Black Boys Haircuts: 42 Cool & Easy Hairstyles for 2024

Black boys haircuts accentuate their curls and texture. Plus, they should be manageable and demand low maintenance. Who says black boys haircuts have to be as detailed and demanding as those of adult haircuts? You can combine the ease of achieving and maintaining these cuts with style if you know the right look.

Here are some styles for your inspiration. Feel free to use these styling basics and come up with unique haircuts that match your kiddie’s personality while keeping styling easy for him.

Black Boys Haircuts

These haircuts for young boys include cleaner and rough-looking styles as well as messier and softer ones.

1- Taper Cut

Taper Cut-black boys haircuts
Source: Pinterest

Use this subtlest hairstyle for your kiddo so they can create a new look every day with their longer top hair. Leave the locks naturally curly or create dreads. At times, you may also opt for braids or cornrows with these medium-long locks. Short hair on the sides and back will keep the look clean.

2- Neck Taper

Neck Taper-black boys haircuts

Instead of keeping the sides short, this haircut uses a taper cut for the neck. The top and side hair is kept at the same lengths. Or in some variations, side hair is shorter than top hair. Feel free to include a line-up and sideburn to get a unique look.

3- Undercut

Undercut-black boys haircuts
Source: Mens Haircuts And Hairstyles

Complete an undercut with short to medium hair on top. Older kids may want to try out dreads with an undercut. Most black boys will go with a messy look of curls or twists on top to get a rowdy look. If you want a softer look, go without a surgical line.

4- Complete with a Line-Up

Complete with a Line-Up-black boys haircuts

Use this simple styling technique with any style of short hair to turn the plain look into well-thought-out elegance. Combine it with an undercut to emphasize neatness. But if he wants a simple line-up with short or medium curls, that’s the way to go.

5- Dreadlocks with Fade

Dreadlocks with Fade-black boys haircuts
Source: Pinterest

Enjoy the grownup hairstyle without committing to lots of maintenance. Keep the volume in check with a fade. Don’t go beyond the medium length for these locs or it may cost you hours every week to maintain them. Try ombre to get a sun-kissed look.

6- Just Curls

Just Curls-black boys haircuts

For younger children, you may go for more innocent looks. Short sides may not appear the best option for them. Curls are natural, simple, and adorable. Keep them at the same length across his head.

7- Kinky Curls

Kinky Curls-black boys haircuts
Source: Pinterest

Embracing their natural curl type is the way to go for those kids who enjoy 4c hair type. For those kids who want to flaunt these curls with smoother hair, twisting the locks should get the look temporarily.

8- Twists

Twists-black boys haircuts
Source: Mens Haircuts And Hairstyles

Twists are reserved for those little chaps who want to style with ease. Of course, keep them short and natural.

9- Chunky Twists

Chunky Twists-black boys haircuts

While thin twists are praised for neatness, chunky twists define a welcoming feel. Your champ will feel sporty with this casual black boy haircuts. Complete it with an undercut to keep the focus on top high twists.

10- Highlights

Highlights-black boys haircuts
Source: Mens Haircuts And Hairstyles

Add an obvious and loud styling element to the soft look of a curly top and clean sides with highlights. Pick natural colors like brown or golden to keep the hairstyle’s tone down. But if the kid is a brave soul, he can go with bolder colors of red or blonde.

11- Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut-black boys haircuts
Source: Pinterest

If a neat look is a priority, go for a buzz cut. Get a tough look while keeping maintenance low. Complete with a surgical line or a line-up to emphasize neatness.

12- Buzz Fade

Buzz Fade-black boys haircuts
Source: Pinterest

Instead of keeping an equal length of hair across the head, keep the side hair shorter than the top. This is the easiest combo of soft and bold hairstyle elements that keeps maintenance low. Complete with a line-up to make it cleaner.

13- Buzz Fade with Surgical Line

Buzz Fade with Surgical Line-black boys haircuts

For those of us who think buzz fade is too simple and commonplace, adding a surgical line should bring all emphasis to neatness. Or use a tattoo, hard part, or line-up to let him feel as tough and macho as he wants.

14- Buzz Cut with a Tattoo

Buzz Cut with a Tattoo-black boys haircuts
Source: Pinterest

Forget the surgical line. Add style to a buzz-cut look with a tattoo. The best thing is that you’ve plenty of options to choose from. Keep it simple with two parallel lines. Or get a complex, abstract art piece for him to show off.

15- Low Fade

Low Fade-black boys haircuts
Source: Mens Haircuts And Hairstyles

The low fade is another subtle haircut that is clean enough to enhance the elegance and naïve enough to match their youth. Pair with short to medium top hair. I would go with a messy hairstyle for the top hair with a low fade. But feel free to experiment with afro or dreads as well.

16- Low Fade with a Frohawk

Low Fade with a Frohawk-black boys haircuts
Source: Pinterest

Let him be on top of the trend by pairing his subtle and naïve low fade with frohawk. It doesn’t have to be too bold. Just style his natural locks upright and he is all set.

17- Top Fade with Shaved Hard Part

Top Fade with Shaved Hard Part-black boys haircuts
Source: Mens Haircuts And Hairstyles

Replace the surgical line with a shaved hard part to get this clean look. This shaved line can go to the back of the head to make the look even bolder. Keep the top locks short or medium. Note that this fade will go to the back of the kid’s head for a symmetrical and sleek look.

18- Fade with Afro

Fade with Afro-black boys haircuts
Source: Pinterest

Long or medium afro hair is not needed to support a fade. Instead, get the top hair trimmed to half an inch to contrast with short and shaved sides. Go for high fade and choose between bald and buzz fade to suit your personality.

19- 360 Waves

360 Waves-black boys haircuts
Source: Pinterest

It will keep the hairstyle subtle for sure. But don’t expect it to be easy –especially since the installation phase is not easy. If your kid is the one asking for 360 waves, expect him to be responsible to train his waves and prompt him to use Durag.

20- Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves-black boys haircuts
Source: Mens Haircuts And Hairstyles

Unlike 360 waves, ocean waves are minute and low-key. The good news is that these waves can work well with curly hair as well. Expect a little deviation in texture, though. Keep attention to the top with a bald fade for the sides.

21- Fade with Dreads

Fade with Dreads-black boys haircuts
Source: Pinterest

When teens are ready to try adult haircuts, they can start with some low-key styles like short and medium dreads. Combine these locks with medium or low fade. Feel free to get back hair short as well.

22- Undercut with Top Knot

Undercut with Top Knot
Source: Mens Haircuts And Hairstyles

This haircut combines the laze and frankness of the top knot style with the sleekness of an undercut. Accessorize it with a fade undercut if you will.

23- High Top Style

High Top Style
Source: Mens Haircuts And Hairstyles

Black boys high-top haircuts are easy because of the kink their hair type offers naturally. Easily get this style with a little teasing of your long top hair after getting your sides and back hair cut short. The best options are high fade or undercut.

24- Natural and Simple High Top

Natural and Simple High Top
Source: Mens Haircuts And Hairstyles

Keep it subtle when you want. Best for teens, this hairstyle needs a med fade and keeps top hair at medium length only. They can stay naturally messy to look cool. Jiggle them to get them uniformly upright in more formal settings.

25- Simple Fade with Curls

Simple Fade with Curls
Source: Pinterest

Get a regular, school-boy style for the tween. It will allow short to medium curls on top and completes the look with a mid fade. Include a line-up to clean the appearance. If desired, gradually shorten the length of curls towards the back.

26- Mohawk with Fade

Mohawk with Fade
Source: Mens Haircuts And Hairstyles

This hairstyle is great for pre-teenagers and teens as it allows them to check out serious versions of adult styles. Let these youthful curls form a Mohawk at the top and get a high or mid fade to bring uniqueness.

27- Short Mohawk

Short Mohawk
Source: Pinterest

Essentially, it only looks like a Mohawk. Leave the top hair as short as possible and bald fade to the sides. The back will keep the short hair, of course. Make it cleaner with a surgical line, a line-up, or a mix of these two styles.

28- Box Braids

Box Braids
Source: Pinterest

Protect beauty without compromising on style with box braids. These braids can be natural or you can opt for hair extensions to get them. Thin braids with smaller hair divisions look more youthful than thick ones.

29- Box Braids with Fade

Box Braids with Fade
Source: Pinterest

Make it bold by completing the look with a fade. Keep them medium long to make caring easier.

30- Burst Fade

Burst Fade

This fade doesn’t enhance the contrast between lengths but it looks rough and tough. Complete it with a wide and trimmed-down Mohawk.

31- Wavy Fade

Wavy Fade
Source: Pinterest

He will go for a clean look to imitate the popular trend. But we can have a compromise. If boldness is not needed, go for a more refined fade – like a wavy fade with curls showing around the trim. Complete with short hair on top to keep the contrast discreet.

32- Taper Haircut

Taper Haircut
Source: Pinterest

The young man wants a bold and modern cut and you prefer a softer style for him. This style allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds with a softer move toward short sides and less contrast with long top locks. Keep the top at medium length to make the cut more permissible for school settings.

33- High Top Hair

High Top Hair

Flaunt Afro hair with a high-top style. Give it a modern – and youthful! – twist with a flat top. Beware! This is not the easiest cut with the least maintenance requirements. Be ready to get the tresses trimmed every week to maintain symmetry.

34- Flat Top with Shaved Line

Flat Top with Shaved Line
Source: Pinterest

Most afro hairstyles are classic examples of box haircuts with a flat top that uses fade or undercut to keep the sides short. Highlight the contrast by adding a shaved line or curve. If a cleaner look is needed, including a line-up.

35- Juice Box Fade

Juice Box Fade
Source: Pinterest

When you don’t fear standing out as a teen, juice box fade helps you achieve the uniqueness you deserve. It features a high-top fade that is usually coupled with a flat top. The look is completed with a hard shave part.

Don’t ask any hairstylist to cut this hair for you. Only pros can achieve the look appealingly.

36- Asymmetrical High Top Hair

Asymmetrical High Top Hair
Source: Coils and Glory

Asymmetry will only make it bolder and cleaner. Of course, the sides will be short. Choose between buzz and short hair for the back. For more boldness, complete this teen’s cut with a line-up or hard part.

37- Simple Afro

Simple Afro

If undercut and fade are not your things, skip both. It will be just as classy if you choose to keep the sides short or add a line-up. Feel free to add highlights to add more style. Note that the top kinks should be at least medium length. Aim for between 4 and 8 inches in length.

38- Afro with Hair Art

Afro with Hair Art
Source: Pinterest

Include curved lines and lightning marks to bring creativity to the sides. Complete with a fade. Low fade will highlight the art even more.

Keep the back hair long to give a fake and subtle Mohawk appearance. Give the top hair a sun-kissed look with a lighter shade of brown. Leave the sides with the original color.

39- A Shaved Line with Short Hair

A Shaved Line with Short Hair
Source: Mens Haircuts And Hairstyles

Use contrast to bring attention to the style. In this young boy’s haircut, a shaved curved line at the side of the head will create that much-needed contrast. Complete with fade or undercut. You can keep the top hair short to keep attention on the shaved line.

40- Cornrows

Source: Mens Haircuts And Hairstyles

If he isn’t afraid of the time that goes into getting cornrows and maintaining them, don’t deny him the experience. Make it more boyish and handsome with an undercut or a bald fade. Line-up is common with most cornrows hairstyle for black boys.

41- Hair Art for the Sides

Hair Art for the Sides
Source: Pinterest

One trending style among black boy haircuts is a long top with sides shaved with nail art. Some common patterns include shaving a lifeline, a butterfly, stars, and two or more parallel lines.

This style is especially unique and looks like hair dripping down from the top. Some drips are reaching lower than others.

42- Hair Art for the Back

Hair Art for the Back
Source: Barber Industries

Include the back of the head as well for this artwork to get a tough look. Complete this style with short to medium hair on top.

FAQs about Black Boys Haircuts:

Q: What are the Most Popular Haircut Trends for Black Boys?

A: The curly, kinky locks of black boys can give a messy look or they can choose sleeker styles like undercuts and fades. Most boys go for line-ups, surgical lines, and shaved hard parts to make the style look neater.

Younger boys keep their hair short while teenagers and young adults go for more complicated styles like dreads, braids, and cornrows. In both cases, you will see long hair on top and short or shaved sides.

Q: When should 1 year black baby boy has a haircut?

A: If you follow African tradition, you should cut your baby boy’s hair on or before his first birthday. After that, the growth of hair will tell you if your boy is ready for the next haircut or not.

Q: How to take Care of my Black Baby Boy’s Hair?

A: Caring for afro hair is different from caring for straight hair because of the hair type. Afro-textured hair is type 4 hair and this type is known for its curly and kinky texture.

These are soft and have lots of friction which translates to easy damage to the hair. Naturally, they need personalized and intensive care. Here are a few tips that will help you develop a healthy and nurturing hair care routine.

Use those shampoos which are made for Afro hair specifically.

Keep the boy’s hair clean and wash it once or twice every week. Excessive washing can deprive the strands of their natural oil.

Seal oil within the locks by applying hair oil after every wash.

If the hair appears coarser or dryer than normal, moisturize it. Use products that are made especially for black boys.

Avoid styling young boys’ hair to avoid damage.

Take Away

This article discusses 42 haircuts that will look cute and trendy for your boy. Some of these are suitable for younger kids while others are a match for older boys in their teens and teen years.

More school-going children prefer a softer look that doesn’t contrast the length of the top and side hair. Others prefer a sleeker look that resembles an adult’s style.

When you choose a hairstyle, always consider its demand for maintenance. If you don’t have enough time to spend hours caring for your kids and if they aren’t skilled enough in hair care, persuade them to have those styles that have shorter hair.

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