Are you ready to embrace your gray hair but not sure how to make it look fabulous? Fear not! In this article, we’ll share the best highlights for gray hair to enhance your natural color and add depth and dimension to your locks. Short answer: The best highlights for gray hair include soft blonde or silver tones that complement the natural gray color. Keep reading to find out more!

    First, we’ll address some frequently asked questions about highlights for gray hair. Then, we’ll dive into the best options for highlighting your gray hair to create a natural, flattering look.

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    Can gray hair be highlighted?

    Yes, gray hair can be highlighted using various techniques such as balayage, foiling, or babylights.

    What are the best highlights for gray hair over 50?

    The best highlights for gray hair over 50 are soft blonde highlights or subtle lowlights that complement the natural gray color.

    How can I achieve natural gray hair with blonde highlights?

    To achieve natural gray hair with blonde highlights, you can use a balayage technique where highlights are hand-painted onto the hair in a natural, sun-kissed way using a mix of blonde and silver tones.

    What is the best color to cover gray hair?

    The best color to cover gray hair depends on the individual’s natural hair color and skin tone. Generally, shades close to the natural hair color, such as medium or dark browns, work well to cover gray hair. Ashy or cool-toned colors also work well for gray coverage.

    Can I add gray highlights to my brown hair?

    Yes, you can add gray highlights to brown hair using a balayage technique to create a trendy, modern look that blends the gray with the brown hair for a seamless look.

    How can I blend gray hair with highlights and lowlights?

    A stylist can use a mix of lighter and darker tones to add depth and dimension to the hair, with highlights placed in areas where the hair is naturally lighter, and lowlights added in areas where the hair is naturally darker to create a natural, blended look.

    What color highlights go best with gray hair?

    Cool-toned shades such as platinum, silver, or ashy blonde work best with gray hair.

    Are lowlights or highlights better for gray hair?

    Both lowlights and highlights can work well for gray hair, depending on the desired look, with lowlights adding depth and dimension, and highlights adding brightness and contrast.

    How can I make my gray hair look like highlights?

    Using a purple or silver toning shampoo can enhance the natural silver or white tones in the hair to make it look like highlights.

    How to blend gray hair with highlights at home?

    Blending gray hair with highlights at home can be tricky, and it is recommended to seek the help of a professional stylist. However, using a balayage technique can help create a natural-looking blend.

    What are the best ways to cover gray hair for brunettes?

    Using hair color that is close to the natural hair color, such as medium or dark brown shades, or ashy or cool-toned colors can help cover gray hair for brunettes.

    What is the best color to cover gray hair?

    The best color to cover gray hair depends on the individual’s natural hair color and skin tone, with shades close to the natural hair color or ashy/cool-toned colors working well for gray coverage.

    How can I blend gray hair with highlights for dark hair?

    Using a foiling technique, with silver or ashy blonde highlights placed strategically around the face and crown of the head, can help blend gray hair with highlights for dark hair.

    Best Highlights For Gray Hair

    1. Gentle Silver Highlights

    Gentle Silver highlights for gray hair

    You can break up your gray hair with a few threaded silver highlights. If you have graying hair or already have steel-gray hair.

    You can neutralize brassy tones with Color Extend Graydiant Shampoo. This will leave your silver locks more sleek and radiant.

    2. Smoky Brown

    Smoky Brown highlights for gray hair

    Gray hair has an undertone of smoky brown, which makes the color silver look rich and dark. Hair is often mistaken for a light brown because it contains tones of black and white. Gray hair has a natural beauty to it.

    Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Color Tint in Gargoyle can be used instead of dye if you are transitioning to gray.

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    3. Silver Highlights

    Silver Highlights highlights for gray hair

    This color is one of the most popular shades of gray because it’s a perfect neutral, and it looks great on all skin tones. It’s a bit darker than platinum.

    The silver dots break up the slate gray color and give your locks a lovely touch of dimension. Curls can be enhanced using lightweight creams with moisture, such as Curl Charisma Cream.

    4. Blended Blond

    Blended Blond highlights for gray hair

    The silver streak trend is a great way to break up the monotony of a dark color. This look works incredibly well on wavy, curly, or coil hair. The idea is to pull your hair back and then use a color that matches the base color of your hair. For example, if your hair is black, then use a deep brown or burg.

    Anti-Yellowing Shampoo with Centaury helps maintain that blondish silver color and keeps the hair from becoming yellowish.

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    5. Smoky Grey

    Smoky Grey highlights for gray hair

    Carry out your natural steel gray color with a small number of smoky silver highlights to enhance a bit trashy look. For a simple, pretty style that will suit any occasion, create soft waves by spritzing hair with a salt spray and then applying a small amount of smoothing oil. Finish with iridescent powder for added shine.

    5. Texture Giving Highlights

    Texture Giving highlights for gray hair

    Gray hair is frizzy and more fragile than pigmented hair on your head, so the key to this look is to use an alcohol-free texture spray to add dimension to the look.

    The silver streaks add texture and highlight the layers, giving the pixie cut an exciting dimension. Go for Dry Texture Spray for better results.

    6. Silky Silver

    Silky Silver highlights for gray hair

    The color of this matte gray looks somewhat silvery, while it has a soft brown tint. It’s neither gray nor silver, but it’s somewhere in the middle. To produce more shine, apply Color + Conditioner in Silver Blue.

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    7. Mixed Bag

    Mixed Bag highlights for gray hair

    Under this brown and blonde bob, there is a hint of natural gray hair. When all three shades are combined like this, it gives a warm and muted effect. To get a curly effect, use 1.5-inch ceramic curling iron.

    8. Steel Gray

    Steel Gray highlights for gray hair

    The curled thin silver highlights of this style work exceptionally well for those with a gray color. If you prefer a steely gray color, have a smooth blend with bright silver highlights.

    9. Bold Silver

    Bold Silver highlights for gray hair

    With this haircut, you get an edgy disconnect with bold silver streaks that look polished. The low-maintenance highlights blend the gray hairs. The hydration conditioner will keep things looking polished. To have a polished and hydrating look apply Hair perfecto to get the desired result.

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    10. Chunky Highlights

    Chunky highlights for gray hair

    The most popular hairstyle of 90’s. It’s time to bring back chunky highlights. Metallic silver looks great with them when mixed.

    11. Blonde, Gray Highlights

    Blonde, highlights for gray hair

    A bright blonde highlight contributes to the soft gray hairstyle, which has an added dose of light.

    12. Ash-Blonde Highlights

    Ash-Blonde highlights for gray hair

    A silver base is mixed with ash blonde highlights to create a beautiful color. To achieve this shade at home, try soft silver blonde.

    13. Ash Brown Highlights

    Ash Brown Highlights

    Ash brown highlights will transform gray hair into a tint. The brown ash tones will create a natural-looking color without being too bright. The tones that you use will depend on the shade of your hair.

    If your hair is a light brown, you’ll want to use a medium tone of brown to avoid looking unnatural. Ash brown will also give you a more natural-looking tint because it’s not too dark or bright.

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    14. Ash Dark Blonde

    Ash Dark Blonde

    Alternative model of ash brown highlights blending within gray hair resulting in ash dark look. However, in this hairstyle, the hair is darker. The first thing to remember about the hair color is that the ash brown hair color blends in with gray hair, making it look more natural.

    However, you need to maintain the color by adding highlights about every six weeks. With this hairstyle, the hair is darker.

    15. Auburn Highlights

    Auburn Highlights

    If you prefer a bolder look, you can set your hair off with auburn highlights; to maintain hold while highlighting the silver and auburn tones, use an argon-infused hairspray, such as oil’s Luminous Hairspray.

    16. Light Ash Brown

    Light Ash Brown

    An ash brown look with some silver highlights to make it appear sun-bleached. Here is another iteration of this style. This time, the hair is lighter, and a few silver baby lights are sticking out at the ends.

    17. Steel Gray


    The natural gray of this fairy is blended into a steely color, giving it added volume. Use Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray to add lift and volume without harmful chemicals.

    18. Blonde Grey Highlights

    Blonde Grey Highlights

    The beauty of this look is that it doesn’t compete with the rich brown tone of the hair. This is because the highlights are frosty and pale. Highlights like these offer a way to make your hair look fresh and youthful. The colors are perfect for aging hair.

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    19. Subtle Smokey Highlights

    Subtle Smokey Highlights

    A Smokey tone hardly stands out against a gray wall, breaking up the monotony. It adds a fresh look of newly styled hair.

    20. Silver, Maroon Mix Highlight

    Silver, Maroon Mix Highlight

    Against the silver-white streaks, these maroon highlights look gorgeous. To enhance the shine, use a tailored shampoo for gray and white hair, such as Silver shampoo.

    21. Maroon Blonde Highlights

    Maroon Blonde Highlights

    To create a “precious metal” look, try this bob hairstyle through blend of maroon highlights with silver highlights. To get the texture you need, use Platinum Texturizing Taffy.

    22. Varying Widths

    Varying Widths

    Various widths of silver highlight create an exciting blend – with pencil-thin baby lights and chunkier marker-thick highlights. If you have lighter hair, you might want to consider a lighter shade of ash brown if you want to avoid looking washed out.

    23. Blonde, Gray Mix

    Blonde, Gray Mix

    An uplifting, sunny look is created by grays and white highlights. To neutralize yellow tones, apply Shade Variation Hair Mask, a purple mask that repairs and nourishes your hair.

    24. Moon-Like Grays

    Moon-Like Grays

    The silver streaks create a moonbeam-like effect, giving this gray hairstyle a futuristic look. Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Permanent Hair Color in Smokey Silver is finest for using it on this combo.

    25. Foggish Gray

    Foggish Gray

    Foggy silver-gray hair adds a romantic touch by softening the complexion. The lightest highlights are on the crown of the head, framing your face with a halo of light.

    Hairline and bangs have chunkier highlights. This creates an exciting contrast that is sure to draw attention.

    26. Lowlights


    With darker lowlights underneath, your white highlights will stand out more. This creates a contrast and makes your hair seem brighter. If you’re not into the “blonde” look, then this is for you. You can also use it with any color to get that pop of color that will make your hair pop!

    27. Curly Grays

    Curly Grays

    With the aid of chunky gray highlights woven throughout the head, you can achieve a dramatic, moody color on dark hair.

    28. Metallic Brown Melt

    Metallic Brown Melt

    Perfectly blending light browns and grays give this haircut a contemporary look. It looks best with an off-center part and is a classy and settled haircut.

    29. Ash Golden Baby Lights

    Ash Golden Baby Lights

    The contrast created by gray highlights and a warm tone in baby lights is gorgeous. You can create a fantastic balisage by adding a touch of warm color in baby lights. Style your hair into easy waves to add dimension and interest.

    30. Cool Ash Brown

    Cool Ash Brown

    Whether you have graying brown hair or are struggling to hide them, try balisage with chunky highlights near the face where grays are most apparent.

    31. Chocolate Metallic Blend

    Chocolate Metallic Blend

    It is a good idea to add broad highlights in a metallic blonde shade to make your curls stand out.

    32. Brunette With Silver

    Brunette With Silver

    Try one that will go perfectly with your dark base if you want to jazz up your dark hair with some thin highlights.

    33. Blonde Grey Lob

    Blonde Grey Lob

    Adding an ashy and bright platinum balisage to your hair can create a stylish look! Make sure the lighter shade is strategically placed around your face and blended into your hair for a cohesive appearance.

    34. Muted Gray With Blue Highlights


    Take a whack at your jet-black hair with silver highlights to make them shimmer, and wait, are there some grayish blue streaks in there? It’s long and wavy, with choppy layered locks that fall to your waist.

    35. Shiny Silver Hue

    Shiny Silver Hue

    If you are blonde, you can achieve silver color quickly. White highlights can increase your look’s charm and enhance your appearance. As a tip, use purple shampoo if you want your color to last longer.

    36. Dimensional Streaks

    Dimensional Streaks

    Multi-tonal streaks will make your hair look fuller and will add a 3D effect. Thick streaks at several levels above your base color make your hair look bolder.

    37. Light Silver Brown Mix

    Light Silver Brown Mix

    A silver-blonde balisage looks gorgeous on dark brown hair! Yes, the struggle is real when choosing a light color, but the final result is spectacular. For the rest of the hair, add some medium bangs and choppy layers.

    38. Cream Blonde With Silver Blend

    Cream Blonde With Silver Blend

    Its cream blonde waves are given depth and character by silver highlights adorning the style. An ash brown base color and loose curls add to the lengthy, carefree and sporty vibe. You can wear it with or without bangs.

    39. Brown To Grey Fade

    Brown To Grey Fade

    How do you create a unique hairstyle that draws attention away from your shoulders and your eyes when you blend bra strap length brown locks with white blonde and gray?

    40. Smokey Grey With Silver Ends

    Smokey Grey With Silver Ends

    Silver balisage is a stunning way to tone down your natural hair color when you have long hair. Pro tip: flatter hair without luster will benefit from multicolored hair like this one.

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    41. Smooth Ash Brown With Gray

    Smooth Ash Brown With Gray

    A slight height in the crown and the off-center part lend an air of sophistication to this wavy hairstyle that shows off a long and swoopy wave. In brown hair, gray highlights appear to reflect the muted chocolate tones.

    42. Golden Shag


    It is possible to use silver highlights and a sophisticated color scheme where warm tones blend with cold tones to create a cat’s mane. The delicate details fall below the shoulders and create a blend of modesty and radiance.

    Highlighting your hair with these 45 different blends would pitch an alluring gaze. With this look, you won’t have to be in the salon every four weeks to maintain the color since your gray hairs will blend right in. This transformation makes gray hair appear more natural and combines well with your usual hair hue.

    43. Balayage



    Gray hair can be treated in two ways: full coverage and gray blending. There are so many hair colors to choose from, but not all of them are appropriate for your hair. Darker colors will darken your locks, while lighter shades will lighten your hair. Lowlights are applied to darken your hair, while highlights are applied to lighten your hair.

    No matter what kind of gray coverage person you are, I’m sure you’ll find a solution in the following paragraphs. Do you have to keep your gray covered all the time, or are you looking to have less maintenance with your grays?

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