Here is our top guide on the popular types of fades in 2022. Fades are an ideal haircut for men as they help you stand out and make sure that you look your best no matter what the occasion is. Learn more about them here.

    Fade is a popular haircutting style that has been popular with men and women for more than 20 years. It is a trend that will most likely be carried to the future years as well. Fades are mainly popular because of their simplicity and the number of available choices. Initially, fades were only popular in men, but in recent years they have become popular in women as well. Fades are also considered to be a trendy haircut for little boys as well.

    As stated above, there are various types of fades for you to choose from based on your needs. These different types of fades have minor changes that separate them from one another. However, before going into detail about the different types of fades, we will first discuss what a fade is. We will also talk about what type of hair can be classified as a fade below;

    What is a Fade Haircut?

    The faded sides haircut is also commonly referred to as a taper. This haircut involves gradually cutting the hair on your sides and back as it gets closer to your neck. By blending and fading the hair on your back and sides, your barber can easily taper your fade into your sideburns and neck. There are a plethora of ways in which you can cut a fade with all of them having different results.

    The tool used for cutting a fade depends on the type of fade that you are looking to get. However, below we have discussed the most common way of cutting a fade.

    How to Do a Fade Haircut?

    Although it might look like an easy haircut to execute, a fade can prove to be extremely complex if you have no idea what you are doing. First and foremost, you need the perfect tools to make sure that you can do it properly. Different people use different tools to cut a fade. However, the most commonly used tools include hair clippers, a clipper comb, a blending brush, and a pair of random guards.

    Nowadays, the fade haircut is popular among both men and women. In women, hairstyles like the pixie undercut are an ideal example of a fade haircut. So, there are different types of fades so you must have a clear understanding of what you want before you start the process. Once you have determined the type of fade you are looking for, you will start cutting your neck hair. You will continue increasing the guard size as you move upwards in such a way that you leave the longest hair on your temple.

    Once you have finished trimming your hair, you can use a blending brush to properly blend every strand of hair. After you have done this process on the back and sides, repeat the same process for the top hair. Once you have finished all these steps you will end up with a perfect faded sides haircut.

    Types of Fade Haircuts

    There are various types of fades that are popular in the world today. Fades have become popular for the simple fact that you can get on any type of hair. Fades are popular among people with short hair. It is also a popular long hairstyle because of the different available variations.

    There are an unlimited number of fades that are popular in both and women today and here we will look at the 45 types of fades that can your hair stand out;

    1. High Fade Haircut

    High Fade Haircut - Types of Fades

    The high skin type of fade is a popular hairstyle choice for both men and women. This type of fade normally begins with a tapering process near the top of the hair. This process helps in creating a marked contrast between the longer top hair and the shorter neck and side hair. High skin fades are a good choice if you are getting a short look on the top as well.

    2. Low Fade Haircut

    Low Fade Haircut- Types of Fades

    The low skin fade is another popular type of fade. As the name suggests, it is the opposite of a high fade. This hairstyle starts the tapered cut just above the neckline and ear. This particular haircut focuses more on texture and less on contrast. The low skin fade is more ideal with medium-length and thicker hair.

    3. Mid Fade Haircut

    Mid Fade Haircut

    The mid-fade haircut starts at the middle of the head. This type of fade is also known as a medium fade and it starts the trimming process halfway up your sides. A mid fade is executed in a way that creates a soft look for your back and sides.

    4. Taper Fade

    Taper Fade

    This is a type of fade that has a modern and classy association with it. It is one of the earliest types of fades that became popular. However, newer changes have been added to the taper fade straight hair that has kept it relevant. This haircut is done in a way that the taper gets shorter but not enough to fade into the skin. This particular hairstyle is both clean and professional looking which makes it ideal for people working in a business setting.

    5. Low Taper Fade

    Low Taper Fade

    This type of fade is ideal for businessmen and other professionals who want to maintain a clean look. This faded sides haircut makes you look extremely fashionable. The low taper is normally cut short but it still leaves hair at the lower levels. This fade is ideal for hairstyles like a side part, crop top, or messy hair.

    6. Mid Taper Fade

    Mid Taper Fade- Types of Fades

    The mid taper fade helps you create a more symmetric look. This particular type of fade shortens your sides to the perfect length. This length helps you create some sophisticated and highly fashionable looks.

    7. High Taper Fade

    High Taper Fade

    This type of fade is often paired with slicked-back hairstyles like that pompadour. The sides are tapered only at the base level and it gets thicker as you move up. You can use mousse to style your hair which will help them in maintaining their shape. 

    8. Comb Over Taper Fade

    Comb Over Taper Fade

    This type of fade is more popular in women as compared to men. The comb-over taper fade is popular because of its iconic and finished look. This haircut works both with a clean shave and a well-groomed beard. Another benefit of the comb-over is that you can easily change the style and look of your hair by simple brushing and setting techniques.

    9. Mohawk Taper Fade

    Mohawk Taper Fade

    If you are not keen on completely shaving off your back hair, then this type of fade is best suited for you. The Mohawk works well with both long hair and short hair and it helps create a unique fade effect. A lot of people don’t like this haircut because it takes a lot of time to properly style your Mohawk. However, you always leave it as it is to give your hair a more distinguished and unique look.

    10. Blowout Taper Fade

    Blowout Taper Fade

    This particular type of fade has been made popular in recent years by various Hollywood actors. Blowout fades of olden times were messy and hard to maintain. Nowadays, the blowout fades have enough value and style that you can easily maintain them without any issues. The best part of this haircut is that it can work with straight as well as curly hair.

    11. Skin Fade Haircut

    Skin Fade Haircut

    Skin type of fade haircuts has become increasingly popular nowadays. This type of fade is also popular because of the zero fade on the sides and neck. In this fade, your side and neck hair are trimmed down to bare skin. To achieve this look, your barber will use either a no-guard or an outliner hair trimmer.

    12. Pompadour Skin Fade

    Pompadour Skin Fade

    The pompadour fade is the modern equivalent of the classic pomp. This skin fade makes your hairstyle look clean and well-maintained. This type of fade is also popular with both men and women because of the different variations and choices available. You can also use different styling materials like matte pomade or clay to make your fade stand out.

    13. Buzz Cut Skin Fade

    Buzz Cut Skin Fade

    The buzz cut is an ideal pairing with a skin fade since both of them require short hair. The skin fade in this particular haircut can be done at 1 fade which can make it look like a military-style haircut. This fade is a particularly good haircut choice if you have thick hair as it complements it nicely.

    14. Skin Fade Comb Over

    A skin fade with a comb-over merges a modern style with a classic one. This type of fade normally includes longer hair on top that is paired with small side and neck hair. To do the comb-over properly you need styled long hair on top. This makes the comb-over skin fade haircut long hair.

    15. Drop Fade

    Drop Fade

    The drop fade is another modern take on the traditional fade haircut. This type of fade is executed by dropping the taper line at the back. This faded sides haircut creates a cool look by curving the hair around your head. The added benefit of the drop fade haircut is that it helps you instantly stand out because of its unique appearance.

    16. Low Drop Fade

    Low Drop Fade

    This is one of the coolest types of fades. It normally starts lower on the neck and sides and then curves along with the hairline. This type of fade adds a unique flair and swag to an ordinary haircut. It is a fade that is popular in both men and women because of the design variations associated with it.

    17. Mid Drop Fade

    Mid Drop Fade

    This faded sides haircut is commonly used to add some uniqueness and flair to various classic haircuts. The mid drop fade normally starts mid-length on the sides and is then moved across to the back. This particular type of fade helps create symmetry around the haircut. This particular fade is popular with afros and Mohawks.

    18. Bald Drop Fade

    Bald Drop Fade

    This type of fade is cut very short with the help of a zero fade. The sides are styled in a way that they seamlessly blend into the skin without any issue. The dropped-back hair adds a unique and creative look to the haircut. This particular fade also helps you create a clean neckline which gives you an overall professional look.

    19. Braided Drop Fade

    Braided Drop Fade

    This is an ideal fade haircut for long hair. This style allows you to headlight your braids and dreads with a clean-looking drop fade. You can also add unique blade lines to your neckline and sides to add more creativity to the look. A braided drop fade haircut is ideal for men as it is a perfect way to completely transform your appearance.

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    20. Afro Drop Fade

    Afro-Drop-Fade-Types of Fades

    Afros have been around forever and it is a haircut that will never go out of style. A drop fade haircut is an ideal way to help your afro stand out. You can use this fade to clear out all the excessive hair on your sides and neck and put all the focus on your afro. You can also add a line on the edge of the afro to give the haircut a cleaner and more professional look.

    21. Temp Fade

    Temp Fade

    The temp fade is another popular type of fade that starts and focuses on shaping the temple area. This fade is also known as a Brooklyn fade and it has various variations. This is one of the most popular hairstyles in black men as it complements everything from the buzz cut to the dreadlocks. This type of fade makes sure that your hair looks clean no matter what hairstyle you are going with.

    22. Temp Fade Afro

    Temp Fade Afro

    This type of fade helps you showcase your afro by making it the centerpiece of your hairstyle. The fade cleans out the sides and neck hair in a way that all the attention goes on your afro.

    23. Temp Fade with Waves

    Temp Fade with Waves

    The waves are arguably one of the most popular hairstyles when it comes to men in America. This type of fade helps you distinguish your waves and make them more noticeable. This fade also works well with a mustache or beard.

    24. Burst Fade


    This is a type of fade that curves around the sides and into the back. This particular faded sides haircut is similar to the drop with the key difference. The difference is that the burst fade gives your hair a more rounded and natural look. Most guys get this type of fade with a Mohawk or a mullet for a more polished look.

    25. Burst Taper Fade

    Burst Taper Fade

    The burst taper fade fades on the sides and back and enhances the look of the hair on top. This faded sides haircut is most commonly associated with a Mohawk. This type of fade makes your Mohawk more prominent and gives it a more polished look.

    26. Low Burst Fade

    Low Burst Fade

    This is a tamer and more normal alternative to the classic burst fade. This type of fade works best with short spiky hair as it creates an aesthetically pleasing combination with them. This fade makes your hair look well-groomed and gives your style a more professional look.

    27. Burst Mullet Fade

    Burst Mullet Fade

    The modern mullet normally features a long tail with a clean fade. This alteration of the mullet is completely different from its traditional counterpart. This type of fade has become popular in the United States in the last decade because of its unique design. This faded sides haircut helps you create different variations which can help your mullet stand out even more.

    28. Undercut Fade

    Undercut Fade

    The undercut looks a lot like a fade. It also involves short hair at the sides and around the back. This particular fade haircut has long hair as this fade shortens very quickly and suddenly and then tapers gradually. Guys can get a high, low, or medium undercut fade based on their hair length.

    29. Short Undercut Fade

    Short Undercut Fade

    This type of fade cuts under the longer hair that is on the top. The hair is tapered down for a more classic look. The comb style in this haircut is also unique as it creates a brushed back wavy fringe at the top. This particular faded side haircut is also clean, modern and because of that is popular all over the world.

    30. Disconnected Undercut Fade

    Disconnected Undercut Fade

    This type of fade comes with disconnected sides and a long pompadour on the top. The tapering starts just beneath the pompadour and then it transitions into a 1 fade cut. This unique design and shape help create a sharp and clean hairline. This type of fade also complements facial hair and forms a good combination with them.

    31. Shadow Fade

    Shadow Fade

    The shadow fade is extremely popular all over the globe. This type of fade goes shorter and shorter without exposing the skin. This type of fade closely resembles a light fade but it is blurry. It can be a medium, low, or high fade and is complemented by long hair.

    32. Bald Fade

    Bald Fade

    The bald fade is the shortest in terms of length. It is essentially a zero fade on the sides and back. Like other types of fades, the bald fade can also start low or high on the head based on your preference. This is an ideal fade haircut with long hair and creates a polished end product.

    33. High Bald Fade

    High Bald Fade

    This particular fade rides up and ends near the top. It is tapered in such a way that there is very little hair left on the neck and the sides. This zero fade is popular in collaboration with short hair and a trimmed hairline as it enhances the overall look. You can spike up your hair, brush them down, or side sweep them when you get this bald fade.

    34. Mid Bald Fade

    Mid Bald Fade

    A medium bald fade is a good hairstyle choice if you don’t want to shorten your hair. This type of fade works ideally with large hair and does not shave off too much hair from your sides. The sides are tapered in a way that the bottom part is completely clean but it gets thicker as you move up. This is considered to be one of the coolest fade options because of the hairstyling possibilities associated with it.

    35. Low Bald Fade

    Low Bald Fade

    This type of fade is used to add some class and style to any ordinary haircut. This fade might look subtle but it can look very dapper depending on your pairing choice. The low bald is tapered in a way that it creates perfect transitions in the hair. This zero fade is an excellent choice for men with thick, curly, or wavy hair.

    36. Razor Fade

    Razor Fade

    The razor fade is another type of bald fade. In this type of fade, a portion of your neck and back is shaved with the help of a straight razor. This particular complements a lot of modern hairstyles and because of that, it is extremely popular nowadays.

    37. Low Razor Fade

    Low Razor Fade

    If you are trying a razor fade for the first time, then this might be ideal for you. This type of fade does not expose too much scalp. This type of fade looks perfect with hairstyles like the faux hawk as it helps it stand out. This fade also looks good with facial hair because of the clean finish.

    38. Mid Razor Fade

    Mid Razor Fade

    This type of fade is ideal for creating a unique hairstyle at the top without completely shaving off your sides. This zero fade is the most popular choice in men and women that have thick or wavy hair. The mid razor fade helps you add some depth and creativity to your hair without too much effort.

    39. High Razor Fade

    High Razor Fade

    The high razor fade includes exposing a large portion of skin on your back and sides. This type of fade looks perfect with spiky hair both short and long. This particular hairstyle is popular in men as well as women because it helps you create a more defined top hairstyle.

    40. Zero Fade

    Zero Fade

    The zero fade is one of the shortest types of fade haircuts in terms of hair lengths. This particular type of fade is used in combination with other popular fades. In this fade, the sides and back are effectively tapered into the skin. These types of fades often look clean shaved as they are done using a foil shaver. These fades give you a more professional and clean look and are popular for that very reason.

    41. Low Zero Fade

    Low Zero Fade

    A low zero fade is a popular choice with haircuts like the buzz cut. This type of fade is tapered into the skin and it creates a smooth and natural blend. This blend is well-suited for a plethora of military-inspired haircuts.

    42. High Zero Fade

    High Zero Fade

    This type of fade is particularly associated with a large variety of masculine haircuts. The high zero fade completely cleans your sides and creates a natural and appealing look. This zero fade is ideal for people with curly hair as you can create a look that is both stylish and low-maintenance.

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    43. All Around Fade

    All Around Fade

    This is a unique type of fade that keeps the tapered line-level all around the sides and the back. Unlike a burst or a drop fade, the all-around fade does not curve and gives you a more uniform look. This fade is synonymous with a lot of classic haircuts as it helps you create a more look.

    44. Blurry Fade

    Blurry Fade

    This type of fade is a cleaner and more stylish rendition of the classic fade. In this fade, the sides are tapered in an almost unnoticeable fashion. This type of fade looks amazing with a fringe haircut or colored hair in general.

    45. Scissor Fade

    Scissor Fade

    A scissor fade is a classic iteration of the fade haircut. This type of fade involves the usage of only scissors to create the fade look. This particular faded sides haircut is not popular anymore. Other more modern takes on fades are preferred over this outdated technique.

    46. Fade Designs

    fade designs

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