33 Best Wolf Cut Hair Ideas to Rock 2024

The wolf cut is inspired by two hair legends from the 1970s and 1980s: the shag haircut and the layered mullet. If you want to rock them both in the form of hot wolf cut hair, this article is for you. Walk through these wolf cut hairstyles to choose your ideal one.

Are you willing to give your wildest hairdo idea a try? Well, then you must have thought about getting wolf cut.

Wolf haircuts combine the best aspects of both mullet haircuts and shag haircuts. There are multiple layers in this hairstyle, creating a bouncy and voluminous look.

The world is going wild all over again for wolf cut, thanks to TikTok! Women who have a small density in their hair are not recommended for this cut. The hair is flipped and bent in different directions, which gives it a chunky, piecey texture.

The following article explains the wolf cut, shows examples and explains how to style it. Would you join the pack, or should you steer clear?

Let’s explore it all below!

We have presented 33 wolf cut hair ideas you can rock in 2022. Don’t miss out!

However, if you’re more into old-school hairstyles that were popular in the 1980s, check the most authentic 80’s hairstyles.

What Is a Wolf Cut Hair?

Trying to figure out what a wolf haircut is? Wolf cut hair is a super stylish wilder version of the mullet, which has already received over 400 million views on TikTok.

In terms of hairstyles, the wolf cut is characterized by a much larger volume on the front and top of the head.

Towards the back, it becomes progressively thinner with much less volume. Although it is a tough cut to achieve, it is effortless to maintain.

Is it Challenging To Achieve A Wolf Cut Hairstyle?

This haircut is simple to achieve if your hairstylist is talented. This hairdo isn’t for everyone, which is why you should hire someone who is experienced and knows how to execute these intricate and innovative ideas.

Is A Wolf Cut Expensive?

This hairstyle isn’t too expensive because all your hairstylist needs to do is cut it the right way and at the right angle.

Most hairstylists charge between $80-120 for a simple cut and style or blow-drying service.

However, if you’re trying to get wolf cut on your own, you must know some hacks. Make sure you know the hacks to cut your hair at home!

33 Best Wolf Cut Hair to Pull Off in 2022!

Do you think you can come up as wild enough to pull off a wolf cut?

If you are eager, skim through the following examples of the wolf cut to date to have the inspiration you’ve been looking for!

1. Voluminous Wolf Hair Cut

Voluminous Wolf Hair Cut

Are you looking for an easy and breezy summer look for your wolf haircut? Then this hairstyle is for you!

This look will suit you if your hair is naturally thicker and fluffier. It’s light, airy, and romantic, making it ideal for most young ladies.

A pair of curtain bangs will complete this hairstyle perfectly. Show off your beauty for casual, breezy summer looks!

2. Chin Length Wolf Cut Hair

Chin Length Wolf Cut Hair

A short version of the famous wolf cut, this shorter style showcases the trend in a more stylish way. Short, choppy layers are cut around the top and gradually lengthen toward the ends.

The look is finished with a full fringe in the front. Make this ideal chin-length wolf cut hair your go-to hairstyle for lower maintenance.

With little effort, you’d be all ready to go anywhere without having to spend hours styling your hair.

3. Wolf Cut Hairstyle with Bangs

Wolf Cut Hairstyle with Bangs

Are you naturally dark brown-haired? Would you like to see a subtle and cute transformation?

Having a hairdo like this will work for you if you want to look cute and flirty on a daily basis.

There is no way that bangs won’t look cute on you. Transform your wolf cut with bangs to accomplish that cute and superior look!

Women in their twenties and thirties will look great with this hairstyle. This look will suit any occasion, whether formal or informal and is ideal when paired with bangs this summer.

4. Shaggy Wolf Cut Hair

Shaggy Wolf Cut Hair

Keeping volume concentrated at the top, the ends of this style are thinner than the rest. This flattering style emphasizes the tousled, textured ends without appearing too wild.

Shaggy wolf cut is usually more popular with young girls, but nowadays, women of all ages rock this hot wolf cut hair. Get this one already if you’re bold enough to pull it off!

5. Mullet Wolf Haircut with Bangs

Mullet Wolf Haircut with Bangs

This light brown hairstyle with fluffy bangs is delicate and precise. Give this beauty a try if you prefer everyday looks and simple clothing.

Request thin ends and a voluminous top from your hairstylist. To get this fluffy look, sprinkle a lot of baby powder on top.

6. Tamed Wolf Cut Hair

Tamed Wolf Cut Hair

The short layers start lower down on the hair shaft in this wolf cut, making it a little tamer. The result is a relaxed-yet-wild look with less oomph on top.

This version is ideal if you’re worried that the classic wolf cut is a little too much for everyday wear.

7. More Feminine Wolf Cut Hair

More Feminine Wolf Cut Hair

Why not try this adorable wolf cut with bangs if you enjoy stylish haircuts and frequently color your hair? It’s also fashionable.

Brush out your bangs to achieve this curtain effect. Women in their twenties are the most likely to sport this hairstyle. You can try it out regardless of your age as well.

8. Sleek Wolf Cut Hair

Sleek Wolf Cut Hair

The wolf cut has just become sleeker and straighter in this new version! Rather than wearing undone curls or waves every day, opt for this sleek, straightened style instead.

You can make this look by simply running a flat iron (don’t forget the heat protectant!) over your layers and turning the ends in.

9. Straight Wolf Cut Hair with Bangs

Straight Wolf Cut Hair with Bangs

Bangs are a great addition to a wolf haircut. A cute bob length is perfect for anyone who loves elegant ideas.

The subtle and feminine vibe of this hairdo is perfect to wear for everyday events such as weddings and parties. This look is best for the summer season because it is so airy and breathable.

10. Blunt Bangs and Wolf Cut Hair

Blunt Bangs and Wolf Cut Hair

How about we opt for something bold and different? Curtain bangs with a wolf cut are more common, but we love how full blunt bangs look with this cut as well. Long, shaggy layers provide an ideal backdrop for textured waves.

When it comes to bangs, you’re never out of options! Choose your ideal bangs ideas for the wolf cut.

11. Messy Wolf Cut Hair

Messy Wolf Cut Hair

This wolf cut is distinguished by its full bangs, longer face-framing pieces, and numerous choppy layers.

Tease the hair at the roots and style it forward for a boost of volume at the crown to achieve a more defined and model-ish look!

12. Curly Wolf Cut Hairstyle

Curly Wolf Cut Hairstyle

Curls with wolf cut – definitely a dynamic hairstyle combination to wear! The wolf cut has an entirely different look than waves or straight hair because of its intense natural curl; if you believe that “the bigger, the better,” this style’s ultra-short layers and bangs might be ideal for your ringlets.

13. Wolf Cut & Micro Bangs Hairstyle

Wolf Cut & Micro Bangs Hairstyle

In this shaggy style, ultra-short bangs are the main feature. Women with curly hair will love this textured style, which mimics a mullet with longer layers at the back.

Embrace these beautiful micro bangs look today to be a 2022 hairstyle queen!

14. Textured Wolf Cut Hair

Textured Wolf Cut Hair

We recommend using a volumizing spray and blow-drying with your head pointing down to achieve this messy, tousled wolf hairstyle. To highlight your natural texture, use some root powder.

15. Coily Wolf Cut Hair

Coily Wolf Cut Hair

Because of its self-supporting texture, coily hair can easily pull off a tapered wolf cut. To balance the look and frame your face, add short bangs!

16. Bright Ginger Wolf Cut Hair

Bright Ginger Wolf Cut Hair

This wolf cut features thick, choppy layers as well as heavy curtain bangs, which have a resemblance more to the shag cut and less to the mullet.

It looks perfect with the bright burnt orange hair color. However, you can also go with your hairstylist’s suggestion about the shades of orange.

17. Tapered Wolf Cut Hair & Contrasting Hair Color Combinations

Tapered Wolf Cut Hair & Contrasting Hair Color Combinations

Short layers on top and tapered wavy ends will look good with contrasting hair colors if you have straight hair. Also, give your locks some movement using tongs or flat iron to achieve a much-defined look.

18. Bright Red Wolf Cut Hair

Bright Red Wolf Cut Hair

What about a stunning wolf cut in a bright red color? Women in their twenties and thirties who enjoy having bold ideas regarding their hair would love this look!

Make an appointment with a hairstylist who is experienced in recreating such looks and designs. Being a pretty high-maintenance color, you will have to take care of your curls and preserve them better.

19. Classic Wolf Cut Hair with Layered Fringe

Classic Wolf Cut Hair with Layered Fringe

Wolf haircuts are more famous for being relatively low-maintenance than the rest of the hairstyles.

The wolf cut can even go well with thin hair and layered fringe. Although if you have very thin hair, we would suggest some volumizing product.

20. Bright Blue Korean Wolf Cut Hair

Bright Blue Korean Wolf Cut Hair

Do you dare to experiment with new and vibrant colors? This one is extremely loud and powerful, making it ideal for girls who enjoy attracting all kinds of attention!

Women in their twenties and thirties will look best in this cut and color. This blue wolf cut is worth a shot if you’re a teen. Try this today and leave this style to be your go-to one for the rest of 2022!

21. Grey Color Bob Wolf Cut Hair

Grey Color Bob Wolf Cut Hair

What do you think of this unusual silver and icy grey color combination? It’s so one-of-a-kind that you’ll most likely be the only one wearing it out and about!

To complete the look, add these bangs. Women and teenagers who enjoy attracting attention and embracing their feminine beauty will benefit from this wolf cut.

To your surprise, this is also one of the most authentic haircuts to pull off by women over 50. If you fall into that age group, you shall give this wolf cut a try!

22. Hot Pink Wolf Hair Cut

Hot Pink Wolf Hair Cut

Do you like pink hair and want to stand out from the crowd? If that’s the case, you’ll love this hairstyle to look your best self!

You can look fashionable and sophisticated. This wolf haircut is ideal for younger girls who enjoy dominating and cutting-edge ideas.

23. Wolf Hair Cut with Wispy Layers

Wolf Hair Cut with Wispy Layers

Are you looking for a versatile wolf cut hairstyle to bang in 2022? We have a suggestion for you!

The wolf cut is suitable for all hair types but looks best on thick hair. Thinner ends may appear flat and lack volume on those with fine hair with short choppy layers at the crown.

Want dramatic wisps and curls to shape your face well? Check out this article – How to choose best cuts & styles for curly hair according to your face.

24. Light Blonde Wolf Cut Hair

Light Blonde Wolf Cut Hair

You can pull off this look if you’re a natural blonde. It’s a must-have for girls who like flirty ideas and fashionable hairstyles. The result is also appropriate for evening wear.

If you want a sculpted look, go for the bangs. If you enjoy flirty ideas and stylish blonde cuts, this wolf hairstyle will be perfect for you.

25. Wolf Hair with Brown Highlights

Wolf Hair with Brown Highlights

How about something chic and bold? Simply add some highlights to get this fierce wolf cut. These outcomes are ideal for females who prefer subtle transitions.

To complete your wolf cut, opt for these fluffy and voluminous bangs. The final product is ideal for everyday wear, including the office!

You are free to choose the perfect highlight colors for your brown wolf cut; look up here for some super-hot brown hair caramel highlights ideas.

26. Choppy Blonde Wolf Cut Hair

Choppy Blonde Wolf Cut Hair

This extreme wolf haircut is trending high these days. However, keep in mind that the growing out process could take a few months. Consider it again if you have any reservations. Despite the fact that it is worth a shot!

27. Voluminous & Shaggy Wolf Cut with Fringe

Voluminous & Shaggy Wolf Cut with Fringe

The wolf-cut element is present in this vintage mullet hairstyle. This design will appeal to anyone who enjoys bold, fashion-forward hairstyles.

Show off your bangs and work them into your ensemble. It’s a fashionable cut for formal and casual occasions; just match it with the right jewelry or outfit to achieve the whole look!

28. Wolf Cut with Curly Bangs Hairstyle

Wolf Cut with Curly Bangs Hairstyle

Here goes another hottest trending hairstyle to rock in 2022! Choose a wild way to wear your curls with this wolf cut – one of the most popular hairstyles right now.

It is ideal for the oval or elongated face shape and will become your signature hairstyle.

29. Soft Wolf Cut Hairstyle

Soft Wolf Cut Hairstyle

Are you wondering if having a cute and feminine shag haircut is possible? Absolutely yes! Consider this soft baby pink wolf cut.

You may wear it in both straight or wavy ways to look appealing. However, ensure you don’t forget to use a good amount of texturizing spray.

30. Short Razored Wolf Cut Hair

Short Razored Wolf Cut Hair

A few choppy layers at the crown, combined with thinner ends, create a fantastic look for any hair type and texture.

To achieve a tousled look, use a round brush to comb out the ends and spritz with sea salt spray.

31. Long Blonde Wolf Cut Hairstyle

Long Blonde Wolf Cut Hairstyle

Let’s not forget about the whole transformational look. How about experimenting with the wolf cut style and blonde color?

It is ideal for mature women who prefer their natural texture but want to experiment with a wolf cut.

Light blonde highlights add a pop of color to the design. Wear the hairstyle to the office if you prefer subtle transitions and seamless cuts for a more sophisticated look.

32. Deep Teal Shullet (Wolf) Cut Hairstyle

Deep Teal Shullet (Wolf) Cut Hairstyle

Shullet is a wolf cut named after two haircuts: shag and mullet. With its long, tapered layers, this look definitely has more mullet elements.

If you want to achieve a totally bizarre and daring look for the rest of 2024, this hairstyle idea is a must-try

33. Wolf Hair with Bangs & Highlights

Wolf Hair with Bangs & Highlights

Don’t worry if your natural hair is thin and short; you’ll love the mullet layers in this short hairstyle. Moreover, it’s the ideal hairstyle for everyday use. Brush it out and get regular haircuts. To keep this hairstyle in tip-top shape, schedule your appointment every 6-8 weeks with your hairstyle.If you’re a fan of gray highlights, then you must be looking for in-trend combinations.

Check out our article – 45+ highlights for gray hair that look cool and crazy for this!

Frequently Asked Questions – Wolf Cut Hair:

What Kind Of Face Shape Works Well With The Wolf Cut?

The choppy layers help to soften a round face by causing movement around the chin and jawline. Thus, round-faced women look totally different while wearing wolf cut hair.

Is The Wolf Cut Hair Still Trending In 2022?

Thanks to Billie Eilish, the wolf cut is all set to become one of the most popular hair trends of 2022.

How Do I know If The Wolf Cut Is Proper For Me?

Because the wolf cut relies heavily on layers and volume, those with thicker hair with a bit of a wave or curl will look best with it.

Does Maintaining Wolf Cut Hair Require Lots Of Effort?

Due to its movement, this haircut should look effortless since it requires little maintenance. This is a no-fuss look. One wash, and you’re good to go!

Is It Possible To Make A Ponytail Out Of A Wolf Cut?

You can always pull a ponytail out unless your hair is too short. However, because the majority of the layers will be loose, don’t expect it to be extremely tidy.

Wrapping It Up!

Is this the first time you’re trying to embrace wolf cut hair? Would you be open to trying it out and giving it a shot?

Every girl loves this new hairstyle, which is also well-liked by most elderly women. Discover the most desirable wolf cut style you can go for when you have 33 options at your disposal!

We are hoping that you have already found your desired wolf cut hair! Best of luck.

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