49 Shoulder Length Haircuts 2023 That Aren’t to be Missed

Shoulder length haircuts are both flattering and practical. There are plenty of hairstyles that work for shorter hair, and we’ve rounded up the best ones including haircuts with bangs, blunt cuts, and many more.

So here is a long list of 49 best shoulder length hairstyles to help you achieve a beautiful look.

1: Blonde Textured Shoulder Length Hairstyle:

Blonde Textured Shoulder Length Hairstyle-shoulder length haircuts
Source: wattpad.com
It’s one of the most unique and trendy shoulder length haircuts. This haircut looks good on both thick and thin hair.  So, you won’t be the exception in any way. Furthermore, you can also add a bit of blonde texture to get a preferred look.

2: Blonde Shoulder Haircut with Curtain Bangs:

Blonde Shoulder Haircut with Curtain Bangs-shoulder length haircuts
Source: pinterest.com

You can also call this haircut an innovation because exactly when our innovative minds had nothing to do in lockdowns, we were doing this.

3: Layered Shoulder Length Haircut:

Layered Shoulder Length Haircut
Source: pinterest.com

These hairstyles are evergreen. Whenever someone talks about shoulder length cuts, this hairstyle pops up in our minds first. And adding some layers to this already bossy haircut makes it look amazing – hands down.

4: Layered & Straight Shoulder Haircuts:

Layered & Straight Shoulder Haircuts-shoulder length haircuts
Source: hadviser.com

This haircut can also be called a part or a version of the layered haircut mentioned above. You can change the look of this style as per your preference and still look stunning. It also has the same layered texture and looks amazing on blonde hair.

5: Shoulder Hairstyle With Bangs For Women In Their Fifties:

Shoulder Hairstyle With Bangs For Women In Their Fifties
Source: etsy.com

As you can guess, this haircut is immensely popular among women in their fifties. But why is that? The reason for that is its flexibility. What do they say? Aging like fine wine? That phrase perfectly fits here, no doubt.

6: Classic Shoulder Haircut with Tidy Hair:

Classic Shoulder Haircut With Tidy Hair-shoulder length haircuts
Source: pophaircuts.com
It is a simple yet classy hairstyle, which gives a woman quite a different look. The concept is that the back hair is tied with pins while the front hair is left as it is to give your face an elegant frame.

7: Layered Classic Shoulder Haircut:

Layered Classic Shoulder Haircut-shoulder length haircuts
Source: pinterest.com

If you are looking for that “one” that has it all, you’ll want to try this classic layered shoulder cut. This style is suitable for almost all types of face cuts. And it’s clear layers give a mature and clean look and eliminate the troubles of maintaining heavy hair layers.

8: Blunt Shoulder Length Cut:

Blunt Shoulder Length Cut-shoulder length haircuts
Source: voluflex.com

This kind of hairstyle clearly defines boundaries because the hair ends right where the collarbone starts. You don’t need much styling with this hairstyle; however, it depends on whether you want to do it or not; the more, the merrier.

9: Wavy & Layered Shoulder Length Haircut:

Wavy & Layered Shoulder Length Haircut
Source: lovehairstyles.com

Most people worldwide have wavy hair, and if you are one of them and want to play safe before trying other different haircuts, this wavy layered shoulder cut would do the job. This cut gives a simple yet relaxing and unique look.

10: Face Framing Layered Cuts:

Face Framing Layered Cuts -shoulder length haircuts
Source: hadviser.com

This haircut is also among the most popular hairstyle nowadays. It’s called face framing because the hair layers encircle the whole face. It is well suited for young girls and won’t need much maintenance. So, it’s a win-win.

11: Messy Layered Shoulder Cut:

Messy Layered Shoulder Cut-shoulder length haircuts
Source: latest-hairstyles.com

Not many women can rock this hairstyle, so if you are rocking this haircut, consider yourself a lucky girl. The messy texture on wavy hairstyles gives your face a unique and great look.

12: Curly Shoulder Length Haircut With Bangs:

Curly Shoulder Length Haircut With Bangs-shoulder length haircuts
source: hairstylehub.com

Do you have curly hair and wonder which hairstyle suits you best? It’s this one. You should go for sophisticated bangs as per your liking, and yes, you can look bossy with this haircut.

13: Shoulder Length Hair With Textured Bangs:

Shoulder Length Hair With Textured Bangs-shoulder length haircuts
Source: luxe.digital

Yet another beautiful shoulder cut for curly hair; however, this style looks great on wavy and straight hair, too, for what it’s worth. By using your hair’s natural texture, this haircut clearly defines the layer boundaries so that your hair looks sophisticated and elegant.

14: S-Waved Shoulder Cut:

S-Waved Shoulder Cut-shoulder length haircuts
Source: latest-hairstyles.com

A great mixture of sophistication, trend, elegance, subtle layers, and waves. Its differentiator is the S-waves coming down from your ears.

15: Wavy Hair Textured Cut:

shoulder length haircuts
Source: blog.xuzinuo.com

They say actions speak louder than words. If you want to command respect without uttering a single word, this hairstyle is a go-to for that, which also has it all.

16: Brown Shoulder Length Cut:

shoulder length haircuts
Source: instagram.com/kaansayar1/

As the name suggests, you’re in luck if you have naturally brown hair; this hairstyle is suitable for all face types. The caramel colored layered makes it look more chocolaty and eye-catching.

17: Wavy Shoulder Length Hairstyle:

Wavy Shoulder Length Hairstyle
Source: fabmood.com

This hairstyle is best for the job if you want to keep a certain balance of glamour with your hair. With very little maintenance, you can become the center of attraction in your daily life.

18: Black Shoulder Length Haircut:

Black Shoulder Length Haircut
Source: luxe.digital

You don’t have to do much to look stunning in this haircut; what you need to do is just get this style. This cut will do this job for your hair impromptu. Why? Because I heard somewhere that many fashions and trends came and went, but simplicity is still here.

19: Shoulder Length Cut For Thick Hair With Subtle Layers:

Shoulder Length Cut For Thick Hair With Subtle Layers-shoulder length haircuts
Source: hairstylesweekly.com

You’re bound to look beautiful if you have thick hair in this hairstyle. Because not only is the haircut so well structured, but the addition of subtle layers makes it stunning enough.

20: Shoulder Length Haircuts with Highlights:

Shoulder Length Haircuts With Highlights
Source: fabmood.com

The uniqueness of shoulder length hairstyles makes them stand out among thousands, if not millions, of hairstyles worldwide. A simple and detailed shoulder length style with the addition of clean and clear highlights is exactly what you need right now.

21: Layered Shoulder Length Cut with Bangs:

Layered Shoulder Length Cut With Bangs
Source: instagram.com/salsalhair/

After basic necessities like food, shelter, and air, a person needs recognition, right? What’s a better way to get recognized than getting an edgy shoulder haircut with preferably blonde hair from top to bottom? And, of course, the bangs.

22: Shoulder Length Hairstyle for Oval/Diamond Shaped Faces:

Shoulder Length Hairstyle For Oval faces-shoulder length haircuts

According to studies, diamond shaped faces are among the most desirable face shapes, and this haircut adds a lot more desirable.

23: Shoulder Haircut for Thin Hair:

Shoulder Haircut For Thin Hair-shoulder length haircuts
Source: instagram.com/salsalhair

In this haircut type, your hair length would stay with some minor changes. To add volume, the layers will be cut in accordance with your hair. By doing so, your hair will get a different glow, and you’re all set.

24: Shoulder Length Haircut with Micro Braids:

Shoulder-Length Haircut With Micro Braids-shoulder length haircuts
Source: hadviser.com

Perhaps a pretty unique type of shoulder cuts so far. If you’re really upto something different and ready for some risk, get some micro braiding first. After that, get a simple shoulder hairstyle of your choice, and you’re all set.

25: 90s Blonde Shoulder Cut:

90s Blonde Shoulder Cut-shoulder length haircuts
source: pinterest.com

This is the kind of hairstyle that is here to stay, perhaps forever. This cut has been shining since the early 1900s and would still be shining after we’re all gone. Celebrities often do the shopping and go to huge events/ceremonies in this hairstyle.

26: Straight Shoulder Length Hairstyle for Redheads:

Straight Shoulder-Length Hairstyle For Redheads-shoulder length haircuts
Source: instagram.com/angietriana.hair/

Now, it doesn’t categorically mean it’s exclusive to redheads. But, honestly, this haircut looks immensely beautiful on red hair with blonde highlights. You’re already a center of attention if you have red hair (except for Ireland and Scotland, of course), and with this haircut, you’re gluing the eyes for a long time.

27: Curly Textured Shoulder Length Haircut:

Curly Textured Shoulder-Length Haircut
Source: lovehairstyles.com

Women with curly hair can safely opt for this hairstyle. When it comes to curly hair, many women prefer to get this cut. And by adding clean and clear waves, layers, and curtain bangs, you’ll be doing yourself a favor, trust me.

28: Shoulder Length Hairstyle for Women in Their Fifties:

Shoulder-Length Hairstyle For Women In Their Fifties
Source: whowhatwear.com

I call this hairstyle a way to stop the aging process. A perfect mixture of style and simplicity and is one of the preferred hairstyles for women in their fifties. You can also add some layers and textures to this hairstyle as per your liking.

29: Graduated Shoulder Length Haircut:

Graduated Shoulder-Length Haircut
Source: thehairstyler.com

Even our beloved “Mother of Dragons,” Emilia Clark, couldn’t resist the glamour of this great hairstyle, and she is often seen in this haircut. This is the kind of haircut that, even after looking almost the same as other short-length haircuts, still stands out among them.

30: Blonde Shoulder Length Haircut:

Blonde Shoulder-Length Haircut
Source: fabmood.com

If you don’t want to reduce the length of your hair and still increase the volume by adding layers, this haircut is made for you. This cut also helps you maintain your hair bangs and layers.

31: Curly Shoulder Length Haircut with an Ombre:

Curly Shoulder-Length Haircut With An Ombre
Source: @slickback_buttahtoast

This haircut is among the best-suited styles for curly-haired women. And when an ombre color is added to that naturally curly hair, your hair gets a whole new look.

32: Side Parted Shoulder Length Haircut:

Side Parted Shoulder-Length Haircut
Source: lovehairstyles.com

This side-parted shoulder length haircut is some of my favorite styles. Everything about this hairstyle just feels great and complete. But what really steals the heart is the side hair tucked above and behind one ear. It looks good on wavy hair, and yes, a straightener would be good to make S-waves.

33: Messy & Layered Shoulder Length Hairstyle:

Messy & Layered Shoulder-Length Hairstyle
source: latest-hairstyles.com

Do you know that you can put in quite a little effort and still look sexy? This hairstyle will see to it that you do. The layered and wavy textures just increase the beauty of your face and hair.

34: Curly Shoulder Hairstyle: Selena Gomez’s Style:

Selena Gomez’s Style
source: capitalfm.com

You see, there’s something unique – something stunning about curly hair; if done correctly, everyone would wish they had your hair. This haircut gained even more popularity when Selena Gomez got the same style, and it will remain as famous as it is right now in the coming future.

35: Black Layered Shoulder Cut:

Black Layered Shoulder Cut
Source: hottesthaircuts.com

Indeed, one of the simplest hairstyles out there, yet, it is also among the most loved ones. This haircut adds many clean and clear layers to the crown of the head. I’d say you can fall immediately in love with this style.

36: Long Layered Shoulder Cut:

Long Layered Shoulder Cut
source: southernliving.com

Primarily, there are two types of women: Long hair and short hair-loving women. This haircut is for those who are a member of the first team. A great combination of layers and texture looks extremely good on square shaped faces.

37: Sleek Shoulder Cuts:

shoulder length haircuts
Source: backgrid.com

If I had to decide on one hairstyle and keep it for some time, I’d have gone for this sleek shoulder cut. This haircut is perfect for almost all occasions, whether it’s work, a night out, a party, or any important event.

38: Shoulder Length Haircut: Jennifer Lawrence’s Style:

Jennifer Lawrence's Style
Source: vogue.co.uk

Jennifer Lawrence also became part of this trend when she made an appearance with a simple shoulder length hairstyle with the side hair tucked behind one ear. Her blonde hair also had a pretty unique and bright glow and some blonde layers from top to bottom.

39: Shoulder Cut with Curly Hair:

Blonde Textured Shoulder Length Hairstyle-shoulder length haircuts
Source: hairstylesweekly.com

You just can’t get enough of curly hair, honestly. You’d have seen curly-haired women with this haircut. Why? Because it makes them feel light and easy.

40: Blunt with Bangs:

Blunt With Bangs
Source: goodhousekeeping.com

This blunt with bangs hairstyle is also quite popular among French ladies. It has been trendy and popular since the beginning, and it still is. And if you’re having second thoughts, Taraji Henson made sure you give it a try at least once, as she did.

41: Shoulder Hairstyle: Jenna Coleman’s Style:

Jenna Coleman's Style
Source: pintrest.com

Many celebrities influence people with their sayings and doings, as Jenna Coleman did when she opted for this glamorous shoulder hairstyle. At first glance, your hair might look messy, but it’s the whole point, in fact. To keep you at ease and, of course, stylish.

42: Blunt Shoulder Length Hairstyle for Blonde Hair:

Blunt Shoulder-Length Hairstyle For Blonde Hair
Source: itakeyou.co.uk

The blunt blonde hairstyle actually requires as low maintenance as it looks on the screen. You can change the partings, the layers, and the textures of your hair as per your choice, which makes it a lot more desirable.

43: Tousled Shoulder Length Hairstyle with Arched Bangs:

Tousled With Arched Bangs
Source: latest-hairstyles.com

If you have thin hair and you want it to look thick and natural, this haircut is enough to make that happen. Furthermore, the arched bangs add to the glory of this hairstyle and make it look more appealing.

44: Airy Shoulder Length Haircut:

source: hairfinder.com

Here you go if you were wondering about hairstyles best suited for round and slightly chubby faces. This cut clearly defines the texture and the partings and adds a bit of volume to the hair.

45: Shoulder Length Hairstyle for Thick Hair:

Shoulder-Length Hairstyle For Thick Hair
Source: @rafaelbertolucci1

A human being is never satisfied. Women with thick hair want to feel light, while women with thin hair want to try thick hairstyles. Lucky for them, there are plenty of these styles to choose from, such as this creative shoulder cut that gives your thick hair light and thin texture.

46: Bouncy Shoulder Length Hairstyle:

Source: fabmood.com

This haircut primarily focuses on removing the extra and unwanted hair to make the hair feel lighter from the top. At the same time, the hair on both shoulders is textured in such a way it looks voluminous.

47: Frizzy Shoulder Haircut:

Frizzy Shoulder Haircut
Source: hadviser.com

After reading about so many curly shoulder length hairstyles, you might be thinking, this is it, but let me tell you, it isn’t it just now. It is another frizzy yet classic curly-haired shoulder cut to ensure attention.

48: Tight Curls In Shoulder Length Style:

It is also a simply textured curly hair cut, where your curls shine more brightly and are made to fall down from the forehead to the shoulder. Even if you have long hair, you still can enjoy a shoulder hairstyle with these tight curls.

49: Elongated Cuts:

Elongated Cuts
Source: fabmood.com

Your pretty round face is perfect for this haircut, which gives your face an elongated and glamorous look.

Bottom Line:

These were the top picks for the best shoulder length hairstyles that you might want to try and decide what suits you the best. I hope this article has been helpful to you and you surely have found your favorite ones for this season.

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