Beauty has always been determined by how old you are, and people consider that beauty gets dull as your life progresses. Maybe yes, they are valid to some extent, but you can always look young if your heart is young; therefore, we are here to provide you with the most important factor that women consider as beauty their hair. Let’s discuss about hairstyles for women over 50 that will make you look younger. Although age is just a number and you have got to look your best all the time.


    Here are 32 Haircuts and Styles for Over 50 Women

    1) Pixie Bob Haircut

    Pixie Bob Haircut

    As women like to look more stylish and elegant as their age progresses pixie bob haircut is a perfect fit if you want an exquisite look with short hair.

    If you add a tone of brown to it, the depth indulged in it will give a fantastic look.

    2) Medium Length Layer Haircut

    Medium Length Layer Haircut

    The stunning-looking haircut gives a streamed-up look to your hair, making a discretion to your hair look.

    It is shoulder length and perfectly volume by adding layers till the shoulder gives it a much better look. The hairstyles and hairdos on layered hair are easy to maintain as many women have dyed their hair by this time, so any color with deep intensity would suit .well

    3) Feathered Bob with Height on the Crown

    Feathered Bob With Height On The Crown

    Feathered bob is a gorgeous hairstyle for women over 50. It gives that sassy look on their faces. Many women rock this haircut, and most importantly, the main ingredient of this cut is the volume on the crown area, which provides it with symmetry and levels of going further up.

    If you are 50 and looking for a hairstyle, this might be it.

    4) Short Curly Pepper Bob

    Short Curly Pepper Bob

    Most women with curly hair don’t opt for short hair, thinking it won’t look good, but they are wrong. If you have ideally taken care of your hair, a short curly bob looks very beautiful; especially it goes well with women having round faces.

    Not only it compliments your face, but it also makes you look more stylish than ever.

    5) Medium White Blonde Feather Haircut

    Medium White Blonde Feather Haircut

    Feather haircut gives a complete look to women over 50 if you get layered cut and add feathers. It gives your hair a lift up and makes them look more beautiful. In addition, if you are fair colored and have blonde hair, the standards lead on.

    Do you think about whether to get it or not? Definitely! You should.

    6) Feathery Layers with Nape Undercut

    Feathery Layers With Nape Undercut

    Sometimes we get tired of long hair, especially when we are older, and it gets hard to maintain a proper hair routine, so nape undercut is a perfect fit for women over 50. It is easy to maintain and looks good whether or not maintained.

    7) Layered Hairstyle

    Layered Hairstyle

    Layers can be a bit hard for people to manage, but get yourself a blow dryer and a roller brush as far as it is concerned. It will not only make your hair look more toned, but also it will give a complete salon hairdo to your hair.

    Why wait to get yourself layered cut and enjoy the perks.

    8) Blonde Pixie Shag

    Blonde Pixie Shag

    It is longer than a bob haircut but shorter than a layered haircut, giving it a medium and friendly touch. The most fantastic thing in this style is versatility and end touches. Once you style, it provides an authentic badass look for women over 50.

    9) A-line Bob with Layers

    A-line Bob With Layers

    This hairstyle is very chic yet gives a fantastic look. This cut is lined as the length from the back is small and increases as it gets longer in the front.

    This haircut is known to give an accentuated look to round faces and hats, why women get it quite often, and why not.

    10) Long Bob

    Long Bob

    This haircut is done by adding bit longer layers to the hair, making a look named shag. It is driven for curly hairstyles where it gives a more versatile look to it. Women mostly go with beachy waves and curls when they get this haircut.

    11) Eye-Catching Blonde Bob

    Eye-Catching Blonde Bob

    It is a fantastic cut for women over 50 trying to style their hairs easily. This bob is asymmetrical, giving an overall look to hair and face altogether.

    So if you are facing trouble managing your hair, blonde bob is your go-to.

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    12) Stacked Bob

    Stacked Bob

    A playful stacked bob is quite impressive, maintaining a texture and layered look. This haircut can make women over 50 younger than her age. If we add some fancy highlights to this cut, it levels up quite amazingly.

    13) Romantic Loose Up Do

    Romantic Loose Up Do

    This hairstyle is mainly known to be used on occasions such as weddings. Women make an up do with their party wear dresses which gives a more versatile and elegant look.

    So if you are thinking about getting ready for a wedding, an up do will be a great option.

    14) Short Crop

    Short Crop

    The short crop is a very short-length haircut. Many women doubt it as it does not have any length at all and visible ears with back faded, but the overall concept of the short crop is excellent. Once all doubts clear up, people rock it.

    15) Timeless Layered Grey Hair

    Timeless Layered Grey Hair

    It is a short-length layer style adapted that women adopt. It not only makes them look beautiful but also it is durable, versatile and give an exquisite look to women over 50.

    So if you are looking to get a relaxed yet classy haircut, why not?

    16) Pixie Bob

    Pixie Bob

    The pixie haircut is an adorable cut that compliments the skin and face, too, so when you are growing a pixie cut, get it every 5 to 7 weeks.

    The pixie cut is cut for women over 50. It gives that casual look to their face maintains a perfect style too.

    17) Face Framing Layer

    Face Framing Layer

    Hairs are cut to highlight the face, and volume is added to the crown area, which gives it a lift up, making a fantastic look.

    So if you are up for some framing, then why not this haircut? You will look sassy too.

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    18) Long Pixie with Changs

    Long Pixie With Changs

    If you are over 50 years old and want to look younger, why not opt for a long pixie with changes? It gives a gorgeous look to your hair and maintains them well, too, with the long edgy look. Adding some highlights to it would complement your look way more and give it a fuller look.

    19) Custom Pixie Crop

    Custom Pixie Crop

    It is the blend of short crops and pixie cut making a valuable deal for hair extended through the length can be according to liking and how people like it so yeah if you are women over 50 and interested for some custom crops.

    It is your choice to make.

    20) Salt And Pepper Cut

    Salt And Pepper Cut

    It is a concise look wavy and layered cut which gives a nice look to it This cut brings maximum sophistication to the person and also looks highly elegant when worn with glasses. The flares and edgy ends give it a nice look of neat.

    21) Bob with Side Bangs

    Bob With Side Bangs - hairstyles for women over 50

    Giving it a fuller look from the side apart from the length, no matter if it is short, long, or medium, you can pull it off.

    This haircut is the best option for women over 50 to adopt if they want a stylish and neat look. Not only this, but it also helps you look way younger than expected, so why not? I mean.

    22) Wedge Bob with Bangs

    Wedge Bob With Bangs - hairstyles for women over 50

    Wedge bob is a perfect cut to adopt an elegant look while there are bangs on both sides of the face.

    If you add up some highlights to it or dye them with a fancy color, I kid you not, you will slay, and people would want to know what haircut you have, so if you’re going to look younger and noticeable, get yourself a wedge bob.

    23) Length Chin Bob

    Length Chin Bob- hairstyles for women over 50

    It is timeless for older women to adopt and go around. Many older women love to get a chin bob because it is all around in the same length and gives a very profound look adopting the style.

    Many work ladies get this haircut as this gives a professional look, so if you are thinking of getting a professional look, get yourself a chic bob haircut.

    24) Balayage Lob

    Balayage Lob - hairstyles for women over 50

    Balayage lob gives a texture to a hair cut into layers which accentuates the facial look by emphasizing the hair color.

    Women over 50 who want a medium length that helps maintain an elegant look choose to cut their hair like this.

    25) Medium Sassy Length Bob

    Medium Sassy Length Bob - hairstyles for women over 50

    The medium-length sassy bob with the mobility by addition of layers all along the hair making a medium length complimenting and making a versatile look to it

    If you add high or low lights to it, the haircut goes to another level.

    Some women have round faces and do not like much shorter hair for themselves, so these are perfect for them to adopt.

    26) Feathered Mullet

    Feathered Mullet - hairstyles for women over 50

    This haircut has no age restriction. You can adapt it even if you are a girl or woman over 50. It is just a simple cut that added feathers to it, which it can take into a great hairstyle by getting a blow-dry or using a roller brush to set them up.

    27) Shaggy Cut

    Shaggy Cut - hairstyles for women over 50

    Get yourself a shaggy cut in any length and complement it by adding on some high or lowlights which give it brighter look women over 50 can pull this off because age is just a number. You should do whatever you like or think that it will look beautiful.

    28) Feathered Midi Shag

    Feathered Midi Shag - hairstyles for women over 50

    Feathered midi shag is used to maintain an overall look to the face. It has edgy ends and gives a whole look to the personality cause why not.

    Anyone can get it, but most women get their highlights done, get going with this haircut, and maintain it all.
    Medium length bright style

    Suppose you are red-headed or got yourself one shade on the head. Why not choose an elite selected elegant look for yourself and get the medium length bright style women mainly use these work professionally because some haircuts are just for the profession, and this is one of those.

    29) Honey Bob for Older People

    Honey Bob For Older People - hairstyles for women over 50

    Why not get ourselves a whole mellow and sweet look by getting a honey bob? This bob manages to get through all the covered ups and downs of hair, and if there is an addition of color to strands, they hit differently.

    30) Short Tapered Haircut

    Short Tapered Haircut - hairstyles for women over 50

    An undercut is done on the lower part of hair and volume on the top, giving a wholesome look. The length of this haircut is relatively short compared to other regular haircuts. Still, the ones who chose this can never go back to any different haircut.

    31) Fringe Cut

    Fringe Cut - hairstyles for women over 50

    It is an upgrade from a bob and shaggy haircut. It gives an asymmetrical touch to your hair which kind of looks cute.

    So if you are in the mood for some ongoing trendy haircuts and want to look younger than your age, get fringe cut and rock on.

    32. Bob with Flicked Ends

    Bob with Flicked Ends

    33. Auburn Bob with Layers

    Auburn Bob with Layers

    Final Words

    Age is just a number we are here to prove it right people think if you have reached a certain age, you cannot do certain things they are wrong, and to prove them wrong, we are here to provide you with the most trendy haircut and hairstyles any women over 50 years can adopt.

    So, come on join to know the more trendy looks and information because we have a lot to provide.

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