hairstyle has also been one of the hairstyles of the 80s. This hairstyle is mostly preferred by the tomb boy or the girls who like to look bold in appearance. A pixie hairdo with dark lip colour is a perfect combo. This gives a very sharp look and makes you stand out from the crowd. As for now, this hairdo is becoming common.

    12. Curly Hairstyle

    Curly Hairstyle - 80s hairstyles

    Curls have been in fashion since forever. The sizes of the curl may be different in different eras. This was also the case in the 80s. Back in 80’s curly hair was in fashion, but the curl’s size was small at that time. Long hair with small-sized curls on had made a go-to look for many girls back in the 80s. Nowadays curly hair are also in fashion but the size of curls as preferred by girls is small.

    13. Long Messy Hairdo

    Long Messy Hairdo - 80s hairstyles

    Long hair and giving them a messier look never get outdated. This hairstyle has been in fashion in the 60s, 70s, and 80s as well. Some people try to crimple their hair a bit to make them messier. If you have long hair, just make a side partition of your hair, make them a little messy, and you are ready with your go-to hairstyle.

    14. High Bun With A Hair Bow

    High Bun With A Hair Bow - 80s hairstyles

    Making buns of your hair is a very trendy and elegant hairstyle now and back in the 80s. But in the 80s, girls used to put a hair bow too on their heads. The young girls and women of age 40 found this hairstyle to be very attractive and popular at that time. If you look around now, this hairstyle is also becoming common with each passing day. It is also included in the latest hair trends.

    15. Hat-Shaped Hairdo

    Hat-Shaped Hairdo - 80s hairstyles

    You may find it weird, but this hairdo is also among the hairstyles of the ’80s. This hairstyle was not very common, but some women used to try this hair out to look different. A hairstyle like this was usually created by making a hat out of the hair or using the hair to make a hat.

    16. High Fountain Side Ponytail

    High Fountain Side Ponytail - 80s hairstyles

    This hairstyle was also one of the common hairstyles of the 80s. For this hairstyle, first, tie all of your hair with a hairband at the crown part of your head. Make sure to tie the hair to one side of your head. Now, allow your hair to fall freely from top to bottom like a fountain. This hairstyle looks better with long hair and gives a very decent look.

    17. Short Hair With Small Waves

    Short Hair With Small Waves - 80s hairstyles

    Wavy hair always gives an exquisite look. But short hair with small waves is somehow a perfect match. Short hair was in fashion in the 80s. When it comes to making hairstyles for short hair, waves are the best option. Moreover, short hair is currently in style, so small waves are the most appropriate way to style it.

    18. Upper Sleek With Bottom Crimpled Hairstyle

    Upper Sleek With Bottom Crimpled Hairstyle - 80s hairstyles

    This hairstyle is the one that has a flavor of class in it. Also, this is one of the hairstyles of the 80s. As the name shows in this hairstyle, the upper hair, about three to four inches, is sleek straight. The rest of the bottom hair is crimpled using a crimper. You can achieve a very different look by making this hairstyle.

    19. Bob Hairstyle With Layers

    Bob Hairstyle With Layers - 80s hairstyles

    This hairdo is one of the types of layered hairstyles. Like today, bob cut was also trendy in the 80s. Some girls used to have a layer cutting with a bob cut in the decade of 1980. This hairdo gives a stunning look and can be a good option if you want a change.

    20. Foxy Hairstyle

    Foxy Hairstyle - 80s hairstyles

    Foxy hairstyle was also a common are style back in the 80s. This hairdo gives a very hairy appearance to anyone. But as for now, the foxy hairstyle is not in so much fashion.

    21. Bob Cut With Straight, Sleek Hair

    Bob Cut With Straight, Sleek Hair - 80s hairstyles

    We all can agree that the sleet bob was one of the most seen hairstyles in the 80s. If you are the one from the 80s, you must have seen it, and if you are not, you must have seen this hairdo in pictures of the 80s.

    22. Beehive Buns With Headband

    Beehive Buns With Headband

    This hairstyle was a popular choice for women in the 80s. It involved creating two high buns on top of the head, resembling a beehive shape, and securing them with a headband. This style was often paired with brightly colored clothing and bold makeup to create a fun, energetic look that was perfect for the era.

    23. Farrah Feathers

    Farrah Feathers

    This hairstyle was made famous by actress Farrah Fawcett and was a popular choice for women in the 80s. It involved feathering the hair and creating large curls that swept away from the face. This style was often paired with voluminous clothing and bright makeup to create a glamorous yet playful look.

    24. Coconut Half Updo

    Coconut Half Updo
    Source: owens-alvin-pmx5297

    This hairstyle involved creating a half updo by twisting the hair back and securing it with a coconut-shaped clip. The remaining hair was left loose and often curled for added volume. This style was a popular choice for women with long, thick hair and was often paired with tropical prints and bold jewelry to create a beachy, island-inspired look.

    25. The Rat Tail

    This hairstyle involved leaving a thin, long strand of hair at the nape of the neck, resembling a rat’s tail. This style was often worn by men and was a popular choice for those in the punk rock scene. It was often paired with leather jackets, ripped jeans, and bold makeup to create a rebellious, edgy look.

    26. Hippie Bands

    Hippie Bands

    This hairstyle involved wearing a headband or scarf around the forehead and allowing the hair to flow freely. This style was popularized in the 60s and 70s but continued to be a popular choice in the 80s. It was often paired with bohemian clothing and natural makeup to create a laid-back, carefree look.

    27. Barrettes


    Barrettes were a popular hair accessory in the 80s and were often used to create a variety of hairstyles. They could be used to pull back bangs, secure a half updo, or add a pop of color to an otherwise simple hairstyle. This accessory was often paired with brightly colored clothing and bold makeup to create a fun, playful look.

    28. Flapper Girls

    Flapper Girls

    This hairstyle was inspired by the popular flapper style of the 1920s and involved creating short, sleek hair that was often curled at the ends. This style was popularized by pop icons such as Madonna and was often paired with bold makeup and 1920s-inspired clothing to create a vintage yet modern look.

    Final Words

    There is no doubt in saying that the 80s era was full of new hair trends and discovering new hairstyles. There are a lot of hairstyles that are even trending nowadays also. In the above article, I have covered the whole range of hairstyles of the 80s.

    There must be some hairstyles that you can try out from now. There can also be some hairdos that you might have found weird and will never think of trying them out. Nevertheless, you can provide yourself with information regarding the 80s fashion sense regarding hairstyles.

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