Purple Highlights: 25 Trending Hair Color Ideas 2024

Do you fancy trying a hairstyle that looks completely different from the ones around you? Whether you want to follow little girl haircuts or an adult hairstyle, remaining up to date with the latest hair trends is necessary these days.

Today, we present to you our top 25 hair color ideas with purple highlights worth considering. Purple hair color portrays a bold and daring personality, aspired to do extraordinary things.

Purple remains one of the shades that people use to appear unique. The vibrant hue is instantly eye-catching, helping you stand out. Below we will discuss the best hair colors to complement purple with and some in-trend hairstyles with purple highlights.

What Color to Pair with Purple Highlights?

Before we delve into the top trendy hairstyles ideas with purple highlights, we will talk about the best matching colors. The purple shade you want to use would depend on your hair’s base color.

People with dark-coloured hair such as black and brown would have to use bright purple shades. Otherwise, the purple color will not appear as sparkly as it’s meant to.

On the other hand, for people with bright colored hair such as blonde and white, a cool purple shade would do the trick. By choosing a light purple shade, you could maintain a cool accent.

For girls who already have a vibrant hue as the base, pairing it with purple would be too much. However, it all depends on your preference, and daring people do have two or more funky hair colors as a combination. Nevertheless, in this case, do not overdo the purple shade and best limit it to only a sprinkle.

Top In-Trend Hairstyles with Purple Highlights

Now that we have explored the best color combinations with purple highlights, let’s dive into the top ideas. Without further ado, here are our 25 best hair ideas with purple highlights.

1. Brown and Violet

Brown and Violet
Source: Pinterest

The first in our list of hair ideas with purple highlights is the brown and violet combination. If you love a spicy yet bold look, this should be your first choice.

Having brown as the base color, you should alternate the hair with the violet shade. However, only use a strong purple shade at the tip of the hair and minimize the intensity toward the end. The changing purple hue combined with brown hair gives a remarkable look.

2. Triple Color Combo

Triple Color Combo
Source: Barb.pro

Love a purple shade but fear it will seem unprofessional? Then this hair idea with a purple highlight is for you. Brighter variants of purple are indeed funky for a professional gathering. If you’re an office worker but can’t let go of your love for purple, the triple combo might help.

This black hair with purple highlights idea uses purple, burgundy, and indigo on the black base color. These hues are relatively darker than other purple shades and help keep the colors in check. Furthermore, the two complementing colors do not let the purple shade become funkier.

3. Colorful Bob

Colorful Bob
Source: The Right Hairstyles

This next hair idea with purple highlights is for Bob cut lovers. The concept is to add sparkling shades such as Blue and light purple to help you appear unique.

However, you should have a darker base color to offset the vibrant shades. With a darker hue at the base and colorful variants at the end, this hair idea is wonderful for any season.

4. Flowing Purple Ombre

Flowing Purple Ombre
Source: Latest-Hairstyles.com

Another superb hair idea with purple highlights is the flowing hair with bright purple ombre shades. The only requirement is long and dark-colored hair.

The hair’s foundation remains black and takes an ombre style at the end. We prefer bright purple shades at the hair’s tip, but it varies according to your preference.

To add more character to this hairstyle, use medium-sized iron curls to give hair a spiral look. Let the purple highlights on black hair flow and awe the lookers!

5. Purple and Blonde Duo

Purple and Blonde Duo
Source: Pinterest

Did you ever think that one color could look boring and repetitive? We present a new idea with purple highlights. To pull this one off, the only requirement is short hair. You can go with long hair as well, but it would give an over-done expression.

The concept is to leave the front hair with the base color. Although the idea looks best with blonde base hair, you can try it with dark-colored hair as well. The hair’s backside would array the purple highlights. With blonde hair, go for light purple shades, and with dark hair, the more vibrant hues.

6. Pink and Purple Combo

Pink and Purple Combo
Source: Latest-Hairstyles.com

Another marvelous hair idea with purple highlights is the pink and purple duo. It works well with both dark and light-colored base hair. Having a purple head can be too vibrant at times, especially at work and professional places. To smooth things out, a bit of light pink could be a wonderful choice.

Leave the hair’s foundation in its original color and dye the end with the purple shade of your preference. Then, alternate the hair strands with streaks of pink to offer a cool accent. A purple and pink combo with dark hair is a style for nearly every occasion!

7. Plum Purple and Brown

Plum Purple and Brown
Source: Hair Adviser

Another hair color idea with purple highlights is the plum purple combined with brown base hair. This combination is great for girls who work yet love to have a unique change in their hairstyle.

This brown hair with purple highlights concept is about keeping the shades light. The plum purple color offers dullness indoor, which obscures the funkiness, yet shines the brightest outdoor. This color combination would best suit long hairstyles, as it provides a magical view in direct sun exposure.

8. Dusty Purple Shades

Dusty Purple Shades
Source: Pinterest

It’s a struggle to maintain the purple highlights, as they require frequent dye. It is troublesome for working women who can barely spare time out of their difficult routine. A wonderful solution to this is to use multiple purple shades.

The combination of several purple hues not only offers a creative look but also exceeds the color’s life. Depending on your base hair color, choose a range of purple shades.

Go for lighter hues with bright hair color and vibrant variants for darker hair. Even when one of the shades begins to wear out, the others will support the color combination!

9. Purple and Burgundy

Purple and Burgundy
Source: Pinterest

This hair color idea is for all the brunettes out there. The requirement is to have burgundy or similar colored hair. This combination specifically looks good on people with dark eyes and pale skin.

Grow out your hair and let them freely slow at the back. Alternate the hair strands with streaks of purple shades of your choice. However, consider choosing darker purple hues to match the burgundy base for the best look.

10. Platinum Purple

Platinum Purple
Source: Latest-Hairstyles.com

Next in our hair ideas with purple highlights is the platinum purple. This combination is best suited for special events and gatherings and can be too funky at times.

You should have bright base hair such as light blonde or white. Couple them with extremely light purple shades to achieve a silvery appearance. The combination serves ideal with long hair flowing freely at the back, looking at a white waterfall. When paired with exclusive dresses and makeup, you can steal the spotlight at any event.

11. Lavender Curls

Lavender Curls
Source: Latest-Hairstyles.com

We cannot rule out lavender when discussing hair color concepts with purple highlights. It is for the light purple shade lovers to spice things.

You need to have bright-colored base hair for this combo. Lavender appears best with blonde and white hair. Consider dyeing the whole hair strands alternatively at the back for a magical look.

If possible, grow out your hair for a more eye-catching experience. Furthermore, you can curl your hair at the end for a unique and mesmerizing touch.

12. Pastel Purple

Pastel Purple
Source: Latest-Hairstyles.com

Twelfth on our hair shade concepts with purple highlights list is the pastel purple combination. If you feel your hair does not render a solid appearance, this combo can help get more depth.

Like other light purple shades, it requires a bright base color and works superbly with a blonde. Pastel purple can help your hair appear heavier and give them more character. To spice things up, go for braids on long enough hair. Moreover, the pastel purple color creates a spectacular shimmer that catches every eye.

13. Purple and Blonde

Purple and Blonde
Source: Pinterest

Not a fan of overdoing the purple dye? No problem, the next one on our hair color with purple highlights collection has is for you.

This color combo serves best to those with light-colored base hair, such as blonde. The concept is to dye a few hair strands.

When looked at from afar, the head would not appear too vibrant, yet when observed closely, it tells another tale. There’s no hair length requirement; it depends on whether you like them long or short.

14. Midnight Purple

Midnight Purple
Source: Reddit

This hair color idea with purple highlights is for dark personality lovers. Midnight purple proves that dark variants are worth a shot due to their shininess and denseness.

This color combination appears best with dark base hair such as black and dark brown.

Moreover, the midnight purple shade is capable to emit touches of deep blue and purple in the light. It gives this concept versatility, matching a wide range of your dresses and helping you own the room.

15. Purple Haze

Purple Haze
Source: Byrdie.com

Next up on the list is the purple highlights on brown hair. The blend serves suitable for those who prefer to let their hair flow at the back. The magical combination catches every eye and helps you establish your presence in any event.

For a unique touch, consider curling your hair at the end to resemble dark brown waves. Alternate the strands with purple haze dye to express ebbing waves under purple moonlight.

16. Ultraviolet Ombre

Ultraviolet Ombre
Source: Pinterest

Are you a fan of extremely bright colors? Then this color idea would catch your eye. It’s all about creativity and presenting a new look to others with confidence.

Although this color combination looks superb with short hair, we do not want to restrict you to length. The concept is to utilize light purple shades at the hair’s root and then fade them toward the end.

To maintain uniqueness, we prefer to dye the hair’s tips with smoky gray color. When paired with dark-colored dresses, the contrast can instantly uplift your expression on any occasion.

17. Sleek Purple Neon

Sleek Purple Neon
Source: Byrdie.com

If you prefer to appear funky and creative at the same time, this hair color idea with purple highlights might make your day.

The only requirement to pull it off is to have silky and sleek hair. Although the color combination appears perfect on short hair, there’s no stopping to try it on long hair.

The concept is to use bright and eccentric purple shades to completely change your head’s color. There’s no preference of whether you should have bright or dark base hair because the dye gives them an entirely new look.

Leave the hair’s root in its original color and constantly change the purple hues as you move down the strands. The multi-colored hair combination emits a new color every time someone looks at them.

18. Purple Lowlights

Purple Lowlights
Source: The Right Hairstyles

Do you want your hair to look simple yet attractive? This blonde hair with purple highlights idea might have the perfect solution for you. This color combination pairs superbly with short blonde hair, giving a plain yet modern look.

The concept is to utilize the low and dull purple shades and pair them with the blonde base hair. Once dyed, the hairdo does not reveal purple highlights at once and requires good noticing to see it. Moreover, limited hair strands feature purple hues to maintain simplicity.

The color combo is perfect for professional places and does not appear too funky. To spice things up, you can curl the end of your hair for a unique touch. Whether for work or a special party, this hair color is versatile enough to help you stand out.

19. Gray and Purple Hair

Gray and Purple Hair
Source: The Right Hairstyles

Another bright shade combo with purple highlights is the gray and purple duo. This combination appears superlative on the long and sleek gray hair. Unlike other ideas we’ve discussed so far, this one requires straight hair to display the optimum color fusion.

The purple shade you’d want to choose is icy lilac to complement perfectly with your gray base hair. Alternating the strands with completely dyed purple can give your head a magical appearance.

However, many girls prefer to darken their gray hair and this color mix provides them the perfect opportunity. Use duller purple hues against the gray hair to give your head an overall darker color.

20. Violet Purple Peekaboo

Violet Purple Peekaboo
Source: Pinterest

This concept with purple peekaboo highlights is one of our favorites. Instead of uplifting your hair’s appearance through purple dye, this color combination aims to enhance your natural shade.

Pair your natural hair with another color, such as black with blonde, and underneath the layers throw a wave of matching purple shade. If you have short hair, consider curling them at the end to level up the hair’s appearance.

21. Purple Highlights Underneath

Purple Highlights Underneath
Source: Pinterest

Not a fan of making the purple shades visible? Then this hair color idea can be your next favorite thing. Whether you have blonde, black, or brown hair, this way to display purple highlights works with every color.

Instead of blending the purple shades with the base hair, this concept asks to exhibit the purple hue underneath the hair.

The color of your base hair would differ according to the purple highlight you want to feature. As it’s not a complete fusion of two colors, this concept is suitable for any lifestyle due to its simplicity.

22. Bright Magenta

Bright Magenta
Source: Pinterest

Are you seeking to portray an electric personality? Changing the hair color is the perfect starting point and this bright magenta shaded color combination is the choice of many. Giving a cyberpunk-themed appearance, this combo delivers a confident and bold image to the viewers.

To pull off this idea with purple highlights, you need to give your hair a complete overhaul. Begin with the base hair and dye them smoky gray.

Next, alternate the hair strands with light purple shades such as lilac to introduce the theme. Finally, use hair chunks of considerable sizes for the magenta dye to complete the funky set.

23. Coppery Purple

Coppery Purple
Source: Pinterest

The last hair color concept with purple highlights is the red copper fusion with purple hues. The color combination appears first-class on red hair, which when paired with purple shades gives a coppery look.

The hair’s root and the following area remain in the original red color. As we move down, the purple hue fusion begins from the mid and follows toward the end.

The purple shades include both bright and dull colors to help maintain the balance. The key is not to let the red hair purple highlights become too boring or extremely funky.

24. Purple Highlights on Red Hair

Purple Highlights on Red Hair
Source: Hair Adviser

25. Purple Highlights on Silver, Grey Hair

Purple Highlights on Silver, Grey Hair
Source: Pinterest

Final Words

Purple highlights remain the go-to hair color variation today. Not only do they bring a refreshing look but they also deliver a unique appearance, helping you stand out on any occasion.

Purple shades are versatile and match perfectly with a variety of base colors such as blonde, black, and brown. Whether you look for platinum, coppery, or a nightly look, purple highlights are the place to start.

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